young boy, become a legend!



Hayate the Combat Butler is at its best when it is in its full on gag parody mode, especially if they work in some moe as well (as seen by the Gurren Lagann parody or when Nagi makes an anime). It’s probably at its worst when it is trying to be some sort of elementary school love drama. That just doesn’t work well since Hayate demands a fast pace, and anything serious going on is doomed to fail once the gags start coming fast and furious. Anyway, another great episode after last week’s great episode.


Hayate gets costume raped, again, and into an usagi-chan meido this time.


If that’s not enough, Hinagiku gets costume raped into a Meer cosplay.

(Of course, I would complain about the outfit if it weren’t an exact copy of the one in the manga and thusly absolves JC Staff. Still… I think HAL got it right in season one with Maria in the Meer cosplay. Rie Tanaka!!!)


And if that’s still not enough, Hina gets roped into singing Cruel Angel’s Thesis and does all the moves Misato does from the Evangelion intro. I fanboyed at that, and I enjoyed Itou Shizuka’s fantastic job in doing a Hina rendition of the Masami Okui original. I loved it. Highly. As much as Brush and Ballpoint Pen.


And like Brush and Ballpoint Pen, we had the “other” star running in the background. In this case, it was usagi-chan Hayate desperately looking for Nagi (who didn’t want to be found, in yet another patented Hayate the Combat Butler misunderstanding plotline).


Top Five Outfits I Want to See Hina Perform In

5. Darry’s jumpsuit (seiyuu appropriate too!).
4. Utena! (Hayate could be Anthy…)
3. That nekomimi meido outfit Hayate was wearing earlier.
2. Bunny girl!
1. Mio’s DSL with a pink mini-top hat.


ZOMG… utterly useless and fail SPs. Though I liked their, “We can’t win against butlers! It’s like a natural taking on an Innovator!” comment just because they changed the line from the original “We can’t win against butlers! It’s like a natural taking on a Coordinator!” Glad to see JC Staff update it for the latest Gundam incarnation. Also, ironically, isn’t Gundam 00 about 4 pilots, but 3 of whom were “normal” to start with? Only Tieria was an innovator, but Lockon, Haptism, and Setsuna F. Seiei (not to be confused with Setsuna G. Seiei) were normal humans. True, Setsuna did evolve, but he was a natural evolving rather than a mass produced one… and that was the distinction that made him even more Thundergod Cid-like.

(No, seriously, what is Nagi paying the SPs for? Like wouldn’t it be better to just hire Kogarashi and be done with it? Though I’d love to see Kogarashi join Hayate and Maria in the Sanzen’in household. It would be a dream come true if Kogarashi started calling Maria “easy”.)


But, seriously, Maria is awesome. Rie Tanaka is awesome. Give them more screentime.

(Honestly makes we wonder how we got so few Meer or Lacus concerts in Seed. Shouldn’t they have faced off signing What ’bout my Star at some point?)


Loved Nagi calmly and eviscerating Kotetsu during her “kidnapping.” Just tears into him and destroys him like what Kobe did to Pietrus in the final this year. It culminates in Kotetsu tossing out an “URASAI! URASAI! URASAI!” I felt like I was in bizarro world where a character was yelling this at a Rie Kugimiya-voiced wrathful DFC tsundere. Of course, it gets even better with Kotetsu seeing the “error” of his ways and willing to enter into a same sex marriage with Hayate and move to Europe (presumably next to Saiyuri and Mai… see… Kanon Kazahana was a great epilogue). Just another enjoyable scene in an episode already full of enjoyable scenes.


Hina’s blushing… mmm… not bad!


Looped footage digusts me. Come on, JC Staff, step up your game.


Cruel Angel’s Thesis has to be the anthem for anime fanboys worldwide, right? There’s just no other song so uniquely ingrained in anime culture. It also fits the anime so perfectly well and gets me thinking of anime and thinking of yet more Shinji Ikari jokes whenever I hear it. Almost Pavlovian. The other two songs in this rare pantheon has to be Pour Some Sugar On Me, which makes me check my wallet to make sure I’m amply stocked with singles, and We Will Rock You, which makes me think I should leave before the fourth quarter ends to beat the traffic.

(Of course, the lyrics originally were hilarious since it seemed like a desperate cheer attempt for Shinji. Though now… well… Hermione is turning into a legend in his own right.)


So cute that the first thing that popped into my mind was, “Nothing good will come from this.”

16 Responses to “young boy, become a legend!”

    Moe Meido Ayasaki Hermione gets an upgrade. My god, those usagi mimi.
    SPs…. LOL. Maria = the SP team + more.
    Nagi completely breaks down every kidnapper, lol. Loved how the urusai joke was chucked in. Interesting how it’s right back in a Rie character face.
    Absolutely fell for the animation of Hinagiku, especially the singing mouthing and OMG was just so excited when she came on stage, cried out “MOU!” and waited for cue music. And then… singing starts, you’re blown. Blown more beyond than listening to the Character CD album of S1. Add in the dance movements…. and your excitement EXPLODES. Simply skyrockets and BLOWS you away… SHIZUUUUKA ITOUUUUU DAISUKE. Epic music is Epic.
    I have rewatched that part like 8 times already. Freaking best thing ever.
    Then finally, Hayate returns to the tower to find her sleeping. Waiting for him. HER SLEEPING FACE IS THE BEST. So moe, SO cute. It just has to be screenshotted. Screenshot material RIGHT there. And then.. the cliffhanger, and then trailer…. Mind blowing. Read the manga, but it’s the after feelings of “Young boy, become a legend!” that stays with you.
    JC Staff should pull a Gainax and simply make a S.t.a.r.S staring Hinagiku. It would be the best thing ever created. Full version of Cruel Angel Thesis, complete with extra art (cosplay and those top 5 outfits listed) and several other images and with THE MOVEMENTS.

  2. I kept thinking it was a Lacus parody, but now that you mentioned it, Meer is more accurate.

  3. Tank > Cruel Angel’s Thesis.
    Sorry jason.

  4. You can’t sing along to Tank, though (unless you’re Ed). Our club does a semiannual anime karaoke event, and we usually finish with a group-sing of Cruel Angel’s Thesis.

  5. Damn I got to keep up with Hayate no Gotoku, I’m so far behind with this seasons shows (except K-On! offcourse).

    That reminds me, when will the second evangelion movie ‘You can(not) advance’ be released? It’s been quite a while now since the last.

  6. >> It culminates in Kotetsu tossing out an “URASAI! URASAI! URASAI!” I felt like I was in bizarro world where a character was yelling this at a Rie Kugimiya-voiced wrathful DFC tsundere.

    Emergency escape program necessary.

  7. A nice return to form for Hayate and co. More this and less faux shipping pleez.

  8. >> Tank > Cruel Angel’s Thesis.

    I’d go with The Real Folk Blues or Blue, honestly. Just because Tank has no words.

  9. I’ve been really wanting to watch east of eden and i’ve downloaded it all but for some reason it’s really glitchy on my players that normally play matroska files fine. I use zoom player and VLC do any of you have any ideas on how to make my viewing more pleasurable?

  10. the major problem with Hina doing the same moves that misato did is that Hina is too flat.

  11. giant: CCCP codec and windows player should play 99.9% of video files. only problems i ever ran into are linked chapter files.

  12. Jason..
    This might be irrelevant but..
    You might want to check out this video of Ranka :) (and a song)

  13. JC Staff handled this arc VERY well for my money. I’m definitely satisfied that they really did Hermion– err, the Hinamatsuri arc some justice. As for the direction S2’s going instead of S1, it’s a bummer that it’s somewhat less fun this way, but I still don’t mind it being closer to the manga.

  14. @giantoverhypedandroid: CCCP with Media Player Classic works the best for me.

  15. I downloaded CCCP and the video works fine but now the audio doesn’t synch up properly.

  16. This is really cool i love Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis, and i love Itou Shizuka she’s cool :3 and my name is Matsuki my last name is Toyama that’s how japanese people introduce themselves like Ayasaki-kun :3

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