k-on! volume 3

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Wait, Mio goes to work at a meido cafe, and then she gets a crazed (not Ritsu or Sawa-chan) lesbian stalker? This better be in the final episode. I repeat: BETTER.

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  1. I second: BETTER!

  2. I see your Better and raise you a Best

    This best be in my final episode.

  3. Does anybody know if there is going to be a DVD-only episode? I could try and guess, but I don’t know how many K-ON DVD’s are supposed to be released.

  4. I’m still having trouble watching these newer types of shows, the video quality is excellent but the sound keeps on desynching. I’m using CCCP and a variety of players. any pointers?

  5. How does this relate to music ?

    @giantoverhypedandroid: If you use mpc maybe try changing the settings in Options -> Output -> “VMR7 (windowed)” that works perfect for me.

  6. @dood

    maybe it’s special moe music training?

    also unfortunately the output change didn’t work but i guess i’ll just fiddle with to see what i get.

  7. It’s BETTER if it is in the last ep… but I think if another season is coming soon then it’s good also :)

  8. It IS in the last episode.


  9. Mark my words (screenshot this thread if you have to), but KyoAni will troll us and make this the DVD-only episode.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it as long as they throw in a music video or three.

  10. Okay, just finished reading them, and all I can say is…

    Mugi. Is. Fearsome.

  11. Mio has a noticeably larger bust size in here…

  12. Enlightenment!

    I finally get it now! I understand your obsession with Mio! You actually dislike her and want her to suffer. If you truly adored her, you’d be rooting for her to get over her shyness and get a boyfriend who will love and support her.

    Gods, why didn’t I see this sooner?

  13. Yuri-Goggles GO!

  14. I like the little comment in the bottom left frame. “She’s turned into Sawa-chan!”

    You think the camera has a ‘Mugi-vision’ feature?

  15. uwaa ritsu with her bangs down is kawaii~

  16. Wait, the lesbian stalker is Mugi? I feel cheated. I mean, we can get that any ole day. But if this chapter is as good as you imply, I’d be willing to trade in the K-ON epilogue for it. That continuity breach near the end was kind of jarring.

    Also, I’m kinda disappointed Ritsu didn’t get a lesbian stalker- the setup was ripe for it!

  17. Apparently, no one else reading this blog didn’t even bother looking for the scanslations. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND.

    And no, it’s not Mugi. Or rather, Mugi’s not the only one. For that matter, it’s not one of the regular cast.

    It is sparking my interest in seeing a second season, though.

    (Why Mugi is fearsome? Because, you see that meido waitress gig the club is in? That was HER IDEA. For a TRAINING session.)

  18. Hehe… Just came here to check out what Jason has to say about the last ep of the anime and was pretty surprised to find a piece of my release instead (yeah, I’m TLing the manga).

    Don’t want this to come across as shameless self promotion (if there is such a thing for a freely provided service ;-), but if you want to read more, check out the K-ON! entry in MangaUpdates series database, latest releases are mine… or you can just google “houkago translations“.

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