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Our long national nightmare is over. No, I’m not talking about the conclusion of Endless Eight… I’m talking about… this can’t go on for much longer. And when it does stop, I expect everyone to forget that Endless Eight ever happened. But, you know what? It won’t. I still have 15,527 more jokes to make about it.

8 is the newest 7 which was an 6 that replaces the previous 5 that was the kinda old 4 which was the old 3 and wasn’t that different from the stale 2. I wouldn’t mind if they repeated things but was somewhat different… but I honestly started praying for something–- ANYTHING-– different by the time I started watching. Yuki contracts swine flu? Sure, why not? Mikuru offers me a nakkid apron breakfast? Sure, why not? Itsuki and Kyon go to White Castle? Sure, why not? Haruhi goes on a killing spree, leaving a bloody wake at Kyoto Animation’s offices? Sure, why not?

Surely, if Kyoto ran 13 episodes of Endless Eight… it would be the ballsiest move in anime production history. They would just get a ton of flak from the fans, but there would also be the car flag waving irrational fans that would try to justify it somehow. I’m (still) rooting for 13 episodes of Endless Eight now; it’ll be like rooting for the Detroit Lions to go 0-16. Just a completely magical experience… only the exact opposite.

I guess the biggest problem I had with this episode was… what the fuck am I going to blog about? I already used up my “I’m rooting for 13 episodes in a row” angle last episode… and if you think I’m running on empty, fuck yeah!

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What am I going to write about… I honestly don’t know. I don’t care. I’m busy appreciating Mikuru’s tank top.


Ominous… probably not a good thing that “8” rotated 90 degrees is an infinity symbol. Probably the only sign that could be worse is “Produced by Gonzo.”


Pop quiz… would you rather be trapped in an endless looping shopping experience with Itsuki? Or be trapped in a shopping mall with 15,527 nakkid NEETs?

(Thanks Kyoto for the sign.)


Mikuru… I like the outfit, and I like the twin ponytails.


Effort… why bother? Shortest. Haruhi post. Ever.

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  1. Yeah I’m running out of steam too…………… well then again if this were real life I wouldn’t mind resetting fun filled days and then forgetting about it. Hey, ignorance can be bliss. But as for those who are really experiencing repeats, it sucks to be them.

  2. Now, for proof that KyoAni reads this blog. We see Mikuru’s boobie mole (not boota) and get better fan service. Our petty complaints have been answered and there is a store in the mall that tells us that this wiill not stop any time soon.

  3. I haven’t seen the episode or read the blog because I don’t want to be spoiled, even if it is a repeat (which I’m loving, I must be a flag-waving Haruhi fan) but I hope the top photo of the ass is Haruhi and not Itsuki.

  4. i have two words: hand and mole

  5. That ass…I can stare at it all day…

  6. Endless eight must end! Even though it’s endless! It’s torture I tell you!

  7. The future in which we have a decent Haruhi sequel has been erased…

    However, such a thing certainly explains classified information (Hint: I am reading the novels and have just caught up with Endless Eight in volume 5)

  8. Only 15,519 episodes to go right? I am expecting violent fans and riots showing up at the kyoto HQ right about now, news casters having to report about studio staff being lynced by angry mobs of fanboys. While one guy in the back hold a sign “I’m sorry we complained about lucky star”

  9. Well since that is over maybe I’ll go back to watch the show now.

  10. dat_ass.jpg
    Regardless, I’m in no great hurry to watch this episode.

  11. If it all turns out to be a dream next episode, KyoAni would be biggest troll ever. Ah jeez, even my comment isn’t original anymore. I did kind of enjoy these episodes though in some strange way.

    Oh well… *watches the latest KnK movie instead*

  12. AAAAAaaahhhh!!!!

    Oh God make it stop. I just watched 6 episodes of endless eight in a row hoping that it would end every time, and now I learn that todays episode is the same too?

    What in the name of all that is holy could have possessed this studio?

    “There’s filler, there’s Damned Filler, and then there’s Endless Eight.”

  13. I stopped watching since the third episode. When is it going to end? When? I can’t believe this blasphemy is still continuing!

  14. I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s an ending to this. None. I won’t accept it.

  15. All of the fanboys still rationalizing this nonsense are Detroit Lions fans. ‘Nuff said.

  16. That ass

    Wouldn’t be Koizumi’s, would it?

  17. At this point, I read Jason’s entries on Endless Eight for the despair. Misery loves company.


  18. Still watching, but it’s kind of with a scientific disregard at this point. Or maybe sterile. Because I can’t really get it up at this point. I’m not even gonna do my “favorite things Kyon should say” thing. Just want to see if there are any cool shots in it. My favs were the ass shot (of course) and Haruhi’s smile/smirk at 21:58. And that ENDLESS sign should have said NEEDLESS . . . for several reasons.

  19. I’m starting to wonder if the line from Hare Hare Yukai “‘Til the end of time BOON” was a hint of things to come ><

  20. I’ve watched Haruhi season 1 at least 5 times (some individual episodes probably 12+ times), but this episode of Haruhi was the first time I’ve ever literally fallen asleep while watching….

  21. The only way we can save ourselves is to use augmented reality.

    I think this has endless (8?) possibilities.
    You could augment your girlfriend into having wolf ears and a tail.
    You could augment 15,527 nakkid neets into not having exposed johnnies.
    You could augment Haruhi into ending this damn Endless eight hell we’re living.

    Only good can come of this.

  22. I’m more a breast man than ass. And that ass does not fills completely that swimsuit. But yeah, I’m in for Mikuru mole fanservice.

  23. Forget it. I’ll download it after the thing finally finishes.

    Absolutely irredeemable. 8 episodes wasted in far worse ways than Makoto and Fuko. That’s 4 long chapters that could have been animated. 8 normal length chapters. Cutting the amount of time that could be given to Disappearance to make it shine down with every repetition. The guy who OKed this needs to be thrown to the fans.

    If you squint it kind of looks like Kyon is wearing a little pink tube top. Which is probably the closest we’ll get to an official Kyonko.
    …Enh, I’ll take it.

    Haruhi: We can’t get back the time we spend now

    No. No we can’t.

  25. Dear god it’s finally getting to him although come to think of it wth happened to LOL-Fang-tan? at least if she was in this arc we could have some shiny forehead to lose ourselves in.

  26. I did have a problem that every time we got a shot of Kyon waking up, he had his hand inside the back of his pants. The bum is nature’s pocket, was he pickpocketing?

  27. Insert sexual comment based around disturbing fetishes that can be applied in some way to this episode and that are funny and/or embarrassing and that in some form or another include the word “Johnnies”, then make it more effiective by following it up with one of several phrases including but not limited to:
    Moe Moe Kyun!
    Shaft being Shaft
    Oh Geass no!
    Emo facial distortions
    meido costume rape
    nakkid apron continental breakfast
    K-on! Encore
    All in the hopes of getting the coveted “Yep, those are my readers” award here.

  28. > I did have a problem that every time we got a shot of Kyon waking up, he had his hand inside the back of his pants.
    Well, /a/ seems to have this theory that it is a Back to the Future homage.

  29. I mean if they do such a thing they must go hard to the end. Showing us how stupid we are. I mean if it would be some progress, kinda he finds more clues about what he has to do. But nothing. And the “Oh look they draw that diffrent” phrase doesen’t make it better. I watched EP 1-5 and then 8 to look if the “endless 8” would be finished by now, but i will have a short look into EP 9 and then skip it until 13.

  30. Where’s our Delorean?

  31. I do not know whether it’s in the original Japanese, or whether it is the fault of the translation, but… STOP USING ‘RECURSION’ IN THE EPISODES’ SCRIPTS. It makes me scared. This arc should be a time loop.

    Ex: (The syntax will probably be wrong. Don’t yell at me.)

    def endless8(Kyon, Haruhi, world):
    summervacation(Kyon, Haruhi, world)
    while bang(Kyon, Haruhi) == false:
    summervacation(Kyon, Haruhi, world)
    return GTFO(Kyon, Haruhi, world)

    However, if the translation is correct… This is what we’re looking at:

    def endless8(Kyon, Haruhi, world):
    summervacation(Kyon, Haruhi, world),
    if bang(Kyon, Haruhi) == false:
    endless8(Kyon, Haruhi, world)
    return GTFO(Kyon, Haruhi, world)

    What I am trying to say (probably incorrectly with the above examples) is that if it truly is recursion… Then Kyon is looking at having to go through all 15,000 some odd iterations with the exit strategy. I do not think he has the stamina. So please make it a loop. Please, please, please.

  32. I feel as if that ass is taunting me…

  33. Endless B∞ty

  34. I just wana know who I should laze my scornful eye at. To whom should I show my disdain by wagging my pointy finger of doom. To whom should I gaze upon and just know… just KNOOoooow!!!.. from the bottomless pit of my infinitesimal immaterial soul .. Yeah!, YEAH!!!! There, THERE, for the grace of GOD, Almighty is The WANKER who caused this!!!!

    Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering WANKER; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool! And since neither can be mine, let me then tow to pieces, while still chasing thee, though tied to thee, thou damned WANKER! Thus, I give up the spear!

    I demand satisfaction, I demand ENDLESS SATISFACTION…

    Just saying….

  35. It’s episode 8 now and it all over again fuck that shit :( i think he was trying to make viewers feel how bad the situation is, yet i really hate that it’s been the same episode for the 7th time… fuck i really feel sorry for the artist who had to draw the same shit over and over and over again. If you read the light novels you can know the ending of this misery, anyways i like the 8 light novels and the Anime for sure but this is ridicule, its more than half the season already and it sux.

  36. Why is it the moment I saw the red bottom and Mikuru’s twin tails I thought one or the other’d be featured here with a screen shot? It’s because A Certain Blog’s Author has taste. Also, that is the first time in anytime that I’ve liked the way Mikuru has looked.

  37. The screenshot at the top, is that what I think it is?
    Gutsman’s ass

  38. Gutsman’s ass

    Dammit, I was reminded of that video, but forgot about it. I blame work for making me forget the important stuff. Someone needs to update that video, pronto.

  39. I think this describes how most people feel right now:

  40. Allow me to commend you on your amazing diligence with churning a post for *every* ep thus far ^^

  41. >Itsuki and Kyon go to White Castle
    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to order sliders but always forget. It pains me every time I watch them wolf down 40 of them with 4 large drinks.

  42. to paraphrase green day, wake me up when september comes

  43. ^golden

  44. I have to ask though: if this were to happen in real-life and you were Kyon, setting aside Nagato’s boredom, would you really object to this?

    I don’t think I would. And besides, it’d be interesting to see what would happen if Nagato were to finally snap because of these pathetic mortals.

  45. My personal bet, Haruhi will become the first series ever loved and then hated so much.

    Nice ass by the way.

  46. Turns out I’m an irrational Car Flag waving Haruhi fan

    here, see my car flag

  47. I know if I was Kyon and I found out about the loop, I would have gotten busy the day before the loop if ya know what I mean ;)

  48. time-machine.

  49. Endless Eight is the equivalent of KyoAni flipping the bird to fanboys and anime bloggers around the world. The fame and praise has gone to the studio’s head and now they just want to make a statement to the masses. And should Endless Eight go on for 13 episodes the consequences will be dire. Just imagine all the otaku, geeks, and hikikomiri flooding the streets of Japan in an epic nerd rage to end all epic nerd rages. A day that will live in infamy. On the other hand, perhaps KyoAni’s goal is to get the fanboys out of their parents’ basements and into the streets.

  50. Pieter makes an interesting point. Which leads to the following thought – Maybe these episodes are being paid for by one of the Selecao and implemented by Juiz, to provoke this uprising and save Japan. Just a thought…

  51. Pieter and GJeff, you mean that Kyoto is trying to make an army of NEETs? That sure would explain alot. And wouldn’t that make Kyoto the Anti-Gainex? I got it! The entire thing is a metaphor for Gurren Lagann! Kyoto is making us repeat over and over, like a dill, eventually inspiring rage powerful enough to break the chains of Otakuism, and to go against their oppressors, leading to Japan’s economy balancing out due to the large number of people working again! PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR RAGE!!…

    Or maybe, the other way around, they are trying to suppress Otakus, and Gainex and Shaft are our only hopes? Thus by, PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR RAGE!!… in the opposite direction.

    GAH! I don’t know what to believe anymore! ZETSUBOU SHITA! ENDLESS EIGHT NI ZETSUBOU SHITA!

  52. I swear I’ll stop watching Endless Eight if it doesn’t end by next episode…

  53. I get up in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, leave for work taking the same route every day, listen to the same podcasts on the way in, and park in about the same spot, go through my usual routine throughout the day, then come home the same way.

    Watching Endless Eight each week has pretty much just become a routine. Even though I expect everything to be the same as I wonder if I’m going to see some spectacular flaming wreck on the way home, there’s still the preferred comfort of predictability. Bring on twenty six episodes of this! I can take it!

    BTW… Did anyone pop on a pair of 3D glasses at the end to see if that was really in 3D?

  54. Endless Eight should end with Lelouche showing up to Geass Mikuru into slaughtering the entire staff of Kyoto Animation, Kadokawa, and any Eleven (or pseudo-Brittanian) that is still watching this show. ALL HAIL BRITTANIA!!

    I’d watch it, particularly if she were dressed in some spectacular dress from one of those Brittanian designers while mowing down everyone with the chain-gun…

  55. Hopefully this is the end of the franchise.
    Anyway, who needs it
    Really, I don’t.
    Used to be, you announced new seasons.
    Having to wait three years for this?
    I don’t know if I can take it anymore.

  56. i love endless eight, let it never end!!!…. oh shit!

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