in memoriam, les paul

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  1. Thanks for making the sound of rock and roll possible – and thusly Interpol – and for subsequently making K-On! that much cooler.

  2. Well, someone had to.

    I remember wiki’ing his name after I started watching K-ON! and was surprised at how much he did for music technology in general. It kinda made me feel bad for not knowing who he was.

    In any case, RIP.

  3. Just want to say that I am very grateful for Les and all he brought to music. RIP Les Paul.

  4. This came up in my feed reader right after Questionable Content’s (also awesome) tribute:

  5. Don’t know much about his personal history, but I like that he kept pushing forward with his innovations until they were accepted. I wonder if he ever named any of his guitars, like “Gitah”. If anyone had the right, it would be him.

    So, does this mean we’re going to a series about moe genderswapped guitar innovators?

  6. I recently bought a Les Paul, “Ebony”, the best guitar I have ever played. I want to leave a small thank to one of the greatest guitar makers.

  7. Is it bad that when I first heard about his death on the news, the first thing I thought was, “What will KyoAni do to honor his passing?”


    …The second thought was, “Or will Shaft beat them to the punch?”

    Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

  8. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page introduced me to Les Paul and his amazing guitars. I’ve never had the opportunity to play one (I’m always too timid to ask at the store), but I’ve always loved the sound. Thanks for the tribute, Jason. He was certainly one of a kind. And worthy of Yui’s worship.

  9. I own 5 les pauls, and I played them all yesterday at a show in tribute. Obviously it was probably happening sooner than later, but he still played gigs to his dying day. A musicians musician if ever there was one. The man lived an incredible life.

  10. Goodby, sweet prince. May your legacy never end.

  11. Thanks for honoring him. He was a true legend.

  12. R. I. P. music legend.

  13. I’m from Wisconsin and spend a lot of time working in Les Paul’s hometown. A lot of bands have made Waukesha and Milwaukee famous over the years….from the Bodeans and the Violent Femmes….to Al Jarreau and Paul Cebar & The Milwaukeeans and Jerry Harrison from The Talking Heads.

    But perhaps the best known of them all was Steve Miller. And even though the Steve Miller Band was formed when Steve moved out to California….it was Milwaukee that made him the talent that he became. And it was his godfather, Les Paul, who taught him his first guitar chords as a little boy.

    So thank you Jason for a perfect homage to Les Paul. Your picture of Yui was worth more as an homage than a thousand of my words could ever hope to be.

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