seitokai no ichizon 11

“It’s not like I’m writing this blog for you.”


Mafuyu was awesome this episode… but also awesomely creepy. Why is Ken sitting in the snow by himself? The only scenario that makes sense is if he caught Aka-chan and Chizuru doing something unholy, thus coming to the realization that no man could ever satisfy them. So he felt sorry for himself and sat in the snow. Mafuyu then comes along… builds him a snowman fort… and stares longingly into him the whole night? That’s creepy. But awesomely creepy. I can live with that kind of borderline yandere personality, just keep all the sharp knives away from her.

(Have you seen the Jammies short on SNL last night? You have to. Now just imagine the entire cast of Seitokai no Ichizon recreating it. Or at least the entire cast of Code Geass… and… yes… even in the dark, Lulu will have Suzaku’s blade shoved through him.)


Organ Explosion… mmm… if you don’t think that name is on the short list for future potential names for this blog, you’re kidding yourselves. I like how manipulative Mafuyu’s online personality is… my gosh, the dark aura that emanates from her only rivals the dark aura from the Republican Party.

(That dark laugh… awesome. Between her snowfort-making abilities and her blogging skills, what’s not to like about Mafuyu?)


The only way Aka-chan’s part time job could be even more awesome is if Ushio were in her class and Kyou were the sensei. Like you wouldn’t want to see Aka-chan ride around on Botan.


Chizuru is going to grow up and become Kuroha. You just know that some guy (maybe even Ken) is going to swoop in and steal Aka-chan from her, and Chizuru will get revenge on mankind… one Johnny at a time.


Yes! I was thinking of Simon Belmont, vampire killer extraordinaire! That’s what the Twilight movies need… the Belmont family waging war against all the sparkling vampires. But I digress… opening Ken’s bag is like opening Ichigo Feast. You can. But you’ll never be the same afterward.

(Gotta love how Chizuru put on latex gloves for this job.)

(And didn’t Chizuru have a whip? But Chizuru’s doesn’t seem like the vampire slaying kind… seemed more like the “make the horse go faster” kind, if you get my drift.)


Like the quick response from Aka-chan once they found the bloomers… wait, “prototype”? It’s okay because they’re prototypes? Prototypes for what? WTF? Maybe Mafuyu needs to check her wardrobe?


When did this episode happen, and how did I miss it?


How come Keima hasn’t encountered the newspaper club type for his spirit collecting? I’d think he’d run through most tropes already… he just needs the BL fangirl, the uber lesbian, and the newspaper club type to fill out his trophy case. In other words, he needs to be worked into Seitokai somehow. Maybe as a foil for Ken.

(Also gotta love anyone who falls in love with newspaper headlines. I can only picture Lilicia writing Lindsay Lohan is drunk again headlines for TMZ. That’s her manifest destiny.)


Gotta love Mafuyu smacking those guys around. Do guys in Japan just randomly invite girls to karaoke? That’s my impression of Japanese society from watching only anime. I feel totally comfortable with this generalization. I also think weapons of mass destruction fall freely from the sky there.

(But Lilicia’s rebuttal of those guys is just as awesome. Who wouldn’t want to see Lilicia and Mafuyu fighting over Ken? I’m sure by the end, half the earth would have been destroyed.)


Why are all young teachers in anime depicted as being crazy drivers? This only adds to the weird anime-only stereotypes of Japanese society. Between her, Yukari-sensei, and Sawa-chan, I’d imagine Japan being a very dangerous place to drive. And probably Kyou-sensei is the craziest driver of them all.


Mafuyu confessing her love for Ken… well… it’s the logical order, right? Mafuyu then Aka-chan then Minatsu and finally Chizuru. It’s progression, like going from AA West Michigan Whitecaps to AAA Toledo Mud Hens to the Detroit Tigers and then finally to the New York Yankees. (Maybe they’ll have one confess at the end of each season, except because Studio Deen didn’t do a great job, we won’t get any more seasons. I’m sad. Seitokai was a great show. Much, much better than Nyan Koi and The Jay Leno Show. Wait, that’s not saying much, is it?)

But it makes sense. Mafuyu has always had a soft spot for Ken, she shares a similar hobby, and she knows that she doesn’t blow out either the cuteness or hawtness scales like Aka-chan or Chizuru. Her only chance at Ken is to strike first. And, honestly, I think Mafuyu wouldn’t mind Ken’s two-timing… as long as he two-timed her with other guys, especially girlie guys. (Mako-cakes? We have a role for you in season two!) But the moment Ken makes a pass at Lilicia, I can imagine Mafuyu running after and attacking Ken’s SUV with the student council seal as it careens into a tree.)

(My personal take? Go for it Ken! You’re an idiot for passing up an Mafuyu Bento! I don’t think you have a chance in hell for the Chizuru Brazilian BBQ, so the Mafuyu Bento is the next best thing. Don’t be like idiot Reito from Mai Hime. Who cares if Mafuyu is a possible secret yandere? The risk is worth the reward… just lock up all the sharp objects in the house and learn how to cut steaks with plastic knives.)

(Then again… maybe it’s a bad idea. Mafuyu eats corn one kernel at a time! But delinquent Mafuyu… so tasty… and she is very careless with underwear… tread carefully. And we haven’t even gotten to her HGH-filled sister yet.)


Though when I saw the IM thread, I thought it was Yuki Nagato!

(When “Yuki” responded that “Love is where two people can still be close to each other after a fight,” I thought of Yukiteru and Yuno. Ah… yandere love…)

(Yes, I’m pushing the yandere type for Mafuyu. It makes her as awesome as Chizuru.)


There’s no question in my mind that Chizuru has already explored every peak and valley of Aka-chan’s body. None. They’ve gone farther than Christmas and materialism.

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  1. Mafuyu’s a BL fanatic – of course she’s creepy, especially given she’s also the one who was so socially inept that she was willing to wear anything people put on her… which is how she got to be elected to begin with. The way Ken didn’t react as expected to all those girls in his room… well, Sad Ken in Snow is one thing, but that was really odd. And yes, Dark Mafuyu is awesome… sorta like an anti-Chizuru, who is obviously manipulative and creepy, this one hides below the ‘dumb cute girl’ look.

    Y’know, like a Sakura from Kampfer who was really, really scary and whose motives made sense…

    And yes, if he went with Mafuyu, her older sister woiuld almost be a two-pack with her, given that he’s tripped both their flags. Expect some… oh god, the last ep I don’t want to talk about.

  2. I’ve been wondering how much of Chizuru’s geography Aka-chan has explored. After episode 7 I got the impression that she’s the one who’s actually in charge of that relationship.

  3. Yes. Mafuyu. Yes. Right on with what Haesslich mentioned.

  4. DEEN comes through with the correct choice in the end.
    Yahhhhh Mafuyu!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m hungry now.

  6. hmm mmm SNL is awesome!

  7. call me crazy but I think the snow and the chatting scene happened before the current events. Because up until this episode there were three scenes featuring each of the other three girls alone with ken
    the only one that messing was mafuyu.

  8. One other thing to note: this apparently dug into the traumatic past. I guess this is why he doesn’t have a sister fetish…

  9. One thing Jason seems to have missed; the uniform Mafuyu wears is not Seitokai’s, and Ken is dressed identically to his middle school days in the flashback. This means that snowy night is not why Ken got sick, as it took place after the incident. This means that Mafuyu has been stalking Ken for years, and not just a few months. Years. Before the other girls ever met him at school, she saw him in a snowy park and spent a long winter night memorizing his features while he masochistically subjected himself to torture over two-timing his sister in law.

    No wonder Chizuru likes Ken; his past is also traumatic due to classmates jealous of him, and he’s a masochist who owns a whip… a suitable match to Chizuru’s sadist self. And he tripped the Shiina susters’ flags. Pity about the cliffhanger.

  10. Finally, an episode that made me laugh again! Finally an episode in which Minatsu gets new costumes to wear again!

    You missed Minatsu’s great “Where’s the pettanko stamp?” line! Still this episode was well and truly Mafuyu’s.

    It’s an interesting way to try and show Ken’s emo past, by showing 4 minutes of broken recollection in each haremette’s dedicated episode…but if they’re not going to go anywhere with it then is it important?

  11. Wowzers that SNL short and Higurashi would go perfect together. pick out your knife and take your pills! Blood makes the grass grow!

  12. It took me by surprise that Mafuyu has also been working on yandere too! That shows high level of dedication. I also liked Mafuyu’s evilness in this episode. Her evil laugh just took the take for awesomeness. Maybe bloggers can copy Mafuyu’s method and earn some money so Studio DEEN can give Seitokai another season or at least give DEEN a better staff or animation equipment.

    I also suspected that Mafuyu did know she had little chance of winning against Chizuru or any of the other haremetes so she was forced to go first. A sound and understandable decision if you ask me. I bet any female (and male) would feel threaten by ~maiden of pain Chizuru~ or Lilicia’s presence. Of course, that’s not always a bad thing when you think about it.

  13. I’m reading this post on my iPhone while waiting in line at the grocery store. :)

  14. @Haess: Sad Ken in Snow was wearing his ridiculous Hekiou’s pants, so although this probably happened before him joining the school council (hinted by the dialogue), it wasn’t as far back as middle school.
    About the episode: 1) Twin-pigtails Mafuyu looked like a blonde, long-hair version of Minatsu, so now I’m willing to accept they’re blood-related sisters. 2) What the hell, there is a piece of software to make posts in a BBS? Because that wasn’t a browser. I never knew of such things. 3) After Minatsu stopped the annoying guy A from hitting Mafuyu, I was really expecting the girls going Higurashi. Sadly, Oyashiro-sama left me in despair. 4) Countless times I have expressed my preference for the tsundere(s) of this show (as of now Lillicia joins Minatsu in the pantheon), and apart from her BL traits and the need to keep her away from kitchen-ware, I have to concede that Mafuyu would make for a awesomely cute girlfriend. Go Ken!

  15. Errata: Instead of “and apart from her BL traits…” it should have been “but apart from her BL traits…” We need comment editing, Jason.
    And we also need you to write a Kämpfer post, if anything to officially declare Shizuku best female of the season.

  16. rh: Point, although it should be noted that Aka-chan is a senior at the school, while Ken is a second-year student, which means she has been stalking him for at LEAST a year… especially if she’s actually the ‘Yuki’ in the chatroom. So she would’ve been in middle school at the time of that first meeting, especially given the look of the serafuku she was wearing.

    It would’ve been nice if they’d shown even a few moments of the Higurashi mode, especially after they had Kurimu go Rena in episode 1. The Shiina sisters acting as Mion and Shion to Aka-chan’s Rena would’ve been hilarious.

    Plus, any guy would have to be crazy to pass up Mafuyu, even if it meant being subjected to yaoi pairings in her mind on occasion, and the odd risk of being asked to pose naked with another guy in various poses… but she’d at least make sure they weren’t fat ugly guys, given her BL tendencies lean towards bishounen.

  17. rh: if you’re right on the uniforms, that would put Ken in his first year of high school and Mafuyu in her third year of middle school – i.e. last year relative to the current storyline.

  18. Organ Explosion… mmm… if you don’t think that name is on the short list for future potential names for this blog, you’re kidding yourselves.

    Jason. Yandere blog. Now.

    Mafuyu has been stalking Ken for years

    Not quite. That was definitely his high school uniform. And Mafuyu is younger than Ken, so she would still be in middle school when Ken was a freshman. That scene was probably only the winter before the current school year.

  19. I found Mafuyu’s blog. It was… rather disappointing.
    Sadly, reality never matches up to one’s expectations.

  20. I thought the sad Ken in snow was just a Kanon reference — taking place either in Mafuyu’s or Ken’s heads.

    And the snowman thing is, I think, a playground structure, not something Mafuyu built (though there is a tradition of building such snow structures in Japan).

  21. >
    > ニックネーム:ユキ

    Nice find.

  22. it’s not like im reading this blog for you


    Aww, I’m disappointed there’s no links to actually buy the BL she recommends.
    Anybody actually try posting a comment? I would, but even with Google translate I have no idea what’s going on. Onigiri pajamas ☆!

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