sign of the times

GTO is dead to me now. D-E-A-D.

Kidding. Try to pull me away from GTO Shonan 14 Days. I dare you. The only way it could be more awesome to restart GTO is if Onizuka-sensei used DSL Mio… or Mariya instead…

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  1. Hey Jason, plz tell me that GTO is coming back ? Because I almost Jizz in my pants when I reading the pages lol

  2. Wait… What? Haruhi? In GTO?
    I’m sold!
    Now just wait for KyoAni to adapt it…

  3. I just saw the live action GTO series and it was awesome! Thanks for the recommendation Jason!

  4. does DSL mio mean what I think it means (because I really want to see those pictures now), or am I confusing dsl with something else?

  5. I don’t even know what DSL stands for…

    I failed the broken initiation test, right? ORZ

  6. AH GOD! Them traps are affecting me! I thought the black-haired guy was a girl! ORZ

  7. Yes, Mio running Damn Small Linux would be sexy-awesome.

  8. I’ll wager Damn Sexy Legs/Lips. In Mio’s case, it’s all about the legs… oh who am I kidding, it’s the total package.

  9. Ummm…Don’t Say Lazy?

  10. Well, you did ask for it.

    Didn’t we already confirm that Japanese publishers read Jason Miao’s blog?

  11. Don’t Say Lazy Mio.

    GTO is back,and it’s like he never left. Glee!

  12. Urumi asking Onizuka for his seed made the chapter.

  13. gee gee geee geee baby baby

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