*ario kart fascination

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  1. Now I wonder. Which Mario Kart stage had stairs?

  2. This short is like my love is like a stapler, it was quick and painful

  3. Oh that is funny. Funnier because 2hrs ago I was browsing Amazon for classic Mario Kart. The sad truth is that Senjougahara is a competitive crazy virgin bunny hopping tea-bagging TF2 player, with mic. We all know it.

  4. It’s nice to see Tsundere-chan enjoying herself. And playing *ario Kart on the Super Famicom, no less.

  5. The white background was not a smart choice in colour

  6. It’s funnier if you voice the カチ button sounds out loud.

  7. @Meery
    Scout or Spy?

  8. If Senjougahara is a spy does that mean she’s a guy or a trap or both? Am I supposed to like this idea?!

  9. Where can we find more?

  10. I was wondering when you’d find that on Danbooru… Amusing no?

  11. Loving this month already, despite impending joblessness situation. I’m counting on Senjougahara getting me through! (Rather than Obama.)

  12. Light gray background was a bad idea, as I can not see white text well…

  13. This is totally unbelievable
    she didn’t staple him when she lost
    she didn’t drive the wrong direction and then say, “we went too far, you can blame me if you want”
    she didn’t say “I love *ario Kart” in english
    and most importantly she didn’t trash talk at all when the were playing.
    I mean, are you trying to tell me she wouldn’t call him a virgin every time she got hit with a red shell?

  14. So at lunch today we were talking about a news story about a local woman. She caught her husband cheating using craigslist and made friends with the other three girls. After tieing him up for what he thought was going to be some kinky bondage she called her new friends in the room, and they crazy glued his johnny to his waist took is money and left him tied up. to witch i said, “a stapler would have been better.”.

  15. I wanna get into this awesome show, but as luck would have recent releases always screw up on my video players. it’s not fair!

  16. Senjougahara-tan XD.

    Is it me or is the site really slow ?

  17. I’m fascinated. Simple as that. No wit, no charm, no punchline.

    For as much as i’m on tour, why can’t I find a Senjougahara of my own?

  18. When is somebody going to come up with the Hitagi Staples “Easy Button” ad?
    Hitagi: “This is my ‘Now Koyomi will have some staples for Johnny’ button.” Shop-ers, get to work.
    @above me: Seriously, you not able to acquire a Senjougahara of your own just seems against all odds.

  19. so want bake 5 responses post..

  20. RE: Meery

    It’s only because i’ve, to date, only been able to tour western europe. Haven’t quite cracked Japan yet, but when we do, hooboy. I’m gonna be a baaaaaaaaaad wittle boy.

  21. Phil, SDTS from hookers are contagious…

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