ring my bell <3

Some random thoughts during this busy holiday season.

(I don’t care about the proportions being off. I enjoy them being off.)

Look, the world might end if I write about Sora no Otoshimono 11. I’m sure this is a Mayan prophecy. Let’s just be quiet about it now… and maybe you’ll get a ka-boom soon.

Did the Mayans predict that Tokyo Tosho would go down as well? I feel like Tom Hanks watching Wilson float away… WILSON!!!

Yandere Kanojo is awesome. If you don’t know what it’s about by name alone, may Omafuyu-sama have mercy on your soul.

So… let me get this straight… everyone except Hei and the bouncy cop chix0r has died in Darker Than Black? The series is just complete nonsense, yet I keep watching. Though I have to admit, I did chuckle at the part when the guy creates a clone of himself… but made the clone to be a female.

So… let me get this straight… Shaft plans on finishing Tsubasa Cat in 2013? And it’ll turn out that poor Koyomi has been stuck in an infinite time loop 15,532 times?

A year ago, if you told me that I would be more excited for the Karate Kid remake with Will Smith’s kid and Jackie Chan than a Haruhi Suzumiya movie, I would not have believed you. Completely unrelated, Tony Hawk’s Ride is the Endless Eight for that franchise.

Speaking of disappointments, I was highly disappointed when they blew through Saten’s Level Upper “addiction” so quickly. I was hoping she would re-enact the classic Jessie Spano pill scene or at the very least the famous Bailey intervention on Party of Five. I would have gone with the Bailey intervention. That was just too good.

Ndamukong Suh should have won the Heisman.

I am thrilled that K-On! will live on… with Mio, Ritsu, Yui, and Mugi all attending Mugi’s all-female university. The possibilities are endless.

Why is Ken so pitiful in all the Seitokai flashbacks? Is he trying to build a pity harem?

Kiddy Girl-and: still underrated. I’m waiting for it to become overrated before finally settling into properly rated. Spring functions 4tw!

Needless is over. I’m sad. So ridiculous, but so good. Gotta love any anime that has no self-awareness.

If Bakemonogatari is Twilight, Tsukuyomi is Vampire Dairies, then Dance in the Vampire Bund should be True Blood.

The Sacred Blacksmith should have either been the Yakitate Japan of blacksmithing or a full blown harem comedy. And can anyone explain to me why all the demon swords dress up like Tiger Woods mistresses?

What I want for Christmas… mmm… you mean besides Noel wrapped up for the holidays?

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  1. Ken’s pitiful in flashbacks because he was. That’s why he needed the ‘how to attract girls’ book which he kept in his bag, and why things went to hell as soon as he two-timed with his sister in law and childhood friend.

    Besides, being pitiful seems to be a turn-on for Chizuru…

  2. That’s it! That’s what your blog was missing! Noel in Christmas colors!

    Oh Joy to…why are the proportions off?

  3. Yandere Kanojo also has an online manga, courtesy of http://cccrtranslations.wordpress.com/

    not sure how it relates to the main storyline though…

  4. “Vampire Dairies”? Vampires making cheese and milking cows? :p Mind you, I suppose it wouldn’t look out of place among the detritus of next season.

  5. I would like noel for my christmas too, if only in blazblue there is a costume without that stupid beret. They say fighting pretty characters is distracting but what about litchi.

  6. YOU PLAY BLAZBLUE?????????

    I main Noel and I’m completely disillusioned with her after playing BB:CS the other day. Alas, she does make a fine Festivus present, even if her chest in that picture is a tad too big.

    Alas, if you don’t play it, well, I just want to say Noel is MAI WAIFU so get your filthy palms off her and go hug Mio or Hinagiku instead (or maybe an Elsee or Reina if that rings your bells)

  7. hey Jason, comment me on this. Am I the only one who is attracted to Mafuyu chan? Because for the first time I actually want to marry the shy-yandere-BL girl lol

  8. “Dance in the Vampire Bund should be True Blood.”

    I’ve heard True Blood is actually good. Is that true?

    “YOU PLAY BLAZBLUE?????????”

    You can’t be a regular reader if you didn’t know that. I wish he had it on PS3 instead of XBL, though.

  9. Your way of mentioning of Endless Eight makes me think you really lose faith in Kyoto, rite o_O. So sad
    Whatever, maybe Kyoto will get back on the track once they start on a series that involve sharp objects ?
    For example, the remake of the remake of Kanon =)), this time with Nayuki going stabby ^^
    Indeed, we must admit that sometimes they get too carried away with dumb characters and end up wasting a lot of time(Makoto, Fuko…). They should use the strategy that was used in FMP: comedy mixed with main actions. And if possible, toss in hawt twincest. Or killer lolis…

  10. Jason: Wrong — July and Mao (in a different body) are alive as well, and Yin seems to have evolved into a being somewhere in between a Contractor and Doll, like Suou.

  11. When you list them out like that, it’s very easy to realize that all those vampire TV shows suck.

    Seriously, 2013??? That’s depressing… I need to know how Koyomi is going to handle the dirty pussycat who wants him to play with mistress’ breasts. That’s just fun to write.

  12. Yandere Kanojo is great. Onidere is in the same sort of vein with a lot more chapters, but exchanges the M-imouto for BLAZING JUSTICE, a trap, and a love triangle involving only two people.

    I thought the reason Ken was trying to build a harem was because he was so pitiful in the flashbacks.

    Speaking of Christmas, this kid deserves a YTAMR: http://www.newschannel9.com/ne.....stmas.html

  13. @mark: Yea I’ve seen few episodes. Sookie isn’t a total mary sue female character. And I like that fact that there’s a black market for vampire blood. (it acts as a sweet power upper for humans, and heals any wounds) It’s worth a try.

  14. That Noel could 214a me all day long, if you know what I mean.
    Can’t wait for BB:CS to get to an arcade near me, in AZ.

  15. Seeker: Sorry, but I think I claimed her first. ;) Also, jason, Ep 12’s out… and well…

  16. Yandere Kanojo is amazing, and I do wish they make a anime about it in hopes of you possibly blogging about it in the future =D

  17. yeey merry x-mas! Keep on going with your blog!

  18. Ndamukong Suh not winning the Heisman was almost as disappointing as Endless Eight and Nebraska not winning the Big 12. Merry Christmas from blizzard battered Nebraska!

  19. a bit to sexual if you ask me. Sexual, and KIND of cute xD

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