seitokai no ichizon 4

We can’t be normal friends anymore Minatsu.


They’re writing a book to combat the journalism club? This sounds like more of a recipe for disaster than the SOS Brigade trying to piece together a literary magazine. Back in the late 90s early 00s, a common filler episode of harem comedies was that they attempt to make their own doujinshi. I feel this is because, well, this is what the mangaka know hence they write about it. Now, because more and more of the source material is generated via light novels, the characters no longer try to piece together doujinshi but rather write light novels (a la Hekiou Student Council and SOS Brigade). I find this change a sign of the times.

(Nice camera angle.)


And, seriously, reading? With all the distractions in the world today, I can’t imagine a high school student going, “Mmm… instead of playing BlazBlue, updating my Twitter feed, downloading a new eroge, watch a Blu-Ray of Bakemonogatari episode 2, or hanging out with the Fonz at Arnold’s Drive-In, I’m going to read this 300 page novel written by the student council.”


The best part of Ken’s portion of the book isn’t that he envisioned his own private harem in the student council room, but that none of his haremettes wore underwear. Aka-chan was nakkid, Minatsu went nakkid apron before Senjougahara, Mafuyu went commando, and Chizuru was in her swimsuit. See, that’s the kind of twist I enjoy from Seitokai no Ichizon.


I can’t wait for the Maury Povich episode where long lost sisters Chizuru and Shizuru finally meet up… and compare notes on all the women that they’ve violated during their lifetimes. I’m sure that number pushes triple digits.


“Mafuyu can’t stop shivering.”

Chizuru is a force to be reckoned with. But Mafuyu…


… used her wily effeminate charms to get what she wanted too. I liked how she just ramped up her charm to get Ken to write about himself getting fingercuffed by two other guys. Though is it a compliment if a girl has constant thoughts about you being involved in a threesome with two other guys?

(I’m more terrified of this student council than I am of Obama’s health care reform.)


“We’re all the same gender, aren’t we?”

“Of course!”

I wonder if Mafuyu’s favorite anime is Code Geass.

(More importantly, why do Mafuyu and Aka-chan have the large ribbons yet Chizuru and Mafuyu have the small ribbons? Is it an available choice they can make?)


But poor Ken… he was the wrong gender for the student council school life band. Andohbytheway, I have no clue what anime they’re parodying here. Surely the hint about the junior fifth member who joins later didn’t help me.

(I think what threw me off is that the pianist should be into yuri, not yaoi. The bassist should be the one being violated, not the one doing the violating. It’s like the bizarro anime that we’re all thinking of.)


The promo video… uh… is it just me, or did it seem more like an opening to an eroge? Well, Ken did make it…

(Especially enjoyed the melancholy scenes… that cracks me up… come on guys, support the student council! They need your lovin’!)

(And how did they get so many different scenario shots and have such weather pattern changes in a single afternoon? Must be special effects– OH MY GOSH! Please don’t tell me Aka-chan’s cuteness isn’t digitally enhanced!)


I was watching this scene and thinking, “Mmm… did they a better job of animating this than Gonzo did originally.” Needless to say, if you’re getting bested by animation by Studio Deen, it’s probably not a good sign.

(Speaking of which, in 2005, Gonzo made 8 shows. In 2006, 8 shows. In 2007, 7 shows. Gonzo’s total so far for 2009? 3 shows, mainly due to financial difficulties. Why the financial difficulties? Probably because in those previous three years, they made such timeless gems like Dragonaut, Special A, Blassreiter, Saki, Romeo x Juliet, Tower of Druaga, Rosario+Vampire, Burst Angel, Afro Samurai, and Strike Witches. If Strike Witches and Saki are your two biggest financial hits from the past four years, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that you’ll eventually be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.)


As of today, Seitokai no Ichizon has as 7.7 meta ranking. None of Gonzo’s shows from that list is higher.

(For reference, Minami-ke has an 8.4 meta ranking.)


Gosh, I enjoyed Chizuru trying to rub the ahoge out of Aka-chan’s hair. There’s no question in my mind that Chizuru has already explored every peak and valley of Aka-chan’s body. None. They’ve gone farther than Suzaku and Lulu.

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  1. I loved everyone’s novels, and how Echo Of Death’s name was carried on into Mafuyu’s.

    I’d noticed the ribbon thing too. I guess Minatsu and Chizuru have just decided being in the Student Council puts them above the dress code.

    And if Ken had to abandon the harem route and pick just one…it would have to be Minatsu right?

  2. I think their dress code mandates the large ribbons for cup sizes B and smaller.

  3. Gorbash: Mandatory, or maybe they’re just compensating?

  4. Is it wrong to say that Seitokai’s managed to out-Haruhi Haruhi S2? :P

  5. Damn it, it was so happy reading this until I read on ANN about the 3er Da Capo season.

  6. You also forgot the Geass reference, Jason. No series seems to be complete without a poke at Sunrise…

  7. Hey, you thought the video was an eroge opening? I thought one of those 80’s shows. The only thing that was missing was the 4 some biking in a park with a pedo— I mean a cosplay version of a teddy bear giving out balloons to little Aka-chan. I mean Ken’s vocal kind of give that feeling to me.

  8. I watched this episode right after watching Kampfer 5… lets just say my mind is oatmeal right now….

    It definitely had some memorable (or “must try to forget” for the yaoi part) scenes this time around. All the better for scrambling brains with…

    Im a little disappointed they didnt show the front screen of the School Council RPG Game. They could have made it with 8 bit graphics and all!

    >> The promo video… uh… is it just me, or did it seem more like an opening to an eroge? Well, Ken did make it…
    My brain was thinking back to the opening of Clannad…. Introduce the characters one by one, including at least one “scene” for them. Except no Kyou.

    I am sooo going to use “Echo of Death” as an enemy name if I ever design a video game or fighting story. Just has a good feel to it.

    Hell, I will also use “Echo of Death” if I ever write a yaoi story. But if I ever get to THATpoint, Im likely going to be at stage 5 and scratching at my neck…. That or using the Rika-approved way of skipping to the next world….. stab… stab… stab…

    Yeah, my brain is broken after Kampfer and Seitokai no Ichizon back-to-naked-apron-back. Im going to go to bed. To all those from Australia reading this, Good luck on the Melbourne Cup!

  9. Chizuru of Seitokai no Ichizon
    Shizuku of Kampher
    Mikako of Sora no Otoshimono
    All members of the Student Council, dark long haired beauties, devious, know what they want and have the means to get it. All three would make a good backup for Hitagi in the ‘Most Awesome Ways to Die Power Ranking’

    While Chizuru’s awesomeness is being well documented, and Shizuku is leading her own Revolution, Mikako needs some more screentime. She has no problem de-boning small cute animals (or giant fish) has access to military grade hardware, command of her own MIB, and is willing to risk other people’s life and limb for her amusement and financial gain. I’m cheering for the ‘Life Insurance Payout Ending’ for Sora no Otoshimono.

  10. But Strike Witches and Saki are really good. And, yes, in the past Gonzo was better.

  11. was I the only one close to stabbing my eyes while watching Mafuyu’s part?
    also, why the delay jason?

  12. Jason enjoyed this episode combined with the recent episode it takes time to gather all ideas and blog it after the recent airing of the episode like this anime.

    Anybody who don’t know what anime band with girls they are trying to tell everyone should sit on row 4. Or the black hair girl will beat you into a pulp.

  13. Andohbytheway, I have no clue what anime they’re parodying here.

    Anime? I’m drawing a blank here. Perhaps you got the medium confused were thinking of Persona 4 instead?

  14. I think the different ribbons are for the different class grades

  15. I think the anime they were parodying was K-ON! since it shows slight possibility’s of it

  16. The band anime reference you missed was to K-on. But don’t worry, guessing that one was hard like Suzuku when he’s about to penetrate Lelouch.

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