taking a short break

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  1. Bakemonogatari episode six was tailor-made for you, and you take a short break?

    (It was that good, huh?)

  2. whaat
    dont be gone as long as you were the last time :/

  3. Seriously, Bakemonogatari 6 was absolutely epic, I’m shocked SHOCKED you aren’t on that.

  4. Get plenty of rest

  5. Oh, so this is what happens when Jason watches a pantheon-worthy episode? :o

  6. I think this might just be the shortest entry I’ve ever seen on a blog; quite surprising considering the usual post word count around these parts.


    Personally, Bakemonogatari 6 put me to sleep, so in my case it was an involuntary short break. =P

  7. Jason just needs time recover from his mysterious eye ball puncture wounds and severe internal bleeding. He’ll have the staples out and be rearing to go in no time.
    Alternatively if you’re taking time off to write that Kyou Haruhi doujinshi you know where to find me if you need a (cheap and not to mention board out of his mind) graphic artist.

  8. I guess he shorted out thinking how long until ep 7 comes out. (can’t edit my posts? :( )

  9. Whoa, I never would have thought about a Itsuki X Mio pairing. >_>

  10. That could be a very manly ritsu

  11. I’d never have got either of them if it weren’t for the tags. My first thoughts were Itsuki and…ah wait…Kaoru and…uuuh nope.

  12. Yo. Long time reader.

    Rest well. Anything to prevent major writing burnout like before.

  13. Aww was looking forward to your thoughts on FMA now that it’s significantly diverged from the first.

  14. We all knew endless eight would take lives. But this has really hit home.

  15. Needless review where?

    (I’d like to add, at least check out Shin Mazinger Z. Imagawa’s earning his rep.)

  16. Well I’m looking forwards to reading what Jason has to say on eps 6. I liked it. First the monkey girl is all friendly and laughs and then BANG! she drops her mask and goes apeshit (heh-heh) on Ara-ara-ragi with premeditated murder in mind. Can’t wait for the next episode, I’m betting Hitagi has a very good idea who did it even if Raragi doesn’t tell her. And this right after she told him if anyone’s going to kill him it’ll be her, and she’s going to kill anyone that kills him.
    In other news, I’ve decided to call this show Senjougatari from now on.

  17. I was cracking up the entirety of episode 6. This show just keeps topping itself every episode.

  18. Just don’t dwell on the fact that it Itsuki is up there bedding Mio instead of you or you’ll never get any rest.

  19. What I want to hear about is the Kafuka-esques smile from Class Rep before Araragi calls her. Is it a lock that she is the final boss?
    That pic is my new PSP wallpaper.

  20. Speaking of K-ON!, I’d like to read Jason’s comment on the last scanlated chapter where Mugi and Ritsu go on a date and Mugi asks Ritsu to HIT her.

  21. Ah…

    It’s not that I like you, or something… but I can’t wait to see what you’d write on Bakemonogatari 6!

  22. I need you on Bakemonogatari 6! Can’t read about this series on /a/, the trolls have taken over that place.

  23. Yep, these are Jason’s readers.

  24. Why the fuss over Bakemonogatari 6?
    Just another normal episode..

  25. See you next year Jason!

  26. Jason

    how could you go on a break before doing a review of bakamontagari Ep6?

  27. Review of Ghostory 6?

    – Hype for Senjougahara

    – Hate for Shaft being Shaft

    – Love for the dialogue in the series.

    – Love for the last-minute brutal action sequence.

    – Insert a few memes and a few dozen screencaps. Also insert the humor we all know and love on this blog.

  28. You know he’s only withdrawn to plot the next name change for this blog, don’t you?

    I’m guessing “Senjougahara Fascination,” myself.

  29. Also, new Haruhi. An entry filled with thousands of words about Haruhi without mentioning E8 can be published once again – if only there were something worth saying about Sighs.

  30. Just to clarify, the title of the post refers to the image, not my blogging status. And Ghostory posts always takes me more than a few days to write.

  31. Well it was VERY misleading Jason lol

  32. Senjougahara好き sounds like an awesome blog name.

  33. If you leave for as long as last time I will know exactly how to quit you.

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