fall 2009 underwhelms

Just looking at the lineup… it just seems like a huge heaping pile of blah. Endless Eight would have fit in great here. And don’t insult our intelligence by pushing for retreads like Darker Than Black or C+ material like Armed Librarians. You’re better than that.

(Interestingly, for summer 2009, Mark called Bakemonogatari a “comedy”.)

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  1. Natsu no Arashi, Inuyasha, or Asura’s Cryin’ are going to have to come through, or this season’s a total loss. I mean, sure, Kampfer is looking like a guilty pleasure and Setokai no Inchizon opened stronger than I expected, but now we’re talking about shows that the best that can be said, is “That didn’t quite suck like I expected.”

  2. So? People say every new anime season is underwhelming. Can we really complain? Most of us just download anime for free.

    As for me, I’m going to try Darker than Black season two, Kobato, Kimi ni Todoke, Miracle Train (what? don’t look at me like that), Armed Librarians and Nyan Koi!.

    Thanks for the overview. :)

  3. While nothing leaps out at you, a few step gingerly into the spotlight and over-perform

  4. What no mention on biribiri and its rampant display of unchristian lesbian action?

    Kimi no Todoke could be the worst show of the season and I will still watch every episode.
    And Nogizaka Haruka is funny…………right?……….

    Please don’t blog Kampfer as it is the MOST underwhelming show of the season.

    I only looked forward to two shows in summer, one was Bakemonogatari and the other was Canaan.
    Canaan was meh but Bakemonogatari was the best summer show………and is still technically going.
    Kimi no Todoke, 11 Eyes, Railgun and Darker than Black are the shows I most look forward to this season.
    Railgun has a great opening!!!

  6. Seitokai no Icizon reminds me of Zetsubo Sensei light. Gonna give this one a shot.

    Armed Librarians reminds me of Tears to Tiaras, with 400% more tactical incompetence. pass.

    Heaven’s Lost Property. umm. Oh my Goddess + Nuku Nuku + lobotomy. Not a good sign when you want to stuff the main character in a wood chipper after 3 minutes.

    The Sacred Blacksmith. Somewhat interesting ice monster, cute elven loli, slim possibly of non stupid sword play, lol breastplate, Total fail on the blacksmithing aspect.

    Natsu no Arashi 2, will probably watch for my weekly dose of Shinbo x SHAFT

    A certian Scientific Railgun. Very little science, needs more Railgun, and way too much over zealous one sided yuri fixation. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if they’d toned down Kuroko Shirai obsessive behavior a bit.

    Kampfer. Hmm. Not much to add here. I’ll watch if, and hope it doesn’t degenerate into Queen’s Blade 2.1 You are (not) a man.

  7. Right now, I’m gunning for more Nogizaka Haruka because I liked the first season.

    Letter Bee and Kimi no Todoke will be my experiments.

    Trapeze reminds me of Mind Game (which should be very very interesting). I’ll give it a try to see where it goes.

    Of course I will be watching Romance of the Three Kingdoms just because of the studio involved. How can you possibly go wrong with a name like BEIJING GLORIOUS ANIMATION COMPANY?

  8. This just made my headache 10x worse. Guess I’ll just go back to watching Monster and rewatching Utena.

  9. I kinda screwed that up. Based on the info I could find at the time that’s how it came across. Now I have no clue what genre it would fall under. The character interaction is pretty damn amusing though. Really hoping SHAFT will animate Nisio Isin’s Zaregoto series at some point as well.

    I enjoyed the first episode of Railgun a lot more than I expected to. J.C.Staff really seem to be putting out their best work since the failure that was tsundere-magi 3.
    Seitokai no Ichizon = apparently something Studio DEEN is actually good at. Great lead character.
    Nyan Koi was also a surprise. Expected some kind of typical harem fanservice show about catgirls but it actually seems to be a pretty light comedy with some excellent artwork and a decent premise. I’m pretty sure this one is a comedy and not an awesome dialogue driven show about cats, snakes, monkeys, snails and crabs. Well, it does have conversational cats…
    The Sacred Blacksmith is pretty much a Tears to Tiara replacement / standard fantasy fare.
    Armed Librarians’ abundant use of poor CG was pretty annoying.
    Looking forward to Darker than Black, continuing Natsu no Arashi and will be checking out 11eyes (with low expectations).

    Next season has a couple things going for it at least. Brains Base are adapting another light novel series by Narita Ryougo while Ordet (a new studio created by ex-KyoAni staff including the original Haruhi director) are airing their first project: Black Rock Shooter.

    BRS pilot animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GDw74ATcYk

    Ryukishi07 also has another anime adaption – Ōkamikakushi – on the way (based on a PSP visual novel just released) that sounds a bit too similar to Higurashi. I heard that it was coming out in Jan 2010 but can’t find any confirmation.

  10. 今日の五のに、灼眼のシャナ スペシャル
    do want :)

  11. I think it’s a horrible sign, but Needless may actually have a shot at best anime of the year. It most likely won’t get it. But man, if ep 13/14 made me smile any more than they did, I’d have to get stitches.

    If only it wasn’t so extreme that it turns people away at first sight. If they just saw what it’s true nature was, they’d realize it be entertainment gold.

  12. If the first ep is any indication, Setokai no Inchizon is a pretty clear winner.

  13. So yes, nothing leaps out as “must see” but as has happened almost every season before, one or two shows will surprise / come from nowhere and keep me entertained until the next season starts.

  14. They say every cloud has a silver lining. In this case it’s called Mahoromatic.

  15. I think it’s better than last season :P

    At least I’m actually waiting for the 2nd episodes for some of these new shows

  16. > I would have enjoyed it a bit more if they’d toned down Kuroko Shirai obsessive behavior a bit.
    What are you talking about? That’s what makes it great! Well, Kuroko in general does.

  17. To me, Seitokai no Ichizon was clearly underwhelming in it’s delivery, especially with so much great source material to work with, and I felt it would clearly be the front-runner this season. Of course it could improve a la Lucky Star, but unless the VA’s get about 10x better and they fire a director (or two) I doubt it.

    Hopefully there’s an A tier show this season lost in the midst of sequels and crap, otherwise it’ll be a disappointing season filled with a bunch of B tier season 2’s.

  18. Sunred people, Sunred.

    Each episode is only twelve minutes long but well worth it.

    Just give it a try.

  19. At least there’s Darker than Black…

  20. Underwhelming? I think not. You guys are too negative. Just perusing the Fall 2009 chart I see several very promising shows (for me anyway).

    KG2: Hell yeah!! I finished watching the first Kiddy Grade around this time last year. Now, a full seven years after the first series was produced comes the sequel. Needless to say I’m quite excited, although after watching the five-minute OVA trailer I have no idea what’s going on. Then I looked more closely at the caption on the chart and it says the new series takes place 200 years (Wikipedia says 50 years) after the events of the first series. Time-skip or not I still see several familiar faces from KG1, so I’m totally stoked.

    Blue Literature: I know nothing of this series, but it involves the artists for Death Note, Prince of Tennis, and Bleach (all of which are series which I like) so it has piqued my interest.

    New Three Musketeers: If it is indeed another anime adaptation of a Dumas novel, I think I’ll like it, since I liked Gankutsou, the anime adaptation of “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

    Kimi no Todoke: I read a lot more manga than I watch anime. (MAJOR understatement) As such, I keep noticing many of the series that I read are being adapted into anime, and this is another one of those series. As far as romantic plots go, (at least for the manga) it is not the best, but I like it enough to give the anime a shot.

    The Sacred Blacksmith: By sheer coincidence, I JUST started reading the manga, which itself just started. I liked the first episode, so I hope it gets even better.

    Kampfer: Yet ANOTHER series whose manga I’ve read and liked.

    A Certain Scientific Railgun: I started watching To Aru Majutsu no Index after I (not surprisingly) read the manga. And here’s a spin-off based on a memorable character, so it’s definitely on my watch-list.

    Shakugan no Shana S: I for one, am all for more Shana (and more Shana-tan).

    Overall, I think Fall 2009 will be a great season. Even when it boils down to a matter of taste, I think people will enjoy shows a lot more if they weren’t such hard-boiled critics.

  21. Agreed. Though one thing still bugs me. Is the quality of the shows getting worse, or is there less enthusiasm about watching anime?

  22. The Sacred Blacksmith’s blacksmithing resembles alchemy more than blacksmithing, though the steps spoken out loud by Luke seems to be the same steps (with some differences, probably) a real blacksmith takes when forging blades.

  23. So far will def follow 5 shows and another 2 possibles, so is my busiest season in terms of quantity. As for quality, well as long as there’s yuri and traps I’m a happy (broken) man..

  24. Whoa, are you saying Queen’s Blade underwhelms?! I’ve been waiting MONTHS to see whose breasts will rule the world.

  25. What about Needless? It seems to still be running.

  26. Kobato
    A Certain Scientific Railgun

    is good stuff.

  27. @K.K. The problem is that they are flashing too much breast. If there’s too much breast, it becomes a deterrent.

  28. A Certain Scientific Railgun, 1st ep has made me happy so far
    Darker than Black, liked the 1st run a lot so I will def check it out
    Scared Blacksmith might get me, not sure yet
    Nyan Koi! was better than I though it would be so I’m gonna run with it
    Kampfer was….entertaining….
    Queen’s Blade 2….-_-
    Seitokai no Ichizon gave me the chuckles
    Heaven’s Lost Property made me look for gun xD
    Inuyasha: Final Act, guess my interests have changed since I was 14 =P
    Hope to catch Fairy Tail
    Armed Librarians with its first ep was ok, might or might not watch unless i need to kill time.
    That’s pretty much how I feel about the fall season, nothing I have been waiting for, except of sequels and sidestories, just stuff to kill time, while I wait for l4d2 or something, then there is always Stargate: Universe which i set to my dvr to record for.

    I’ll still watch DB Kai, FMA Brotherhood, and Needless, and eagerly await ghostory later in the month

  29. K.K. – too much of anything is bad for you, and bad for drumming up interest. All oppai, all the time is just like a porn flick without… well, the porn. In other words, it’s pointless. Plus, sometimes what you don’t show is much more intriguing than what is on screen, which is why lingerie exists. It’s like if Kamen no Maid Guy was all about Maid Guy, rather than what his antics did to the rest of the household… and focusing on him instead of showing Fubuki getting abused, or Naeka’s own insensitive responses.

  30. We need a thin-slicing post !
    Nyan Koi is quite hilarious (gives up Seto no Hayaname vibes which is awesome)
    Seitokai no ichinzon needs to some sort of plot (a little for this kind of show [which its first episode is way better than lucky star {which should burn in hell}]).
    Kobato was ok.
    Railgun seems promising (just tone down the lesbian stalker a little bit).
    And also Sunred 2, I loved the first season (though it had some very dry episodes but still a funny show).

  31. At least Needless seems like it will go on through fall. Episode 14 made me lol hard.
    Liked Lucky Star, so I’ll be watching Seitokai (Holy Shit the characters actually have high school figures).
    Railgun 1 was pretty good, so I’m watching that
    Kampfer made me lol, but still watching it.

    Saw the synopsis for Sunred and thought about watching it, but doesn’t seem like it will get subbed.

  32. Seitokai no Ichizon is PURE WIN!! I’m loving this one. Laughed my ass off etc….It made me spew my BITBURGER all over the computer screen. I’m hoping and praying they find a way to work some UTENA fanservice/swordplay into this somehow. And after THAT, a school festival to save the school.

  33. Haven’t checked out too many of the new shows yet (and some I will not), but Seitokai seemed decent enough light comedy, let’s see if they manage without running it to the ground. Of course the male lead’s GOING FOR THE HAREM ENDING is refreshing. Also, I expected Kämpfer to be really bad but… well, it is bad but hilarious as it doesn’t seem to take itself seriously at all. I don’t think it’ll carry the show for too many episodes however.

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