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It’s hard writing a post. Michael Jackson and now the great Billy Mays… I contemplated having a day of mourning. Such a tragic time… how do we even write and read anime blogs during such a tragic period? On the bright side, Taco Bell is introducing a beef and bacon burrito.

(The funny thing is that pop culture-wise, Michael Jackson hasn’t been relevant for years. Billy Mays, though, is cresting with the fantastic Pitchman series on Discovery. And it was funny how quickly conversations turned from Jackson-centric to Mays-centric so quickly. Also, there’s no doubt that if Michael Jackson had discovered anime and doujinshis, he’d be a regular attendee of Yaoicon dressed up as Al with Bubbles dressed up as Ed.)

In happier news, Doraemon turns 30. I loved Doraemon as a kid, though as an adult, I think I’d rather have a Yuki Nagato helping me out. Sorry! I grew up! (Kinda.)

Grahf: On a more serious note though, do you think that three episodes for Endless Eight is one too many? I mean, they are playing with another fourteen from everyone’s assumptions, but with The Sighs still to go, do you think that The Disappearance might be underanimated?

No, I like what they did. I hate it when anime rushes through good source material (i.e. JC Staff blowing through 200 pages of Toradora! in 24 minutes). Take your time… enjoy it; it’s not a sprint to cover as many volumes of manga as possible in 14 episodes. And, as I said before, Kyoto has the benefit of the doubt. If this were Feel, Gansis, or Studio Deen, I’d be slamming it right now like how that dog slammed Megan Fox’s leg.

FlameStrike: Damn I need to go find a tsundere to get bullied by XD. But seriously when Itsuki was in Kyon’s face with his suggestion for Kyon to tell Haruhi “I love you”, I just know he’s really saying it to Kyon -_-

Oh there’s no doubt.

(I have another anime pitch idea! I want a retelling of Eden of the East… with Kyon as Taki, Itsuki as Saki, and Mikuru Prime as Kuroha. Like you wouldn’t watch that.)

Tally Solleni: “Fangirl material”? So apparently gay men don’t watch anime in your world?

Typing “non-traditional males” just get too tiring. BTW, I live in Iran.

(Firefox desperately needs Word’s AutoComplete. I’m developing RSI from typing “mini-top hat,” “Sunrise train wreck,” “nekomimi meido,” “noblesse oblige,” and “costume rape” so much.)


torinostu351: “Mikuru, on the other hand, is a beacon of moe.” I thought this said, “bacon of moe” . . . and I suddenly got hungry.

Mmmm… bacon of moe…

CBongo: This episode felt like it was directed a lot better than the last one. Was a lot more fanservicey, too, perhaps to make up for the lack in the other S2 eps.

Kinda sad that a split second of Mikuru’s wet T-shirt and an obstructed view of Mikuru’s red dress constitutes as “more fanservicey.” That’s like saying, ” We upgraded our point guard position from Anthony Johnson to Rafer Alson.” I guess if I were forming the ultimate anime production company, I would go with Kyoto’s OP/ED along with their character animation, Production IG’s backgrounds, Sunrise’s bromances, and Shaft’s cleavage shots. Like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya wouldn’t be improved if Sunrise handled every Kyon and Itsuki scene or if the pool scene was handled by Shaft.

Rajion: Am i the only one who’s first thought was “Wait a sec, this means Haruhi costume raped Mikuru either 30996 times!”

My first reaction, “Only 30,996 times?” See, the obvious way to solve this repeating timeline scenario is to figure out what’s wrong and correct it. This is basically what happened in TNG, Higurashi, and Haruhi. However, there is a better way. There’s an old Stargate SG-1 episode (I completely forgot about this until last weekend) where the SG-1 team gets caught in a neverending loop. The team couldn’t figure out what’s wrong, so Richard Dean Anderson just spends each reboot doing more and more outrageous things… knowing that shit will reset. Kyon would be taking the same approach– go trying hitting on Mikuru and see if the world will really end, go trying hitting on Itsuki and see if the world will really end– just do crazy stuff.

(I would suggest to him that if he remembers that it’s a reboot, the first time Haruhi calls him, he should answer, “Fuck going to the pool. Haruhi, why don’t we go to the beach by ourselves, and you better wear something thrilling?” What’s the worse that could happen? Maybe that’s method two for escaping the loop.)

Giant Humanoid Robot: Imouto was probably thinking she shouldn’t make eye contact or any sudden movements, lest it be mistaken for interest and the pants come off as well. After all, he is spending his summer half naked hanging around his imouto instead of going on day-tos with the pretty onee-chans.

I still can’t believe Imouto has no name. She’s turning into the Comic Book Guy of Haruhi Suzumiya. But, yes, I can only imagine one reboot where Kyon is pants-less and watching his beloved Hiroshima Carps.

(Imouto… Mei… or Ui? Ui would be fantastic waifu material, but she has an unnatural siscon that might go beyond Nemu’s. And Mei turned out pretty nice… oh wait, am I thinking out loud again?)

Eroge: I didn’t know you were so fashion conscious! You’re just like me…I think I noticed and envied Kyon’s abs and Itsuki’s buff body more than I envied being together with Red Riding Hood Mikuru and Chest-on-Back Haruhi. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Hey, I could be the Itsuki to your Kyon, and we could make some fun summer “memories” for the 15,498th time.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. … I… I have no words for the A-B-C pic showing off the chibified Haruhi girls, with each representing a cup size… But I actually found myself nodding that Kyon got A, and Itsuki got D…. My goodness.

  2. “Fuck going to the pool. Mikuru, why don’t we go to the beach by ourselves, and you better wear something thrilling?”…In front of Haruhi. Booyah. Also, be sure to wash down your beef and bacon burrito with some summer Shiso Pepsi.

  3. “(Firefox desperately needs Word’s AutoComplete. I’m developing RSI from typing “mini-top hat,” “Sunrise train wreck,” “nekomimi meido,” “noblesse oblige,” and “costume rape” so much.)”

    Here you go:

  4. lol, going from Doraemon to Yuki is like growing up from 10 to 14.

  5. I think we need to give Imouto a name.

    Someone should take down a few choices and make a poll.

  6. Imouto’s namelessness (and Kyon’s for that matter – it’s a nickname, remember) is part of the mysterious charm of this series. Resolving them would be like explaining Utena or resolving the ending of Noir.

  7. “I’m developing RSI from typing “mini-top hat,” “Sunrise train wreck,” “nekomimi meido,” “noblesse oblige,” and “costume rape” so much.” You haven’t typed “Gainax ending” in a while. What’s up with that? Waiting for the last Eva movie? (Ironically, I typed ‘Gainax Ending’ into Google and Blog好き came up #2 with your BsG comment.) And do you have a hotkey for YTAMR? Loving the response posts. Dry times call for desperate moe measures.

  8. Firefox desperately needs Word’s AutoComplete. I’m developing RSI from typing “mini-top hat,” “Sunrise train wreck,” “nekomimi meido,” “noblesse oblige,” and “costume rape” so much.

    If you’re using your Mac for posting, there’s always TextExpander ( Little bit of money for lots of time and headache wasted gone.

  9. Long time reader, first time poster (I think, I can’t recall posting before today at least ^^;) Anyway, I think this is the first time since I’ve started reading your blog that I’ve seen you mention Stargate, which is one of my favorite franchises. Was sad to see it go, and sad that Stargate Worlds got canned too =/ Much respect ^^

    I too am glad that they’re taking the time to pan out this story and not just reusing the same animation with the same clothes each iteration. I already know how this particular story ends (from reading the translated novels online) but love these little touches KyoAni brings to the table. While the quality isn’t quite the same as season 1, I think this can be attributed to them running K-on simultaneously with Haruhi 2.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear a shiny red fire truck barrelling down the street outside *dash*

  10. I just thought of a different approach: Imouto could be a very young Sawa-chan-sensei. Her exposure to Haruhi as a honorary junior member of the SOS-dan could take root and over twenty years or so fester into the crazy we all know and love.

  11. How awesome would it be if Imouto’s name was Imo Uto?

    I’ll be leaving now.

  12. >> There’s an old Stargate SG-1 episode (I completely forgot about this until last weekend)

    You’re wrong there Jason, you mentioned this quote from SG-1 the last time we talked about time loops (don’t ask me when it was), but I’m sure you did remember that. How am I sure about it? Because regarding McGyver, I can remember anything about him… oh wait, shit.

    Anyway, just like Sam in TransFormers, only Kyon holds the key to Earth’s survival.

  13. By the way, why is Kyon so worked up with Itzuki’s plan to make Haruhi end their summer vacations? I bet any other healthy boy will be more than willing to bang Haruhi in other to save the universe from destruction, unless Kyon doesn’t swing that way… wait, he drools over Mikuru but won’t make a move over Haruhi, what’s wrong with this guy?

  14. @Skyman747: are you familiar with Doujin Work protagonist Osana Najimi?

  15. Syaoran Li: Beeecaaaause Kyon is secretly horrified at the prospect (at this point) of being stuck with Haruhi forever because she’s a slightly off-kilter over-enthusiastic girl with major issues that can REWRITE REALITY?

  16. Would Haruhi warp reality enough for her daughters to grow up to be harem members and herself as the MILF of the story? Kyon she’s have as the over protective but cool father, just he’s personal snark streek will keep dissapointing her….unless of course he gets as protective of his daughters as he does Mikuru verse Itsuki.

  17. @rikchik: No, and a quick google search doesn’t bring up anything of interest. Am I missing something?

  18. @Myssa Rei: Kyon IS horrified, but his problem is he has no imagination. He could totally rock this situation to his benefit if he’d just accept the insanity and roll with it.

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