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Six episodes down, seven left to go. We can do this! Sure, I was one of the first to write about how bizarro-awesome it would be if this season was nothing but one Mysterious Sign followed by Endless Eight, but I didn’t think it would be taken seriously! I have never, ever written a post before I watched an episode. Until today. Ugh.

6 is the new 5 that was the new 4 which was the new 3 and wasn’t that different from the old 2. I wouldn’t mind if they repeated things but was somewhat different… but I honestly started praying for something–- ANYTHING-– different by the 16 picosecond mark. Haruhi staples Kyon’s mouth? Sure, why not? Itsuki makes a deal with a witch for gold bars? Sure, why not? Mikuru takes an art class? Sure, why not? Yuki becomes a wheat goddess? Sure, why not?

Surely, if Kyoto ran 13 episodes of Endless Eight… it would be the ballsiest move in anime production history. They would just get a ton of flak from the fans, but there would also be the car flag waving irrational fans that would try to justify it somehow. I’m (still) rooting for 13 episodes of Endless Eight now; it’ll be like rooting for the Detroit Lions to go 0-16. Just a completely magical experience… only the exact opposite.

I guess the biggest problem I had with this episode was… what the fuck am I going to blog about? I already used up my “I’m rooting for 13 episodes in a row” angle last episode… and if you think I’m running on empty, you betcha!

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What am I going to write about… I honestly don’t know. Help! I feel like Yui staring at a differential equation on a calculus test.


Cover ups… another theory (besides the popular yet unimaginative ones that dominate discussion nowadays) for why Endless Eight has dragged on is that Aya Hirano overdosed on cocaine after Mysterious Sign, so Kyoto is delaying to the best of their abilities until she recovers.


Mental image… picture Kyoto as Haruhi and us in the spinning globe in this scene. Yep.


Mikuru trembling… always good to see. Even on the 15,521st viewing. Could this be the first ever Haruhi Suzumiya episode post I write that clocks in at under 1,000 words? (Which would be four times shorter than the post that will follow this one?)


Mikuru blushing… just filler before K-On! Encore.


Wait, I wasn’t being serious… out of all the times for Kyoto to take my suggestions, I guess they are going for broke with Endless Eight, and now they put Itsuki in Speedos. At least Kyon and Itsuki weren’t both in Speedos and gunning for brokeback.


Yuki… don’t you feel that Yuki should share some of the blame for Endless Eight? She’s a worse enabler of Haruhi than Itsuki. At least we’ve seen signs from Itsuki that he wants to stop the loops… Yuki is just going to go on and collect her 15,522nd mask. Observe-smerve– just a cop out.


Kyoto Animation… no close-ups of Mikuru’s ponytail? Sigh. Don’t make me go to Shaft for all my ponytail goodness from now on.


Yukata… I’m outraged that they left out the shopping for yukatas scene. Seeing Haruhi present a dolled up Mikuru was one of the few highlights I still look forward too, and it was cruelly ripped away from me. *sob*


Frog costume… there’s a 50/50 chance that Haruhi is going to take the frog costume home and either (a) spoon it a la Yui with Gitah! (b) dry hump it (c) utilize it the same way I once witnessed in a Haruhi doujinshi (d) all of the above. Okay, seeing her expression of glee… maybe greater than 50/50 chance. I don’t care if I wrote that joke twice before. We’re on the fifth reboot! Like I have anything better to write.


Odds Endless Eight will last… one more episode at two to one… two more episodes at three to one… the rest of the season at five to one.

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  1. This episode was spectacular trolling; I was laughing the whole way through. The “Kyon-kun, denwa” when he was *holding the phone in his hand*. The Speedo. The slow-motion scenes, just dragging it out. The fact that they rushed through all the first bits to make you think they needed more time for some alternate ending. The subtle astronomy deja vu. More glider references. The-world-revolves-around-Haruhi camerawork. The doodled eight.

    And then the grand finale, which took all our hopes and dreams, and crushed them under the inevitability of an eternal summer.

  2. I bet (read: hope) that this season of MoHS is just an elaborate troll by Kyoani. The REAL MoHS will start next season.

    I’ve been just skipping through the MoHS episodes via stream looking for new content – takes about a minute to parse through ;_;.

  3. My god. This happens because these bitches are so boring. Remember when a reset happened for the Higurashi cast?? All sorts of crazy shit hit the ceiling–stabbing, soy sauce bottle breaking, prostitution WHORE, body slicing, gas chambers, etc.

    Take a cue Haruhi.

  4. I got it. KyoAni’s plan is to feed us so many Endless Eight episodes that by the time they are done, whatever the next arc is, will be so welcomed that it will get eternal praise no matter how terrible it is. And a toilet seat cover.

  5. Crazy thing about this, while I actually stopped/dropped Needless midway through episode 3 (not enough Over The Top parody), I can still feel a wanting to watch Endless Haruhi for two reasons: Mikuru, who I still prefer over Mio (though note, I liked Mugi best of that pack, and at EP 2, long before Mugi Vision), and Yuki. For Yuki, whenever I feel bored, I spot her and go “That’s exactly how she’s feeling, when even your own words start to bore you and nothing you do changes anything about it.” I then remember Disappearance, get all sad, get distracted by a blushing/sad/ponytailed mikuru, then repeat 15,222 times.

    And yes, I know I would watch all 13 EEs. My Character is at 0, constitution at 100, and Kyoto locked me in the Old Shack. Nothing left to do but to make sure the customers are happy.

  6. Jason, I think this is the image you were looking for? (I claim zero credit or responsibility)

    And you finally got your speedo. Congratulations are in order.

  7. As soon as I saw the speedo I thought of Jason’s comment. YES! It happened! I also really enjoyed when they were spinning in the globe and Haruhi was laughing, it made me laugh. I love that crazy, taking-every-small-thing-outta-proportion girl.

    At the halfway point I thought, “Oh, it’s going to end”, then, “Kyon, do something”, and at the end when it kept flashing back and Kyon kept standing, I went, “AMAZING! This won’t end and KyoAni is even trolling us in the same episode!”

    I’m still loving these episodes, and when Kadokawa puts them in their youtube page, I still watch them again. Haruhi gets me every time.

  8. I have to agree; there’s a part of me that really wants to see them just repeat this for the rest of the series. Why? Just so that after the last episode, I can turn to my friend and shout, “Where is your Oharuhi-sama now?!?”

    …Please don’t hurt me.

  9. Why do I do this to myself? My hope is pinned on the 4chan rumour being accurate. Though this might be a double edged sword if the bit about no Disappearance is also true.

    – Planes
    – Shopping
    – Scenes for later events
    +Haruhi’s hunter outfit
    + Kyon getting the ghost of a clue in the reveal scene
    +Doodling on the itinerary
    + 1 minute of new scenes!

  10. Suddenly I’m struck with a sense of deja vu, like I know beforehand what Jason is going to write. Weird. Oh well, those things happen.

  11. So what will Kyon say to keep Haruhi from walking out the door?

    My MOST wanted: “Haruhi! If we’re all free tomorrow, let’s meet at your play for an orgy. But only if Itsuki stays behind the video camera.”

    My MOST wanted ALTERNATIVE: “Haruhi! If we’re all free tomorrow, I’d like to see you paint the number 8 all over Mikru’s body with butter while you’re dressed in a meido fuku.”

    My MOST wanted, BONUS EDITION: “Haruhi! If we’re all free tomorrow, I know this girl named Moi who is afraid of barnacles. Let’s you and I take the camera and go have some moe fun.”

    My MOST REASONABLY wanted: “Haruhi! If we’re all free tomorrow, let’s you and I spend all day nekkid at your place and I’ll draw infinity signs all over your body with my tongue.”

    My LEAST wanted (but most likely to break everyone): “Haruhi! I’ll dress in the frog outfit and let Itsuki have his way with me while you video tape it if you’ll just GIVE A FRAKKING NEW EPISODE NEXT WEEK!”

    My MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN: “Haruhi! Are you just pissed I didn’t bring my sister? Just ask next time.”

  12. I was in despair, but then Mikuru belly flopped into the episode in all her weight heft and glory. I blame former swimsuit transgressions on the guy who decided to make kana “smaller” for fumofu. But really could we get a half hour ova that is nothing but dressing room bullying? that would be riveting.

    A tiny Azu-nyan has appeared!

    Is this Kyoto Animation’s revenge for fans not gushing over Munto the way they did over K-on, Lucky Star, Haruhi, and the Key based series? Sure, no one is denying that the KyoAni touch was a big part of what made those shows great. But then comes the return of their first baby – something they can call entirely their own, independent of any original work – and the collective fan reaction is meh. WELL HERE’S YOUR PRECIOUS HARUHI, BITCHES! WHERE’S YOUR GODDESS NOW?

  14. Addendum: I make no claims about the accuracy of the underlying assumption in my previous statement, as it is based almost entirely on the number of doujins I’ve found for each series.

  15. Actually, now that I’m free of the expectation that something will actually happen, I’m enjoying the episodes much more. The new bits in this, and the differences of emphasis, are actually kinda fun.

  16. I’m betting on 8 episodes of endless eight.

  17. At this point, I feel like Kyoto has ripped off my own penis and has been raping me with it ever since. I want to stop coming back, but it just hurts so…..good.

  18. I pick B) Jason for Haruhi to dry hump the frog costume. and I’ll bet people won’t complain if she actually did that for 595 years in the last six episodes. But if that was my case I would pick to have Mikuru to dry hump her Meido costume on a table.

  19. I’m guessing they didn’t show yukata shopping because it didn’t happen this iteration (notice that, unlike the ones where Haruhi picks them out, the yukatas are poorly coordinated this time).

    The one positive I take from these repeated episodes is appreciation for directorial choices in anime. Most of the time we only get to see an episode presented one way; here we’ve got five going on who knows how many alternative “takes”, and they’ve been doing a pretty good job of mixing up the composition and flow for each of these scenes. And all without resorting (much) to Shaft-like arthouse styles.

    Favorite scene from this ep was the playground hamster wheel and the shift from a stationary camera viewing a rotating object to a rotating camera effectively showing a stationary object.

  20. Of interest, from Yutaka Yamamoto at Otakon

    17:20:23 Q: As someone who worked on the first season of Haruhi so much, what’s your opinion on the current season, especially tthe Endless 8 arc.
    17:20:38 A: (Hilarity reaction)
    17:20:41 I knew this question was going to come.
    17:20:46 Hold on.
    17:21:00 (laughs)
    17:20:59 Eeeeeeeeeee-to
    17:21:20 To tell you the truth, I knew this was going to happen a year ago
    17:21:24 Q: Why didn’t you warn us?
    17:21:29 A: I think i would be trouble if i did
    17:22:03 Q: WHy did they go in this direction then (turing a 30 page short story into blahhh)
    17:30:54 A: Kinsoku Jikou

  21. It’s just me or each episode they focus on something different… Like, last week was the plane, this week was watches and clocks. I get the urge to feel like those tidbits are what the reboots are all about. For someone that read the novel, that’s quite a frightening thought since I know they aren’t.

    Can someone please send me a few lithium pills before thursday next?

  22. The rumors I’ve been hearing say that it is Kadokawa’s fault that there are going to be 8 episodes of Endless Eight. My favorite version is that they told Kyo-ani to just make one episode and repeat it 8 times to save on budget, and then Kyo-ani decided to at least reanimate each episode.
    Sounds a lot like fans trying to save some face, but it definitely looks like 8 repeating episodes is what we’ll be getting even without this rumor.

  23. i watched it even faster than the last one…took probably 5 min to shift through watching bits and pieces here and there …

    in fact the last few epidosed is the fastest i have watched a 20min anime :P

  24. Hm…It may be redundant but I found myself enjoying the little things in that loop, from the Unit00 reference, guys trying to hit on/ comfort the girls, the cute girl in pink swimsuit (looking at Kyon?) beside Yuki, Mikuru’s bad dive and her black top in the cafe, etc.

    …then I’m reminded that in a world without a “future”…Mikuru Prime doesn’t exist. The realization kicked me back to “finish it already!” state.

  25. “Which would be four times shorter than the post that will follow this one”

    And how many of those 4000 words will be spent on a loving description of a shower scene?

    As for Haruhi, I’m amazed that they’ve managed to make my reaction to a new Haruhi episode inio “meh”.
    If you’d me that 6 months ago, I would have said “inconceivable!”

  26. Is it just me or did the two girls that Haruhi introduced her subordinates to look like Ui and Azusa?

  27. Next Endless Eight: Itsuki in Speedo, dry humping a fish. Make it true.

  28. How about some Kyonko in a Speedo (Speedo is a company that makes both male and female racing swimsuits). Or Haruhi and Mikuru in male Speedos…or is that just the same as a one piece bikini…top less. Or have Haruhi take the SOS-dan to a small club giving a concert that plays Fuwa Fuwa Time…with a bassist that Haruhi takes home later after a fight with the bassist’s costume provider.

  29. KyoAni, you better give us at lest 6+ new episodes to make up for this :)

  30. It’s all your fault, Jason. Take responsibility for this fiasco!

  31. I actually came to the blog right now to see if I should download episode… errr… 6 overnight and watch it before work…. well….

    *tosses next episode below Macross 7 on watch list*

    I am actually reading these blog posts before watching episodes (something I HATE doing)… and I dont care, because there is no episode, just a series of repeats…

    Unless Kyoto pulls out an epic-level comeback, I may loose my unyielding faith in them.
    (and at the current time, the next studio to take over that unyuelding faith would be Studio Deen. Why dont they think of the consequences of their actions?)

  32. Forget about “K-on! Encore”. We don’t need a second season. I’m waiting for the full-length K-on! movie, “Meido Akiyama”, which follows the maid cafe arc of the manga (no I’m jelous because Mio is hanging out with Sadoko filler episodes) and is quickly followed by “K-on! the College Years”. Were all the girls go to the same all-girl college as Mugi, but have to deal with the difficulties of leaving Ui and Azu-nyan behind, and maintaining the band (and Yui’s well-being) without them. Meanwhile Sawa-chan has to decide whether to stay with Azu-nyan, or become a college professor and be with Mio. And of-course there would be plenty of special episodes. Training camp the third, Mugi gets a girlfriend, Azu-nyan finishes school early and moves to the dorms.

    Most importantly, the school is next to the beach. That way there will be plenty of…

    …well, you know.

  33. What I miss the most about Yuki in endless eight is her reading a book. How I crave for some delicious page flipping. Maybe that is why she is so melancholic. I would not mind endless reruns of Yuki novel action with some radio chatter in the background…

  34. I’m surprised that you didn’t notice that Yuki’s melonpan got a government surplus

  35. One of the next episodes will eventually feature both Itsuki AND Kyon in Speedos, with the most blatant homoerotic overtone ever to appear in the series. The arc will end right there, and it will testify beyond all doubt that it was Jason, not Haruhi, who has been keeping us in this time loop until the conditions for his perfectly broken summer are satisfied.

  36. My money’s on three more episodes. Can’t have Endless 8 with six episodes; 8 only makes sense.

  37. 8 episodes of endless eight would take us to 9 episodes……. I was moaning in pain and cursing at the screen during the last few seconds

  38. Am I the only one thinking that Mikuru’s black cafe outfit was very un-Mikuru? Is Mikuru feeling despair and resigning to the Hinamizawa resets and thus getting bolder in her dress sense, or is she trying to seduce Haruhi in desperation hoping to break out of the loop? I’m rooting for the latter.

  39. I think I figured it out… KyoAni will troll us for a total of 8 episodes for Endless Eight!

    It’s brilliant!

    Just 3 more to go!

    Or was it 2.. or 4.. I lost count somewhere. It’s all dejavu now…

  40. Frog suit and Haruhi…looks like Haruhi started trying to cosrape Mikuru just before they cut away from that scene. Forcing the head on with Mikuru crying was sort of like old times…like when Haruhi was taking that same frog suit off Mikuru with an amount of glee.

  41. very

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