a disturbance in the force

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  1. Just plain awesome.

  2. Wouldn’t Tsukasa and Kagami fit better switched?

  3. Like the lack of a certain Senjougahara Hitagi.

  4. I’m disturbed that will never be another season of bakamonogatari

  5. wait wat? o_o

  6. That is a fantastic pic but it proves one important fact. Nobody can replace Tsundere-chan.

  7. At least there isn’t a Hitagi, or a Nadeko.

  8. @____@

  9. Fantastic, but no Hitagi XD awesome seiyuu jokes in half of them too

  10. QUALITY basketball.

  11. Left to the imagination: Miyuki as Evil Catgirl sucking the life out of one of the minor characters, and Tsubasa beating the crap out of Taniguchi…

  12. What do you think about Koyomi Vamp as a movie?

  13. can we help you find a studio to make this series?

  14. Oh, wow. This just made my night. Well, that and a Phillip Rivers TD pass.

  15. Miyuki as evil catgirl being jumped by vampire Konata… mmmmm. What an image.

    Now, Tsubasa as Kanbaru I’m having some issues with, ditto Kagami as Mayoi… although this leaves Taniguchi as the only male to play Araragi against Senjougahara – who would’ve been better played by Kagami. I’d have shoved Yutaka into the Mayoi role instead…

  16. Tsubasa as Mayoi is fun for the role reversal. Though now that I think about it, where can we fit Akira in? She’d fit as Senjougahara in the verbal abuse department, but she’s more of a deretsun, no? Iwasaki would have made a decent Shinobu, with a different spin – both look mopey all the time, but they’re opposites on the inside.

  17. …so who does that make Hitagi and Koyomi?

    And people, it’s Tsukasa, not Tsubasa -__-

  18. although this leaves Taniguchi as the only male to play Araragi against Senjougahara

    Not necessarily. The similarities between Araragi and Konata’s dad are eerie.

  19. GHR: Don’t want to go there. Not at all. Especially not with all the doujins floating around as is…

    lol_matt: That’s why I’d prefer Kagami as Senjougahara…

  20. That’s some QUALITY feet there, Konata/Shinobu.

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