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If all you focus on is your breasts, you’ll only ever have hardcore fans.


“At any rate, I want Mikuru-chan to go through a lot of suffering.”

I think that sums up Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya right there. Haruhi puts Mikuru through her own personal hell with our entertainment and enjoyment as the rewards. I’d say that this arc was pure genius, if, you know, it didn’t follow eight episodes of Endless Eight and wasn’t as long as the original Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya arc. Surely we’re not in a pattern where Kyoto and Kodansha aren’t milking the series for as many episodes as possible, are we?

In any case, watching Mikuru suffer, whimper, and cower through Sighs is enjoyable, just because it’s stretched out, it doesn’t feel like she’s suffering, whimpering, or cowering enough (then again, these are all like crack cocaine… can’t really stop at a quick sniffle). But, really, it’s the lack of Mikuru fanservice… Kyoto shying away from fanservice has to be the real story this year, not how they animated eight episodes of Endless Eight during the worst worldwide economic collapse in a generation.

(“The more Mikuru-chan suffers, the more impact the final catharsis will have.”

I wonder if Haruhi gave Mikuru the option, “Hey, continue doing this video for a week, or we’ll just do an afternoon of softcore pr0n,” I don’t think Mikuru would turn down the pr0n option. Warrants mentioning.)

sos brigade awesomeness index


Cowering Mikuru… I give this scene… a 56 out of 10. If she were rocking the nekomini, it might have broken 60.


Whimpering Mikuru… if only Kyoto did Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya instead of Endless Eight… if only Kyoto did Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya instead of Endless Eight… if only Kyoto did Mirai Nikki instead of Haruhi Suzumiya 2009… if only Kyoto did Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya instead of Endless Eight.

(I like how they went to a soba shop after desecrating a temple with doves, bread, and breasts. They went to Denny’s after the baseball game… I wonder if we can predict the restaurant Haruhi picks after each activity. Mmm… fuck modeling weather forecasts, let’s forecast Haruhi triumphant meals. Like I would love to know where they would go after a rugby game… or what scenario would cause Haruhi to visit Jolibee.)

(And if Kyon knows that Mikuru will become Mikuru Prime… how can you not be hitting that! Who cares if there’s a possibility Haruhi will blow up the earth? Mikuru is already potent enough… but Mikuru Prime?! It’s worth the risk. Frankly, the world destruction vs. hawtness balance is much more favorable in this scenario than with Senjougahara, who can’t complete with Mikuru or Mikuru Prime in aesthetics. And definitely doesn’t have a possible “MIKURU BE-MU!” that could be shouted during… uh… mmm… production.)


“We’ll fix it with special effects later”… why do I picture George Lucas saying the same thing about Mark Hamill’s (or Shia LeBouf’s) acting?


Haruhi berating Mikuru… “You can’t go easy just because you’re cute. There’s cute girls everywhere you turn! If you drop your guard, younger girls will sneak up from behind and surpass you! That’s why you need to fire a beam from your eye!” They don’t live in Silicon Valley. Especially the ones with beams from their eyes. Trust me on this one. But you can find a lot of Toyota Prius where ever you turn. OTL.

(My biggest regret was probably not going to college in Florida or SoCal… pick somewhere where there’s cute girls and a reason for cute girls to wear not so much clothing… wait, am I thinking out loud again?)

(And that one line… “Haruhi Suzumiya, if you drop your guard, newer franchises will sneak up from behind and usurp 4,000 word posts from you!”)


“Mikuru be-mu… fire it!”… perfect. I can’t wait for Haruhi to start directing Gundam… “Double-0 buster beam… fire it!” She’s a natural.

(And, yes, the way Haruhi is physically abusing Mikuru right now… domestic violence between two females is surprisingly kinky. Am I thinking out loud again?)


Family outing… I like how the kid and ponytailed MILF are staring in disbelief while the dad reaches for his camera. Awesome.


Permits… where’s the outtake where some random passerby solicits Mikuru?


“What on Earth am I filming here?”… I have this clear image in my mind, only it features Mio, barnacles, and more camera angles.

(I like how Haruhi demanded white doves… what does she think this is? Senjougahara’s house? White doves don’t grow on trees, despite Hong Kong action flicks featuring otherwise.)


Loved Haruhi gunning down the poor monk… the only way it would have been better if it were the Raki Suta girls instead.


Basic Instinct… the zoom-in during the leg crossing is something I see a lot in anime, not so much on American TV. Not even on CSI when a dead prostitute is involved. Though shooting the gun to signal “action”… that’s something I’m sure befits the future star director of Sunrise.


Camcorder… wait, they got the latest, greatest camcorder, and it isn’t in HD? Fail. Why bother with Mikuru fanservice if you’re not going to do it in 1080p.

(I like how Haruhi just carries around Mikuru’s bunny girl outfit… and then makes her change… and then holds her hands afterward. Do you think Haruhi had a smoke between the last two events?)


Gravure videos… it looks like Haruhi is filming a gravure video more than anything else. And she probably should have from the first place. (I watched one of Aya Hirano’s… and they literally spent I think $2,000 making it. A camera, two tickets for Aya and a cameraman to Malaysia, and some cash for outfits. And this was probably a big budget one too. It’s genius. Make some crappy, low cost gravure DVDs and rake in the cash. It’s an idea up there with, “I have chicken… I have some batter… I have a vat of frying oil… mmm…”)

(I don’t get why Itsuki is still holding up that reflection board… it’s not like 10% more light is going to improve this film’s quality.)


Cowering Mikuru… because I feel like we can never get enough of Cowering Mikuru.


Cell phone strap… it’s that thing Aya Hirano likes to draw… and first LOL FANG-TAN sighting! She’s a fantastic ball of energy. And if Taniguchi were smart, he’d be hitting on LOL FANG-TAN, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

(I like how Haruhi says that 30% of the movie’s success hinges on Mikuru while 70% is on her… I think she has a teeny weeny ego issue. And we love her for that.)


Wallpaper it… hoping someone will make a high quality version of this scene so it can be my new wallpaper.

(Even Kyon remarks that this is a “good sight.”)


Om nom nom nom… wait, Yuki bit and injected nanomachines into Mikuru? I feel like something important was glossed over (and not animated) by Kyoto. I… I… I feel this is a scene deserving of screentime. I can’t be wrong.

(And Kyon wondered what did she inject… I’m more interested in where are the bite marks.)

(“It seems I fired an optical weapon.” That’s a pretty hawt line.)


Cockblock… Haruhi is anime’s greatest cockblock. I dare you to name one greater.

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  1. HD camcorder in 2006? You’d need Mikuru Prime doing a commercial to get that for free…I’d buy the Bluray if you get what I mean.

    All of Tanaka Rie’s loli characters combined might reach Haruhi’s cockblock ability. Haruhi stops Kyon from bagging only one girl.
    Louise and Nagi stop entire harems!

  2. The director at KyoAni needs shooting. I like Sighs, but it would have worked much better after a 2/3 episode Endless Eight. I love the bits where Yuki springs into action to combat the Mikuru beam, and when Tsuruya shows up, but it’s still…lacking something compared to the 1st season (and not just the fanservice).

    Maybe that sticking to the chronological order the novels weren’t actually written in leads to pacing issues. The first season shook things up with the episode broadcast order. Lots of one parters with the body of the story spread throughout the season, with the climax in the last episode. Whereas now they’ve followed one ridiculously long non-arc with another longish arc, so there isn’t the sense of energy there was in the first season. If it is another 13-14 episode season the chronological ordering (and most of all endless 8!) was epic fail on the directors part.

  3. whoa whoa hold the horse with mikuru on it, jason, you missed(maybe on purpose) a screenshot with many witty/subtle opportunities. a girl in a black-colored mage/wizard-like outfit on top of, whilst gouging the left eye, of another girl in pink waitress-like outfit. the cape of the girl in a black-colored mage/wizard-like outfit(lets call her girl A) cleverly blocks two more what i call camera-surprises.
    and, mikuru looks at kyon in his face but she doesnt look at itsuki in “his” face, i wonder why.

  4. @boo

    To be fair, Hayate doesn’t actually have a love interest for any girl (including nagi) for the first 12 books at least. (Other than the occasional, I want to hit that, moments when alone with Maria. But seriously who wouldn’t, and it lets us, the readers, remember that he is indeed straight.)

    I can’t really see Shana holding him back from a harem, since Yuji is far more focused with being dead already than trying to hit on Yoshida. In fact I believe it was Yoshida that keeps trying to ask Yuji on dates and confess /to/ him. It has been a while since I watched it though, probably forgetting some details.

    Louise has full right to cockblock Saito though. He’s her pet, they’re in a relationship, hell they even got married that one time. Also to be noted, Saito isn’t so much interested in any other specific girl as he is with a nice pair of melons. Leader would be proud.

    As for who I would vote for greatest cockblock, Dokuro-chan.

  5. White doves, she’s going for the full-on John Woo feel. I chuckled at that, but lol’d at the retreat with gunfire.
    “Haruhi is anime’s greatest cockblock. I dare you to name one greater.” Would Shinji Ikari count? I mean, he willingly killed his only shot at a stable relationship (and booty call for that matter), so he kind of blocked himself. Okay, so Kaworu was the harbinger of the apocalypse . . . and a guy . . . but that cock was still blocked, right?

  6. Awesome review as always. I’m pretty sure the whole lack of an HD camcorder further supports that the series takes place in the early 2000s. I would say “like the novels,” though I haven’t read them close enough to know their time frame. Also, totally surprised you didn’t bring up the contact lens thing. You’d think it would be frikkin’ massive considering it’s an anime, but I guess Haruhi’s world is more realistic than I thought.

    … and kudos on the Jolibee reference, though I’m more of a Red Ribbon bakery kinda person myself.

  7. Surely one of the Higurashi loops would be the one where Haruhi leads her cohorts into the Hinamizawa countryside for some “brigade activities”. Afterwards they would eat at Angel Mort, have some sort of issue with their waitress Shion, which would lead to all out war between the SOS Brigade and the killer lolis. I don’t know who I’d bet on to win…

    As for the lightboard, I think Haruhi insists on having it because “a movie set has to have one”, not because it is actually useful.

    As for professional hookup preventers, I’d nominate Marie from Tonagura (but then I’d have to admit to watching Tonagura…) Skuld would probably count if K1 and Bell ever threatened to get past 1st base. And of course there’s this seasons own example of pencil-to-the-eye just for mentioning another girl’s name without an honorific…

  8. The SOS Brigade vs. the Killer Loli SOS Brigade would be amusing to see just what sorts of punishment games Haruhi and Mion would come up with. Rena would try to take Mikuru and probably Yuki home. Kyon would instantly not like K1…because he doesn’t seem to like any guys. Haruhi would so want to have Shion’s Angle Mort costume for Mikuru. And Rika would be trying to figure out why Hanyuu is saying the one with the yellow hair ribbon is god.

  9. The subtitle ‘The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya’ needs an additional addendum: ‘The Allegory of Kyoto Animation’

    Relying on sex appeal (the still good production value, reputation from S1) to carry a non-existent plot (the whole of S2) masterminded by an insane director (Endless Eight, really guys). We just need another Kyon type character to lampshade the whole thing, while really not helping, and contributing nothing. I find myself caring less and less about Haruhi, well I haven’t reached the threshold where 25 minutes is too much time to waste on it a week, but its creeping toward that.
    For lack of a better term, I’ve lost my Suspension of Disbelief and find myself separated from the flow of the story. Minor flaws become glaring, major flaws become grating. Something you used to enjoy, you now don’t. It is sad, annoying, making you want to yell out ‘WTF were they thinking?!’ All thats left is to pick over the dismembered body, like a vulture at a Tibetan sky burial, looking for isolated chunks of entertainment.

    Compared to the raw awesome entertainment a certain Unlimited Stationary Works show is churning out, or over the top brainless fun of Needless, hell even Mahjong Ball Zeee has been more entertaining… Gonzo over Kyoto. oy.

  10. 10 years ago, Shaq was the biggest cockblock…

    Oh, you’re talking about anime… Louise.

  11. > Jolibee

    …Wait. You know Jolibee? You HAVE Jolibee where you are?

    I miss Jolibee. ;_;

  12. Mikuru cowering while Yuki seriously considers attacking her with “magic” for the camera was absolute gold. Probably the funniest/most pathetic thing I’ve seen in the last 4 weeks.
    Yuki was totally gonna go for it if Kyon had authorized it. I wonder if she has some sadist lol-you-got-hurt streak in her that I don’t know about yet.
    Sorceress Nagato running like a Jedi and taking down Mikuru for some roughhousing was also very awesome on several levels. It’s like there were parts of this episode that shot through the roof for watchability points and then sank back down to ‘meh’-levels afterward.
    Favorite part though was definitely Itsuki flinching while maintaining his smile after getting more screen time. Kyon has officially 1up-ed Itsuki in the I-saw-it-coming department. But then, Kyon’s Jaded Gar has always trumped Itsuki’s Flamboyant Gar.

  13. I am ashamed.

    Yes, I hated the series since Endless Eight and thought the show will go on for eight episodes (around the 3rd iteration).

    But Sighs have come out, and I have no idea why I was so angry at the show.

    I have no idea why I get the urge to hit anyone that says “Denwa”.

    I have no idea why the number 15000 is annoying.

    I have no idea why I MUST do my homework.

    But Sighs is good, it’s fun and all. It doesn’t have the same IMPACT as S1, but I believe to be that this isn’t S2 but a retelling of S1.

    I also believe that Disappearance will commence shortly after the conclusion of Endless Rain.

    I mean Alone in the Rain.

    Or whatever that last episode is called.

    I still have faith in you, KyoAni! (This is helped, by the fact that I just finished Clannad and Clannad After Story shortly before).

  14. Heh….Sigh is full on now. Expecting cat in the near future…plus fanservice.

  15. Finally catching up on Gundam 00, and would have to add “Setsuna caps Anew” to the list of CB’s.

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