anime blogs more hip with tech than tech blogs

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The next time augmented reality is brought up, please mention Eden of the East. And, if you want to be really cool, toss in a Johnny joke. Thanks. (Don’t mind the image. It’s bugged.)

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  1. hah nice

  2. Humans can make this, but they can’t make a hoverboard. It disappointments me so

  3. I’ll just go ahead and kick it off with some basic ones:

    “Pfft, augmented Johnnies have been around for years. At least according to my spam folder.”

    “Next step: Alexa style rankings for most viewed Johnnies.”
    (Fun fact: At the time of writing this Blogsuki’s #7 related link on Alexa is, although the top keyword search terms are less broken than I was hoping)

    “My Johnny could augment your reality, if you know what I mean.”

  4. Unless these apps can tag the girls with direct downloads to all the nekkid cellphone pix they’ve been secretly sending to their boyfriends (or girlfriends), I’ll pass. My Johnny demands satisfaction, noblesse oblige.

  5. I think this has endless (8?) possibilities.
    You could augment your girlfriend into having wolf ears and a tail.
    You could augment 20,000 nakkid neets into not having exposed johnnies.
    You could augment Haruhi into having some new episodes.

    Only good can come of this.

  6. To be fair, the Wikitude Augmented Reality Travel Guide (now known as the Wikitude World Browser) for Android phones was released back in 2008, predating Eden of the East by a bit. Sorry Jason!

  7. Now pair this with a cyborg eye and we’re good.

  8. Whenever I think of “augmented reality”, I think of people trying to overlay something over something solid. Like on top of an open manhole or a telephone pole. I’ll pass, thanks. Also, won’t this lead to augmented spam?

  9. @fFd


    We don’t even need a “johnnies” joke for that one.

  10. @fFd that just awesome, misuse potential notwithstanding.

  11. I dunno if I wanna toss in a Johnny at this time…

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