i, for one, welcome our new bassist overlord

Love chapter 42 of The World God Only Knows. One, Elsee gets roped into playing the bass. She even spoons it. Two, Keima completely blows off Elsee’s epic meido cosplay. Three, OMFG RED FIRE TRUCKS!!! (Needless to say, we need to start a petition to get Kyoto working on this ASAP. It’s so in their wheelhouse. If anything, keep Studio Deen, JC Staff, Gonzo, Shaft, and AIC away. Far, far away.)

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  1. What’s wrong with J.C.Staff? J.C.Staff would do a really good job with this.

  2. Would Sunrise be a valid choice?
    Hmmm… Shiny-red-fire wreck…

  3. I’m not really sure about kyoto, don’t really know why. Perhaps it’s that some elements of TWGOK don’t fit with the stile kyoto has developed

  4. Now I have the image of Keima trying to woo the evil spirit out of Mio. Hell, let him have a run at *all* of the members. That ought to be a hoot and a half.

    With regards to Gonzo… am I the only one who liked the “Seto no Hanayome” anime? Wouldn’t it be a safe assumption that Gonzo could make a funny anime based on a funny manga, or have I missed something glaringly obvious?

    And whereas I enjoy the pic, where’s the celery?

  5. I don’t know… this really doesn’t feel like a KyoAni work.

    What’s wrong with JC Staff? This kind of content (and hell, the art style) seems right up their alley.

  6. “petition to get Kyoto working on this ASAP”


  7. Give it to Doumu…they could use the practise again.

  8. Elsee’s wall of fire trucks and tips to remember reminds me of the old PC moniter on my desk covered in post-it notes with ideas of things to draw on it.

  9. I dunno. KyoAni just isn’t right for TWGOK. The inevitable character design shift away from the Keroro Gunsou-ish manga style toward the moe-for-the-sake-of-moe Haruhi/L*S/Key Borg-collective style that KyoAni would give it would bug me too much. Elsee doesn’t need to look like Mio to be moe. And the excessive Taniguchi references KyoAni seems to think all parody anime requires would get really old really quick.

    I actually could see Shaft giving this a good run. Unlike most of the series where Shaft’s pop culture ADHD has actually detracted from the series, with TWGOK, it might actually have a place. I just got through marathoning the last 20-odd scanlated chapters, and he does a LOT of gaming over that period. Plenty of in-story opportunities for one-off references. I also wouldn’t mind seeing how Shaft manages their patented Perfect Style Capture Adaptation method on TWGOK, as they did so perfectly with SZS (hair texture FTW!). No one else makes anime that looks so much like the original manga. Just don’t skimp on the Ritalin and try to keep as much of the PaniPoni staff away from it as possible. We don’t need Elsee’s uniform to be flipping between a Triforce and 1UP mushroom pattern from scene to scene… Besides, who would you rather hear voicing Kami-niisama? Kyon (voice way too deep) or Itoshiki-sensei (despairingly perfect)?

    Seriously, though. They did Maria+Holic, didn’t they? And they do have a firm handle on this kind of humor.

  10. Quigonkenny has got the right idea. Kami-niisama is just begging to be voiced by Itoshiki-sensei! I mean, he rants about moe and reality. Now imagine him ranting about the true definition of moe imouto to Elsee in the voice of despair!

  11. I agree with quigonkenny. I think Shaft would be awesome at doing this series. Kyoto would be pretty good too, but I would probable prefer shaft and it’s style. Kyoto should be more busy animating FMP:Pacific Christmas (although more negi from shaft wouldn’t be missed). I think the modernistic quick changing variable art style would be more suited for TWGOK with all the different parodies of games he does, and the harem cast it has.

  12. The problem with JC Staff is that they are required by law to have Rie Kugimiya in their shows and so far there has only been one wrathful DFC loli in TWGOK. Just hand the show over to (preferably) KyoAni or Shaft.
    Also, Lelouch’s voice would really fit Keima.

  13. Lelouch would be the ONLY one who could pull off Kami-sama. Just imagine it… “I can already see the ending!”
    You know it works.

  14. I’m… wary… of Shaft. They’ve ruined good manga before.

    Then again, kenny is right, their style WOULD fit the (odd) sense of humor present here…

    And thanks, you people. I’ve just imagined Keima with Lulu’s laugh. I’ll never be able to look at him the same way again now.

  15. J.C.Staff would definitely turn Elsee into a wrathful DFC loli.

    Sunrise would…yeah let’s not even go there.

    I’d give the series to KyoAni. They know how to handle their source material and don’t feel the need to stamp their personality all over it like Shaft. I don’t think they’d have a problem with the different art styles found in Keima’s explanations, I seem to remember they managed similar stylistic shifts in Lucky Star.

    >> Northernshadows: Lelouch would be the ONLY one who could pull off Kami-sama.


  16. Production I.G. Because they will animate the shiniest reddest HD firetrucks imaginable. And that’s whats most important.

    >>With regards to Gonzo… am I the only one who liked the “Seto no Hanayome” anime?
    You are not alone.

  17. As much as I hate Shaft, I agree they would do this anime justice.

  18. I favor Zetsubou voice over Lelouche voice. Nobody does pointless rants better. If Keima had a sister, then I would favor Lelouche. It would also provide an alternate explanation of his lack of interest in harem chasing.

  19. Probably not KyoAni for the job. Their style of humor, plus an entirely different brand of moe doesn’t really fit what they’ve been doing so far.

    I’d actually go with J.C. Staff. If J.C. really HAD to get Rie Kugimiya in, they could probably just feature her in the Ex-Ojou Tsundere Arc. Shaft would probably fit in way too many crazy references half the viewers won’t catch, but if they were given the job I don’t think I’d mind either.

  20. @Everyone who thinks J.C. Staff would be shoehorning in wrathful lolis left and right where none previously existed:

    Does no one remember Azumanga Diaoh? Nodame Cantabile? Potemayo??? Even if those are too far back in the mists of time, Hatsukoi Limited is airing right now with nary a chibitsunderefication. SRFT aside, I think J.C. would be the best match.

  21. After stumbling on ‘The World Only God Knows’ via random web wanderings (and after seeing several of your blogs about it) and after reading chapter 34, Kyoto Animation really needs to produce it. Epic Mom is Epic.

  22. As much as I love JC Staff I gotta say that I would pick Shaft over them.As for KyoAni let’s just say Hell NO!!!

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