bakemonogatari (ghostory) 5, twittered

“To put it bluntly, I just enjoy talking with you.”



“Araragi-san, your hand was pretty tasty.”

What’s the greater chance? That Obama’s health care reform will pass or Koyomi will meet a haremette who won’t wish him bodily harm? I’m also convinced that his Wolverine-like indestructibility is a plot mechanic only because it allows for haremettes who will do him harm.

(Wonder which is more indestructible… Koyomi, Wolverine, Keitaro, or Yuki Nagato’s sanity?)



The lack of Kaerimichi makes pedo bear sad. Are we sure Mayoi’s issue is snail-related and not bear-related? Unless… she killed pedo bear, and that’s his paw in her backpack as a trophy.



Can’t believe I overlooked this last episode… but with that smile and her wanting to bite Koyomi… Index-tan! We need to get Mayoi on top of Koyomi’s head while she’s chewing on his arm. “You’re getting flesh everywhere in my hair!” “URACHAI! URACHAI! URACHAI!”



Shaft is the only studio that can reliably make a 24 minute anime longer than 24 minutes: by making you pause and read the text. I just wish



“Araragi-san, I’m one of the better-developed _____ in my class.”

When Mayoi said that… I think we all knew what she meant for _____, but we all substituted something else for _____ irregardless if it makes it seem creepy or not.



“Well, your chest was pretty respectable.”

I really hope Koyomi didn’t turn down the nakkid apron from three, the peepshow from two, and a possible Johnny stapling from one because he’s not into “older” women. I really hope not, but his hands and thoughts are betraying him.



Thinking about it more… “respectable” in what sense? In terms of respectability, Hitagi is the Itsukiko to Mayoi’s Kyonko.



One, he already groped you. Defending yourself now doesn’t solve that problem. Second, there’s not much to defend. It’s not like Russians front in WWII. This is more like the Alamo.



I like how he gives Mayoi money after telling her that he felt her up. It definitely sounds like something I would give a YTAMR to…

Anon: I know this has nothing to do with Endless Eight, but I felt up a girl today, gave her $100 afterward because I felt guilty. But then I thought about it and offered $200 for a lap dance. I think she was twelve.

Yep… these are my readers.

(I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet.)



Much like how Kyoto should have subcontracted the bath scenes from K-On! to Shaft, Shaft should have subcontracted all the Mayoi creepy angry scenes to Studio Deen.

(She looks like a martian. I like the Super Mario Brother invincibility star on her blouse though.)



You’re gonna get bitten! I just hope Senjougahara is watching all of this unfold.

(Ah shoot… I recognize the BGM… so familiar… gah! What is the name of it.)



“After touching a girl’s delicate chest, you should say something.”

A. “Arigatou.”
B. “Gochisosama.”



It’s one thing to have Hitagi discuss breasts and Koyomi’s virginity, but it’s another to have Mayoi jump on the same topic. Though I hope Bakemonogatari won’t be just an endless parade of haremettes who want to bodily harm Koyomi and want to verbally abuse him at the same time by attacking his sexual insecurities. What am I saying? Of course I want that!

(We need to get Tsundere-chan on The World God Only Knows. She needs to be the next haremtte Keima tackles: the goddess of office supplies.)

(And what’s more pathetic? That Mayoi cares about Koyomi being the first person to feel her up? Or that Mayoi might have been the first person Koyomi has felt up?)



“If you’re going to be like this, I’m going to grope you until you don’t care about ‘firsts’ or ‘kisses’?”

How did this anime go from a fifteen minute long Senjougahara dressing sequence to Koyomi sexually assaulting a twelve year old? How?!

(I suspect 50% of my readers are bummed out that Koyomi isn’t trying to sexually assault Senjougahara instead, 20% of my readers excited that he’s going for Mayoi, and 10% for Hanekawa. The rest remain either undecided or rooting for the score… err… assault all the heroines scenario.)



“There stood a high school boy who, forgetting himself, forcefully sexually harassed an elementary school girl with all his might.”

What he didn’t realize was that the park was an actual temporal disturbance and that the elementary school girl would be a high school girl in his time. He would eventually meet this high school girl, who would then force him to join her club, do normal activities in a wacky way, and then repeat such activities 15,527 times. Of course, none of the activities would involve sexual harassment… unless she was doing the harassing.



Couple of other notes concerning the fight… Mayoi is the poor man’s Index-tan… loved Koyomi’s laugh during the whole escapade… hoped that Senjougahara would be watching this… but really hoped that his two sisters were watching instead. “Onii-chan! You ditched us to grope that?”



Bluestreak2: I’m surprised there wasn’t any mention on how it took 940 more yen to bribe the 12 year old girl than it took to make the Prime Minister say “Uncle”

9,940 more yen, you mean. But it’s not really an apt comparison as I’m sure Juiz gets some sort of bulk rate. Juiz is part of a major global industrial shadow conspiracy while Ararararagi-kun is only trying to evade his little sisters. So we really don’t know until we ask Juiz, “Juiz, I need to bribe a loli to be cooperative with me such that she won’t mind the previous sexual harassment.”

(Will this trigger The Supporter? Or will The Man go, “Mmm… lolis saving Japan… this could work!”)



Shaft being Shaft. I wonder if two years from now, we’ll find out that Shaft has been using performance enhancing animation.

(I’m watching Rocky III for the umpteenth time, and the ending scene has to one of the greatest in movie history. Rocky and Creed get in the ring for a no camera, no crowd impromptu exhibition. Creed does the “ding, ding” line, half-joking, but you know the two just want to pummel the crap out of each other. Then Eye of the Tiger starts up as the camera freeze frames Rocky’s and Creed’s opening hooks. Just awesome. I didn’t mind when Rocky IV opened with this scene, and I didn’t mind the Family Guy tribute. Needless to say, it’s the complete opposite of the scene going on in Ghostory right now.)



I wonder if every haremette that Koyomi helps comes from a broken family? Is this going to be like Clannad where every family was broken to some extent? And in what fashion would Yui’s and Ui’s family fall apart? Their parents are never home, and Ui is a mortal lock to reprise Kathy Bates in Misery with Yui as James Caan. Yes, two old movie references in a row… with Taki not around, someone has to drop them, no?

(Did they forget to animate an eye?)



“You smell like another woman.”

Hitagi’s return… does not disappoint. She’s on the warpath immediately. Love that. I’m convinced that she’s verbally abusing Arararararagi-kun because she wants to leave a mental scar or mark, much like how dogs pee on trees they like to mark their territory.



Love her ability to pin point the woman that was previously here. This ability is the final big clue you’ll get before she spills the beans about what makes Mayoi Snail slug along. If you’ve figured out Mayoi Snail at this point, you’re about average. In other words, you would only have repeated Endless Eight 15,499 times.

(One thing I will get into later is how well-written this show it. Nothing is wasted. There is no wasted lines, scenes, or moments, and what seems to be wasted is eventually revealed to be crucial. Nisio Isin gives you everything you need to solve the arcs, and more clues are revealed closer to the end, but they are solvable with the clues presented. This how you make a mystery. Definitely the opposite of taking the cop out reboot method a la 7th Expansion.)



“Think of it like how you can tell women apart by the shape of their hips.”

Not sure what I enjoyed more… Senjougahara’s line or her surprised response afterward. Frankly, it’s a tossup. She’s the best.

(What ruins this? Koyomi, who reverts to the Zetsubou-sensei voice during the exchange. Shaft shouldn’t have cast Zetsubou-sensei as Koyomi… it’s too disorienting, especially when he goes into his despair voice. And it doesn’t help that Zan is airing right now too… which makes this worse than casting Kyon as U1 in Kanon. The real problem is that there’s so few male seiyuu that they get overused. The industry needs to train a few more and better differentiate the voices.)



“‘You’ve got nice, solid childbearing hips. so I think you’re sure to have healthy babies.. Ehehehe.’ Didn’t you just tell me that recently?”

Best. Line. Ever.

(Almost entirely due to Senjougahara’s half-hearted yet evil “Ehehehe” laugh at the end. She’s the best.)




Hitagi’s the spice to this anime. Quite possibly the best haremette to come around since Mio Akiyama. That’s not saying much, but still.



“Different conclusions are reached when one fact is looked at from two separate points of view. When that happens, there’s essential no way to judge which point of view is correct.”

She just described every stupid argument on the interwebs. Especially in the context of anime forums, blogs, and imageboards.

(Though, for me, I would toss in a “… but a lot of time was uselessly wasted.” at the end of her line, but that’s just me.)



“He really says things that see right through you.”

Is Meme like The Oracle from The Matrix? Anyway, this scene makes a lot more sense once you’ve seen the ending… which is what every good mystery series should do.

(I like how this series is tagged as romance, supernatural, and comedy on Wikipedia right now. Maybe there’s some romance between Hitagi’s stapler and Koyomi’s Johnny and maybe there’s some comedy, but Ghostory is really more of a mystery. The arcs are puzzles that are solved through other elements, but they’re puzzles at their heart and core.)



Alice: On the subject of Hitagi’s ponytail: I am curious if you enjoy real life ponytails? Seems to me that most men hate ponytails because they are usually go hand-in-hand with looking frumpy.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice ponytail? When well done, they can be criminally moe. Yes, I know I’m stealing that line from Kyon, but I don’t care. The key really is to have longer hair, as short hair ponytails just screams laziness.

(At the very least, it’s a variation to leaving the hair down all the time. I also enjoy long hair worn up, as per the sexy librarian look, which, I must say, needs more love in anime in general.)



The real victim isn’t Mayoi… it’s Koyomi. Our first clue to this was when we saw the spiral eyes at the end of episode three. Why is this important? We’ve been misdirected to think that the arc is about Mayoi going home… when it’s really about Koyomi not wanting to go home. Everything obvious pointed to Mayoi, but all the subtleties pointed to Koyomi.

This arc brings together a lot of different stories, and all of them more important than Mayoi. First, it’s the arc that reveals Hitagi’s feelings towards Koyomi. She plays along because she didn’t want to seem more of a freak to him (as if more outrageous behavior would dissuade me from liking her further), and that’s the extent she wants to be liked by him. Second, it reveals Koyomi’s household status, and I’m hoping for an imouto arc soon. Lastly, it’s the introduction to Hanekawa’s arc. All of those are ultimately more important than Mayoi going home, yet all of them were buried under the guise of Mayoi going home. It’s almost like Obama coming up with some crazy health care plan to cover up how badly the economy is doing– classic misdirection.

Great writing, the complete and utter opposite of Needless. (I’m not dissing Needless. It’s a fantastic show, just for reasons other than writing.)



Loved this scene as Hitagi tells Koyomi something that he kinda knew and what some people have guessed at so far: Hitagi can’t see Mayoi. We were told this bluntly in episode three as I even cracked jokes about how Senjougahara didn’t notice Koyomi beating up poor Mayoi. But she kinda played along with him, except there’s three clues later on that allow us to piece this together.

The first was the directions. Koyomi tried to give Hitagi the directions, but she refused and had him read it to her. Why? She didn’t see them! The second was Hanekawa. Mayoi told every character except Hitagi that she hated them. Why would she tell the sweet, Nagisa-like Hanekawa to fuck off, but she doesn’t tell the Johnny-stapling Hitagi the same thing? And, then, the final chance clue is that Hitagi apologized. We might have wondered if Hitagi can’t see Mayoi, why would she play along? The apology gives the motive behind that. Bravo. Wonderful storytelling.



And, you know what? Koyomi knew this. Maybe he buried it and didn’t want to believe it, but he knew this. It’s his Kanako-equivalent “Mariya has no penis” delusion. Not that bad, but gives you an illustration. Just shoot me. There’s no way Mayoi isn’t here. None. I won’t accept it.



Of course, I’m giving bonus points for Hitagi’s awesome Phoenix Wright / Battler finger-pointing skillz.



Loved Mayoi’s “don’t look at me, you’re the dumbass for following me around” stare.



Seeing Mayoi without a backpack… disorienting. It’s like seeing Horo with clothes on.



Could Ghostory be some sort of anti-Clannad? Similar themes approached in a vastly different way and utilizing the supernatural in vastly different ways as well.



I understand any reluctance to animate a little girl being run over (but this anime did just animate a little girl get sexually harassed), but really was the trippy scenes necessary? I don’t understand what’s the purpose of having “love me please!” superimposed on the images. Would this anime be truly worse if they just showed normal without the LSD?



This is one of those series where I’m sure a better understanding of Japanese would help. There’s just a lot of wordplay, and I hope that whoever brings this series to the US provides a dictionary of linear notes for us.



If I had to make a ranking of purple-haired anime characters, Senjougahara would rank above Kyou. But they both use the dictionary to abuse… just use the dictionary in complete different ways. (Again, anti-Clannad.)



Might be a good thing that she didn’t catch Koyomi abusing and groping a poor elementary school girl.



I think I’d enjoy taking screenshots of Mio more if K-On! aired in high def. I’m very glad Bakemonogatari airs in high def. Very glad. Very, very glad.

(I really enjoy the art deco look of this series. It’s distinct, looks great on high def, and the straight lines of the style accent Hitagi’s curves nicely making them seem more curvy. Wait, did I say that last part out loud?)



They… they… forgot to put the kanji number under the kanji in this slide! Shaft forgot to be Shaft! How horrible!

(“I am the one who became a snail.” Awesome. Though I liked how the camera kept zooming around in this scene… despite my feelings for Shaft being Shaft, Shaft knows camera work and typography. But it doesn’t excuse them for random nonsense.)



I’m noticing Hitagi, when she’s sincere, delivers her lines with her eyes closed. Mmm…

(Andohbytheway, we’ve officially resolved “Mayoi Snail.” Everything from now on, she’s an afterthought with the focus on Koyomi’s and Hitagi’s relationship. I mean… the arc started with the two taking about nakkid aprons, and it seemed out of place with respect to Mayoi. But, really, it was Mayoi out of place with respect to Koyomi and Hitagi. But nothing is wasted, not that scene… nor was Mayoi. Her role… she brought both Koyomi and Hitagi to a closer understanding of each other. I’m not sure if I’m more giddy about Hitagi’s ponytail, Senjougahara’s lines, or the storytelling.)

(If I had to point to an exact storytelling and moe opposite of Ghostory for this season… I would point to Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2009. Mmm… I wonder if the thin slicing rankings properly reflected this fact.)



It’s not just Hitagi liking Koyomi… it’s why she likes him. His helping of Mayoi, well, as Hitagi tries to explain, is one such reason.

(Love the setup of this scene with the sun starting to set behind Hitagi as she goes on about the most important aspect of this arc. Kyoto did this type of scene to good results with Clannad as well. Sunsets aren’t just pretty, they are symbolic of the climax of the day as well.)






August is the Month of Senjougahara. Look forward to it! And hide your staplers.



Kyoto won this week in terms of ass shots. But the real winner is us, the viewers.

(Still facepalming over my readers who were lamenting the fact it wasn’t Itsuki. The bar for YTAMR gets higher and higher ever week.)



They spent their whole Sunday talking in a deserted park. I felt like I spent my Sunday writing this post. Ugh. I’ve never averaged four thousand words posts for an entire series before… could I do it? Or will carpel tunnel knock me down first?

(Now that I got the Fashion Czar settle, next up for Team blog好き is someone to dictate my posts. I can think faster than I can type, so obviously, I need to find someone who can type faster than me, which is about 90 wpm with 0 errors on this test. And maybe after that’s settled, a web apps designer so we can make fancy Google Finance-type graphs of Hitagi’s verbal abuse meter over time.)



Three things slayed me about Senjougahara’s confession: One, her smile is more of a “I’m looking forward to stapling your Johnny” smile.



Two, she said “I love you” in English.



Three, how Mayoi deadpanned “Omedetou” afterwards.

(I give the overall scene a B+. I was expecting more blood or tears to be shed when she finally confessed to him. Speaking of confessions and “old” movies, I watched Can’t Hardly Wait recently, and it had Jennifer Love Hewitt before she, uh, gained a few sizes. Right sizes, not wrong sizes by the way. In one scene, her scumbag ex-boyfriend screams to a full room, “Who’d want you after I just dumped you?” to her. Um, it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt! I’m sure she’d find some takers. That’s bar none the least believable insult in movie history.)



Again, nothing wasted. We were told earlier about how Hitagi’s old home was around here, yet it was demolished for urban renewal. Because of that, they had a way to cheat around Mayoi’s condition (as Mayoi doesn’t have knowledge of the area’s changes after her death).

(Though I’m enjoying the heavy atmosphere… Hitagi fretting about her confession… and Koyomi too focused on Mayoi and not focusing enough on the proper response to Hitagi.)



Kyoto should have done Ghostory‘s crying scenes. Can we get the two studios to merge? I feel like an uber studio could be created. At the very least, you’d think there would be someone in Shaft with the common sense to go, “Doing eight reboots of the same episode is a bit too much. How about we stick Mesousa in the second reboot and a Triforce in the third and only do three?”



This is how I picture every car flag-waving Haruhi fanboy after Endless Eight finally ends. And I’m not looking forward to it.



“Good work. You were pretty impressive.”

“But you’re the one who did the work this time.”

“I guess, maybe, but it’s not like that, is it?”

A lot more interesting (and fun) if this scene wasn’t spoken in front of an empty lot but instead was a post-coital pillow talk scene.



I wonder who will get a nakkid apron breakfast first… Taki (with Kuroha)? Lawrence (with Horo)? Kyon (with Itsuki)? Koyomi (with Hitagi)? Can we put down odds for this sort of thing?



Love her non-abusive teasing as well. She’s has many pitches that she can throw for strikes.



“To put it bluntly, I just enjoy talking with you.”

“But we haven’t even talked that much, have we?”



“… so I want to talk with you more.”

Awesome. I like how Hitagi has gone from Tsundere-chan to a possible love-love relationship with Koyomi… and they’ve interacted for less than two whole days. To be fair, he’s seen her nakkid already. But what I like more… she enjoys taking with him. Of course she does! He’s an easy verbal abuse target who doesn’t fight back.

(But, please, continue being a verbal and stapling tsundere messiah. Noblesse oblige.)



“Unluckily, you were fallen for by a crazy virgin so starved for love that she’d fall for anyone who showed a little kindness.”

I like how she refers to herself as a crazy virgin, like that’s her defining trait. Should we start calling Hitagi Senjougahara “crazy virgin tsundere-chan”?

(And, yes, when she said earlier that they were going to Tsunade’s place, I thought she said Tsundere-chan.)



“If you tell me you want to think about it like a coward, I’ll despise you. You shouldn’t make women feel embarrassed.”

I think what should be going through Koyomi’s mind is…

“… if I say ‘yes,’ I might get nakkid apron breakfast with some crazy, freaky s&m that might end up to massive blood loss on my side…”

“… if I say ‘no,’ she might kill me here and now…”

“… if I’m going to hesitate, I might as well start running now and recreate Forrest Gump’s run across America.”



Oh, you disappoint me, Koyomi. When you said that you wanted a condition, I thought it was something like, “nakkid apron breakfasts every Saturday morning.”



“Don’t ever pretend you can see something you can’t, or that you can’t see something you can. If our viewpoints are different, let’s talk it out. Promise me.”

So in this scenario… is Koyomi representing the fanboys and Hitagi representing Kyoto Animation with Mayoi representing Endless Eight? ‘cuz, obviously, those first two groups desperately want to confess their love for each other, but they can’t see eye to eye right now concerning a certain topic.



“Can we put it into words? I don’t like this kind of unclear relationship.”

“My love is a stapler.”

Koyomi needed to man up and kiss Senjougahara then and there. I’m sorry. He didn’t need words; he needed action. There are forks in the road when you know when someone has it or doesn’t have it… and he just didn’t have it.

(Isn’t it kinda weird that Clannad went through over fifty episodes, and Tomoya failed to kiss anyone? Until the final episode? And it was Kyou? Mmm… delicious deretsun Kyou… but still, it’s a much better pace than K1 and Belldandy.)



“It’d be great if it came into fashion. Senjougahara fascination.”

Best. Line. (For the situation) Ever.

Still doesn’t excuse him from not taking the proper action. Was he afraid if he used his tongue, he’d feel sharp razorblades inside Hitagi’s mouth? (That’ll be awesome…)



Cue the always enjoyable Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari… and cue the younger sisters who seem to end every arc. Though, let me say to those two, as Palpatine said to Anakin, “We’ll be watching you with interest.”



“If you see me, why don’t you stop and chat?”

She’s back… if you have to be cursed by someone, wouldn’t you rather be cursed by an elementary school girl?



Probably my favorite preview quiz thus far combining baseball and the sisters deflowering Koyomi’s ahoge. More importantly, as much as I enjoy gg’s subs, there’s no “straight-o”. Fastball! Like we wouldn’t translate “fútbol” into “football” but rather “soccer.”



Lastly… out image 4tw! I have a question for you… crazed lesbian stalker aside, what haremette archetype do you want to see Koyomi encounter next?

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    This was a pretty awesome episode. I concede to you, Bakamonogatari is the best series this season has to offer so far, bar none. (Shin Mazinger Z doesn’t count.)

    Haruhi who?

  2. I would have to say Suzaku! That would be the best haremette!

  3. My bet for the naked apron goes for these two of course.

    Luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on a DELL 24-inch widescreen monitor last Friday, so this weekend has been a great rollercoaster of series in HD to me. Then, this episode made my day.

    You’re right Jason, every line has a meaning; every action isn’t wasted (only the SHAFT being SHAFT moments). These guys are putting everything in stake here, because Bakemonogatari can turn out as the best series of this year or fail horrible like Haruhi Suzumiya 2009. In ten more weeks we’ll know the answer, so far is looking good.

    I thing a kiss was too soon, despite Koyomi being afraid of the razorblades inside Hitagi’s mouth. That moment will come sooner or later; we just need the tight timing and setting.

    I need a break… damn it… six more days…

  4. Let’s see; so far we have the meganekko sempai, imouto, kuudere/tsundere/yandere, and ghost/deadpan loli. We have the following left: sick girl, quiet emotionless girl, genki girl, trap, hot mom, meido, hime/ojou, robot girl, sexy teacher/sexy librarian, and childhood friend.

    Out of those, I’d say they should go with quiet emotionless girl. Perhaps you should bring back your polls?

  5. A while ago, we were discussing how Hitagi was awesome and Koyomi needed to do something to up the ante to even it out. After sexually assaulting a 12 year for 3 episodes with the force of a thousand suns, I think we can all agree, without dissent, that Koyomi has indeed upped the ante. Koyomi is now a man amongst men.

  6. BTW, complaining about the lack of kisses is like complaining about the lack of skimpy clothing (on women) in Afghanistan. This IS Japan we’re talking about.

  7. You know, it wouldn’t surprise if Koyomi appear in one Eden of the East movies next year with his own phone contacting Juiz while owning a daycare center with nothing but little Mayois running around bitting his fingers or his Johnny while Senjougahara being his very own wet nurse ………..

    My brain overloaded for a second there just thinking about this could happen

  8. Koyomi giving Mayoi money after telling her that he groped her was genius. Best way to casually apologize while helping the economy.
    Senjougahara’s “I love you” was so beautiful and refreshing after weeks of hearing Itsuki’s “I love you” (I should mention that I hate Itsuki). And the way she posed with her tilted head during her final scene with Koyomi… delicious.
    In the end, Araragi-kun obviously wasn’t as clever as I hoped. Yet he wasn’t a total dumbass, either. His cheesy “condition” and his not kissing her immediately, well… that’s just part of his character, I guess, part of what makes him an enjoyable toy for Senjougahara… er, I mean a potential boyfriend.
    Also, I demand this blog to be renamed Senjougahara Fascination. You know you want to, Jason.

  9. Needs to run into an easy, clumbsy meido.

  10. I’m enjoying many things about Bakemonogatari so far.

    First, its gotta be the writing. The visuals are good, but the storyand interaction is driving this series. Shaft seems well aware of it too. Dialog too long? Cut it? Compress it? Hell no, cut out the OP and ED instead. . . Its hard to describe my satisfaction with how Shaft is taking conversations with no concrete visuals, stuff squarely in the literary realm, and animating in a way that keeps visual interest without distracting (mostly) from the conversation being held.

    Second, the two lead characters. Hitagi is just awesome. I need more maniacs like her running around my area. At first I though Koyomi was going to be a typical anime lead male whimp, the kind that need to be brutally murdered, without compassion or remorse, with a shovel in the first 3 minutes of the show. But, while he has missed 3-4 sure fire ways to get into the (sparse) Pantheon of awesome male leads, he hasn’t whined yet. I’m with Jason though, if he had kissed Hitagi… he could have been Zeus right then and there.

    Third… hell I need a third or one and two don’t make any sense, damn the rule of 3. I’m impressed with Shaft. I hope they can keep up this story-centric entertainment for the whole run.

    Which archetype next? None. Koyomi and Hitagi should get married, open up a stationary shop in a quiet neighborhood, then entertain the neighbors as she chases him down the street with an industrial strength stapler, while yelling out that she loves him, leaving their daughter to mind the store.

  11. This episode made me gasp, and then grin ear to ear. It’s hard to make me smile that hard, but this episode pulled it off. Especially when I went back and watched the beginning of episode 3.

    Bakemonogatari is the best series of 2009, hands down.

  12. Just from the wikipedia article on the girl in the next arc, I’m predicting that it will eclipse this arc in terms of greatness

  13. Next up is the athletic monkey girl~

  14. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
    Love reading your posts Jason. Your comments not only entertain but give a lot of insight I sometimes miss. Keep doing whatcha doing. Oh and yes, Bakemonogatari is THE series of 2009.

  15. Timing of the kiss should have been after the line. Part of the way the line works is that it resolves the ambiguity, in a way that she had to think for a sec. If he kissed her first it wouldn’t work as well.

    Course he didn’t kiss her at all…

  16. >”I wonder who will get a nakkid apron breakfast first”
    My vote is for Mio (for Sawa-chan) but it’ll probably be Ui (for Yui), hands down. Hopefully hands down. And by that, I mean her apron.

  17. Oh, and “Who doesn’t enjoy a nice ponytail? When well done, they can be criminally moe.” Yeah, I’ve been into ponytails for about 25 years, but what I’ve found is that most anime girls with great pony tails have their hair intentionally styled to look amazing in a pony tail. Real women don’t do that. An amazing real pony tail is rare because most women aren’t going to say to their hairdresser, “Yeah, I want it to look great down, but also kick-ass in a pony tail.” Because pony tails are what women do when they don’t want to fix their hair. It’s not something they fix their hair as. At least, in my long obsessive experience.

  18. I think it’s great that Senjougahara has now been ranked higher than Kyou, and all in a short sentence. The line came so suddenly, it was smooth; almost blasé. Now if we can only get Koyomi and Hitagi locked into a sports equipment shed to while solving another mystery…
    It almost boggles the mind how, seemingly out of nowhere, Hitagi has stepped up to becoming one of the greatest female leads, she does lead, in recent times. I can’t wait for Funimation to pick this show up, and do it justice here in the West.

  19. At least, in my long obsessive experience.

    Great, now I can’t help but picture the pony marauder from FMP Fumoffu sitting down at the keyboard to express his thoughts. Now how am I going to fall asleep.

  20. Arararagi-kun? Like Enkidudududu and Mimikururururun-run? Or has making a post for each Endless Eight episode given your hands a stuttering problem?

  21. Bakamonogatari is my favorite show of the season sure theres not alot of action and stuff like that but the conversations are interesting and im happy to see that she said she loved him even though I agree he should have done what wa obvious in that situation even though the line was cool the reason why im happy to see that is because we dont got to beat a round the bush like other animes not to knock animes that do that but its a breath of fresh air something different which i see when I watch this

  22. I think I’m of that percentage that thinks it’d be Hitagi standing, having one foot stepped upon a tied-up-and-gagged Koyomi’s back, holding a stapler in one hand and twirling her ponytail with the other. Koyomi is clearly a bottom; the other haremettes would likely be rendered the same.

  23. what haremette archetype do you want to see Koyomi encounter next?


  24. I’m rather surprised you didn’t point out Koyomi’s choice of word in “jouken”, or “condition,” which he later softened to “yakusoku,” or “promise” that he wanted in answering hitagi’s confession.

    Not that I personally had any particularly colorful imagination upon the line but nonetheless after reading your blog for years expected you would expound the line for all it was worth.

    Ah loved the ep, the coupling moment was really cute ^^

  25. “I’m in DESPAIR! I like the biting loli more than the hot stapling tsundere!”

    While it is jarring to here Sensei’s voice I think it’s a minor gripe I mean we could be hearing Itsuki the entire time saying, “Sorry Hitagi, but I’m gay for Kyon~”.

    Hmm so who should be in the English VA cast when this (hopefully) gets licensed? Wendee Lee for Hitagi!

  26. You’re being a bit unfair on 7th expansion! The reboot isn’t a cop-out for good writing, it’s just an extension of it. (talking about the novels, not the anime, here.) It’s partly a pacing device.

    I gotta say I am thoroughly impressed by this show though. I wasn’t expecting a confession only 5 episodes in, I thought they’d drag it out for the whole season like usual. Another hint detail I think you missed: Hitagi didn’t take the paper off Koyomi not because she didn’t want to touch it so much as because it didn’t exist and it would have looked awkward. Good actor.

  27. “Unluckily, you were fallen for by a crazy virgin so starved for love that she’d fall for anyone who showed a little kindness.”

    One of many priceless lines by such a great character! I’d have a top ten lines of the year so far but it wouldn’t be fair cuz hitagi takes up 8 or 9 or 30 of those spots. (Then again ESPN did have a top ten plays of the day featuring all LeBron.)

    Horo’s “please mate with me” would be up there now that I think about it

  28. Someone may have said:
    “August is the Month of Senjougahara. ”

    I shall oblige with the appropriate wallpaper
    Choose the resolution that suits you best.

    W Ling

  29. I really enjoyed this episode.Finally the main char and his girl are together.Not unlike some anime which the main char and the girl clearly couldn’t solve the relationship which instead of 20+ episodes only took just 4/5 episodes to clear things up.Btw it looks like some part from the novel were left here.
    for #5 19:53~:
    “You still haven’t answered me.”
    Answer, huh.
    I’m sure she is talking about that.
    “Um, Senjougahara. About that, I…”
    “Let me say it beforehand, Araragi-kun. I hate those type of love comedy that you know the main characters will become couple at the end but only drag the story along with half-hearted ‘more than friend, less than lovers’ development.”
    “Is that so…”
    “Even more, I also hate sports manga that the main character will surely win at the end, but drag the story along with 1 vs 1 match for a year or battle manga that last boss will surely be defeated anyway but spent the whole story on never-ending filler battles.”
    “Did you just denied all shoujo/shonen manga in existence?!”
    “So, what will you do?”

    for #5 21:26~:
    “Even I said so, Araragi-kun.”
    “If Araragi-kun reject this request, I will kill you and escape.”
    “Isn’t you just a murderer?! You have to die too!”
    “I’m that serious.”
    “Ah, is that so…”

    for #5 21:55~:
    “Well, Senjougahara. Can I have a condition?”
    “What is that? Want to observe me waxing for one week?”
    “I’m sure that is the worst line you’ve even spoken until now!”

  30. “Lastly, it’s the introduction to Hanekawa’s arc.”
    Soo I’m not the only one who noticed she could see and hear Mayoi and even pet her on the head?

  31. @Rockmanshii: Hanekawa could see Mayoi because she too doesn’t want to go home.

  32. I think it’s safe to say that I also have a Hitagi fascination.
    or at least, I think that’s why I have to wait a few minutes before I can stand up after watching Bakemonogatari.

  33. > Also, I demand this blog to be renamed Senjougahara Fascination.
    > You know you want to, Jason.

    Quoted for truth and justice.

  34. It can’t be helped, but Koyomi’s sisters remind me of Ako & Riko from KissXSis… Groping bed scene?

  35. Just saying that the younger sister (Tsukihi, I think) went from a kimono in ep 2 to school uniform in this episode.

  36. What an awesome episode. Liked the twist with the snail, and the confession scene. Nishio Ishin is a great writer and Shaft is doing spot-on job animating this. Hitagi may have dem childbearing hips, but she also has dem collarbones. I almost jumped up when she tilted her head – and then had to quickly sit back down. I’m sure it’s a criminal act in most countries when combined with her ponytail.
    Hitagi may be passing Kyou in the rankings, if only because she did what Kyou never did (not counting the After Story special).
    > “what haremette archetype do you want to see Koyomi encounter next?”
    I think this needn’t be asked – I’m sure everyone agrees it must be a meido!
    > “Kogarashi”
    Uhhh… I guess that’s a meido…
    > “It’d be great if it came into fashion. Senjougahara fascination.”
    As far as I’m concerned, it is in fashion. Oh yes, it is.

  37. 1) a crazed, down on her luck supermodel.

    2) Why is it Koyomi now looks like Haleluyah?

    3) Will you ever do another Needless post? Are you waiting for a ‘paint it red’ class post?

  38. Huh.. Tsundere-chan is going through Endless 8 syndrome. She took Itsuki’s advice to Kyon about the “I love you” confession.

  39. Senjouhara’s constant shifting and tilting of her head while talking is mesmerizing somehow. Senjougahara fascination indeed.

  40. >> Also, I demand this blog to be renamed Senjougahara Fascination.
    >> You know you want to, Jason.

    >Quoted for truth and justice.

    Your readers demand it.

  41. Mayoi: Hey Ararararararararararararararararararara…
    Araragi: Thats 15,527 too many ra’s
    Mayoi: Sorry, I stuttered
    Araragi:I think you said that before. Oh well, This kind of Deja vu happens.

  42. “(Wonder which is more indestructible… Koyomi, Wolverine, Keitaro, or Yuki Nagato’s sanity?)”.
    The answer is simple: Mitsurugi Hanagata.

  43. >Should we start calling Hitagi Senjougahara “crazy virgin tsundere-chan”?

    I get the impression she’s keen for Araragi to help her change part of the description.

  44. By the way, Mayoi’s “missing” eye was most likely stemmed from the fact that she was only allowed to see her father, not her mother; hence her life was missing a dimension.

  45. Another vote for Senjogahara Facination. You haven’t changed blog names in at least a week.

  46. Yes, this episode was a beautiful example of carefully placed stiches coming together to form a masterfully woven conclusion, and Senjougahara is clearly poised to become an S-Class haremette among haremettes, but I feel more compelled to to share this story that makes me believe real life distorts based on Jason’s whims and fancies.

    After finishing this episode and going back over the recent few in a hyper fit of giddy retrospection, I decided to go to the kitchen to grab a bite since watching so much Tsundere-chan is high grade physical labor (of love). Passing by the living room, I happen to overhear a riveting conversation from the episode of Judge Alex my mother was watching. This man was suing is ex-fiancee for the cost of his engagement ring following his breaking up with her after fathering five children (the fifth being with another woman); keep in mind that neither the fiancee nor the mistress was supposed to be able to have children. The man went on about how he’s sorry and how he hopefully won’t have anymore children and the fiancee quips that he needs to get a vasectomy. Judge Alex cheerfully declares, “You should. I’ve got a staple gun at home; I’m about ready to help you.”


    Dammit, Jason. Dammit, Johnnies. Dammit, Real Life.

  47. “What haremette archetype do you want to see Koyomi encounter next?”
    Not so much an archetype as simply Mariya Shidou; and a Shidou feigning interest in Koyomi while being interested in Hitagi.

  48. shaft is gearing up for more loli goodness….

  49. I know this has nothing to do with Endless Eight, but I felt up a girl today, gave her $100 afterward because I felt guilty. But then I thought about it and offered $200 for a trap dance. I think he was twelve.

    … OH SHI-

  50. Hmmm does anybody else realized that Mayoi bag is normal sized when she’s alive and at the last shot? wonder if it symbolizes anything or is it just some animation inconsistency? (or my mind deceiving me)

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