there’s something about senjougahara

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  1. !!!

  2. ???

  3. ????

  4. You know why her hands are hidden, right? Swinglines.

  5. I wonder where she’s going to put that stapler.

    …yeah I went there.

  6. Senjougahara tore.

  7. <3 <3 <3 <3 :D

  8. .. ?_?

  9. So who else is lining up to be stapled?

  10. Senjoual.

  11. I’m trying to make a bakemonogatari drinking game.
    Every time senjougahara verbally abuses take a drink.
    Every time she gets violent finish the bottle in one go.
    Every time she draws blood, staple yourself.

  12. Staple-worthy.

  13. How… fascinating.

  14. What’s the big deal about Senjougahara? Yes, she’s hawt, but hawtness is dirt cheap in anime. Her violent nature and love of sharp objects are both only desirable if you are a masochist. Not only that, but if she wasn’t hawt, none of those things would be desirable anyway. Are we otaku so cheap as to be bought by mere hawtness? How does she have it where it counts, like other much better anime girls?

  15. we know she hides stationary all over her body, so were is the stapler when she wears this outfit?

  16. > “Are we otaku so cheap as to be bought by mere hawtness?”
    Well, since you HAVE already made up your mind, I’ll just answer “yes, we are” which should make it unnecessary to discuss the topic again. Both of us get to feel good for having validated ourselves in front of an audience; though I’ve no clear idea who these “us” are that we both are stepping up to speak for.

  17. “How do you hold a tsunder in your hand?”

  18. I’d like to give her some of my special hair cream if you know what i mean. I’m wondering how many people besides taki remember that movie.
    In other news, Bret Farveret in a god damned Vikings jersey! LOLOLOLOLOOLOLO

  19. Why spoil a perfectly good fanservice post with mentions of the Evil Green one?

  20. Btw, anyone knows what’s the purpose of the passwords in each episodes? like bicycle in episode 1

  21. Wait a Minute…….. WHERE THE STAPLER ???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Don’t really like the pic, even though the print pattern is approapriate. Her eyes look off (maybe it’s the color?)…

  23. Giant Humanoid Robot, I thank you.

  24. Am I the only one who immediately pictured the bathroom scene from the movie?

    Shaft can even reuse the Staple Stable OP but replace everything with zippers instead.

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