seitokai no ichizon 2

Tastes like happiness.


“Don’t touch it. And I wouldn’t write any names, either. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble.”

I like how the gags are working into this series. They’re no wacky gags for the sake of having wacky gags, but more of a “Wait, did that just happen?” variety that actually flow with what’s happening. I didn’t think about the reference at first, even though ten minutes of the episode was dedicated to notebooks, but it made for a satisfying laugh when the gag came out.

(I like how they used the apple to drive the point home.)


Chizuru is awesome. Loved her brainwashing of Aka-chan. That was just fantastic. Aka-chan just played perfectly into her hands.


“I’m the only one allowed to violate your body.”

Chizuru is really awesome. Loved how she suggested that Aka-chan have some milk… not to drink, but to trip and fall such that she spills the milk all over herself. Maria-sama reference aside, what really pushed this scene over the top was Ken’s willingness to videotape it. That’s my boy!

(I think by the time Seitokai is done, Aka-chan and Chizuru would have surpassed Natsuki and Shizuru. There’s no doubt in my mind that Chizuru is already secretly having her way with Aka-chan. And we’re only at episode two.)


“There’s nothing in it for me, but this is a special favor, just for you.”

I think the only difference between a Chizuru and a Minami is the amount of sinister intent. There’s far more sinister intent in a Chizuru.

(And, really, can we get one slapstick comedy anime where the male lead doesn’t dress up in a meido fuku? It’s not original anymore. kthxbye.)


“Hahaha! You activated my trap card!”

Mafuya needs better lines. We get it. She likes games, but not eroge games. At least have her spout off BlazBlue references or say lines from Final Fantasy IV. Spoony bards 4tw!


“No, it’s ‘P’ not ‘O’. It’s front, not back.”

I liked how everyone’s solution for Aka-chan’s poor test-taking was that she wasn’t adult enough… and… obviously, for any young girl, the path to adulthood is through revealing, sexy clothing.

(See, this scene was where I thought Studio Deen failed. You had the perfect setup: Chizuru dragging Mafuya into the backroom to change. Like shouldn’t Mafuya protest a bit more and scream out things that make Ken nosebleed a bit? And Ken was already amped up and had his camcorder ready– wouldn’t the 4koma gaijin reference be mandatory when Mafuya walked out of the room? And, of course, Studio Deen failed the pinup shot by not giving us more or a longer glimpse of Mafuya’s new outfit. I’m 100% positive that if Kyoto, Shaft, or JC Staff worked on this show, we would be examining it like how Panties examines a cell phone.)

(We’re two episodes in, and I’m already demanding a remake. Unprecedented?)


“You’ll have to learn the adult world with your body.”

There’s more girl x girl action in Seitokai than in Sasameki Koto, that’s for sure. And there’s no better place for it than in the student council room…


I also blame Studio Deen for the uninspired OP/ED. I think this show could have used/done better. Really, Seitokai is about five people doing nothing but talk in a single room– you’d think they’d go hog wild with the OP/ED. But, no, instead they went low cost and boring.

(Also, this show features pretty much an all-rookie seiyuu cast. It worked for K-On!. It’s not working here. How is Rie Kugimiya not involved for Aka-chan?)


“But have you ever seen a scene where people go moe over a math lecture?”

No. But I suddenly feel like my life is 10% worse off because I never had.

*goes to corner to cry that I never had Becky-sensei teach me trig*


“You’re cute. That’s all that’s needed.”

And that’s how Aka-chan, for her performance for being student body president for a month, won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

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  1. Obama won the Nobel Peace Price after nine months in The White House… mmm that reminds me, I got to get my hands over a new ero game called “My chieldhood friend is the President”. Very good.


  3. It’s Chizuru’s harem really, no matter what Ken might think.

    Moe math lectures would probably improve otaku exam scores no end.

    I love the way that Sensei is always eating a chocolate coronet and NOBODY MENTIONS THIS AT ALL. I still suspect this is Chekov’s Chocolate Coronet and it will go off by the final act.

  4. ““But have you ever seen a scene where people go moe over a math lecture?”
    No. But I suddenly feel like my life is 10% worse off because I never had.”

    Bloody hell, my thoughts exactly.
    And I guess I’m liking Minatsu over the other three for whatever reason. Chizuru is awesome, but it’s more or less just like Ken said: Miyufu and Aka-chan are too easy, and Chizuru is impossible. Mintsu is the hard but possible get. Yeah I’m viewing this anime as a h-game starred by Ken, WTF.

  5. There’s more girl x girl action in Seitokai than in Sasameki Koto, that’s for sure.

    So, any thoughts about the trap introduced in episode 2?

  6. This series is no Lucky Star but the moe is lot more efficient if you disregard K-on….. you know what, I actually wish that Kyoto did this production because the value and quality would go through the roof.

  7. hehe
    “You’re cute. That’s all that’s needed.”

  8. eyes need more shine imo (the art)

  9. Minatsu-sensei is lecturing about Taylor Series. The lowest one is a Sin(θ) power series expansion. The top two don’t ring any bells for me.

    Seitokai no Ichizon is the only show this season that I don’t keep looking down at the time remaining, wondering is it over yet? A few have their moments (say… Mach 3.2 panties) most are horribly boring and generic (11eyes) only Sei☆Zon is consistently entertaining so far.

  10. Every time i see Minatsu im reminded of imouto from original D.C, bad times….

  11. It says something about how weak this fall is, that this is the best of season so far.

  12. Syoran, so it wasn’t just me… though I think of her as the unholy lovechild of Nemu and Miya-miya (the ef one, not the kendo one, largely due to the ribbon style).

  13. Looks like she’s proving Euler’s identity. Which helps explain the hearts, because “e^(pi*i)+1=0” IS one of the most beautiful equations in mathematics.

  14. kurimu :3

  15. I studied those two (taylor series and euler’s iden) at university! Is this really the math level of high school?

  16. Wow, this looks like a cross between Shattered Angels and Strawberry Panic. lol

  17. Does anyone have links to the blu-ray FLAC files for this series?

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