seitokai no ichizon 10

“But it’s not easy coming up with a heart warming story.”


I– no, za waruldo– needs more Chizuru sheep cosplay. It’s just an awesomely fluffy combination of cute, moe, and evil.

(This is why everyone loves Sheepman. Honestly? It shouldn’t have taken 10 to get to Sheepman.)


Aka-chan’s speech was simple, yet brilliant. I’d vote for her after hearing that… but I’d vote for her for the hilarity of the situation as well.

(You know what she have done? She should have started off her announcement with the mouse story. You pooped in the fridge and ate a wheel of cheese? I’m not mad, I’m impressed!)


I enjoyed the student council going over various popular anime drama tropes, but, really, to nail that bad boy home… they only needed one anime: Code Geass. Come on, it has everything Aka-chan wanted in a drama. Crippled little girl? Check. “Deaths” of main characters? Check. Characters with amnesia? Check. Bunny girl mecha pilots? Check.

(Though if Code Geass were written by Aka-chan, it would explain a lot.)


What the hell was Mafuyu doing with a potato? That’s one big freaky potato. And, I’m trying to think of another anime that has the same three criteria… yep… Gundam Seed. Kira cripples Waltfeld, who then comes back from the dead. And there’s the who La Fraga amnesia thing… needless to say, Aka-chan would have had a job at Sunrise.

(*sob* Meeeeer!)


“It’s hard to make a tear jerking story.”

Actually, it’s not hard. You just have to follow the rules that Aka-chan described above… and you’ll either succeed with a truly emotional story… or end up with a huge train wreck that people will tear from laughter. Again, Aka-chan and Haruhi Suzumiya teaming up would make Sunrise the most profitable anime studio in the world.

(Mmm… let’s see… Fuko was physically and mentally disabled and had amnesia… Nagisa and Ushio die and come back to life… I shudder to think what would have happened to Clannad in Sunrise’s hands. At the very least, Sunohara and Tomoyo would have been mecha pilots.)


I liked how Mafuyu gravitated towards finding the BL book… and Ken gravitated towards finding Mafuyu’s panties. The characters are so stereotyped at this point, they might as well make a Mexican novella out of Seitokai. ¡Dios mios!


I didn’t like how they so quickly cut away from the saga of Mafuyu’s panties. If this were Sora no Otoshimono, you just knew something stupidly awesome would happen, but, alas, Aka-chan changed the topic of conversation. And I’m wondering why Aka-chan isn’t freaked out more by the skull.


Never thought I’d say this… but I think I would rather have had AIC animate this show. My gosh, they would nail both the fanservice and the super deformed aspect of this show. Studio Deen is just the wrong fit, much like Andre Miller in Portland.


I was highly disappointed with Chizuru’s Kenichi Saga. At first, I knew she was going to preempt him by saying that she was going out with someone, but I was rooting for Aka-chan. “I’m sorry, Kenichi, but I’m already dating Aka-chan!” That missed that layup.

(Though I enjoyed her “Root for me! If possible, I’ll take it all the way today!” She just rammed every line that Kenichi wouldn’t want to hear up his ass. There’s not one thing that she could have said that would have been more heartbreaking except maybe “My gosh, Kyousoke’s hung like a Tomoki Tower, unlike you.” She is evil. Pure evil. In sheep’s clothing. But so fluffy and moe… gawd damn.)


“Being bigger isn’t necessarily better.”

“Don’t look at me while saying that!”

Best line of the episode. But, damn, a complete lack of creepy Chizuru and Aka-chan scenes… that I couldn’t do my line. *cry* Okay, maybe this was more of a tear-jerking episode than I give it credit for.

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  1. I particularly liked their tear-jerking play.

    “Where is Mafuyu? What is Mafuyu’s name!”
    “I think it’s Mafuyu.”

  2. I just enjoyed their play. Pure genius right there!

  3. Chizuru and Shizuka from Kampfer are like the same person, aren’t they… AREN’T THEY?

  4. Oh man, that play they rehersed was like “All my circuits” from Futurama! “Oh no, I have amnesia! And a terminal illness!”. Awesomely cheesy.

    As for Mafuyu’s potato, well, she IS panty-less…..

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t have any focus on Mafuyu’s apparent lack of panties.
    Great episode, the humor just kept coming.

  6. (Though ifCode Geass were written by Aka-chan, it would explain a lot.)
    Swap out Kurimu with Mafuyu, and you’ll have a statement everyone viewing this blog could agree on.

  7. No questions on how Mafuyu lost her panties, or how she… lingered at the end, and admitted she enjoyed spending time around the sick senpai who repulsed her, per the tearjerking story idea? Wait till you see Ep 11…

    … also, I love Chizuru’s idea of a ‘happy’ ending – torture Kenichi… again and again, even during that ‘everyone dies’ thing. Of all the girls, she’s the one who ends up in his arms… then promptly goes back to torturing him afterwards. Or the panties response…

  8. No, no. Written by Aka-chan, directed by Mafuyu. This explains the trainwreck and the hints of BL.

  9. Re: potato – go back to the scene when the potato is first shown. The ongoing dialogue explains everything.

  10. Highly disappointed with Kenichi Saga? Come on, Kenichi Saga -Final- was awesome.
    Also, the girls staying to work with Ken. Are we getting closer to Ken’s Good End? And what’s with Lillicia being so patronizing at the end of the episode.

  11. No no Aka-chan, a plot isn’t necessarily necessary to attract people. If you’re going with plot, then build up to it from the start! If you’re going with one shot comedy episodes then stick with it to the end!

    Mincemaker: No, no. Written by Aka-chan, directed by Mafuyu. This explains the trainwreck and the hints of BL.

    This explains everything!

  12. Jason, that’s not a potato.
    That’s a sweet yam, or “kokuma” in Korean. :)

  13. In Soviet Russia, sheep rapes you!

  14. Academy Ranger Sheep needs her own spin-off series.
    I’m a bit disappointed that Mafuyu didn’t have video game print panties. Or better yet, BL print panties.

  15. Seriously! How is the fact that Mafuyu likes going commando such a minor topic?! I mean cute, innocent Mafuyu (well she’s not really that innocent with all the BL stories she reads…and writes) goes no pan?! Something just seems wrong there….. or right. Anyways it just shows Ken can nail these kinds of things. Since back in the episode where they were creating a novel for the student council, when Ken was giving his portion of the story. He had Mafuyu with no panties on either.

  16. Jason!! You have to write a post about the new Haruhi movie trailer!

    It looks so good!

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