seitokai no ichizon 8

“What a heart-warming battle.”


I like how this episode was how Aka-chan felt threatened that Ken brought in an actual loli to supplant her role. She feels threatened by a woman who does what she does, only better. And unlike her, Elise actually and genuinely can admit to liking Ken, which makes Aka-chan feel threatened even more. Though I don’t get the rest of the girls… Mafuya, Minatsu, and Chizuru basically all stood around like topiary this episode. Doesn’t Mafuya only like Ken because of his easy insert-ability into boy’s love doujinshis? (Okay, no pun intended.) Does she feel threatened that seeing Elise and Ken being lovely-dovely will threaten his relationship with Echo of Death-niisan? And isn’t Chizuru a world class lolicon herself? Does she feel jealous that Ken got to Elise before she did? Minatsu… depending on how you feel about her actions in episode six, maybe she is a bit jealous.


But make no mistake about it… Elise is the smartest person in this whole entire cast. It’s not even close. Remember the old Nike commercial where Pippen goes back in time and starts dunking on a bunch of nonathletic white guys? (Actually, thanks to YouTube, you don’t have to remember.) That’s like Elise coming into Seitokai no Ichizon… she’s the Pippen in terms of intelligence, and she’s just posterizing everyone right now.

(In fact, we could stick Elise into the following shows, and she’d still be the smartest cast member: Code Geass, My Otome, Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, Gundam Seed Destiny, and Death Note.)


Elise is fearsome at every game she plays… can we get Elise to guest star on Sora no Otoshimono for a few episodes? I’d think she’d fit right in. Or at the very least, get her on Darker Than Black Gemini… we need more loli contractors for Hei to hit on.

(Mmm… what about Elise plus a first round draft choice for Kiddy Girl-and’s Dia? And remember what I said about the Tokyo Tosho Tweet? Well, ANBU’s have been great. I cracked up at episode five’s.)


Watching this episode just made it even more painfully obvious how Studio Deen is just the wrong studio for this anime series. I’m convinced this would be a top tier anime if another studio worked on it… and with this episode, I’m leaning towards JC Staff. Come on. When Aka-chan and Elise were facing off, didn’t it remind you a bit of…


… how if you have a bunch of jealous little girls running around, JC Staff is your studio.


Ken might get his harem ending after all… or at least he should have joined the Journalism Club instead. Though I like Lilicia’s huge monitor. Damn, that’s nice.

(How did Studio Deen get Mamiko Noto to voice Lilicia? All the other seiyuu are complete no names, yet they a big gun for a bit role? Hun? Isn’t this like splurging for an awesome in-bash navigation system… on a 1972 Dodge Dart?)


“You’re a horrible lolicon bastard who judges girls by their appearance.”

Is she talking about anime bloggers?

(“Can’t argue with that…”)


“Within him, there exists only a wild erotic imagination sensor that reacts only to cute girls.”

(2009 is the year of the lolicon… between Ken, Tomoki, Araragi, and Kanako, it’s a bad year to be small, cute, and DFC.)


“Nee-sama says that Kaichou is small, has no boobs, and can’t run meetings!”

Well, if that’s all you need to be a successful leader, forget Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. I’m voting for Jennifer Love Hewitt for president in 2012.

(And, really, how did Seitokai not do a joke where Elise thinks that Chizuru is the president because of her ample hopes and dreams.)


Loved Chizuru stewing with anger… anger that a cute little girl prefers Ken over her. I bet she’s thinking of various ways to torture Ken, steal the loli, and get a harem ending with Aka-chan at the same time. She’s the best. Can we get a meido outfit for her somehow. Wait, am I thinking out loud again?


What the hell?! Who gave her that?!

(But I approve…)


Probably my favorite scene, when Aka-chan is going over her bodily attributes and muses about how soft her fists are… and then delivers a death blow to Ken.

(I don’t get her line about her “Kaichou Busto”… wait, there is one?)


There’s no question in my mind that Chizuru has already explored every peak and valley of Aka-chan’s body. None. They’ve gone farther than Itoshiki-sensei and despair.

(And a gotcha for anyone who believed that Gundam Seed Destiny should have been on that earlier list. Lacus is fearsome smart. She would go toe-to-toe against Elise and wipe the floor with her red bow.)

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  1. > How did Studio Deen get Mamiko Noto to voice Lilicia?
    Probably because of 3 seasons of Jigoku Shōjo hence the reference when Lilicia first appeared.

    As for Ken introducing Elise to the other girls, their first reaction was “Call the police”. Damn, for some reason that just floored me.

  2. >>(2009 is the year of the lolicon… between Ken, Tomoki, Araragi, and Kanako, it’s a bad year to be small, cute, and DFC.)

    If only this applied to real life.

    There needs to be more Kanbarus in the world.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that I have to download the next episode raws. And then I’ll get to wait for a week until your next seitokai post… sigh.

  4. This is the first episode where Ken was genuinely flustered, almost like “Oh shit! Some girl actually likes me!” Definitely one of the few times he wasn’t in control of the situation.
    It also cemented my belief that Ken is one of the ultimate harem leads. Even when he endlessly denies being a lolicon, the rest of the student council continue to be catty. This is especially true when Elise says she likes Ken, and he gives the I-like-you-but-not-really answer. This throws Aka into a jealous fury that, for the first time, Ken is unable to talk out of. The student council haremettes seem to be suspiciously possessive of their VP, even if the threat is from a 10 year old loli. I think the harem ending is inevitable now, even if it means Ken is chained up in the back room for the haremettes’ pleasure.

  5. @Cheeze-it
    “I think the harem ending is inevitable now”

    but only after some propert training by Chizuru, hence the whip.

  6. It must be both awesome and horribly frightening to have a kid sister like that.

  7. Well, if Ken gets a REAL girl then he won’t be as susceptible to her charms since he’ll have a real girlfriend’s wrath to worry about. Between this and how they handle the loli/BL battle next ep, you know their true natures… which is why they immediately called the cops; he’s a genuine-issue lolicon, with a genuine-issue loli who isn’t related to him. Worse yet, she’s smart enough to manipulate the hell out of him and everyone else… her sister included. I loved how Elise went into the ‘Pedobear’ voice as soon as Lilicia denied liking Ken at the end of the episode, trying to get her to confess her true feelings like Darth Vader approaching the recently-maimed Luke Skywalker in Bespin.

    “Search your feelings, Lilicia. You know it to be true!”


    Also,the harem ending appears to be low-level for now; Ep 9 has Ken tripping the Chizuru flag, and Minatsu responds by using Aka-chan to negate all romantic impulses the way Aka-chan-in-a-swimsuit did at the end of Ep 5.

  8. Also, I am thoroughly convinced that they missed another opportunity to reference Higurashi by having Elise call Ken ‘ni-paa’ a few times. She gives Rika Furude a run for her money in the ‘smart, scary little girl’ category, minus the whole dying-over-and-over thing.

  9. loved this episode cuz it have a lot of win from when Aka chan said to call the police to the massacre Ken got at the end by the girls.

  10. I loved when they all had the passive aggressive moment. Swinging baseball bats, stroking whips, writing BL novels and posting them on the web. Truly a great moment for Tsundere’s everywhere.

  11. Ugh, subpar episode. Everyone was just ragging on Ken.

    Though maybe he is closer to a harem than I give him credit for, if all the other girls get so jealous of a seven year old.

  12. If only this anime was done by Kyo-Ani and JC staff………..anyway this is the best episode by far..

  13. Studio Deen IS the perfect studio for this show! Accept it! Accept it!

  14. “How did Studio Deen get Mamiko Noto to voice Lilicia? All the other seiyuu are complete no names, yet they a big gun for a bit role?”
    almost might be becuz they dun haveta pay her that much more than the other seiyuus and she has a large fanbase? >.>

    iunno, i actually think Mariko Honda (voice of aka-chan) fits into her role really well. though mayufu sounded a bit OOC when she was typing that BL novel xD

  15. Can’t wait to see Jason watch Episode 9 for the Chizuru flag tripping… and the resultant Aka-chan retaliation. :D Also it’s good to see how Chizuru became the dominatrix she is today…

  16. Thank god Elise didn’t make an OH GEASS NO! moment with cat’s cradle… Although, she would’ve become Mafuya’s love child…

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