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Wow, what an epic day. This post was threatened to be derailed by so many things… I mean, tonight, right now, is the NBA draft… quite possibly one of the most delightful days of unintentional comedy for an NBA fan. Can you beat Blake Griffin’s “I’m as excited to go to the Clippers as Kyon is about seeing Itsuki” face? Or the comedy of the Timberwolves taking three point guards with their first three picks? (To be fair, they do plan on trading one soon… though I suspect all three will be gone in four years. I just can’t picture Rubio shoveling snow and hanging around Minnesota girls who wear Viking caps.) Or the NY crowd chanting, “Da-vid Stern! Da-vid Stern!” and he gives them a smug, “Yep, that’s me!” reply. And that’s why I almost got derailed by the NBA draft.

Beyond that, Michael Jackson passed away. In terms of pop culture as well as a distraction to my blogging, I couldn’t think of anything worse/better. I’ve spent an hour chatting with various friends about inane subjects like, “Michael Jackson died, this is officially the oldest moment of my life” and “If there any other pop celebrity dying that could crash CNN’s servers?”

(And, yes, this is the oldest moment of life. Besides realizing that I’ve been writing an anime blog for seven years. And the only other pure celebrity death scenario that we could come up with was Tiger Woods being killed by a white supremacist golfer. The only problem with that one is that Michael Jackson is known worldwide. I can’t say Tiger, as famous as he is, has that kind of draw. Not everyone loves golf, but everyone with a soul loves music… which is just everyone except those on Wall Street.)

Hell, I even changed my Google Talk status to, “Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have passed up that night’s stay at the Neverland Ranch back in middle school.” Okay, pedophile jokes aside, we went through Jackson’s songs, and, my gosh, Thriller just might not be surpassed. It was bigger to pop music than Evangelion is to anime. And that’s why I almost got derailed by Michael Jackson.


But fear not readers, lurkers, and trolls. The summer anime season is almost upon us, and Haruhi Suzumiya is the season’s Blake Griffin. And while Thriller has Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, The Girl Is Mine, and Pretty Young Thing, Kyoto Animation has Fumoffu, Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon, Lucky Star, Clannad, and K-On!. NBA drafts and weird pop stars be damned. You, my readers, lurkers, and trolls, are getting a Haruhi Suzumiya post tonight.


While it didn’t derail me tonight, Darry is awesome. Oh wait, I mean Data is awesome. I’ve been a big fan of The Next Generation, and I still remember when I first proposed the TNG theory for Higurashi: that they were just constantly rebooting like the classic Cause and Effect episode of TNG. This was what I wrote back in 2006:

Every single time the Enterprise was going to be destroyed, it was because Picard picked Data’s suggestion on how to save the Enterprise over Riker’s. Every single time the mass murderings beings in Hinamizawa, it was because K1 didn’t show enough faith and trust in his nakama. In Star Trek, Data tries different things each reboot to warn the Enterprise in the next reboot what is exactly going on, but fails until his final and simpliest solution. Rika, similarily, is trying to avoid dying, trying to manipulate her surroundings to let her live. Did she finally find her champion in K1 this time around?


The Endless Eight arc of Haruhi Suzumiya is similar to both TNG’s and Higurashi‘s concept it doesn’t end with a mutual destruction. In fact, it ends with a thud with Haruhi listfully retreating after an epic two weeks of high school fun. For people who have read this story, that’s the key to what Kyon has to do. But, still, it’s an enjoyable concept that was used to awesome effect on TNG and bloody effect on Higurashi. With this arc, Kyoto is trying to tell the same story twice, but only different enough to keep the viewer interested. While both two week periods presented so far have been similar, they both have been dissimilar in certain small ways (and especially the completely new wardrobes).

In some small way, it reminds me of the structure used in both Azumanga and K-On! where the girls go through similar ordeals (i.e. Yukari-sensei’s driving and Sawa-chan’s costume raping) that year three feels like year two which feels like year one, only completely different yet completely the same. Sure, maybe Mugi’s vacation home is bigger, but it’s still Yui and Ritsu wanting to re-enact the fourth episode of Uninhabited Planet Survive.

How does this incarnation of Endless Eight compare to the previous one? Does Itsuki and Kyon finally confess their love? Did the Timberwolves really take three point guards in the first round of the NBA draft? Well, let’s get-a-going…

sos brigade awesomeness index


6 pack Kyon… no seriously, why can’t we get a halfway decent fanservice shot of Mikuru or Haruhi when we get a solid 20 seconds of shirtless Kyon exposing his rock hard abs. I honestly couldn’t tell if this was an episode of Haruhi Suzumiya, a Gap jeans ad, or an ad for SF’s Gay Pride Parade. Or all three.

(Last episode, he actually wore a T-shirt and wasn’t moping about. Imouto even looked at Kyon with a, “Wait, is he finally dating one of those pretty onee-chans” face. This reboot, Imouto doesn’t even look at him. It’s almost like she knows. She sees him lounging around like that, and she knows there’s more than meets the eye with her brother’s bromance with that creepy guy.)


Itsuki… looking a lot more built and a lot more evil than I remember, especially in this scene. He could easily be a metrosexual villain of a Final Fantasy game. Hell, I think he could replace Kefka in FFVI as is right now.


Squall… as awesome as Haruhi getting into Kyon’s face, as awesome as Mikuru looks, and as awesome as Haruhi pushing her chest into Kyon’s back might be, I kept thinking that Haruhi’s outfit in this scene looked exactly liked Squall’s from Final Fantasy VIII. Though a genderswapped Squall with a red mini-skirt… forget I brought this up.


WTF… I… I… see next item.


Gayest. Episode. Ever.

(I also noticed that Kyon and Itsuki’s swimwear changed from the long surfer-type style to a normal conventional above knee cut. Out of 15,498 times, would you take the over or under on 10,000 times that Speedos happened? I’d take the under, but I’d think about it first.)

(Leave it to Kyoto to pull out some nice animation, especially with shadows and lighting this episode, to better illuminate all the shirtless Kyon, buff & evil Itsuki, and uncomfortably close shirtless Kyon and Itsuki scenes. With all the Kyon and Itsuki scenes this season, I would say that Kyoto decided to cater to the fangirl crowd now. Not a bad decision, but, well, I want my wet T-shirt Mikuru!)


Wet T-shirt Mikuru… um… did I say “Gayest. Episode. Ever.”? I meant, “Greatest. Episode. Ever.” We desperately need more wet T-shirt Mikuru in our lives.


Frog costume… Haruhi has a different colored lolipop this time, and her outfit isn’t as enjoyable as that 69 one, but when I wondered:

Two, there’s a 50/50 chance that Haruhi is going to take the frog costume home and either (a) spoon it a la Yui with Gitah! (b) dry hump it (c) utilize it the same way I once witnessed in a Haruhi doujinshi (d) all of the above. Okay, seeing her expression of glee… maybe greater than 50/50 chance.

It’s possible that all of these have happened up to 9,000 times. Maybe not in the same time run through.

(And the other 5 job variations? One of them involves bunny girls, a stripper pole, a stack of fives, Clinton Portis, and classified information.)


15,498… for people who are in high school now, what the fuck are you doing? Stop reading this blog, form your SOS Brigade, and get bullied around by a crazed tsundere, get served tea by a meek goddess in a lovely red dress, and have time-warping conversations with the most flaming guy in school. And repeat 15,498 times. With the 15,498th time being shirtless and showing off rock hard abs. Goddamn. What’s wrong with you people?!!!

(15,498… also the number of Mio images in my k-on/mio folder, also the number of e-mails I received asking me to blog something called “Maria+Holic“, also the number of times I heard “great value” in today’s NBA draft, also the number of times Arawn has facepalmed plus the number of times Maria has, also the number of times Mikuru has been costume raped, also the exact number of NEETs needed to save Japan from 60 Tomahawk missiles, also the number of tears cried by a character in an anime produced by Kyoto Animation, and also the number of words in this post. Well, it only feels like 15,498…)


Koi no Mikuru Densetsu… I always liked orchestral arrangements of pop songs, let alone Final Fantasy soundtracks– I own imported copies of Grand Finale, 20020220 (also by Tokyo Philharmonic), Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (quite possibly the greatest FF arrangement ever), Reunion Tracks, and Celtic Moon.) So when I discovered that there’s an orchestral arrangement for every notable Haruhi tune… well… I’m in!

Haruhi Suzumiya no Gensou starts off with a bang with Koi no Mikuru Densetsu, which should really lead every Haruhi property. It would have been a much better OP than Super Driver. It’s aptly arranged, and Mikuru’s theme works well in a classical sense. I’m almost convinced that if Mozart ran into Mikuru in Vienna once upon a time, classical music would be a lot more popular today. The only problem is… the album goes downhill from there. This ain’t no Thriller. Or Bad. (But possibly Dangerous.)

There’s a lot of bgm tracks that I just don’t recognize in their arranged form. They seem okay, except I was disappointed that they didn’t perform any of the actual classical scores from the series. I mean… there was actual classical music. And then I heard a jarring Bouken Desho Desho that was well arranged, but it had Aya Hirano singing. I had the same face that I had when I heard Bobby McFarrin singing “Don’t worry; be happy” with Michael Tilson Thomas conducting in the background. I’m just not sure what to make of it. Aya has excellent range and pitch for an anime songstress… but… maybe an octave or two short for orchestral accompaniment. It could be training, as her voice can get acceptably low (for an Asian female), and she hit a few high ones. While not as awesome as Mikuru’s theme, I enjoyed arranged Bouken Desho Desho.

Then things got weird with Aya accompanying Lost My Music. I’m still trying to process that one. Hare Hare Yukai was enjoyable, and… no singing! I was surprised. I don’t think it was well-arranged, but whatever. I still want Chiaki and Nodame to play this in season three of Nodame Cantabile this fall (and hopefully they won’t use random jpop songs for its OP/ED). The finale is, of course, the heavy hitter: Don’t say “lazy”. Just kidding– God Knows. Really… really… something. I’m almost convinced that I need to see a picture of the actual performance to make up my mind. Is Aya Hirano wearing her “Did you cum twice?” T-shirt? Is she wearing a silky evening gown? Is she wearing a bunny outfit? There’s so much baggage with this song, it’s hard to properly evaluate. Though I still think I’d rather rock out to God Knows on Guitar Hero than listening to the Tokyo Philharmonic perform this while Aya tries her darnedest to warble her voice. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. And I need to listen to this again.

(Up next for the Tokyo Philharmonic: Falling Down with special guest Noel Gallagher. And then a very special encore with Britney Spears…)


Cruel Angel’s Thesis… come on, there has to be an orchestral version of this too. Though I enjoyed the Hayate concert as well, if only for all the fanboys turning it up like 50 notches after hearing the first few chords to Cruel Angel’s Thesis after being teased with a bunch of no-name character songs from JC Staff Hayate. (I can’t believe Rie Tanaka wasn’t involved. This is like giving us 2 minutes of Kyon and Itsuki fangirl material without even a whiff of wet T-shirt Mikuru.)

(Still disappointed that one of the activities during these two weeks didn’t involve a wet T-shirt contest.)


“Embarrassment makes her three times cuter!”… no, I’m sorry, 15,498% cuter. Sawa-chan has it right… it’s only fun to costume rape people who get embarrassed by their new getup. Can we please get a spin-off series with Mikuru and Mio, and the two are forced to become runway models for Sawa-chan’s new clothing business? It would be riveting from a moe standpoint, and it would provide steady work for my Fashion Czar.


Ties without collared shirts… looks weird to me. To be honest, I have to clue how to tie a tie properly. My dad tried to teach me how to make a Windsor knot years ago, but I still need to hop on YouTube to kinda make one since I keep forgetting since I only use a tie like once a year. Though seeing Haruhi wearing a tie… it reminded me of Julia Robert’s line in Pretty Woman, “I learned how to tie a tie when I banged the whole debate team.” I wouldn’t rule that out for Haruhi. (Nor would I rule out the Pretty Woman ending for this arc… oh we know it’s about the classified information, but still it’s fun to pretend Kyon riding up in a limo “saving” Haruhi after Haruhi gets sexually assaulted by Mikuru.)


“Your face is too close”… did I mention all the uncomfortable moments between Kyon and Itsuki this episode? It’s almost like Kyon was Blake Griffin, and Itsuki was the LA Clippers.

(I was too busy staring at Mikuru in the back to pay attention to whatever Itsuki had planned for Kyon. Mikuru~~~)

(And when Itsuki proposed that someone whisper, “I love you” to Haruhi, I was thinking it should have been Mikuru. Just because to balance out all the male homoerotic tension, we need some female homoerotic tension.)


Cost cutting… if it weren’t for the fact that Kyoto gave everyone completely new outfits for every day (a glorious feat that just makes the Higurashi crew look even more lazily animated) for both cycles of this story, I’d say Kyoto was cost cutting by having Aya Hirano record one set of lines for two episodes. Everyone else had different lines, expect Haruhi, on this groundhog’s day.


Mikuru’s red dress… she can be the little riding hood to my big bad wolf any day with a dress like that… I’m still facepalming for the lack of (more) pinup shots of yukata Mikuru, wet T-shirt Mikuru, two piece Mikuru, and red dress Mikuru. I feel like we should be protesting in the streets with Kyoto Animation making proclamations that their voting is not rigged, that the election result of more shirtless Kyon over red dress Mikuru will stand, that these protests are caused not by Mikuru’s red dress by interference by Louise and Britain, and that there are no gay people in Iran.

(Oh wait, did I get my current events confused with moe again?)


Sobbing… Kyoto makes sobbing epic. So far, we have sobbing Yuichi, Makoto, Ryou, Kyou, Nagisa, Ushio, Tomoya, Mio, Yui, and Mikuru. I’d love to see a SaiSobbing competition one day.


Booty call… it’s like midnight, and I’m sure Kyon has caller ID. If he sees that the caller ID is from Mikuru, would he be thinking “booty call?” at that point? And that she’s sounding slightly desperate with some sniffles like she just got dumped by Haruhi and wants him to come over? Kyon must be thinking, “BOOTY CALL!” And then… he hears Itsuki’s voice. Isn’t that like the ultimate downer? Isn’t it like a traffic jam when you’re already late? A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break? It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife?

(Needless to say, for the 15,498th time, that song ain’t ’bout no irony.)


New swimsuits… I like Haruhi’s red number, and Mikuru’s two piece is a vast upgrade over what she was wearing last episode. If that one piece were Windows Vista, then this would be Windows 7. Of course, Mio’s two piece would be Snow Leopard.


Yuki’s ass… Yuki! Glad you finally showed up!


I just want to be free… last cycle, Mikuru complained that her yukata was too tight around the chest, and now… they’re running free. I wonder out of 15,498 cycles and 15,496 possible yukatas, I want statistics on how these yukatas fit Mikuru. Charts, graphs, Matlab simulations, everything– we demand to know these results.

(Why did I ever come up with “haruhigam”? Shouldn’t it be “mikurugasm”? I mean, I finally get why Kyon isn’t more into Haruhi… she’s more trouble than she’s worth. Mikuru, on the other hand, is a beacon of moe.)


Raw quality… can we please get a half-decent raw or fansub? I think I rather have a clean 4:3 feed than a horrible, horrible 16:9 one. My HDTV is crying like it’s a haremette in a Kyoto Animation anime.

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  1. Long Post is long and Jason if you keep this up you might beable to do this forever. And I agree with the whole crap raw quality. I just got a 1080p monitor and I need to see this in at least 720!

  2. Epic, EPIC fail for Kyon. Oh well, at least it’s likely now that we’ll see the Bike Race next week, just to change things a bit from the scenes that were already ‘repeated’. Still, 600 years is a long time. You’d wonder how Yuki hasn’t snapped, as Rika in Higurashi hasn’t even been in the Hinamizawa timeloop for that long, and she’s gone MDK scores of times.

  3. Poor Yuki’s groundhog days,
    (15498 x 14 days) / 365 = 594.4 years

  4. “Can we please get a spin-off series with Mikuru and Mio, and the two are forced to become runway models for Sawa-chan’s new clothing business? It would be riveting from a moe standpoint, and it would provide steady work for my Fashion Czar.”

    Goddess dam it!!! That is one bitch’n BRILLIANT idea.

    Make it so….Engage!

  5. Wait, now I’m confused. Is this just a different approach of last-weeks episode, or what?

    Either way, I’ll wait for a sub to pop-up. Right now, K-On!’s “extra” episode needs my attention.

  6. Skyman747: It’s called Endless Eight for a reason. Plus Jason already explained it in his post with the Groundhog Day and Higurashi references.

  7. Ignore that comment, should have gone to wikipedia first.

  8. @Myssa: She probably has many times before.

    She just decided to be sane this loop.

    ….SUPER sane…

  9. Damn I need to go find a tsundere to get bullied by XD. But seriously when Itsuki was in Kyon’s face with his suggestion for Kyon to tell Haruhi “I love you”, I just know he’s really saying it to Kyon -_-
    Still I enjoyed how they used the same material but changed it all up. That’s Kyoto animation for you!

  10. I didn’t know you were so fashion conscious! You’re just like me…I think I noticed and envied Kyon’s abs and Itsuki’s buff body more than I envied being together with Red Riding Hood Mikuru and Chest-on-Back Haruhi. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Hey, I could be the Itsuki to your Kyon, and we could make some fun summer “memories” for the 15,498th time.

  11. 1. Kyoto’s learned that messing with people WORKS, whether it is in trap form, ambiguous form, or having Isuki whisper “I love you” to Kyon in the same episode as a wet t-shirt Mikuru. If they didn’t care for keeping in sync with the original narrative, they’d just genderswap the pack of them and let them fly: I bet on it.

    2. It actuallly makes sense for Haruhi to have the same lines, story wise. She’s the least to change out of all of them. As such, having the VA to say the same lines again is not only excess cost but also a risk that some slip in her speech would make it no longer an exact copy, ruining the whole “Haruhi IS repeating history” matter.

    3. Given the situation they face, I’m seeing Groundhog day more than TNG, in that the variations have probably gone EXTREME and, so long as haruhi lives, everything resets anyway. Although I can’t see Yuki go crazy (she wouldn’t go into a knife fight bare handed in order to keep things stable only to make things crazy later on), I CAN see the others do anything, ANYTHING to break the Deja Vu (since this wouldn’t be the only time they discovered the Problem). Start with remembering that Bill managed to score all of the heroines during Groundhogs day, go back up through the images in this entry and work from there.

    sidenote: I just remembered what happened after endless eight and realized I need to take back part of what I said in #3.

    4. Poor poor yuki. Bored doesn’t explain what it feels to go over the same few days for over 500 years. She DOES have feelings, remember, she’s just very in control of what she does with them and super loyal to her cause. What’s worse, note how everyone discovered what happened and yet couldn’t stop it? How often did Yuki have to see that? What happened after she saw that the first time.. the 20th time, the 500th time, with everyone full of determined hope that they could do something only to revert back to not knowing anything has happened? You can’t even bother to give her any comfort, saying “everything will be alright” since she’s heard you say that 603 times to no affect. At least Data had his memory wiped and, thus, didn’t have to feel as trapped. At least Bill could break from his morals and sing “I can have whatever I like” and start robbing banks, scoring with girls, and becoming a hero and an hero. Yuki MUST sit and observe and she CAN’T forget. Makes Mikuru look far too overdramatic in comparison.

    Lastly, since I don’t run a blog and, thus, my opinion means nothing, I’ll gladly go ahead and say it fanboy style: I’m VERY much enjoying this season, as much and perhaps slightly more so than the first season.

  12. squallko… yum…

  13. I liked Haruhi’s first swimsuit, and the scene that she was getting out the pool. Kinda reminds me of Bond girls.

  14. The sitting distance between Kyon and Haruhi during that second Takoyaki eating scene made me :(

  15. So. Will there be Endless Eight 3, or Kyon will sort something out in the last day and we pass to the “sights” already? I think third part of what could have been done in a single episode will be a little too much. Besides, one more shot of depressed Nagato sittng by the pool will tear my heart into shreds.
    Didn’t she say it was 15498 loop already? It was the last one in the ranobe anyways… Ok. Will wait for another week…

  16. Am i the only one who’s first thought was “Wait a sec, this means Haruhi costume raped Mikuru either 30996 times!”

  17. Didn’t I mention KyoAni’s trolling prowess?

    And Yuki’s an alien, she can manage.

  18. Wow, 3 episodes/a quarter of the season dedicated to a single chapter? KyoAni really is going for the “endless” feel.

    I really liked this episode. The same story in different ways. Last episode I realised 3/4s of the way through that, wait, they’re not going to have enough time left to conclude this well. This episode I thought, wait, we’ve had the revelation scene, but weren’t there a few more related conversations in the novel? Then in the leaving scene in the cafe I was really wondering which way they were going to go, given it is only a 12 episode season. And was amazed when Kyon didn’t speak out, and the episode ended.

    The lighting and animation effects have been bumped up too.

    Finally I’m sure it’s this blogs fault, but I enjoyed all the Kyon/Itsuki moments too.

  19. One of the best things of this episode for me was that it came as a surprise for the Japanese, they never thought a second Endless Eight would air.

  20. I’m surprised you missed out on the most obvious similarity to the Higurashiverse…

    …you really need that Fashion Czar.

  21. Respect to KyoAni on this one. Even though it was exactly the same plot, the subtle changes really altered the whole tone of the episode. First time around its all happy fun times, this episode everything is tinged with a sense of sadness. As always only Haruhi is oblivious to the problem.

    Itsuki was really starting to get seriously worried, Mikuru in tears and Yuki. Well damn, it’s almost torture what she’s had to go through. I’ve not felt that sorry for a character in a long, long time.

  22. wait.. WHAT happen to Michael Jackson?!!! your kidding right?!

  23. I’d take a shirtless Kyon-ko anytime.

  24. >>This reboot, Imouto doesn’t even look at him. It’s almost like she knows. She sees him lounging around like that, and she knows there’s more than meets the eye with her brother’s bromance with that creepy guy.

    Imouto was probably thinking she shouldn’t make eye contact or any sudden movements, lest it be mistaken for interest and the pants come off as well. After all, he is spending his summer half naked hanging around his imouto instead of going on day-tos with the pretty onee-chans.

  25. snoopy: He has passed away at age 50, not to mention I can’t think of another person who could up stage Fara Faucet passing. the bbc rss feed does wonders for getting your news btw.

    I’m wondering though in this situation would the Mini Ryoko from the haruhi chan series be the Hanyo to Yuki’s slowly losing her shit Rika? Or has Yuki been following the score all the harmets method, and has long since gotten bored with the wild threesomes and long bullying sessions with Mikuru?

  26. Itsuki is closer to Kuja than Kefka IMO

  27. “Mikuru, on the other hand, is a beacon of moe.” I thought this said, “bacon of moe” . . . and I suddenly got hungry.

    “He could easily be a metrosexual villain of a Final Fantasy game.” Which is why I’m expecting him to continue to get more sexually overt towards Kyon, finally making a move on him in front of Haruhi, hoping it will shock her out of the endless loop. (Hearing Orbital in my head now.)

    “New swimsuits… I like Haruhi’s red number” Delicious. I think that was my favorite thing in this ep, but I’m a Haruhi fan anyways.

    “Cruel Angel’s Thesis… come on, there has to be an orchestral version of this too.” Try “The Heady Feeling of Freedom” from the Eva III soundtrack. Also, “Good, or Don’t Be” is a lively instrumental bit with piano and guitar. Same CD.

    I love episodes like this because I like seeing what has changed. “Cause and Effect” was one of my favorite TNG episodes of all time.

  28. “Fangirl material”? So apparently gay men don’t watch anime in your world?

  29. If Haruhi kept wearing that red swimsuit, I wouldn’t mind staying in a loop with her forever.

  30. “It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife?”

    Prophetically delicious, sir. Even if that wasn’t what you were going for – and bonus points for the fact that Alanis is Canadian.

    On a more serious note though, do you think that three episodes for Endless Eight is one too many? I mean, they are playing with another fourteen from everyone’s assumptions, but with The Sighs still to go, do you think that The Disappearance might be underanimated?

  31. “But fear not readers, lurkers, and trolls.”


    Separating “readers” and “lurkers” kinda pisses me off.

    I have been a die-hard lurker for 5 years, and I feel that I am every bit as broken as the rest of you!

  32. Endless Bait, not Eight you mean ;)
    I’d totally tap Mikuru.

  33. I seriously loled at the Booty call paragraph. Great writing as usual Jason.
    Haruhis Chinese swimsuit was hot :o

  34. I’m with HikkiZ on this one….

    This episode felt like it was directed a lot better than the last one. Was a lot more fanservicey, too, perhaps to make up for the lack in the other S2 eps.

  35. @roestigraben


  36. Stop reading this blog, form your SOS Brigade, and get bullied around by a crazed tsundere, get served tea by a meek goddess in a lovely red dress, and have time-warping conversations with the most flaming guy in school.

    I’m going into high school next year. Will do.

  37. For the silver lining in this episode’s uncomfortably homosexual moments, at least we can dwell in the sweet assurance of a Kyonko genderswap alteration of every awkward scene within three years of this season. Thank O-Haruhi-sama for genderbending.

  38. Fashion Czar Alice~ reporting for duty:
    I love how Kyoto sneaks in so much real life merchandise. I am sure no one here know this, but Haruhi’s necklace from her first outfit was defintily a Vivienne Westwood orb pendant necklace. Not exact, but probably to avoid copyright problems.
    Most of these necklaces are $200+. The brand has been popular in Japan thanks to Ai Yazawa’s heavy use of it in Paradise Kiss + Nana.

    @ roestigraben
    Apparently that style of swimsuit is called a “Chainamizugi” and seems like it was pretty popular with fanboys in the early 2000’s. Time for a revival ?

  39. @Skribulous
    Nope, that was Mion ))

  40. stuck

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