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Our long national nightmare is over. The Senate has finally decided to vote on extending the Clunkers for Cash program. Of course, I’m not talking about the conclusion of Endless Eight… oh wait… I am! Banzai!

9 is the last 8 that aired prior to 7 which was an 6 that replaces the previous 5 that was the kinda old 4 which was the old 3 and wasn’t that different from the stale 2. I wouldn’t mind if they repeated things but was somewhat different… but I honestly started praying for something–- ANYTHING-– different by the time I started watching. And I got it! Mikuru piloted a mobile suit via stripper pole, Itsuki bedded his 14 year old daughter to prevent her from becoming a super being, Yuki found a mysterious being in her fridge and promptly named it after “mayonnaise” and “potato,” and, finally, Haruhi stapled Kyon’s Johnny.

I guess the biggest problem I had with this arc was… when you invest eight episodes of anything, you should have some payback besides, “I’m relieved it’s over; let’s pretend that it never happened.” I’m still shaking my head that something thought that having eight episodes of Endless Eight was genius. Not even Shaft would touch that with a ten foot stick.

The biggest issue, that most people already knew about, was that Endless Eight doesn’t end with a bang. It’s a ho-hum ending to a mostly inconsequential story… now when you make that story the centerpiece of the season… with the same ho-hum ending… well… what’s the point? There’s no big final battle (no, Haruhi henpecking Kyon doesn’t count), no big cathartic revelation (no, Kyon doing homework doesn’t count), and no big finale (no, Kyon and Itsuki playing non-strip poker doesn’t count).

I just want to know… was Endless Eight worse or better than Heroes season 2, the last season of The X-Files, and the last season of the A-Team (where the A-Team become CIA agents and get the annoying blonde and the annoying Hispanic guy)?

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What am I going to write about… my last chance to post an image of Haruhi and Mikuru sleeping against each other and wondering if Mikuru really was Haruhi’s plaything. And if videotape were involved.


Tears of Joy/Sadness… Kyoto Animation really topped themselves with Mikuru’s bawling this time around… just fantastic way for the 15,532nd (and hopefully last) reboot. Though I can’t tell if Mikuru is crying because the arc is finally over… or because the arc is finally over.

(Wouldn’t it be the ballsiest move for Kyoto to run another Endless Eight next week? Like show iteration 2,051 in a flashback a la Lost or Mad Men?)

(Yes, I’m more excited about seeing season three of Mad Men next week than I am of seeing more Haruhi Suzumiya.)


Hopes and dreams… they’re reusing old swimsuits, so it must be the final reboot. Though I’m glad that this time around, Mikuru finally got her size back. Whew! That was the real national nightmare.

(Kyoto should have approach Endless Eight differently… like outsource each iteration to a different subcontractor. Like one could be done by Shaft, another by Sunrise, and another by the South Park guys.)


Rain… it rained for the first time in like five months today, so I had a series of “What’s wrong with the Earth? Water fell from the sky to the ground! Shouldn’t water be only in pools and oceans? Where can I open a support ticket? Is the Earth’s 30 billion year return policy still good?” to use on people. Needless to say, as I walked around in the rain, I knew it was a sign that Endless Eight was ending (even a bigger sign than it was, in fact, episode eight). But that’s not what this item is focused on. This item is focused on a wet Haruhi wearing wet, clingy, cotton clothes. And how we desperately need more of this. (Maybe not 15,532 more, but definitely more.)


Clannad… reminds me of Tomoya doing his chant to escape the gym storage shed experience with Kyou. (Which is one of the five dumbest things anime characters ever did, but that’s a whole other story that I’ve hashed out many times already.) Anyway, it’s good to see Kyon try to stand up for himself, even if…


He gets henpecked… quite possibly the best henpecking in anime history. Loved how Haruhi kept pecking at him with a finger.

(In terms of the craziness-to-hawtness ratio, which couple do you think has a better ratio? Haruhi and Kyou? Koyomi and Senjougahara? K1 and Rena? Suzaku and Lulu? And we do need to come up with a PER-type stat for craziness-to-hawtness of a relationship? Or maybe it should be treated more like risk a la mutual funds… sure, you can go out with Rena, but there’s a risk she’ll either inject you with some funky drug or chop you up into bite-sized pieces.)


Haruhigasm… okay I chuckled as Haruhi screamed that line. Well, this is the climax episode…


Mikuru, I choose you!


Yukatas… the only way Endless Eight could have been redeemed is if Mikuru were wearing a yukata with scissors and staplers imprinted on it. Yes, that’s the low water mark of Haruhi Suzumiya… when I’m cheering for stuff happening in other series to happen in this one and not the other way around.

(In other news, Yuki Nagato says, “Fuck it, I’m launching these Tomahawk missiles.”)


Aftermath… watching Kyon stare at his PS2 (what is this? 2001?), I can’t help but think… what was the point of the previous eight episodes? It pretty much enraged the fanbase, it disappointed everyone who enjoyed the first season, and it misled us with Mysterious Sign being actually non-repetitive. With the fan outrage, the production costs… I can’t imagine a monetary reason. And if Kyoto or Kadokawa were trolling… well… congrats, Haruhi is the new rickroll. Are you really proud of that? Is that better than doing Haruhi 2009 properly and making sure no one can even come close to Haruhi for Best Anime of 2000s?

Haruhi 2009 was a great opportunity. Totally squandered. Now, excuse me, I have a post on Bakemonogatari to finish up.

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  1. Well, at least they made that last scene almost worth watching this same episode three times…….. What do you mean they played it 8 times? I only remember the initial endless 8 when none of them had dejavu, the one time they looped and Kyon failed to say “I love you”, and now it all ends with this episode.

  2. Wait, what is this show? Haruhi had a sequel? Never heard of this…

  3. I heard that they are airing a recap episode about Endless Eight, w/ content that wasn’t able to be included into the previous 8 episodes. (I must be joking, or else you could not tell my sarcasm)

    Anyways, glad to see that they finally decided to end Endless Eight. I guess the company’s plans were to air a recursion of eight “endless” episodes and ending it on the ninth. This episode makes up for all the pain and suffering that we, the fans, had to endure for these past 9 weeks.

    Thank you Kyon, you’ve really become a man after those 15532 reincarnations.

  4. part of me wants to do this to whoever decided this arc was a good idea:

    haruhi’s tsun tsun explosion was a+ though.

  5. And it ends with over the top heroic victory music and tsundere Haruhi.

  6. ITS OVER FANTASTIC now I can actually WATCH an episode of Haruhi again

  7. PS2 outsells the PS3. EVERY YEAR. Where the hell have you been, Jason? And yes, it’s sad when you’re rooting for a Shaft reference in a KyoAni work. Thing is, I’ve read the entire post listing to the full Ringo Mogire Beam – it’s no Bure, but it surpasses Rumba in my opinion.

  8. Haruhi and Kyou

    I’m voting for this option.

    (Wish there was a preview button for comments right about now)

  9. Haruhi and Kyou (did you mean Kyon?): their ability to be a couple is distorted by the fact that Kyon shows so little interest in taking advatage of the hawtness despite her craziness.

    Koyomi and Senjougahara: while the dialogue and tension is great, I don’t think Koyomi has shown he’s ready to seriously spar with her yet. And he in no way can match her craziness.

    K1 and Rena: Best match hands down (especially after they’ve been cut off). K1 can obviously match Rena in insanity, intensity, physical dexterity and sexual tension during life or death struggles.

    Suzaku and Lulu: Don’t even get me started.

    (why no Mariya and Kanako?)

    And really, I’ll finally say I’m disappointed. Homework? Really? Lame. No, I hadn’t read the book, so I was in the dark. This WAS a serious waste of time and resources. Epic fail.

  10. When I saw the new article badge adorning this feed in my RSS reader, I immediately figured it was a Haruhi post, and decided it should be titled “Our long national nightmare is over.” Then I loaded the post.

    Freaking creepy, man.

  11. Though the climax was more of relief than it was of excitement, im hoping that episode ten brings everything back to normal. No more time traveling or time looping. The only good thing its brought us Mikuru

  12. Remember back when the worst sequel dropoff we had to complain about was that Haruka wasn’t amazing enough or that the killer EFD lolis did very little killing or EFD? I miss those days. You should finish blogging Minami-ke so we can bask in the nostalgia of the before times.

    Hopefully the rest of the new episodes will be closer to 2006 quality (did I really just type that?) and when it comes time for rewatching Endless Eight will just get ~75%-87% skipped over. Actually, the combined Haruhi seasons are starting to remind me of the first season of Higurashi. The first couple and last arcs were great but I have no interest in seeing young Rika and Satoko abuse arcs again. But at least they had new material each episode and even together were shorter than Endless Eight. So bravo, KyoAni and Kadokawa. You managed to beat Studio Deen in the momentum destroying mid-series storyarc game. Bravo.

  13. I just want to know… was Endless Eight worse or better than Heroes season 2, the last season of The X-Files, and the last season of the A-Team (where the A-Team become CIA agents and get the annoying blonde and the annoying Hispanic guy)?

    Shut up, crazy foo! >_< I'm trying my darndest to forget the A-Team were ever lapdogs for The Man.

  14. allelujah…
    It’s what one says when they wish to thank God!

  15. Best craziness-to-hawtness ratio goes to Yuno and Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki of course.
    I really enjoyed the OVA of Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, I wonder when will new episodes come out ?

  16. Despite bogging down the series, that final scene in the cafe was pretty epic. I loved Haruhi’s reaction and the background music? That was some serious John Williams shit right there, I dig it. Classy little bit at the end with Koizumi and Kyon as well.

    I slogged through every minute of each episode and seeing it all come to an end definitely felt good. I’ll watch the rest of the series, hopefully we’ll get to more SOS antics and crazy universe-alterring shitshows.

  17. If this episode had been a stand alone episode it would have been great. Kyon pretty much comes up with the solution on a whim, which fits the show perfectly. I mean, considering the whole “closed space” incident ended with an impromptu kiss and the baseball game ended with some out-there cheating, it’d fit in with all the other episodes for Kyon to just go nuts and come up with just anything and get the solution purely by accident… and it WAS purely by accident.

    What really puzzles me is why they paint the solution as some complexed mystery in previous episodes for the audience to solve, when Kyon gets the right answer by accident with very little thought into at all. It really makes the whole loop thing rather pointless when the solution can be pulled out of Kyon’s ass.

    …Nor did the previous episodes explain why Kyon didn’t pull random things out of his ass in previous iterations. He just gave up all previous episodes, how did this iteration become different?

  18. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the decision to make Endless Eight 8 episodes came because of a decision not to animate Disappearance this set of 14 episodes (which we’ll find out fairly soon if we’ll see that or not). If so, then this choice makes a certain amount of sense, because they used up most of the extra stories in the first several books in the first season, so there is not many things for them to animate.
    Also, I always wondered when they would change the name of the show, as I didn’t think they’d be using the Melancholy for the entire series since it changes for each book. Now, obviously, they won’t change the name every couple episodes, but Disappearance would be a good time to change, as it’s the next major storyline.
    So, anyway, I never thought the episodes were that bad, but they certainly could have been better.

  19. Um, Shuichi, what the fuck are you talking about? There was plenty of material in the books that they could of animated (the incident with the cats, the pseudo-esper, the Melancholy of Asahina Mikuru, the introduction of the Student Council President, etc.) What they should of done this season was make Endless Eight two, three episodes max, and the rest to be divided between Disappearance (which at most would of taken 3-4 episodes), and make two-episode Snow Mountain Syndrome (perhaps one of the most important arcs in the whole series, as it introduces the Sky Canopy Domain and Nagato’s potential weakness). And, if they wanted to, animate Sighs (the filming of the movie; but really, that whole plot (besides the end) was really irrelevant). If they decide to animate Sighs, Itsuki’s closing commentary on Mikuru’s potential motives would have done a splendid job at setting up the Third Major Story Arc (the one with the rival time travelers, espers, etc.). They just squandered all of it. Why? Who the fuck knows.

  20. You know, Haruhi could of been THE anime of the early 21st century. It could of set the standard for everything, it would of achieved the greatest honor of all: Best Anime of the Decade. However, seeing as how they squandered that chance, the title for the best anime shall now fall to Gurren Lagann. In fact, Gainex ruled this decade from the start: they started off the decade with a bang, with FLCL (my favorite anime ever), then seven years later, they exorcise the Evangelion wangst-specters from Mecha with Gurren Lagann. Kyoto may dominate animation, but Gainex is the king of Story telling, hands down. The only other thing that can hold to them is Clannad, Ghost in the Shell, and Eden of the East, give or take a couple others (at least, as far as entertainment goes). Haruhi 2006 will always be the best anime of the decade, but as THE anime of the decade – well, it has given up that chance. Too late, they made a mistake, and now KyoAni and Kadokawa will pay financially – unless, of course, they come with the most brilliant marketing scheme (or comeback) in history.

  21. @Shuichi: in the promotional material in Newtype you can see images from disappearance.
    For example here:
    (Don’t look if you don’t want to be spoiled about some details of Disappearance)
    I would rather guess that the only new animation (5-6 eps) will only feature Disappearance. Besides, it would fit right at the end, in chronological order.

  22. Woot so this is the first episode of the Endless Eight arc? It sure ended fast, I like how they wrapped everything up in one episode.

  23. I’M COMING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I’m really surprised at the so-called fans cheering the end of Endless Eight. Yes it was repetitive and lasted longer than it would have, yes it’s now competing with Bakemonogatari as best anime of the season, and yes the solution was completely not-epic, but it was interesting. This is the type of experimenting and risk-taking you don’t see coming out of any studio, especially with the economic crunch we are having world-wide.

    Was it TOO long? Yes, but I’m glad that I got to witness something of this magnitude.

    Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be watching all the pool scenes of the whole saga to watch Haruhi in a swimsuit.

  25. Haruhi would never have been THE anime of the decade. It’s not the best show out there, it’s one of the most popular and unfortunately overhyped ones.

    The novels after Vol. 4 aren’t even that great. >_>

    I still love it, but I have no illusions as to its quality. Bakemonogatari is still better than even the first season.

  26. Earlier today at the White House,

    My fellow Americans, at long last, our long national nightmare is over, we have reached the end of the dark period in Anime history that will come to be known as the Endless Era. Eight long weeks characterized by unprecedented aggression, a sharp decrease in fanservice, and sustained trolling from overseas had ended. The insanity is over. The horrific misrule of Kadokawa has been brought to a close. Soon, we as a people will move out of the Dark Ages and into a more enlightened time. After a long, dark period, the sun is finally rising again over America, and the world at large. We look forward to a bright new dawn not seen since the glory days of season one. And as we bind up the internal wounds of season two, more painful and more poisonous than those of foreign wars, let us restore the golden rule to our anime watching obsession, and let brotherly love purge our hearts of suspicion and of hate. To the peoples and the governments of all friendly nations, and I hope that could encompass the whole world, the time has come to put Endless Eight behind us. – The President

  27. I’d extend it to say that it was all downhill after the first volume – there was a fairly clear inclination to end the book there and then, but…

  28. I wouldn’t go so far to say that Haruhi is competing with Bakemonogatari for best anime of the season. The series is great, E8 has been pretty epic, and we will always lurv ourselves some Mikuru (or Yuki, if you’re me), but really, so far we’ve gotten a season full of repeated episodes. Senjougahara fascination – Bakemonogatari has a more well-rounded experience to offer. And Hitagi sports a ponytail each episode. ’nuff said.

  29. The time I could have spend on other things then watching all these episodes… Like watching Youtube user video comments, oohh somebody made a comment about the Chris Brown apology, how vigorously entertaining. Should watch the other 15,532 comments…

    P.S. Is this the evolutionary step of trolls?

  30. Though I’m sure that my comment will be intercepted for Moderation…

    I have to say, it’s been an amazing few weeks. The rumors. The Speculation. The constant repetition with only wardrobe variations to tide patient watchers. The sheer RAGE expressed by the IMPATIENT part of the Haruhi fandom in general would have made Kharne the Betrayer of the World Eaters blush. The see-sawing quality between iterations of Endless Eight. The plummeting value Western viewers placed in KyoAni due to Kadokawa’s influence. The non-cathartic resolution.

    Hahaha, wow.

  31. “I’d extend it to say that it was all downhill after the first volume”

    Not exactly. Intrigues and some of the later short stories are well-written, and Disappearance IS the best story.

    I’m sure Vol. 10 will be awesome too. If it ever comes out.

  32. Am I the only one who finds Mikuru really annoying? I mean sure, she has nice hopes and dreams, and All-Woman Mikuru is pure hawtness, but it doesn’t make up for her being a teary-eyed pushover. Yuki definitely > Mikuru in this arc. It’s nice to see her display some emotion even if Kyon’s the only one who can see it.

  33. Delicious henpecking Haruhi redeemed everything for me. God, I’m such a sucker for tsunderes.
    Oh, and if you’re coming, I’m coming too, Haruhi. If you know what I mean.

  34. Now I wish I had posted my thoughts after the 2nd or 3rd iteration, when I said to myself “what they’re missing is a homework party, like in every other high school anime.”

  35. Cmon, this wasn’t a Haruhi sequel. KyoAni just took a huge dump, and wiped their ass with all that 2006-on money. We were only watching their crap.

    Btw, nice capture of Haruhigasm.

  36. It took 15,532 to finally achieve a spirit bomb.
    It tickled me how amped up Kyon was about doing homework. Obviously it’s because of 15,532 iterations but after the initial outburst I would have loved to see the on-lookers faces while Kyon is spewing out his homework idea.
    Aside from “I’m coming too” there’s “We’ll do it my house”
    What amused me more was Itsuki’s and Nagato’s readiness to agree to Kyon’s request of
    “Let me copy whatever you have so far.”
    Itsuki: “Sure”
    Nagato: *nods*
    Kyon: “YOSHI~”

  37. Jason I don’t care if it was a typo Haruhi and Kyou would be a crazy hot couple. I’m not sure what the space time implications of rubbing two epic tsundere’s together would be but I’m willing to risk the alpha quadrant to find out. In other news huza it’s over! I might well have more than three anime’s in my must watch list next week! (Hayate, FMA, and Ghost Story if you were wondering)

  38. People are still watching this show? I think KyoAni has made their point about otaku.

    What really sucks is along about the fourth episode, when I realized they’d changed the name from “Endless Summer” I said, “I just had a horrible thought… what if they’re planning to do eight episodes of this?”


  39. If they wanted to REALLY cheese off the fans they’d make a recap ep for all 8 episodes of Endless Eight. By then, expect blood, destruction and cowering Mikurus in the corner.

  40. Also, I should point out, this is a re-airing, NOT a second season.

    Disappearance was promised for the second season.

    The entire point of this is to get people talking about Haruhi again, and that it has.

  41. You know what would be another ballsy, yet amazingly stupid (busnesswise as well), yet terrifyingly plausible is to add one or more “extra” endless eight episodes as the bonus OVA for Haruhi2009….T_T

  42. @Kaisos: huh? It doubled the number of episodes broadcast, has a whole new set of dvds announced, and its not a second season? That is optimistic rationalisation if ever I heard it.

    Since the director of Kannagi who has since left KyoAni (with a lot of bad feeling) said that the idea was being kicked around when he was still there, I think it’s safe to assume it was on the cards for quite a while. Such a shame.

  43. I would personally like to subscribe to his sense of “optimistic rationalisation” as opposed to being in despair that half of my “second season” has been repeating episodes. Regardless, I will never complain about seeing Yuki in so many different kimonos and swimsuit.

  44. KyoAni themselves is calling it a re-airing, and the episode numbers and placement support this.

    And the DVDs are numbered in such a way as to place them in between the currently released DVDs.

    It’s a re-airing, not a true second season. =P

  45. Worse then Heroes season 2, better then season 3, worse then the last X-files season, infinitely more realistic then ‘Logan Ross’ Murdock.

    The past 8 episodes was a balsier move then the the Anti Spiral War.

  46. Izzy Yudtsn: My idea was that all of the side stories you mention occur after the school festival (I forgot if they occur before or after s1 ep 14), so I didn’t think they’d be used. I was thinking along the lines of using the 14 new episodes to fill in the missing stories up to the Day of Sagitarrius/ep 14.

    neothoron: I generally don’t bother with magazine promos, so I didn’t know that. That certainly puts a fairly large hole in my idea, but oh well.

    Anyway, I thought of that idea as I was reading these comments, because there has to be a “why” as to why they made 8 episodes of Endless Eight. And I don’t buy Kyoto/Kadokawa being jerks/trolls. They spent so much money animating, aggrevated so many people, and possibly lost so many DVD sales that I think they had to have had a valid reason for doing the show this way. Especially since they sacked the Lucky Star director after only 4 episodes due to fan rage.

  47. At last!!!

    Fuck, eight episodes of Endless eight (not pum intended), what a mess for KyoAni.

    What now…? a reboot of this arc… o_O

  48. Kaisos, I want to believe that is true. I want to, but my common sense is telling me not to.

  49. To be honest, I ended up laughing my ass off at the ending of this.

    Not that I’m THAT easily amused, mind you, but maybe it was just a laugh of relief…..”Weell, now THAT’s all over with….let’s go have a pizza and beer.” Funny and ha ha.

    I will say that I am all in favour of the deranged genius, or lack thereof, that informed this action. It beats the hell out of 97% of everything out there on regular TV in terms of cleverness, faux, facile, or otherwise. ONLY Petticoat Junction and several, bit not all, episodes of Mc Hales Navy, can top this. Alright alright….the Alf Goes To Gilligan’s Island tops ALL of of this…

    Anyway, this was, spot on, all things considered. And more revolutionary than ANYTHING those poofters in Utena could have come up with. WHY wasn’t this done much sooner…..??

    An entire SEASON of BEVERLY HILLBILLIES could have passed in this way, and NO ONE would have noticed!!

    The only OBVIOUS regret is that Kyon didn’t give Haruhi a good SCHMECK!

    I will shut up now.

  50. Kyon has quite the poker face to barely react when dealt the absolute best hand… and Itsuki should have at least gotten rid of the Jack to go for the full house… but I bet he rigged the deck in the end for his good buddy, so he didn’t care at all.

  51. I have nothing constructive or witty to say about this…………..kinda like the entire Endless Eight arc HEYO!

  52. When the DVDs come out, the first DVD will be the first Haruhi s2 ep (what was that about again, anyway?), the first Endless Eight, possibly a montage of the middle Endless Eights, and the last Endless Eight. The next 2 DVDs will be completely new episodes. Why, you ask?

    No publicity is bad publicity, and managing expectations (what better way to get around being unable to live up to the hype from s1 than to completely crush all expectations, then turn around and suckerpunch the fanbase on the DVDs?)

  53. After watching Endless Eight episode 8 I suddenly felt the urge to put a flag on my car and drive around while yelling: YES YES YES! Also, I can’t seem to remember what happened the past seven weeks. So the question is: should I consult a doctor or a psychiatrist?

  54. @El
    >>the title for the best anime shall now fall to Gurren Lagann

  55. I love God, my mother, my family, and Kyon for growing balls (I’m assuming that’s what happened, I haven’t seen it yet).

    But this was dreadful on KyoAni’s part. I actually ended up watching the 1st and 2nd series of Shana again. And even then I was still haunted by deja vus (ep 1 of series 2)… Argh….
    I wonder what’s happenin in the world of Valkyria Chronicles?

  56. People are still watching this show? I think KyoAni has made their point about otaku.

    That even as otaku lament the recent direction things are going, they’re willing to give more of a second chance than they normally would to a studio whose work they have consistently loved and a series that they view as a major high point of recent anime and continue watching in the hopes that this is just a temporary hiccup? How almost reasonable of them. Don’t they know the proper course of action is to immediately drop it and never look back, they way sports fans disavow their favorite teams whenever they hit a spot of poor performance?

    Oh, wait…

  57. Ok. I have a theory. Perhaps someone at KyoAni took a look at the past few years, noticed the crazed fandom’s clamoring for more, and decided to do something about it. Assuming they use the remaining five episodes to animate “disappearance” and not to do some other random episodes, then the second season will have been worthwhile (except for, you know, five of its repeat episodes), but no one in their right mind would ask for more after the massive trolling they received at the hands of KyoAni. By adding this arc, they’ll make disappearance look amazing by comparison, but leave the fanbase exactly where they want them: affectionate, but done with the series.

    Another theory would be that this stretching of endless eight would make way for a third season, but of course that is rendered moot by the fact that after this fiasco, no one would want it.

  58. Pretty sure 90% of the fandom would come crawling back for a third season, and most casual fans I know don’t care enough to feel E8 was a travesty in the first place.

  59. The best thing to come out of Endless Eight is all the speculation about KyoAni’s motives. Especially the comparisons with Springtime for Hitler.

  60. This just in: Kadokawa has announced in a press release that it will sponsor a fan based competition to creatively edit all the animation footage from the recently completely and highly debated “Endless Eight” episode arc of the anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” into a complete 2 hour stand alone feature film. The lucky contestant winner will receive an all expense paid vacation (for two) to see the premier in person, a tour of the Koyoto Animation studio, a life size blow up doll of Mikuru Asahina, a character from the popular anime series, and a full set of “Endless Eight” on Blu-Ray. Fan participation is expected to be high.
    In other news, grass continues to grow in various parts of the world.

  61. It ended. it actually ended.

    And yet, even though I bothered to sit through the previous seven episodes, this is the only one I’ve hesitated to actually watch.

    It’s like I’ve eaten half a dozen cheeseburgers. It seems like a good idea at the beginning, but two burgers in I’ve started consuming out of obligation. However, when dessert finally comes – like a sundae placed right in front of me, there’s just no motivation for me to reach out and touch it. I know that, while it might otherwise taste delicious, the stomach ache I currently have will prevent me from enjoying it.

    In the end, all I can do is sit there trying my best to imagine Mikuru as the cherry, and avoid thinking about Koizumi as the nuts.

  62. I’ve noticed SZS has been doing some repeating skits. Endless 8 lampoon? It’s Shaftily prompt if it is.

  63. Man, endless eight and ABSOLUTELY NO LOL-Fang-Tan!

    Kyoto is rabid I tell you, RABID!

    Maybe Bakemonogatari has sprung from a Haruhist within Shaft that got word of Kyoto’s plans? A holiday should be created for that guy! August 8th!

  64. Hmmm, had an impression of deja-vu writing my previous post…
    The only endless eight I want is the kind I generate myself by looping Senjougahara’s post-shower scene.

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