oh geass… YESSSSSS!

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  1. berry berry nice (:
    a good way to start off a hot morning in korea (:

  2. Copious amounts of awesome in this image. Latest Megami I take it? Mine is on the way XD

  3. I like that C.C. is almost always showing her ass in the official art. They sure know which part of the green-haired witch is the most appealing.

  4. [looks at the picture]

    [looks at the webpage title]

    [looks at a nearby clock]

    Aaaaaand cue Photoshopped Luluko in 5… 4… 3…

    Jokes aside, thanks for the pic. Animedom in general needs more stockings and/or thigh-high socks.

  5. the dfc wifu is practically falling out of her dress. who forgot to use double sided tape?

  6. Strange, I don’t remember Shirley being ten years old…

  7. F’in saved.

  8. Wait, who’s that in the back, Nunnally, Shirley or Rolo-cakes

  9. The dress… Egads, the dress is actually falling off Kaguya’s shoulders! She doesn’t have enough cleavage to keep it up!

  10. I feel betrayed. Where is Suza– er– Mai Hunny?

    Lelouch vi Briannia commands you: give us a higher resolution scan!

  12. Ah! I have been defeated again, Yessssss…

  13. Seriously, why is did they do that to Shirley?

  14. Suhweet, tagged:moe:thighhighs needs love more often.

  15. Code Geass: the only good thing I like lol. I’m surprise that you didn’t mention any penetration or luluko

  16. Nice… BUT what’s going between Kallen’s thighs/ass area… It’s like it’s joined together or something.

  17. Sad to think that Lulu wouldn’t even be even slightly aroused by that…

  18. WTF is wrong with Kaguya. I can understand if her dress is falling off, but she can’t really be that flat.

  19. @Phocus

    If you’d like, save the image to your hard drive and photoshop it by finishing the black line between Kallen’s legs (the thigh/ass area)

    Then they won’t be conjoined anymore (:

  20. Forget about code geass, the clannad kyou chapter is finally here!

  21. *FAP FAP FAP*

    I want to fuxx with Kona.. errr Kaguya!

  22. does anyone read what is on the picture?

    are they going to make a code geass school special?

  23. i mean can anyone read what is on the picture?

    need a edit button

  24. Kaguya really is that flat…yum! The makeup kind of ruins it.

    Also…C.C.’s ass! yum!

  25. there’s nothing wrong with Kallen’s back side phocus. she just hasn’t been eating pizza hut 24\7 like thunder thighs CC has. I’m not sure what’s going on with the mini Shirley in the back ground now either.

  26. So something to do with Code Geass (or just a sexy picture).

    Next we have the remaining combos: More Haruhi/Mikuru/Yuki, More Kyou (final bow), More Mako-cakes, and new Emo-Facial Destortions via the new “Killer Lolis & Killer MILFs Show”.

  27. I have something new to add.

    Kallen isn’t wearing any underware.

  28. I am completely unmoved by this picture.

  29. @Rajion: Or she is just wearing a G-String.

  30. @ Niles:


  31. OMG, I was just watching the first episode of Umineko no Naku Koro ni and the little girl has a mini-tophat-thing. Is this a new fad?

  32. “Or she is just wearing a G-String.”

    Either is fine.

  33. @ Skyman747 + Val

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

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