sora no otoshimono power rankings

This show was horrible. I couldn’t stop watching. It’s still horrible. I still couldn’t stop watching.

(You know what keeps sucking me back in? The fanservice characters. They’re all epic in their own ways…)


1. Mikako

The spiritual successor to Ren from Full Metal Panic (and, in fact, just might be her twin sister) except a lot more Machiavellian. She eggs Tomoki to do things that maybe Tomoki shouldn’t be doing… can’t tell if it is because she has grand plans or that she just likes seeing others suffer. In any case, do not cross paths with Mikako. You will regret it. (And, no, this ranking has nothing to do with the fact that she’s in the Haruka Minami Hot Springs Hawt All-Stars.)

(Also wondering why all the daughters of Yakuza bosses have purple air? Her, Ren, and that demon from Asura Cryin’.)


2. Tomoki

I can’t tell if he’s a total idiot or a gar prophet. I vacillate between the two choices. Consider, he keeps claiming that he just wants peace and quiet, yet he’s always causing trouble due to his perverted nature (and, really, he’s only Kanbaru-class… which is fantastic, except try to imagine this series if he were Senjougahara-class). He definitely cannot be left to his own devices, and he’s probably the second most dangerous man (behind Osama Bin Laden) to give a half-nakkid angel of death that’ll grand his every wish. (He spends more time in his super deformed look than his normal look… has to be a first for anime when the alternate style has become the normal style… I actually find it weird to see him drawn non-super deformed…)


3. Sohara

She puts up with a lot. I mean… wow, she must really, really like Tomoki to put up with the shit he has put her through… let’s see… he cursed her such that she couldn’t wear panties, he managed to get exiled with her to a deserted island, he managed to trap her in a house with exploding panties… he exploded her panties while she was wearing them… twice… he picked the homeless man’s Chii over her… my gosh, she’s more of a welcome mat than the girl from Rizelmine. But, you know what? Her epic karate chop redeems all. I want to see a MMA three way match between her, Brock Lesnar, and Manny Pacquiao now. (And Sora no Otoshimono is more or less the Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball of harem anime… most of the episodes involve fairly flimsy reasons to show all the haremettes in skimpy clothing. Not that I’m lodging a complaint or anything. Oh, who am I kidding? I am. I’m lodging one against Clannad— what? Zero beach episodes? You kidding me?)

(The sequence where Ikaros first went to school, and Sora tried to “compete” against her… reminded me of Nia and Yoko at the beach. Or at least Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.)


4. Sugata

I’m just curious. There’s ladies getting stripped and nakkid all around him, and all he cares about is flying to the sun. Isn’t this like Obama pimping health care reform when the country’s in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the last semi-watchable Steve Guttenberg movie?


5. Ikaros

I couldn’t decide if Ikaros was more like Chii or Belldandy, only infinitely dumber and smarter. She’s as dumb as Chii, but the circumstance more resembles Belldandy– though Ikaros has that nifty idiot savant ability that Belldandy has. There was an ああっ女神さまっ arc where Mara and Hild tried to trap everyone using a teapot that mimiced everyone’s true desires. Only when they tried it on Belldandy, she saw it as a teapot that needed cleaning and foiled their plans. Ikaros is like that sometimes. Other times, she’s as dumb as Chii. (What’s with that watermelon?)


15,532. Nymph

The plot is totally incomprehensible, full of holes, and utterly unnecessary. We’re just here for geometrical circles, with could include Tomoki in his super deformed form… amongst other things. But Nymph is interrupting truly epic fanservice and truly ridiculous awesome super deformed Tomoki scenes for… crappy, half-baked plot. Sigh. I mean… the exploding panties episode was borderline fanservice genius, and now this is turning into an emotional anime?! It’s like if K-On! suddenly became a shoujo drama. Do. Not. Want. (Plus, Nymph has exactly zero likability. If we replaced her with Fuko, I would actually consider it.)

16 Responses to “sora no otoshimono power rankings”

  1. Two words: Guilty Pleasure.

  2. Two more words: Exploding Panties?

  3. Two more words again: Thank You.

  4. imo Nymph is a nice addition to the anime and it’s good that it’s developing some story instead of being just mindless fanservice (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    Oh well, but maybe it’s just that I love loli-tsunderes too much.

  5. I think the flying, migrating pants should have had their own ranking. Perhaps between Sohara & Sugata?

  6. I love this show. I’ll admit I had very low expectations for it though, so that may make it seem better. Tomoki is a great character, a total deviant, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to achieve his filthy ends. Mikako is a big blob of evil deliciousness, and I suppose Sohara is a fairly good tsundere.

    That said, I find Sugata utterly pointless. Ikaros is just a Yuki Nagato with tits. And Nymph is kind of a bitch.

    Make the show all about Tomoki, Mikako and Sohara, and I think it’d probably lose the plot and just go for the comedy, which by the way, would be a very good thing.

  7. I wonder how a cage match between these folk and the cast of DtB: Ryuusei no Gemini would go?

    Also, Jason’s probably lying about his love of Makoko – it’s probably Tomoki who keeps drawing him back.

  8. Without Sugata who would Mikako have an epic gunkata battle with? Tomoki? yeah right.
    Without Ikaros who would mow down all the citizens with a minigun?
    …ya kinda got me on Nymph though

    I actually like the drama sort of. It doesn’t feel as shoehorned in as some other series. I mean there have been hints all along. I for one welcome the turn to a more serious story line. It would be very difficult to surpass the comedic/fanservice moments it’s shown thus far. Plus Ikaros was pretty bad ass with her city nuking bow.

  9. If you have read the manga, I am sure you would eat your words about Nymph, Jason ^_^.

  10. “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra”, wow that was a vague one. I was barely able to remember that phrase from TNG and googled it to make sure. How do you remember these things?

  11. Surprised there were no comments about the ridiculous, god-tier animation quality.

    …I also don’t understand why you don’t like it, Jason. I kind of thought it would be your kind of show.

  12. Shaka when he watched endless 8. Mikuru her mellonpan wide.

  13. Flying Pantsu is still the best of all endings in this series thus far, I’d say.

  14. The Wallflower (otherwise known as Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) is another show where the main character spends more time as a deformed chibi moe blob than as the actual drawn character.

  15. Plotwise, this show is not great, but…
    …dude, a flock of flying panties. And their cousins, the rocket-propelled panties. Epic Fanservice Win.

  16. I kind of agree with jason on the premise that we are in it for the round things. Tomoki, the watermelon, the chick, the other haremettes. Nymph breaks this setup. And I think an obnoxious plot-loli in a show I kind of enjoy for its plotlessness is kinda irritating.

    Sugata’s intros also kind keep me hooked. He’s my favorite character sometimes just for apparently being a badass (he fights freakin’ bears) and for seeming to be out and out batshit.

    And stuff.

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