24 Responses to “OH GEASS NO!!!!!”

  1. What, you weren’t expecting the Pizza Hut placement? REALLY Jason.

  2. Time to buy more Pizza Hut….

  3. I love how in the DS game the item containers are Pizza Hut boxes.

  4. C.C. would be proud.

  5. Loli + Pizza = Sales

    …well, for me at least. :P

  6. It’s good, not in a “Oh man, maybe if i eat pizza hut i can get an ass like C.C.” type of way, but in a “Oh man, if i eat pizza hut maybe i can lure though little girls that like to play at the playground next to my apartment into my van.” sort of way… >_>

  7. you know…because little girls like pizza hut…and all…

  8. Can I get some Marinara to go with my loli? Also, so how long will it be until Staples/Office Depot/Office Max/MS Office begin having ads featuring Hitagi?

  9. What is that horrible box doing to those two innocent girls?

  10. OH GEASS YES!!!!!! And we all know that Shinobu would just lay there and take it. Mmmmmm, yeah she would.

  11. @Jim: She would take your blood first, I think.

  12. B-b-but…don’t loli haet pizza?

  13. If it creates more delicious pizza butts, I’m all for it!

  14. we’re gonna get well rounded butts in ghostory soon

  15. Wow
    Bakemongotari, what have you done?

  16. At first I was like, what are you saying? This is an awesome combo deal! Are you really that broken?? Then I saw the Pizza Hut logo and was like, ohhhh….

  17. Shinobu’s cute and loli…but from the opening scenes of Bakemonogatari, I much rather see Heart under Blade.

  18. Please tell me they’re eating crab pizza.

  19. “Also, so how long will it be until Staples/Office Depot/Office Max/MS Office begin having ads featuring Hitagi?”

    Please God make it happen.

  20. Pizza Hut strikes back Jason… not only SUNRISE has deals with the demon of Pizza. Is like they’re saying “Delicious pizza… delicious lolis”


  22. God I love this show. The new OP is FANTASTIC. I wish this was a series that was easy for the subbers to translate. I’m going to have a hell of a time waiting.

  23. @Syaoran Li: You mean “delicious pizza delicious flat chests” gotta nail the tag line down man.

    @Niyoa: our cheese kun’s will blot out the sun!

  24. For one thinly-sliced second, I thought this was an “ef-a tale of deliveries” moment.

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