cooling off with some links

Such a warm and lazy day… I felt like Yui lounging around the living room while begging for ice cream.

ANN reports that Macross Frontier is getting two movies, with the first being the recap, and a second one that features a new story. The name of the second movie is “The False Songstress,” which makes me hopeful that Meer will join Ranka and Sheryl and make a love parallelogram.

I watched the Eden of the East movie trailer… and the first movie is a recap. Doh. Though I like their URL name: Noblesse oblige.


And despite its name, Akasaka Hardcore wasn’t hardcore and barely softcore. Talk about deceptive advertising. I’m still stunned there’s more skin in the original TV series than a “hardcore” OVA. Though the scene where all the girls are surrounding poor Junichi… wow… talk about a strand of morals away from degrading into a beach orgy.

Patrick Galbraith has a good review of the new Eva movie. Though he can’t be serious that a 1,000 word review is “long.” I wrote a 3,000 word review of a 24 minute long episode that repeated the events of the episode before it, so I might not be the best judge of such things.


Steven wrote, “Meido cafes, butler cafes, cosplay cafes, even shota cafes – they’re old hat now. Welcome to this brave new world with… a trap cafe (or bar, really, but I wanted to keep the theme going – work with me here). Heard about it and immediately thought of you!” Um, thanks. I think.

From reader Kaze, “hopes and dreams, also a sure bet for student council president.” I like how this has nothing to do with anime, but because I thought of LeBron Jame’s affections for Maria Sharapova that I felt I could include this link in this post. So, to recap, anime meme, obscure NBA reference, and nice figure = e-mail me. Not trap cafes. Thank you. And please continue being a grunting messiah.

By way of Beowulf Lee and Nico^2. Too awesome. The lyrics aren’t as awesome as they’re a bit too straightforward now, but the concept is still awesome. Also extra points for doing the entire song. Too bad we’ll never get a Michael Jackson cover of this song now.

(Yes, I want a clean mp3 version of this.)

By way of Tetsuei. I don’t know what to make of this one… except… now we have the Bhangra and the Mandarin covers. Now I want the Spanish, English, and Klingon covers too.

From Josh, “Noblesse Oblige. Please continue your work as a Savior.” Thought this one was extremely well done. And I enjoyed the Sawa-chan with a billion legs.

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  1. >>I watched the Eden of the East movie trailer… and the first movie is a recap. Doh. Though I like their URL name: Noblesse oblige.



  2. According to Eden of the East fansubber, Koda:

    New line is when Saki says, “In this country without kings, he chose to fight again” and an on-screen confirming it won’t be a recap because the story takes place “6mo after Takizawa Akira disappeared”

    So, no, it won’t be a recap.

  3. >>So, no, it won’t be a recap.
    Good to hear. Very good to hear.

  4. What? No Kage Kage Yukari?

  5. K-On! + Tank! = Sex!

  6. Looks like the Eden trailer has no scenes from the new movie. I mean, all the scenes are straight up cuts from the TV show, not even redrawn scenes.

  7. Sigh, I actually asked myself for a brief moment, “The sum of four + eight means I multiply, yes?” Anyways, the last video is completely full of win, and so much more so for including Nodoka. I really want “My Love is a Stapler”; come to meee.

  8. Loved the Moe Moe, Kyu at the end of the DSL/3D one. But K-On! Bebop is amazing!

  9. hmm I ended up being the good example here. Hows that work? No matter. I found a whole article about tennis grunting the other day on bbc I’ll be sure to send it to you once i find it again.

  10. Cheer up, I’m sure the talented folks at Nico Nico can stitch together a cover of Don’t Say Lazy from Michael Jackson performances. They did a bangup job with Lucky Star, after all. Though, perhaps they would do the reverse. Is the Miku Miku Dance software capable of rendering moonwalks and crotchgrabs?

  11. Is it a good or a bad thing that the first thing I noticed in the first picture was that the popsicle doesn’t have perfect dimensions?

  12. I have to say, in all of Youtube, the best covers of K-on! songs have been done in Chinese. I haven’t found a single really convincing Japanese cover of Cagayake! Girls and the best Don’t Say Lazy! cover I found was by a male band.

    That’s right. The best Don’t Say Lazy cover on the internets is by a bunch of guys.

  13. I look at the Anya+Nunnally doubleteam, and I feel gypped we never got a Nightmare of Nunnally anime spinoff. The manga had so much promise…

  14. Loved the K-ON! Tank crossover except for one thing…there is no Azu~nyan!

  15. At this point, the “Azu~nyan-less” K-ON! is like, the “K-ON! Classic.” Which fits nicely with the whole TANK them and style, so I’m fine with no Azu~nyan. And thanks for the random Tsukasa love. I miss seeing her on the front page from time to time.

  16. Speaking of traps… Japan mourns Michael Jackson in their… rather unique manner

  17. Seeing that MJ pic, how bad off am I that it didn’t really bother me?
    Is that because of Mariya? or all his plastic surgery over the years?

    K-on bebop was pretty f’n awesome. Need more Tsukasa + Kagamin.

  18. Anya x Nunnally… Wincest?

  19. “I don’t know what to make of this one…”

    Admit it, you laughed.

    You totally laughed.

    The TANK! one was freaking incredible though.

    The DSL Mandarin one, not so much – despite having spoken Mandarin and Taiwanese since birth, I’ve never been good at understanding what the hell is being sung in Chinese songs. I have better luck comprehending Japanese songs than I do ones in Mandarin. I wonder why that is…

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