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Today’s shoot wasn’t bad.

Oh I love it. Remember during the first episode of Endless Eight, I wrote about how fans need to calm down about Haruhi and how it’s not 2006 but 2009? And now other series have surpassed it, and it can’t keep the status quo to stand in front? And that was before eight episodes of Endless Eight? And before Bakemonogatari? I even referred to it as LLBS (LA Lakers Bandwagon Syndrome). The funny thing is… the people who originally dismissed that post as “nah, won’t happen to Haruhi” are attacking the franchise now. Just epic.

There’s very few things in pop culture, life, or anime that cannot be explained with sports. But until last week, I had nothing for LLBS Haruhi fans gripe and complain and just completely flip-flop on their opinions for Haruhi. But, now I do– thank you Brett Favre, thank you. Like how you managed to go from messiah to pariah in Green Bay, Haruhi Suzumiya and friends have lost some friends over the past few weeks. And much like how Favre is handicapped in making new friends in Minnesota (skipping training camp didn’t endear him to teammates, for one), Haruhi is handicapped in trying to win back fans lost during Endless Eight with… Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya. Not exactly a world-beater.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Sighs really isn’t new material. We know what happens, and surely it would have been a great OVA or bonus episode to go along with the 2006 season… but for 2009… we kinda want something new. We kinda want to move forward. Maybe we don’t want to move as fast as Jon and Kate, but surely faster than K1 and Bell.

But I’m still a fan of the franchise. I wrote that original LLBS post to warn people of just basically what I expected to happen: Haruhi mania will gain steam, 2009 won’t be as good as 2006, people will get disillusioned and turn on the franchise, which is exactly what happened (though Endless Eight was worse than tossing salt on the wound). So the franchise is at a low water mark now, but knowing the tenacity of Haruhi Suzumiya, I won’t doubt that it can win back fans. I just don’t know if it’s going to be with this season or with a true Disappearance sequel.

(The bigger question: is Needless more entertaining than Haruhi? I don’t think so, but we actually can have this conversation now.)

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Bunny Girl Mikuru… Mikuru’s in her bunny girl outfit, all’s right with the world.


Bunny Girl Mikuru… can never get enough of Bunny Girl Mikuru… if Mikuru wore this outfit as a cocktail waitress in Vegas, how much in tips do you think she would rake in every night? I would say at least $500.


Pigtails… lovely pigtails, double ponytails, Heidi, whatever you want to call them on Mikuru. They just seem unrealistically fluffy and large… it’s bigger than 1980s big hair. And what percentage of her body weight do you think is her hair?)

(Oh, I’m including this link, not because of the 156 IQ or the Playboy model thing… but because of the pigtails. Traditional male audience not behind a work internet filter, enjoy.)

(I looked on Google, and there’s no good ponytail blog out there… you’d think some enterprising individual would start one. If you can have blogs dedicated to anime PVC toys from Japan, you can have blogs dedicated to cute girls in ponytails. And the occasional broken image or two, to fully capture the needs of this blog’s audience. Needless to say, I’m writing my Haruhi post before my Bakemonogatari post this week just so I can better equalize the length of the two posts.)

(Andohsnap… Mikuru’s cowering when she’s told she couldn’t cover herself up… A+++. It felt like hope was vacuumed out of her like how air was vacuumed out of Druidia in Spaceballs.)


Double ponytails… hey, random extra girl with the glasses, how you doin’?

(Funny part of this scene is that this is probably the most lines that I’ve heard from Taniguchi since Lucky Channel. I wonder if he was furious at Kyoto for not having any male characters in K-On!, unless you count Mugi’s butler who like two lines… over the phone. And I still bet Taniguchi was furious he didn’t voice those two lines.)


Amateur pr0n… the way the group looked when they boarded the train (a girl in a revealing waitress outfit, a girl in a witch outfit, a girl in typical school uniform, and two guys who look like they would be more interested in little boys from Brazil than ladies from Japan), anyone could have mistaken them for a group of pr0n actors doing an on location shoot. Brock Landers and Amber Waves starring in The Bullet Train, directed by Haruhi Suzumiya.


Haruhi’s directing… just utterly fantastic. I’m going to raise her ceiling from megadirector at Sunrise to the next Jack Horner. I would absolutely want to see a behind-the-scenes documentary of how Haruhi directed Brock Landers and Amber Waves in The Bullet Train.

(She dry humped that frog costume for Pete’s sake… anything is possible with Haruhi in that role, I’d say.)


“The goal is to provide for a larger customer base”… Haruhi’s either an economic genius or a directorial genius. Giving people what they want– brilliant! Though I think I’d rather watch 90 minutes of outtakes of Haruhi undressing Mikuru than watch Mikuru 00.

(Three years ago, I referred to Mikuru 00 and didn’t think of Gundam. I do now. What a difference three year makes… and what do you think I’m looking forward more to? The K-On! OVA? Mahoromatic Tadaima Okaeri? Or Gundam 00 Jupiter? This is like giving me the first pick in fantasy football this season… Peterson, Turner, or LDT?)


“We can make people go ‘woah!’ precisely because it’s a waitress fighting”… Haruhi needs to write a book about her directorial experiences. I would so read it. In fact, who do you think has more common sense? Haruhi or Suruga?


Ruined for marriage… I feel cheated we didn’t get a ruined for marriage line out of Mikuru. It’s like getting a sequel to Haruhi Suzumiya and getting hit with eight episodes of Endless Eight and Sighs right afterward. OH SHI-


Cockblock… what’s the equivalent slang for the female version of a cockblock? Because that’s why Haruhi did to Mikuru by swiping the indirect kiss Kyon so desired (but don’t worry, Itsuki is there for ya). I just knew that Haruhi was going to prevent Kyon from ingesting any liquids that originated from Mikuru.

(Now that I read that previous line again… I probably could have phrased it differently. Ah, forget it.)


Golden Globes… Haruhi’s delusion definitely shows up when she thinks that the Golden Globes is a more prestigious award than her #1 prize for North High’s cultural festival. Golden Globes are a dime a dozen! Go for a Best of Sundance or something… but Golden Globes? As Homer Simpson would say, blarg, I’d take the crab juice.

(And doesn’t Haruhi submarine her chances for the movie at the cultural festival when she performed for ENOZ? She locked up every traditional horny male vote with the Mikuru 00 epic, but she definitely lost votes when she got into the bunny girl outfit and belted out God Knows. There has to be traditional horny male high school students who wonder why isn’t bunny girl an unlockable outfit in Guitar Hero, at the very least.)

(Still amazed there’s no anime-centric rip-off of Guitar Hero or Rock Band yet like various StepMania variants.)


Haruhigasm… I think the honeymoon’s over. I just want to say that if a cute girl who sat next to me in high school wanted to talk with me and hang out with me everyday, I woundn’t be wearing the sourpuss face that Kyon wears. Even if she makes the hawt upperclasswoman dress up as a bunny girl to film questionable commercials.


Fantasy island… Mikuru wearing a waitress uniform and in pigtails while dual-wielding desert eagles… how many typical male fantasies does this cover? Kinda funny since I just saw a story today about how this photo got some cop fired in Dallas. You’d think that using cop privileges to get girls to pose with guns would deserve a promotion in Dallas. I’m beginning to not like this politically correct world of ours.


Contact lenses… it doesn’t increase Mikuru’s moe. I can’t approve this.


School uniforms… I don’t get why the guys have to bring their blazers to school if they’re not going to wear them. Especially in the summer heat.

(I like Taniguchi’s “you’re the kind of guy who’d keep walking alongside someone, fully aware that a cliff lies ahead.” Someone should say this to Koyomi and his Johnny.)


Itsuki… “I think it would be nice to continue like this forever.” Been there, done that.


HD… we finally get Mikuru and the AK47 in HD… except we don’t get the 360 view. Or any close-in shots of the strategically placed mole. At the very least, we should be able to inspect if the mole is properly animated, no? I don’t like this Kyoto Animation that cowers away from fanservice. What happened to the Kyoto that delighted in showing Mikuru in various stages of undress? The Kyoto that did a full nakkid episode of Fumoffu? The Kyoto that did the Tess OVA and the Second Raid shower scenes? What happened? *sob* I feel like a Packers fan staring at a Vikings 4 jersey.

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  1. I don’t follow sports, but I recently become acquainted with basic recent Brett Favre news, and I must say, it was a good feeling when I finally understood a sports reference here. E8 killed the magic, but the series is still some good fun.
    Nice red arrow, picture 5.

  2. I can’t say much. But I’m sure that my laughter during reading means I had more fun reading this blog than I did watching the show. This is not the case with Bakemonogatari however. It’s like with Haruhi you are the water and the show is the hot sauce, there was no point in drinking it, but at least theres some good water to cheer you up. Bakemonogatari on the other hand is like the show is the (Amazing) burger and you are the (Amazing) fries. I would prefer to have my fries with my burger but the burger steals the show.

  3. If this season has 13 episodes, then only two episodes are left. Which only leaves time to finish “Sighs”.

    But, what to make of the promotional material that clearly featured Disappearance?

    Ergo, I am sure there will be a Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi series debuting in 2009, either this fall or this winter!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Endless Eight.

  4. Dane Cook invented a female equivalent to Cock block. It’s a Twat Swat

  5. (The bigger question: is Needless more entertaining than Haruhi? I don’t think so, but we actually can have this conversation now.)

    Needless episode 6 is more entertaining than all of Haruhi 2009. Is sum(Needless)|1-current # > [sum(Haruhi 2006)|all + sum(Haruhi 2009)|1,current #]? I dunno, I’m (sadly) not caught up on Needless. But add Haruhi-chan and the and it’s probably “no”.

    I don’t like this Kyoto Animation that cowers away from fanservice.

    Kyoto’s been both too timid (Mio’s rice bowl, Mugivision(tm), making Haruhi 2009 look like K-On) and too brazen (Endless Eight, remaking Munto without any noticeable direction or ending) in all the wrong places lately. I still look forward to KyoAni shows, but they’re not my go-to for remakes or new series anymore.

    But, what to make of the promotional material that clearly featured Disappearance?

    The same that could be made of that live action surveillance video a while back showing the time traveling Tanabata story.

  6. Is it bad that I came to this site today hoping for a Bakemonogatari post, and was disappointed when I saw Haruhi on the front page?!

    How the mighty have fallen…

  7. what’s the equivalent slang for the female version of a cockblock?

    vag-jected? box blocked flows well but it also kinda rude… ah a google search came up with “taco blocker”. very classy.

  8. I don’t think I’ve seen this many up arrows in a Haruhi post for about 3 years and two months.

    This episode was fun, but it would have been better if I didn’t have this bitter taste in my mouth from E8…

  9. Would it be the ballsiest move ever if they wrapped up disappearance in one episode?

  10. I have to say, ever since the introduction of the “Pretty Girl Squad” Needless has jumped up on my anime scale.

  11. “Would it be the ballsiest move ever if they wrapped up disappearance in one episode?”

    What would be ballsier, wrapping up disappearance in one episode, or endless eight?

  12. I’m currently rewatching “Space Cruiser Yamato” Season 1 and there was more fanservice on the first disk than the entire K-ON! season and the new Haruhi eps combined. Of course, all that stuff got edited out for Star Blazers. At any rate, this episode made me want to go shoot my own movie. Haruhi makes it look easy. Except my Mikuru lives at the other end of the state. And that makes ME sigh.
    (It was refreshing seeing all the green arrows, Jason.)

  13. This coming Tuesday, I start my Digital Video class. It’s supposed to teach non-linear editing software, but because my instructor was in the business earlier in life, he insisted that the school pimp out the class with HD cameras, a fully functional soundstage… he even encourages using students from the theater department! So I’m in for a the full film making experience, except I’ll be making crappy student films.

    Seeing this episode, I can’t help but cross my fingers and really hope my films are above Haruhi quality. If they are not, I really hope I can find the perfect battle waitress!

  14. “There’s very few things in pop culture, life, or anime that cannot be explained with sports.”

    Very true and well said. As surely as Jack Sikma could pop a free-throw, an understanding and appreciation of sports is essential to understanding and appreciating life.

    Now it’s problematic whether or not Haruhi 2009 can overcome it’s 8 game losing streak and sneak into the playoffs. Sighs might not have been the back-up QB of choice, but he’s moving the ball down the field a bit, and not making mistakes. My reaction in the aftermath of Endless Eight was *sigh* But now I’m enjoying this, even though I’m little bit disappointed that there’s nothing new. I’m seeing a glimmer of hope again.

    As a Packer fan, I refuse to even acknowledge the Brent Faberge Egg Saga anymore, except to utter a derisive chortle at his performance Friday night. It can’t compare to Endless Eight. And to be honest, as Endless Eight raced along endlessly, I began to actually like it a strangely mesmerizing way that bordered on the vaguely hallucinogenic. I found in it a different sports metaphor…and used THAT connection to explain something that is going on in NASCAR right now…the abysmal and dismaying performances of Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kevin Harvick.

    Overall, Haruhi 2009 probably wont make the playoffs, and if it were a NASCAR driver, it definitely wont be making the Chase even if it won every race from here on out. But clearly, just as Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the most popular driver in NASCAR despite 0 wins, not making the Chase, racing on the same team as the hated Jeff Gordon, Haruhi as a franchise will remain strong and compelling and reclaim it’s fanbase.

    And before I’m tempted to mention Danica Patrick, I’m out of a here. Take a Polish Victory Lap and call it a day.

  15. 1. Still wondering if I was right to drop Needless. With Haruhi no longer being horrible (I did enjoy this one, but I was able to enjoy EE up to the 5th run and keep dragging till the end so you can tell where I stand), S&W2 returning to the fold and a constant supply of Hayate, I don’t really need another ‘pretty ok/funny’ show. Did Needless keep up it’s Ep1 over-the-topness or is it just a trainwreck?

    2. Ballsiest move would be VERY simple: Put EE into a 8 DvD series… and put Disappearance as a hidden DvD only ‘bonus’ for the EE DvDs.. 8 episodes, high quality and spread evenly with the EE episodes.

    Think there would be a sports analogy for THAT if it ever kicked in?

    3. Admit it: 3 episodes of cowering Mikuru being ruined for marriage is pretty much the best you can do to recover (excluding Disappearance or turning back time and removing most of EE). It WILL be awkward, though, when Sighs ends and we go back to 2006’s Live Alive (IIRC, that and seeing the actual video itself be next).

    4. This also means that Mikuru is giving up the Meido contest and is trying for top Waitress I believe. Fits the Farve reference (which suddenly made me merge Farve and Mikuru..which made a person beside me wonder what I was smiling about..which proves I’ve been reading this forum for too long)

  16. I heard that the team working on Haruhi 2009 is part of the Haruhi 2006 team merged with part of the K-On! team. Apparently, the other part of the Haruhi 2006 team was fired. Not sure if this is true or not, but I just hope that their more lighthearted work on K-On! and Haruhi 2009 won’t prevent them from making series similar to Kanon and Clannad in the future.

  17. Half the members of the ’06 team left with Yamakan, I’m pretty sure.

  18. 2. Ballsiest move would be VERY simple: Put EE into a 8 DvD series… and put Disappearance as a hidden DvD only ‘bonus’ for the EE DvDs.. 8 episodes, high quality and spread evenly with the EE episodes.

    Think there would be a sports analogy for THAT if it ever kicked in?

    The only example that came to mind pairs “personal seat license” with “season ticket”.

  19. “…who do you think has more common sense? Haruhi or Suruga?” Not to dodge the question, but: if Haruhi were to proposition Kyon in order to keep Mikuru for herself, it might be a no-more-anime-can’t-top-that moment. Less so if she propositions Itsuki to keep Kyon for herself.

    And it might as well be Taniguchi and Kyon who take the blazers to school. It’s certainly not going to be the T-wolves…

  20. Well, like I said somewhere else…the scene I want to see that most in Sigh right now is when Haruhi actually made Kyon angry. Not the usual kind but the “Totally pissed and gonna snap” kind. Ought to give the viewers something to analyze and talk about.

    …Oh, and here’s random extra girl’s name (…and the rest of the class. Huh, Kyon atually has a lot of cute classmates)

  21. If Kyoto had any brains at all, they’d quickly re-hire Yamakan and the 2006 team, and finish up this decade with the most amazing anime arc ever. Then go on a three-game winning streak, a new season every year, ending December 21, 2012. When the final book will be published.

  22. It’d be cooler if they just gave us Little Busters!, or do I really want that from them anymore?

  23. I’m definitely one of those fans who got turned off by the way this season turned out ): and until there is news of more coming in a future season I don’t really see myself getting back into it again.

    sigh;;;; not even yamakan could salvage this mess :/

  24. I think Haruhi Suzumiya would have been a better show if it was just about a crazy girl and the club that deals with her making all sorts of campy home-videos as they try to break into the entertainment industry. Same characters with no supernaturalness going to film school. That would be an awesome show. At this point I’m wondering “where did the plot go? Wasn’t there something about an opposing faction and superpowered aliens and hmm….”

  25. Coming soon to the blog near you….”Yeah, fanservice”.

  26. I finally figured out what was missing from 2006 to 2009. We have no LOL FANG-TAN! Seriously, where did our other genki girl go? We should start calling this the Disappearance of LOL FANG-TAN.

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