the sawa-chan meido fuku mark ii

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This is the much talked-about (at least by me) Sawa-chan Meido Fuku Mark II. I miss writing K-On! posts.

(Loved Mio’s lesbian stalker… loved their trip to Kyoto… loved Mugi revealing that she’s going to a women’s college… loved Yui taking Azusa-nyan home… no seriously, when is K-On! Encore? I want to know.)

(Shinkage, one of the people translating K-On! manga, is looking for the latest chapters. If you have them, you can let him know through his blog, or just go there to download more K-On! goodness.)

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  2. I wonder what is Kakifly going to do when they graduate? Also, I’m still hoping for a DVD-only OVA. And what are Kyoani’s rules for sequels anyway? It looks like they don’t like them anymore.


  4. I too would like K-On! Encore, and I hope Elizabeth gets named.

  5. Funny how K-On was supposed to be filler between Haruhi, now it feels like the other way around :/

  6. @Pachael: Haruhi can now only be redeemed by a special Kyonko episode.

  7. I can’t wait to buy 2 gajillion dollar DvDs for two episodes, KyoAni ftw!

  8. I did not know scanslations had existed for K-on until now, but I will follow it like crazy when I have some free time! XD

  9. K-on utilizes the 3 M’s perfectly: Moe, Music, and Molestation (be it physical or mental). God I love it

  10. From just looking at a few chapters, there is plenty of material for another season. So want to see Mio animated with a ponytail (chapter 31)… And on top of Mugi’s “interest”, she now has maiden radar!

    And I think in the 2nd paragraph, Ui brings Azu-nyan home (+10 for Ui in my book).

  11. Just came across this on nicovideo, thought I’d share. K-On has a Yui. Evangelion…has a Yui. This person put the voice of K-On’s Yui onto Eva’s Yui.


    Non-nico (don’t know if it will work, wait for it to load):


  12. Why can’t I get an Ayu Mayu anime? It can’t be any worse than any of the other generic harem animes and I might enjoy this one for a change?

  13. Didn’t you say that if it’s not unwilling, it’s not costume rape? What will Sawa-chan sensei do after she’s crushed the last bit of resistance out of her charges?

    I’m wondering how KyoAni will chicken out of the fanservice- that is, assuming they’re not animating Endless Eight for the next three years.

  14. No. Just that if they have no sense of shame, it isn’t fun anymore. Yui on the other hand seems to have a complex for cute things developing.

  15. Perhaps you shall have your meido Mark II in the near future.


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