seitokai no ichizon 5

“The orange becomes only for doodling, right?”

(Damn, so close yet so far to a symmetrical docking tag. Wait, am I thinking out loud?)


Datte honto ha CRAZY


“You understand the key to loli well!”

Ken’s my new hero.

(It’s almost the end of 2009… who do you think has been the greatest male anime character of 2009? There’s no consensus number one like Kogarashi; you could make an argument for Taki, Koyomi, Adam Blade, and even Mariya. But I think Ken is a legitimate dark horse.)


I thought at first, “Huh, they changed into their summer clothes, cute!” And then Mafuyu remarked about how transparent the clothes were… well… I thought it would be an omen for a good episode. But I didn’t it expect it to be swimsuits with thigh highs good.


They’re wearing swimsuits with thigh high socks in the student council clubroom? I have to defend Ken on this one… there’s no way a traditional pubescent male would be able to keep his composure in that sort of situation. It’s like Patrick Ewing visiting the Gold Club in Atlanta.

(I wholeheartedly approve of all fashion choices this episode, including Aka-chan’s mini-top hat.)

(No seriously, how do they come up with… “Hey, it’s hot outside… let’s wear our skimpy swimsuits! But it’s not that hot… what if we still wore our normal stockings with the swimsuits?” And, yeah, I noticed that before the OP, Chizuru was freezing with a blanket over her and suddenly she’s in a two-piece. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, I’m commending her for braving these frigid temperatures.)


Needless to say, I accept Seitokai‘s apology for all the all male threesome antics it unleashed on us last episode.


On second thought… maybe not. I like how there’s no other male characters in this show, so they have to come up with ridiculous other characters for Ken to have romantic encounters with. Though I thought that the archers from Utawarerumono were named “Nakameguro” and “Echo of Death.”


Yes, Mistress.

(I’m not sure who I want Chizuru to bully more… Aka-chan? Kotomi-chan? Mikuru-chan? Just a wealth of riches.)

(Still can’t get over the bikini plus thigh high combo. It just works so well. It’s just genius. I just really hope for the next K-On! summer trip, they do a beach concert in bikinis and thigh highs. Oh wait, am I thinking out loud? Again? And, if I am, I hope Kakifly reads this blog.)


“You just took a pose that looks cute on the outside, but you’re still a cold, calculated, heartless, opportunistic lesbian on the inside, aren’t you?”

I spruced up the dialogue. You can thank me later.


“I’m not a child! I eat kimchi, and I know all about men and women! … I think Taiga fell in love with Ryuji in the end.”

I’m just shaking me head. I can definitely imagine Seitokai no Ichizon in the hands of Kyoto (basically, K-On! crossed with Raki Suta). I can definitely imagine it Shaft’s hands (either orgasmically good or just good). I can now imagine it in JC Staff’s hands… come on… if it were JC Staff, Rie Kugimiya would have fulfilled her manifest destiny and voiced Aka-chan. Maybe even gotten Junji Majima as Ken. And the Toradora joke would have worked on so many more levels (considering that Ken was trapped in a locker is a plus too).

(Projecting Seitokai no Ichizon with another studio is like projecting the 1986 NBA Draft if Len Bias didn’t overdose on a mountain of cocaine. Would the Celtics have slightly prolonged their dynasty? Would Rie Kugimiya as Aka-chan taken this show to another level?)

(Mmm… imagine this show with Mad House’s epic fanservice effort on Needless right now. I wouldn’t mind…)


“Don’t brainwash your sister!”

There’s a lot of brainwashing going on this series. Besides that, I felt that they passed up a golden parody opportunity… how could you have Mafuyu go on an office supply killing spree and not make a Bakemonogatari reference? Hell, how could they have an office supply killing spree and an nakkid apron scene and still not cover Ghostory? How?!

(I haven’t read the light novels yet, but if the manga is out shining the anime. More jokes, including a great Keroro one that didn’t make it into the first episode, and better art. Also, interestingly enough, Minatsu and Mafuyu are both blonde in the manga… this makes more sense as if they are sisters, what are the odds that both their hair colors and eye colors and melonpan size would be different?)


I like how the B-side eyecatch this episode featured the girls enjoying the snow. How anti-fitting.


And the nominees for cutest couple of 2009… Khloe and Lamar, Taki and Saki, Horo~n and Lawrence, Rathty and Taliesin, Yui and Gitah, Kisuke and Torahime, and Aka-chan and Chizuru.

(Okay, okay, maybe we need to toss Nakameguro and Ken in there as well.)


Minatsu coming back at the end… fantastic. Definitely liked how she just stunned poor Ken with her beauty. Liked the Kyou/Ryou potential with the hair. They should have spent a little bit more time on it, with Ken genuinely falling for Minatsu, and Minatsu going tsundere for Ken. And just when they start getting close… Aka-chan shows up and does Aka-chan type things and snaps both of them out of it.


The Phillies could definitely use her. She could definitely protect Chase Utley. Not that Chase Utley needs protection or anything.

(Only in anime do girls play baseball in mini-skirts and not make it seem weird.)

(I like how she’s still wearing thigh highs, but a different color now. At least we know Sekina Aoi’s fetish now.)


It’s okay. Chizuru is just checking to make sure there’s no barnacles on Aka-chan.


The line about Aka-chan and sandboxes slayed me; just to be sure, we need to see Aka-chan in one of those bright yellow hats that all elementary school students seem to wear. I imagine this scenario isn’t far off from the W White House. And, yes, if Aka-chan would be W (childlike), I’d have to go with Obama for Mafuyu (overmatched), Teddy for Minatsu (hot headed), and JFK for Chizuru (pimp womanizer).


Yeah, I’m puzzled too as how does Mafuyu get elected. She has no friends, indulges in BL novels all day long, and somehow ends up being one of the four most popular people in school, edging out the outgoing, willing to get elected to almost any cost journalism club president.

(Speaking of “How the fuck do they get elected?”, for everyone wondering about Obama’s poorly timed health care overhaul– after all, it’s not like we’re in the worst economic climate in generations– think about how close we were to having Sarah Palin as VP and a heartbeat away from being Prez. I mean… it’s hard to believe, but the Playgirl playmate might have been the idiot savant during this whole mess. We’re going to remember Levi and 2008 the same way we remember Jose Canseco and performance enhancers in baseball.)

(Oh, if you thought that they’ve run out of ideas for eroges… well… guess again! THE PRESIDENT… OF NIPPON!)


“She played until she was exhausted, so I bet she won’t wake up no matter how much I play with her.”

That glint in her eye… and the way she was pawing Aka-chan’s ass… wow. Just wow. There’s no question in my mind that Chizuru has already explored every peak and valley of Aka-chan’s body. None. They’ve gone farther than Echo of Death and Ken.

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  1. am i the first to post?

    just want to say lesbian rape FTW

  2. You can’t rape the willing.

    Or it this case, the totally oblivious.

  3. Long haired bishoujou Minatsu. Thigh-high bikini Minatsu. Short skirt baseball Minatsu. Nekkid apron fantasy Minatsu. Skimpy brides dress tsundere Minatsu. This girl delivers!

    just to be sure, we need to see Aka-chan in one of those bright yellow hats that all elementary school students seem to wear

    Already done in episode 3!

  4. i just watched this and bakemonogatari and thought of the best thing ever.
    Senjougahara, with a ponytail, in a stationary imprint bikini, wearing thigh highs.
    You can thank me later

  5. I think someone already mentioned that Minatsu without her twintails looks like a genderswapped Ken… So would that Ken liking Minatsu is just him having a pseudo-narcissistic episode? And vice versa, as Ken just looks like a MALE Minatsu?

  6. I thought that with Studio DEEN doing this that the entertainment value with such a simple setting and plot would have deteriorated by now but I’m so wrong, it’s still all good till throughout the episodes. The girlfriend is the president eroge was hilarious I saw that awhile ago, the amount I laughed throughout the trailer made me wanna play it in itself, reminds me of that H20 anime trailer as well.

  7. Kisuke and Torahime? Does Muramasa count as an anime? Great game though. Really caters to us anime fans.

    And health care reform is badly overdue. What Obama totally botched is allowing Congress total control of it all. He wanted to try to avoid the Clintons’ mistake so badly that he fell into a whole new set of problems. Listening to him try and please everyone by saying one minute he is for the public option one minute then say it’s not a deal breaker the next is proof that he had no plan to begin with. There are great examples of health care around the world, just pick one already!

    Man, gotta stop reading blogsuki on my iPhone in public. I had to scroll ridiculously fast because it was just one image of bikini-clad anime chicks in provacative poses after another. Currently typing post in privacy of car…

  8. You know, a certain blogger said that Ken and Minatsu with her hair down, in that one shot, were frightening close in appearance as if she was a female Ken… and you missed it here. Or avoided the figurative trap, as it were…

    I’m pretty well convinced that about the only way that Ken will get ahead in this group, relationship-wise, is to get a sex change…

  9. Here is the live action parody of the “My Girlfriend of the President” eroge.;fmt=18

  10. @Alex.. That is one of the more amusing videos featuring politicians I’ve seen in a while.
    That plus a Hachikoma really added to today’s amusement value.

  11. Long haired bishoujou Minatsu. Thigh-high bikini Minatsu. Short skirt baseball Minatsu. Nekkid apron fantasy Minatsu. Skimpy brides dress tsundere Minatsu. This girl delivers!

    This. Chizuru is awesome, but for me (as for Ken), tsundere is really the way. Also, embarrased Minatsu was so delicious. The only thing we need now is Dere-dere [fantasy] Minatsu. Come on, Ken, focus your mind and imagine it for us to see! Trace ON!

  12. Also, it doesn’t surprise me that it is Haesslich the one mentioning that long-hair Minatsu looks like a genderswapped Ken. Broken reader is broken. Beyond hope (Mako-cakes withdrawal syndrome, maybe?).

  13. rh: I’m quoting Aroduc and Sage from Tenka Seiha on this subject. Given this is the blog of the guy who denies the penis on penis-bearing haremettes, it’s appropriate to mention it here.

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