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I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just blade. I am the flesh and bone of my own sword.

(Mmm… think something’s off.)

I’m too happily playing BlazBlue to bother with this right now. I still feel the characters aren’t odd enough. I mean… how do you top Faust’s randomness, Bridget’s trapability, Johnny’s gar, May’s dolphins, Sol & Ky’s bromance, Baiken’s melonpan, and I-No’s badassedness? Though I can’t wait for Arc Sys to start milking both franchises in five years… if they can give us Guilty Gear Overture, they can surely give us GG vs. BB eventually.

(GG XX… GG XX #Reload… GG XX Slash… GG XX A Core… GG XX A Core Plus… endless sequels with minor tweaks. Mmm…)

Neriya: The second time round? That was good. The third? Far too many. And they didn’t resolve it in the worst possible way, without bringing anything more to the table.

That’s basically my feelings in a nutshell and what I wrote about originally. Yes, they could repeat it, but at least bring something new to the table. At least give us Mikuru wearing Minato’s bikini from Akasaka Hardcore.

The thing is… in this modern era, it’s too easy to get sucked into “disproportionate feedback.” It’s a disease of popularity that envelops all forms of media, but I see it more with blogs. There were a lot of blogs that I liked to read, but once they got popular, they just started whoring for a bigger audience and catering to the wants and desires of their vocal (but not necessarily majority) commenters and readers. And then the blog became no fun to read as they basically sold out to the loud minority instead of sticking to their guns of what made them great in the first place.

I see this with anime studios too, as they get too caught up in what 2ch thinks of them, and not caught up enough with just polishing the overall product. Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to react instantly to your audience and sometimes you just gotta stick an idea you think is great (and disregard what the loud minority might think) through to the end. I think it’s ballsy of Kyoto to run Endless Eight a third time, but we haven’t seen how they end it yet. Maybe there’s a reason they dragged it on, but I’m going to reserve further judgment until I see the rest. (Except when it comes to fashion. Mikuru needs a wardrobe overhaul.)

Hak: Wait, when did KyoAni become the animation studio equivalent to Bungie (Halo)?

Come on… it’s obvious… we’re right now in the GG Isuka timeframe! Andohbytheway, the way people talk about Disappearance… they make it sound like Jesus is coming back while holding a McRib sandwich or something. No, guys, calm down. My suggestion: go watch some Valkryia Chronicles. It’s gaining some serious Sunrise-patented train wreck potential. I’m giddy.

Robert: I’m pretty sure that they’re trying to make the viewers feel the ZETSUBOU felt by Nagato, at least to some extent. Assuming you hadn’t read the novels (which I have, but this is an extrapolation), The first week, you were happliy given fanservice and went on your merry way. The second week, you saw the intrigue, and felt sorry for Nagato. The third week, you really empathize with Nagato, as KyoAni really emphasizes Nagato’s loneliness scenes, and you know what it’s like to repeat the same thing over and over, praying to whatever deity works at KyoAni that the story resolves itself next episode.

Except the “happy fanservice” which was a split second of wet T-shirt Mikuru and an obstructed view of her red dress occurred in the second episode. I honestly have no clue why Kyoto decided to run it the third time except, “Fuck, I thought I was directing the second part to Endless Eight! I couldn’t believe John directed an identical version too!” And then Kyoto deciding to run both as to not hurt their feelings.

(Still, the ballsiest move by a studio, to date, has to be South Park… remember when at the end of the first season, they left with a cliffhanger to explain who is Cartman’s dad? And then when the second season was going to begin, it was literally the most anticipated event since Britney Spears turned 18. Anyway, they started running the new episode, and right before they announce who Cartman’s dad was, they interrupted the episode to show a full hour long Terrence and Philips special. I’m not kidding. An hour long of Terrence and Philips. One of my friends let loose a stream of explicatives and tossed a chair against a wall. I kid you not.)

(What Kyoto is supposedly doing now… is child’s play compared to South Park. And when they finally did announce who Cartman’s dad was, which they milked for the rest of the second season, it was revealed to be his mom…)


Thapsus: After watching the end of this episode I feel a bit like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes. They really did it. I can’t help but feel this is all one elaborate sociological experiment, to see whether or not new episodes are even necessary for us to watch Haruhi, or that KyoAni wagered a drunken bet with Sunrise claiming they could run the same episode for the rest of the season and still make a better show.

I dunno. But in terms of sociological experiment, I decided to watch an episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension Zwei Okawari 00 or whatever it’s called this afternoon. It’s the same shit. Ash and gang discover a new Pokemon, he decides to befriend/capture it, Team Rocket shows up to capture Pikachu, Team Rocket blows up, and Ash befriends/captures the new Pokemon. It hasn’t changed. At all. Over something like 15,499 episodes. And, you know what, Pokemon is a giant money factory, more so than Haruhi Suzumiya.

Maybe endless eight will continue for another four episodes? I mean it’s called endless EIGHT so maybe eight episodes? Just a hypothesis. Or, its just an elaborate troll by KyoAni. < - More likely

I hope it goes on for all 14. As I said before, it’s the ballsiest move possible. I’m so rooting for it. I’ve even been catching up on all the ESPN “Will the Detroit Lions go 0-16” articles to brush up on new things I could cover even if the anime stays the same.

(So what if Kyoto is tweaking fanboys? Fanboys slam studios all the time. I know I do. They have the right to make fun of us from time to time… hell, look at how Eden of the East portrayed Panties. Do you see an internet rebellion complaining to Production IG about their portrayal of NEETs?)

(The funny part is that fanboys are way too touchy. They’re like anime bloggers… or maybe that’s why so many become anime bloggers. They think they own the world.)

Seeker4life: Just reading your blog is more interesting the watching the endless eight episodes. Hey Jason, have ever think of writing a fan fiction story between Mikuru and Haruhi? Not that I don’t mind but I am really bored right now and that the greatest show I watch few years ago was reduced to this. :(

Thanks for the backhanded compliment!

No, I’m working on Moe of the Dead. I’m still tweaking the characters, and I haven’t decided if the ice cream truck (think Hermes with popsicles) will talk or not. And, yes, the only reason I picked an ice cream truck for their mode of transportation is to work in as many gratuitous moe girls licking ice cream scenes as possible. You can thank me later.

Giant Humanoid Robot: Mikuru appears in a swimsuit and a ponytail this episode. And Kyon says nothing. NOTHING. What happened to “ponytails turn me on”? Which got me thinking: if ponytails turn Kyon on, do they turn Kyon-ko on as well? How about her own ponytail? Does it cause her to walk around in a constant state of arousal? These questions need answers. For science.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. I’d be interested in seeing how folks would map out the remaining 10 episodes of Endless Eight. It probably isn’t easy to make stuff slightly different each time without recycling animation (I don’t think they have yet, have they?). On that note, I wonder if the animators got bored?

  2. So you follow up Cartman’s Mom with Kyonko and Itsuko? At least that gets away the bad after image of the biggest slut in South Park being the father. We still don’t know who Cartman’s mother is…but then the doctor/scientist is not exactly what I’d call a credible source of DNA screening. And taken by itself, that T&P special was rather funny.
    I still think this set of Haruhi episodes is their benchmark set for all their standard art directors and animation groups.
    Also this will make “Sighs” seem so much better than it actually is. But then that will have Mikuru fanservice (machine gun carrying, bunny girl, combat waitress time again).

  3. Like others, I also believe Kyoto knows three episodes creates the perfect critical mass of rage and will most definitely end it this week (not to mention this week will be loop number 15,500 in the anime). However, I hope they do something really awesome for this week’s episode, because if I see the same things for a fourth time, I’ll be rather sick to my stomach until Kyon inevitably figures out how to stop the loop.

  4. Crap. I did not get around to commenting on the original Haruhi season 2 episode 4 entry, so I will be commenting on this one instead.

    My point:
    In the second iteration, we *understood* what was happening.
    But in the third, we *felt* it.
    Doesn’t that feeling of hopelessness, of realizing that, probably, nothing notable will change, and still clinging to duly notice and make note of every change just to make boredom slightly less biting, and in the end being crushed by the realization that the cycle will repeat itself again, precisely mirror what Yuki is experiencing?

    Now, look at Yuki again. “[Her] duty is to observe.” She cannot burst in rage to Haruhi trolling her. She cannot do anything. She simply goes on, doing her thing, for the foreseeable “future”…

    And, hell, now I know what I have to do. 15,497 * 20 min = 215 days 5 hours 40 min…

    If someone asks for me, tell them I am blocked in a simulated “endless recursion of time”, whatever it means.
    Hell, I’m sure that by the end of it, everything will be crystal clear.

  5. Never underestimate the ability of a studio to squeeze a lot of information into a very small space of time. We all wanted more episodes of the Another World arcs, but they squeezed. This time, they are doing the opposite, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see suddenly see one episode start with a recap of the previous (3) episode(s) before the opening credits.

    I once forced someone to watch 2001, then followed up with 2010. The first two minutes of 2010 is a recap of the whole 2001 movie. She was like, “You made me sit through that just to get to this? Why couldn’t we have just started here? This tells me everything I need to know and there weren’t any men dressed in ape suites.” Needless to say, she wasn’t a fan of the movie, but you see my point . . .

  6. For valkyria, seeing as they just gave away the big suprise/twist of events in the opening, it’s already there.

  7. Sometimes your posts are really dificult to understand ,like when you use references from basket or other things that only who live in the EUA can understand

  8. I really doubt VC will end in a train wreck, but then again I haven’t been watching it much after I beat the game.

    And in the responses to S2 E3, when you said that you are glad they did 3 episodes of EE, you assumed they were going to wrap it up in this episode?

  9. I suppose these rounds of Endless Eight are actually a thinly-veiled commentary on the animators’ life at Kyoto Animation: the costumes and scenery change, but the plots remain the same. The first episode was Kanon (a fan favorite returns!), the second episode was Clannad (a fan favorite gets animated!), the third was Clannad second season (a fan favorite returns!), the fourth was Clannad Afterburner (a fan favorite returns!).

    If the Endless Eight sequence goes to five episodes, we’ll know they got the contract to do Little Busters.

  10. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 14 : Not without my Kyonko!

    Oh Kami, I can see the ending!

  11. omg, K-ON! in The World God Only Knows hahaha

  12. I loved Elsee playing the song of her people for the “band”, and her moe mode about not knowing she had to plug in the bass. But it might just be a mode for musicians…

  13. the only reason I picked an ice cream truck for their mode of transportation is to work in as many gratuitous moe girls licking ice cream scenes as possible. You can thank me later.

    I thank you :D

  14. AND it seems ep5 is the same. Maybe Kadokawa is aiming for a multi-angle DVD? :(

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