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Complaining about getting too much (of the same) Haruhi Suzumiya is almost as fun as complaining about not getting any Haruhi Suzumiya. Oh wait, no it isn’t. At least I have Spice and Wolf to fall back on. Horo~n!

(The upgrade Spice and Wolf got from Imagin to Brain’s Base is as large as going from Exia to 00… or from Endless Eight to anything other than Endless Eight.)

Skribulous: It’s all your fault, Jason. Take responsibility for this fiasco!


bluemonq: I have to agree; there’s a part of me that really wants to see them just repeat this for the rest of the series. Why? Just so that after the last episode, I can turn to my friend and shout, “Where is your Oharuhi-sama now?!?”

I’m rooting for it too. Anyone can do eight repeats. But a full thirteen? Now that takes balls. Though I wonder if some crazed Haruhi fanboy will start picking off Kyoto Animation staff members like The Supporter going after rogue Selecao? “You weren’t using your powers for the good of Japan!!!”

Giant Humanoid Robot: Is this Kyoto Animation’s revenge for fans not gushing over Munto the way they did over K-on, Lucky Star, Haruhi, and the Key based series? Sure, no one is denying that the KyoAni touch was a big part of what made those shows great. But then comes the return of their first baby – something they can call entirely their own, independent of any original work – and the collective fan reaction is meh. WELL HERE’S YOUR PRECIOUS HARUHI, BITCHES! WHERE’S YOUR GODDESS NOW?

Kyoto’s weakness as a studio is that they are completely slaved to other people coming up with source material for them, as evidenced by Munto and the Haruhi and K-On! episodes that were Kyoto originals. But if you have good source material with moe haremettes, Kyoto can bash it out of the park. (I’m looking at you, TWGOK.) Whereas Gainax is the king of coming up with their own material, but they have a hard time, uh, finishing. Sunrise excels in train wreck, but you wouldn’t want them to do anything else. Shaft… well… they have exactly one type of show in their wheelhouse. I’m positive Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Pani Poni Dash, and Ghostory are in it. I’m not convinced Negima, Natsu, or ef are in it. I just think a lot of shows Shaft does would have been better if someone else worked on them and other shows I cannot imagine anyone else working on them besides Shaft.

UBW: 17:22:03 Q: WHy did they go in this direction then (turing a 30 page short story into blahhh) 17:30:54 A: Kinsoku Jikou

I’m beginning to think that my Japanese to English dictionary is wrong and that “kinsoku jikou” does not mean “classified information” but instead “$$$”. As in, why would a thirty page short story take up more screentime than over 600 pages of Toradora? (That would be exactly how I would have asked that question.)


But, you know what, it doesn’t matter what I think. All I care about is what Shaft thinks of Kyoto… they’ve always poked fun of Kyoto, but they really, really stepped it up on the second episode of Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Though it seems almost like an inferiority complex between Shaft and Kyoto like the LA Clippers and the LA Lakers… but I want to know what they think of Haruhi right now. For that reason alone, Zan is a must watch.


I say about 75% of Shaft’s gags fall flat, mainly because it really bothers me that I have to pause and restart playback to actually see the gags, but enough of the gags work that the process fully frustrates me.


And this is just timely fast.

Lawrence, Welkin, and Koyomi: Help! An attractive lady is trying to seduce me!

*shakes head*

rikchik: Actually, now that I’m free of the expectation that something will actually happen, I’m enjoying the episodes much more. The new bits in this, and the differences of emphasis, are actually kinda fun.

You’re trying to rationalize this absurdity? Do you have a Haruhi car flag? There’s no defense for what Kyoto (or Kadowaka for you conspiracy theorists) has done. Just none. I won’t even try. And, as much as I like the fashions, Haruhi Suzumiya isn’t a fashion show anime! When I first started on about this fashion thing with Eden of the East, I wanted to talk about fashion as a way of further differentiating myself from the mindless, mainstream blogging (and to emphasize Saki’s frumpiness)… not because I thought fashion would become the new norm. Ah! It’s becoming a norm. I hate this.

TeeCiel: Am I the only one thinking that Mikuru’s black cafe outfit was very un-Mikuru? Is Mikuru feeling despair and resigning to the Hinamizawa resets and thus getting bolder in her dress sense, or is she trying to seduce Haruhi in desperation hoping to break out of the loop? I’m rooting for the latter.

Discussing the outfits have become a norm. Sigh. But I loved Mikuru’s black outfit… and her red dress from earlier… and the wet T-shirt… I gotta hand it to Kyoto though, they have some fashion sense. I remember like five years ago, I was blasting all the animation studios for not varying up outfits, and now it’s finally becoming the norm… even on a show where it’s perplexing to think about 15,521 different outfits. I wonder how large is Mikuru’s bedroom closest.

(And if I could hide it in.)

Hiurro: Forget about “K-on! Encore”. We don’t need a second season. I’m waiting for the full-length K-on! movie, “Meido Akiyama”, which follows the maid cafe arc of the manga (no I’m jelous because Mio is hanging out with Sadoko filler episodes) and is quickly followed by “K-on! the College Years”. Were all the girls go to the same all-girl college as Mugi, but have to deal with the difficulties of leaving Ui and Azu-nyan behind, and maintaining the band (and Yui’s well-being) without them. Meanwhile Sawa-chan has to decide whether to stay with Azu-nyan, or become a college professor and be with Mio. And of-course there would be plenty of special episodes. Training camp the third, Mugi gets a girlfriend, Azu-nyan finishes school early and moves to the dorms. Most importantly, the school is next to the beach. That way there will be plenty of… well, you know.

No way. K-On! has plenty of life left in their senior year. I especially like the possible subplot of Yui hooking up with Mio (which would be a huge upset for Yui over Ritsu). Not to mention the epic sleepover that ends volume 3. Kyoto needs to do one more 12 episode K-On! Encore with 1 special fanservice episode a la the Tess OVA. I suggest a Sawa-chan in high school OVA where Sawa-chan goes more and more wild and eventually staples her love interest’s inner mouth. I think this could work. And then I would end the series with a huge graduation concert.

(And after K-On! finishes, I’d made Kakifly a Godfather-type offer to revive a famous franchise. After all, he– or she– knows his stuff. I’d have Kakifly do a Gundam series about four female pilots going through mobile suit academy. It would be like Ecole Du Ciel, except it would be moe fanservice instead of shoujo angst. If he can’t save Gundam, I don’t know who can. Okay, maybe Mine Yoshizaki.)


CharmedOutlaw: I’m surprised that you didn’t notice that Yuki’s melonpan got a government surplus

Didn’t notice. There was too much blood flowing from my eyes.

Toisuki: I’m betting on 8 episodes of endless eight.

Thanks for being the 100,000th person to make that comment! Too bad we’re not giving out prizes.

Calaveth: Suddenly I’m struck with a sense of deja vu, like I know beforehand what Jason is going to write. Weird. Oh well, those things happen.

Just shoot me. Blah blah blah LOL FANG-TAN blah blah blah meido. Costume raping blah blah blah Johnny. Killer lolis blah blah blah Mio is moe blah blah blah emo facial distortions blah blah blah. Kukuku blah blah blah OH GEASS NO!

(Andohbytheway, blah blah blah please continue being a blah blah blah moe mode blah blah blah 15,521.)

Rin: At this point, I feel like Kyoto has ripped off my own penis and has been raping me with it ever since. I want to stop coming back, but it just hurts so…..good.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. I was hoping you would mention the Kyoto gag.

    I figure there’s still time for Zan to get in an EE parody before it ends… Could be good.

  2. Gainax may have a problem with endings, but when they get it, they nail it: see Diebuster. Sunrise is so good at trainwrecks, though, that even Planetes devolved into shootout cliffhangers and cast marriages eventually… Here’s hoping for a Gainax original and a Sunrise trainwreck soon!

  3. this is great, after years of hearing people bitch about how there’s no Haruhi, once it finally comes, KyoAni does something that’s equal to leaving a flaming bag of dog crap of a front porch. Only that crap is Haruhi, the flames are KyoAni’s reaction to everyones bitching, and the porch is our self respect as anime viewers.

    Now Haruhi is as gross and disease ridden as the cheap whores at your local street corner, but we keep coming back to more because we think after a week of RAGE filled blog posts and weeping in our lonely, cold, dimly lit 1 bedroom apartments, that they have been cured…but they aren’t…it’s a sad, sad anime season.

  4. Akira’s right. I’m sure Shinbo and his staff are meticulously sitting in their laughing maniacally as they think of jokes to poke fun at KyoAni’s folly. I just hope it’s bigger than a sign or something written on the chalk board.
    I kind of feel bad for all the die hard Haruhi fans for having KyoAni just molest their dreams like that


    Yutaka Yamamoto, or Yamakan, famed for being the director of the original Haruhi series and formerly with Kyoto Animation, has apologised to fans over the direction the series has taken with the hated Endless Eight arc, calling it “inexcusable.”
    “I knew from a year ago.”
    “When I was with Kyoto Animation, this idea was already floating around, I was against to it. I thought 2 episodes was the limit.”
    “I feel responsible for this. I’ll say it, I’m prepared to. As a representative of the SOS-Dan production committee, I want to apologise here – this was inexcusable.”

  6. > | Toisuki: I’m betting on 8 episodes of endless eight.

    I see what you did there….

    > Thanks for being the 100,000th person to make that comment! Too bad we’re not giving out prizes.

    Wasn’t I the 15,521st?
    Ok, let me rephrase. I’m betting on 8 episodes of endless eight because:
    1) Next episode would be too soon. Not everyone is going bald and insane yet.
    2) After the massive troll of last episode, people are expecting them to finally go “Okay, that was fun, we’ll finish it now”, which is as good a reason as any not to.
    3) I’m not betting on 13 because I want to at least act surprised and shocked when they do…
    4) 8 is the only other number than 13 that they can end at, that is such a humongously bad joke, that they will be forgiven everything (at least by the car-flag fans).
    5) Your spam protection has eaten the final episode 7 times before they learn to FIRST write the number and THEN rewrite everything…

  7. I really don’t have much to say on this. Just watching so much potential get flushed down the toilet. . .it’s just shameful.

    On another note – Koyomi beats the living crap out of a kid, and Hitagi has gone through a dere transition from tsundere to kuudere in the latest Bakemonogatari. And I am still positive that Hanekawa is a yandere.

  8. > Blah blah blah Clannad is over; so sad!
    > Blah blah blah blah need more K-ON!

    Full Metal Panic fans: “You have got to be shitting us.”

  9. Well, you got me there. In fact, the last show I chose to watch, purely on my own decision, was The Girl Who Leaped Through Space, and I’m currently following Shin Mazinger Z. All the other shows I follow I base on your rantings, like K-on! last season.
    So, yeah, I’m really, really unhappy I’m going to be following Ghoststory, but hey, you gave it the Jason-ko Seal of Approval(TM pending), so it must be good.
    So, yeah, keep on trucking. I’ll be waving my Blog好き car flag in passing.

    …It’s still all your fault.

    Full Metal Panic fans: “You have got to be shitting us.”


  10. Now this is an interesting link from Otakon –

    Even ex-KyoAni staff feel like that have to apologise! I like the bit where he says if he had stayed this would never have happened and two episodes were the most you could get away with.

  11. Imo they’ll end on 7, just cause we’ll be expecting it for 8.

  12. I hope it ends in September, just to coincide with the timeline.


  13. I see this as a challenge now. It’s an edurance race. A test of courage. Who will prevail? Will I stop watching it before the arc finishes? “Ha! Look at how we ran your precious Haruhi into the ground! You thought you were a fan? YOU’RE NO FAN!” Or will I watch it to the end, proving my resilience? “Pathetic! You think you can beat me? I’ve watched Xanadu over a dozen times, sober. You’re no match for ME! Who the hell do you think I am?!”

  14. “I hope it ends in September, just to coincide with the timeline.”

    Perfect! September starts off with the 12th/13th episode!

  15. For the last 2 Endless Eight episodes, i’ve been forwarding it to the last 3 minutes just to see if there’s anything new, in that way it doesn’t waste my time.

    PS: About the last pic, Its either the AK47 Horo is holding is extra small toy or she’s 6 feet tall.

  16. “Ah! It’s becoming a norm. I hate this.”
    I see what you did there…

  17. Mikuru’s outfit. Lol. Kyon does mention that he’s never (excepting cosplay and uniform) seen her in the same outfit twice.

  18. This is ridiculous. I think this quote I found on Animesuki says it best.

    >>It takes less time for Goku to summon a spirit bomb than it takes for this arc to end.

  19. You know things are going bad when “responses: melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 2009 6” features a comment entirely about K-on!. It’s like you even have to stretch for comments. We know you’ve had nothing to write about for 4 weeks, but even the angry fanboys are running out of new rants.

  20. dear god that last comment just killed me

  21. To throw my own hat in with something new, I’m going to say that Endless Eight won’t end at eight episodes, nor will it end at thirteen. Instead it will end at eleven, because that should take it to that final week of August. Also, it manages to dash the hopes and dreams of people who are hoping to see it end at eight, as well as Jason who wants a clean sweep. Thus cementing Kyoani as GOD level trolls.

  22. Just shoot me. Blah blah blah LOL FANG-TAN blah blah blah meido. Costume raping blah blah blah Johnny. Killer lolis blah blah blah Mio is moe blah blah blah emo facial distortions blah blah blah. Kukuku blah blah blah OH GEASS NO!

    (Andohbytheway, blah blah blah please continue being a blah blah blah moe mode blah blah blah 15,521.)

    Jason,we need to talk.

  23. Why is everyone focusing on the “eight” and not the “endless”? Couldn’t the eight in the title just be a reference to August? Why even assume KyoAni will end it at all? I’m eagerly looking forward to the blog post for Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episode 15521: Endless Eight.

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