new code geass series in the works?

Yet Another Code Geass Series.

Top Ten Alternate Titles for this Post

10. Sunrise Brings Back Dead, News At 11

9. Pizza Hut and Kodansha Announce Joint Churuya / Cheese-kun Project

8. Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Wrong Kind of a Train Wreck; Sunrise Apologizes with Right Kind of Train Wreck

7. Anime News Network Punks blog好き with Obviously Fake Code Geass Rumor

6. Gundam 00 Discovers Area 11 Near Jupiter

5. Bakemonogatari (Ghostory) 14, Twittered

4. OH GEASS something

3. You Knew I Was Going to Post Luluko For This, Right?

2. Early Christmas Present for blog好き

1. Code Geass Penetrates 2010

17 Responses to “new code geass series in the works?”

  1. Jason must be very very excited

  2. the text in the image is foreboding

  3. With or without Norio Wakamoto?

  4. Should I feel worried that my favorite is the last one?

  5. If it’s not ‘Nightmare of Nunnally’… I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I mean, that series was a magical girl series with mecha and very few pretty boys, so I’m sure nobody would be interested in that one, unlike… say, another Gundam Wing clone.

  6. Image text is: “They say ‘Regretting doing is better than regretting not doing’, right…”

  7. The most recent picture drama confirmed Lelouch to be as dead as dead gets.

  8. Being excited is always good.

  9. We’ll see then… come on SUNRISE, amaze me.

  10. Please let Cheese-kun be the one to get a geass.

  11. 1! 1!

    Given the continuity between episodes last season there shouldn’t be any problem in carrying on from where we were, right? Maybe we can start off with Lulu sipping champagne on a desert island, possibly with a new mask on, and Suzaku can get emo with him again because he betrayed him by sleeping with another man, err, not dying, and there you have a reboot worthy of Higurashi or School Rumble.

  12. You have insulted Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. Prepare to die.

  13. #3

  14. Screw Lelouch, I want C.C. as the main character, and Cheese-kun can be the side-kick character this time around.

    Yes, I smell a magical girl series!

  15. Magical Genius Geass Girl Luluko? Starring Lances-a-lot Penetration Knight Girl Suzako?

    Magical girl code geass, yes please.

  16. They’ll dig Lelouch up and borg him out like Orange-kun. CC and Suzaku will then have to knock some sense into him.

  17. Oh GEASS YES!

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