k-on! 10, twittered

Fuwa fuwa time indeed.



K-On! reminds me of Azumanga in that the story follows the girls through their years in high school, yet every year is familiar yet not. We’re back at the beach, yet things are the same yet totally different. Nevertheless, beach episode + K-On! = I’m blocking out 30 minutes to properly enjoy this episode. You should block out 30 minutes to read this post… I’m not kidding. It isn’t short.

(Is Ui meeting Azusa for a DFC convention? When I first heard about “waterboarding,” I thought it was some new moe meme… though it’s not too late! Does “I wouldn’t mind being waterboarded by Ui” seem like a potential meme hit?)



They’re just gossiping about the other members of the K-On! club… basically, what every female does: gossip and complain about the female who isn’t there. If six girl friends go out to lunch, but one had to cancel at the last moment, you know exactly what the remaining five would talk about at lunch.

(Guys on the other hand… well… last week, one of my friends canceled for lunch, and the rest of us talked about who would be on an All-NBA team if only people with run-ins with the police could be on it. We ended up with Marbury at 1, Kobe at 2, Stephen Jackson at 3, Randolph at 4, and Patterson at 5. Nevertheless, when I told the guy who couldn’t make it for lunch about this team, he was truly bummed that he missed out. I’m not sure if this is better or worse than the female scenario.)

(And I’ve been to McDonald’s in Japan. A medium order of fries is like twenty fries.)



“I want an older sister like Mio.”

Azusa, if it’s okay with you, after I marry Mio, we’ll adopt you. K?



That’s definitely a “As punishment, I’ll special order an outfit from Sawa-chan from you” face on Ritsu.

That’s definitely a “Fuck, Ritsu is going to special order an outfit from Sawa-chan as punishment” face on Azusa.

(I’d say except for the bad refit job on Cagayake! Girls, Azusa’s inclusion in K-On! has been a good thing.)



They did the Mugi’s house call bit the same as in the manga, so I had this entry pre-paraded…

Kyoto could have gone many different ways with Mugi’s butler. The first is that they just go the straight route and not add anything to the manga’s variation. I have no problem with this, except I like hot fudge, cherries, and barnacles on my sundaes. The second way is that Arakawa answers the phone, which would be a nod and tie-in to Haruhi. The third way is to do a little twist and have Mori-san answer the phone. Another way is to have Kogarashi answer the phone. “Kukuku… do you think are you good enough to speak with my lady Mugi?”



Moe blob-ish character designs… needless to say, this is an area Kyoto Animation excels at. Though this could almost be the moe blob equivalent of the Three Stooges.



I like the Charlie Brown-ish character design on Sawa-chan. I like how Yui has started calling her “Sawa-chan-sensei.” I like Sawa-chan-sensei’s “Wait, I can’t believe I passed up BBQ and hot springs with Mio” face. I think I can make that exact same face…



“We need to relax sometime too.”

I like how Mio knows what they’re shopping for, and she’s no longer protesting. Yui and Ritsu are wearing her defenses down. It’s sad that high school in Japan is only typically three years… I’m positive that by year four, Ritsu would be filming a sex tape involving Mio and barnacles. Or is that just my optimistic best case projection?

(Five years?)



“What’s with this feeling of loniless.”

That’s a reference to the previous episode… mmm… my plan to marry Mio and adopt Azusa is looking more and more like pure genius.

(Well, as genius and slam dunk-ish as “Hey, Stephen Jackson should be on the All-NBA Police Record Team.”)



Another gag straight from the manga… maybe the correct path is to marry Mugi, adopt Azusa, and then hire Mio as our meido. Would I be angry if Mugi cheated on me with Mio? Would I be happy that my waifu would always love our meido more than me? Mmm… ponderous. No other anime blog has this level of hard-hitting, provocative critical thinking.

(Hey, same luggage as episode 4… I like Mio’s short shorts.)

(Damn you 4:3! Damn you to hell!)



They should have played Fuwa Fuwa Time in the background…



… and then do a screeching stop when Mio ruins their fun.

(That outfit combo really works on Mio. Not as good as a meido outfit, but still okay.)



Betrayed by Mugi.

(Mio should know better by now. A chance to frolic with four other girls in skimpy bathing suits… how could Mugi pass this chance up? That’s definitely why they’re at the beach house and not at the ski lodge.)



Why are we denied close-up pinups of Mugi and Mio sunbathing? If this were a Hosaka fantasy, we’d definitely be getting high def pinup shots.



Definitely enjoyed Ritsu’s “YES! YES! YES!” Only Hollywood could make a sappy love story about the tragic deaths of hundreds of people on a poorly-engineered ship… and only anime could then parody its most famous scene using the imagination of a DFC cat girl.

(And only anime blogging could lament that it didn’t turn out better due to lack of Hosaka, high def, and pinup shots.)



Highly disappointed we don’t get pinup shots and pans of Mio in her new red, white, and blue bikini. I also like how Mio ties up the back of her hair, but not the front. Between her outfits, her bass, her camera, and her headphones, Mio’s got style.

(Clubhouse leader for Style Points is Mio. Near the bottom? Eden of the East‘s Saki.)



I feel cheated Mugi called off the boat. She’s also sobbing more than Kyou and Ryou combined when they realized Tomoya passed up two Tesla Roadsters for a Chevy Malibu. OMFG… what if Mori-san was a masseuse on that yacht? Cheated… so cheated…



Come to the dark side… join us!

(Shapely Miolicious legs 4tw!)



Azusa walks right into Ritsu’s trap card.

(This has to be the first time in years that I’m using “trap” for its non-genderbending usage. Historic.)

(Red, white, and blue Mio 4tw! ^_^ Mugi 4tw!)



To answer a reader’s e-mail, no I do not wear a bib when I watch this show. If it were aired in high def and featured more pans and pinups of Mio… well… I might need a bib and an IV.



What would a theoretical sex tape featuring Mio be called? “Don’t say ‘loose'”? “Barely Legal Girls, Now With 50% More Barnacles”? “Bass Paizuri”? “Girls Gone Wild For Barnacles”? “Director Ritsu, Producer Mugi, Costume Designer Sawa-chan, Co-Starring Yui”?



Barnacle tales 4tw!

(I knew I’d like that hair style.)



I enjoyed the “Mio doesn’t like barnacles” montage. Didn’t enjoy it enough to post it on YouTube, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

(Wonder if Mugi’s family got rich winning sand castle building contests from around the world. Or if they got rich on a series of Girls Gone Wild videos.)



I want Kyoto Animation to remake Uninhabited Planet Survive… with the K-On! cast replacing the original Mujin Wakusei Survive cast. This would be so totally awesome.



Shame on you Kyoto. Shame on you. For not doing pans and pinups of Mio in high def and not giving us MugiVision™ for Yui’s and Ritsu’s symmetrical docking. Shame, shame, shame on you.



Why are we getting Azusa’s o_o face when we should be getting MugiVision™ for Ritsu and Yui happily rubbing against each other? This is like cranking out huge SUVs when oil’s at $160 a barrel.



I’m taking a short break… just realized I passed the 1,200 word mark, and I’m not even half-way through the episode. Sigh. I wanted to watch more Eden of the East and Tears to Tiara tonight too.



Okay, I’m back… I won’t lie. I thought that the top of the bass carrying case looked like a mini-top hat. I wonder if mini-top hat companies are experiencing a mini-resurgence now because of Mio? Should they sign her to be their company spokeswoman? blog好き asks all the hard questions.



Noblesse oblige. Please continue being a musical idiot savant messiah.



Does this mean any theoretical sex tape featuring Mio would have to involve both barnacles and cabbages? Or am I overthinking this? Should she start out with some pre-pr0n (a la all those Aya Hirano gravure videos) then work up to softcore and then the hardcore barnacles?

(I can’t believe there’s three Aya Hirano gravure videos so far. I can’t believe I haven’t watched any yet.)



Iz dis sum Clannad?



Symmetrical crying due to onion chopping is pretty cool… but do you know what could kick this up a notch? If they were having barnacles for dinner! Bam!




A. Needs more lens flare.
B. Needs more MugiVision™.
C. Needs more Yui and Ritsu to balance out Mioliciously moe.
D. Needs more cat ears for Azusa.
E. All of the above.



You know what they say about girls with big hands…

(When I saw the onigiri, I thought of Chidori making onigiri for the rugby team. Needless to say, good times… good times.)



Fireworks scene not as awesome as last year’s… though Mio just walked into Ritsu’s trap card.

(On the next episode of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D, Yusei battles against his toughest opponent yet: Ritsu!)



Have I mentioned how genius my “marry Mio, adopt Azusa” scheme was? I mean like in the last 1,500 words?

(Mio and Azusa holding hands while cowering in the dark? Swiftly approved.)



We overshot the Bible Black face and landed in the Drifting Classroom face. I read Drifting Classroom earlier in the year, and I still can’t get it out of my mind. It’s lingering in there like Kyou’s gym locker scene, Maria’s hot springs trip, and Haruka’s double ponytails at the indoor pool.



I don’t even have a comment here. Such insightful blogging!



Mugi, quick! Perform mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate Mio!



Kyoto’s arrogant attitude that they don’t need copious and ridiculous amounts of fanservice during a hot springs trip will cost them someday. Remember, this was the studio that gave us the epic Tess bathing scene in Fumoffu and her nakkid shower scene in her OVA. And… now… not even a sniff of fanservice. Sigh.

(I’m watching Akasaka on DVD now… and… it’s fantastic. I need to write about it sometime, but the high levels of skin prevent adequate blood circulation.”)

(Needless to say, if Kyoto defogs a bit, adds maybe 2 minutes more of bonus footage, cuts the water level by 2 inches, and properly animates Sawa-chan’s bust check, the DVD of this episode might sell 100k copies instead of 30k. That’s worth it right? And maybe 200k if barnacles were involved…)



So disappointed that this didn’t lead to a “Just as I planned!” moment.



Cowering… in hi-fi stereo!



So disappointed that Mio isn’t spooning a pillow or her bass. Elsee would!



Watching Yui practice is like watching Fox News praise Obama. The world might end soon after.



Would it be too much to ask for Kyoto to insert Nagisa pushing Ushio in a baby stroller somewhere in the background?



Azusa is also being slowly worn down by Ritsu’s and Yui’s offensive. I’m hoping that this season of K-On! tells the full story of their high school years, which opens up the possibility of a college sequel that’s a mix between this K-On!, Genshiken, and Girls Gone Wild Girls of the ACC Edition.



Parting thoughts… I hope Ui goes yandere because of all the attention and flesh Yui is bestowing on Azusa… I hope we get to see Mio’s red, white, and blue bikini again, properly… and I hope Mugi’s “large” house is actually a castle with a dungeon full of leather and vinyl “restraints”.


Gelbooru data… Ritsu and Mugi are still really close. Mio had her lowest weekly gain, which is mainly due to Azusa coming on like a shiny red fire truck. Sawa-chan has been mostly disappointing… not Darko-level… yet.


Also did normalized percentages, which show Mio and Yui in steady decline (less individual shots for them is what this indicates) while Azusa is like the stock market circa 2000. I’d honestly do more graphs and charts, but I feel geeky enough as is… and I’m too lazy to start up Matlab.


And no way in hell I’m ending a post with a frickin’ graph.

(Note to self… when marrying Mio, have bridesmaids dress up as nekomimi meido.)

29 Responses to “k-on! 10, twittered”

  1. This show continues to impress me. Kyoto really knows what they are doing, as usual. Still wish it was in 16:9 though….

  2. Nekomimi ending picture is fine too.

  3. I enjoyed this post a lot. Thank you for the laughs. I of course have nothing insightful to add to your humorous commentary.

  4. another filling bloggage, or was it the food i was eating while reading the blog
    either way i need more food and k-on reading materials
    whats the final word count?
    need to compile episode to episode word counts and make a chart just like that

  5. Yeah, KyoAni gas disappointed me about their lack of fanservice in a series with such potential as K-On! That’s why I love some much fan-arts; they gave us what the authors didn’t dare to show.

    (I’ve finally matched Gelbuuru’s pace with mine, 2335 images…)

    Sadly, we’re reaching the last part of the series (four episodes remaining) and yet we’ve to see a lot of things, at least for a 13-episode series. Luckily of us, KyoAni won’t do the next Key animated project (thanks), so the chances to see something good in October are great. Don’t let us down.

    My dream scenario with these girls would be: Marring Mugi, taking Mio and Yui as maids, each of them with her mistress (Ritsu and Ui) and finally adopting Azusa as our daughter. I wouldn’t mind if Mugi cheated on me with any of the girls, even Azusa; just with one condition, let me see… please darling?

    Hopefully I’ll be here for your next K-On! post

  6. I’m still waiting when my local kareoke gets Cagayake! GIRLS on their database…

    Wonderful episode, though the fog makes it really disappointing.

  7. KyoAni is obviously saving up the fanservice for the new FMP series or when the K-On girls get another year older and bigger, and not to mention wilder…
    It will be a story of fleeting innocence.

  8. > (This has to be the first time in years that I’m using “trap” for its non-genderbending usage. Historic.)

    Uh oh.

    Giant Humanoid Robot, go check the oceans and make sure they’re not boiling over. I’ll scan the skies for flying pigs.

  9. Actually, 4:3 aside, I’m somewhat disappointed by the quality of the animation. This ep in particular had a lot of unnaturally distorted faces. Perhaps it’s because it’s another beach episode and I’m paying 100% attention, but it would seem well within their power to do better.

    Also, apparently they added Azusa’s 2nd guitar part into the OP as well. I’m not musically inclined enough to tell straight off the bat, and haven’t sat down to play the two OPs back to back to see if it’s different.

  10. They’re abusing the O_O face a lot… I guess it’s from the comic, but at the same time, the animation gets noticeably lazier during

    The removal of fanservice = depressing… I need Mugi-cakes

  11. Taking a break during a French Open commercial break to surf a bit, sees new K-ON! post! Then, “You should block out 30 minutes to read this post… I’m not kidding. It isn’t short.” Okay, goes back to see Safina meltdown and realize it was foolishness to ever switch inputs back to TV in the first place.
    I really loved Lucky*Star, but I can’t believe we got we got 24 episodes of ‘nothing’ and only half that for K-ON! I feel like there was a lot more potential here. In essence, with the comments on this episode alone, I feel like this show, while quite spectacular at moments, has been a huge missed opportunity. Can’t wait for the next episode, though!

  12. Havn’t watched this episode yet due to laptop troubles, but is it just me, or did Yui “develop” a little more since the last beach excursion? Will come back and post a comment of less importance once I have watched the episode.

  13. omg graphs! As a math major I approve!

    And Mio’s short shorts are <3

  14. Sometimes I’d swear a few of these animation houses read this blog. The stuff they produce almost seems tailor made for Jason.

  15. @W4: I can’t made it to the beach; some jackass with a bow and crown is sitting on a large white horse just rode up and is blocking my car.

    …OH SHI-

  16. Matlab my arch-nemesis! (Or more specifically, Scilab as my college was too cheap to purchase the full version.)

    I whole-heartedly approve of nerdiness in my anime blogs.

  17. Since when was Ritsu bustier than Yui?

  18. @Phil: Since she started stuffing her swimsuit.

    After watching the episode, I can say, awesome. If the Economy wasn’t in the shitter Mugi would obviously be besting Yui on Gelbooru, and crushing Ritsu, and since I know whose turf im on, she would still be losing to Mio.

  19. I didn’t get at first why Mio is so scared of barnacles, until I remembered today what my biology teacher told me about them having the longest penis to body size ratio in the animal kingdom. From this we can deduce Mio is scared of penises, therefore Mio is a lesbian. Works for me!

  20. I’m very glad Azusa is here. Finally, a fairly normal person (with a dfc to boot).

  21. >them having the longest penis to body size ratio
    My goodness I’ve heard that line at least 5 times this week, most of them in non-K-ON related conversations.

    >Azusa’s 2nd guitar part into the OP
    There’s a new riff in the pre-chorus (where they sing they can fly). Other than that, I couldn’t really tell either.

  22. For some reason, the bust size mistake in the first picture bothers me more than any shabbily animated cabbage ever would.

    I don’t really care for the new OP. They deleted the stair jump, the best part. T_T You just know that 2 seconds later, Yui screws up and causes everyone to fall flat on their face.

  23. >>Mio is scared of Penises

    This just in, Scelecao 11 does not work alone. The famed “Johnny Hunter” is really a duo consisting of a Modeling Agency President and High School Bass Player.

  24. My last comment got moderated- why? Was it “bust”, “flat”, or “cabbage”, I wonder?

    Oh yeah, I approve of the yandere-Ui interpretation. Having checked out the manga, I’m eagerly awaiting a certain scene which casts serious doubt on her sanity.

  25. “Betrayed by Mugi” sounds like a kickass blog name.

  26. > Another way is to have Kogarashi answer the phone. “Kukuku… do you think are you good enough to speak with my lady Mugi?”

    That would have been way beyond awesome. No other maids can pull off a comedic effect better than he can in this scene – having him confirming Ritsu’s theories AND scaring the shit out of her would have been epic.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Azunyan is taking up way too much of screentime which otherwise should have belonged to Moe Moe Mio~

  27. KyoAni did bring something to the phone-call to the butler: with the family vacationing in Finland, the sound-track quoted “Levan Polkaa” (perhaps better known as “the leek-girl song”).

  28. Nice episode, but too much Azunyan focus to my taste. I demand more Mio.

    And I agree, both Kogarashi as Mugi´s meido and yandere reliable imouto Ui would be awesome.

  29. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG5mmUzE6Tc&fmt=18][/youtube]

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