seitokai no ichizon 12

“This is where we end after airing twelve episodes?”


Wait, she only wants him to know? Crappy cop out. I hate these cliffhangers that get resolved the following week via a bunch of inconsequential nothing.

(Then again, if Mafuyu did agree to go out with him and become his love bunny, this would have become a terrible show. It would have fallen off a cliff faster than Kimi no Todoke.)


I liked how Ken-kun was petting Mafuyu’s ass in his delusions… though looks like Mafuyu has become disproportionate, much like Noel. Nonetheless, I think I can get along with guys who, uh, supersize their delusional targets like that.


I think, ultimately, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons needed to be playing as Ken was through his recollection of haremettes through the seasons. I’m still trying to figure out why Ken was so broken in Chizuru’s and Mafuyu’s… was it because he took Aka-chan’s and Minatsu’s advice earlier? Seitokai needed to go either the fun parody route or the lightweight drama route… but not try to do both. Sure, I like sushi. Sure, I like pizza. But am I going to like sushi pizza?


Gonna fly now! Is this the first TV series to have used Survivor/Rocky music? Full Metal Panic used A-Team… when is an anime going to use Roundball Rock?! When I was visiting Philly a few months ago, I did the whole Rocky recreation in front of the steps of the art museum… a bunch of Eastern European tourists who were also there had no clue what I was doing. I told them, “Rocky!” They were like, “Rocky?!” I then went, “Rocky! Here!” and they joined in too. It was great. Rocky IV really did break down barriers and end the Cold War.

(But Mafuyu… she’s no Joe. Though I’d love to see her in Anime Celebrity Boxing squaring off against Tenma. Other fight cards? Itsuki vs. Nakameguro, Aka-chan vs. Shana, and the main event, Chizuru vs. Shizuru. Like you wouldn’t PPV this.)


Honestly, I’d be more freaked out by Nakameguro than Echo of Death-niisan… not sure why. Anyway, I just finished reading The Lost Symbol, and really, the Final Fantasy VII parallels are there. But that’s not why I’m bringing this up… this is how the main villain portrays himself in that book: “he satisfied them all– from fashion models visiting his island on photo shoots, to nubile American college girls on vacation, to the lonely wives of his neighbors, to the occasional young man. They could not get enough.” And immediately I thought of “Key-kun satisfied them all– from dark-maned sinister vixens, to BL junkies glued to GBAs, to tsundere of all hair colors, to the occasional young man. They could not get enough of Key-kun.”

(I liked Key-kun’s suggestions for h-studios… he does realize that only Chizuru calls him that, right? Though I can’t wait for his remake of Clannad. If I had my own ero game studio, what would I name it? Organ Explosion. That’s my new answer for everything: the name of my upcoming memoirs, the name of my NBA fantasy team, the new personalized license plates, my FFXI linkshell, my wifi network name, my hedge fund, my pet goldfish, my pet name for Mafuyu, etc etc etc.)


Let’s just say that if I had an episode of Seitokai left to make, I wouldn’t have confusingly introduced Nakameguro as a new character. I would have just taken the first five minutes of the series and the last minute of the series and expand on that. What’s more fun than the student council shooting the shit and alluding to more famous anime? Obviously, introducing a real love interest for Ken-kun. OTL.



Love the Hosaka-esque fantasy. Wait… how can two brunettes produce a blonde child? Though in the manga, Minatsu is also blonde. See, I would have made a joke about how Ken should aim for being the dad on Sister Princess… you know, the pimp of a man to have fathered 12 daughters and 1 son in the span of like 6 years across the globe. But then I realized who their dad was: Tiger Woods.

(Man, talk about the gift that keeps giving. He’s just been an one man punchline these days. To be fair, Tiger Woods only likes leggy blondes, so he couldn’t have been the Sister Princess dad… who was more non-discriminatory in his luvin’.)


Seeing Mafuyu’s unholy aura when it came to BL… I am convinced she’s beyond yandere. I think her destiny is to become a pr0n director. She’d definitely not be in subdued mode, her personality does change behind the camera, and it’s something she enjoys a bit too much… “Can I get a fluffer for Nakameguro? And did you order more lube? We have the big event scene to film tonight, and I don’t want to be short! Where the hell is the fluffer?!”

(Maybe she could work for Haruhi… “The Burning Student Council… starring Ken-kun and Nakameguro… with a very special appearance by Echo of Death-niisan… directed by Mafuyu… executive producer Haruhi Suzumiya.”)

(Mafuyu did remind me of Sagara at the end of The Second Raid…)


See, I picture Chizuru more of a Lacus type. Only driven by greed instead of evil.

(Am I the only one who has a disturbing image of Chizuru as Samus Aran petting a baby metroid nicknamed “Aka-chan”?)


Damn, disappointed we not a nothing ending and no Ken and Mafuyu bed scene ending. Actually, I’m just disappointed. I’m not sure what I want more… a remake of this series or a sequel. In any case, let me toss Seitokai on the Muteki Kanban Musume Needs Moar But Won’t Get Moar Memorial.


Sigh. No harem end = bad end.

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  1. I really liked how Ken brought it all together in the end, kinda like Kanon where Ayu talks about random crap in the beginning of most of the eps and you don’t understand what the hell it means until the end, Seitokai was able to do the same plus give constant comedy throughout every episode. Also what really pushed it up there for me was the fact that even though they made Mafuyu’s character mundane throughout the show, she still had some of the best moments, and finally the most change of anyone else in the cast at the end, she really was my favorite character after all. Good job studio DEEN, you did something wonderful.

  2. Told you that the final wasn’t something you’d want to talk about… although, unlike Kanon or Clannad, this seems to have tied all the girls into Ken’s current self a lot better than Kyonichi did. Although I still find it a bit of a cop-out that she could admit her feelings, then indicate she still wouldn’t date him because she finds him too creepy.. at least until he starts promising her BL things.

    The scary part of Nakameguro is that Mahiru-sensei specifically brought him in to confuse Ken with his proto-trap nature (he’s like a dress, a hairclip, and a change of glasses away from completely scrambling Ken’s radar)… and that Mafuyu seems to have stolen Haruhi’s powers in order to make Nakameguro appear exactly when he did, exactly how he did, and in a way which confused Ken’s libido.

    Still, it wasn’t a BAD endings as such things go… and having him score the harem would’ve completely undermined the comedy. But at least he has a chance at the Shiina Sisters end, the way things are going, unless he wants to go become Chizuru’s slave. Maybe it was during her consoling sessions that she got Ken semi-programmed, at least enough to create that ringtone. I still wish we’d gotten a bit more Lilicia and Elise though, if only to have Elise make an ‘innocent’ comment about BL.

    Amazing how the delusional BL-Love Mode Mafuyu is somehow sexier than ‘regular’ Mafuyu…

  3. I’m glad things picked back up in this show over the last 2 episodes from the rut of episodes 8-10, but it really was better to start off with.

    Love how animated Mafuyu became when Nakameguro entered. Loved Ken’s second proposal to Minatsu (and “your face is too close”. But that should have been reserved for Ken and Nakameguro). Was disappointed that Mafuyu decided to go nowhere with her confession.

    A harem ending would have been best though. Like they said in the first episode they don’t need to follow the source material!

  4. Someone call Berkanstel. We’re going to keep restarting this series until Ken gets the harem end. >8D

  5. Ken did get his harem end, just not (yet) the kind he wanted, as its quite clear the four girls like and care for him.

  6. I dont’ know, Jason. For me, it was a nice episode and a nice wrap-up for the series. True, Mafuyu’s confession didn’t end up anywhere, but it was to be expected. I mean, Ken dating Mafuyu would’ve started a chain of events which needed another season, and there wasn’t any, as stated by the cast themselves.
    And I’m with Passingass in that Ken did reach his harem ending. That scene in the end, with the girls blushing… come on, it’s clear that flags have been passed, barriers have been broken, routes have been unlocked and somplace else Keima is proud. And Ken was blushing too, a sign that he truly loves the girls. He only needs more time to break the girls’ conventionalisms and get to their approval of a Big Love ending. Hell yeah.
    And of course, this last episode demanded a last tsundere moment. And what a moment. “O-oyome-san~” HOLY SHIT MINATSU. My reaction was the same as Ken’s. And the three daughters were SO DAMN MOE. Total awesomeness. Minatsu is mai waifu, period. Those are mai musumes, period. Oh, delusions. Oh, brokeness. *sigh*

    Am I the only one who has a disturbing image of Chizuru as Samus Aran petting a baby metroid nicknamed “Aka-chan”?

    I love you, Jason.

  7. Andohbytheway, this is really stupid, but I JUST realized that a harem ending means Minatsu x Mafuyu wincest. And my brain exploded. Other parts too.

  8. I think that third child of Ken and Mafuyu looks suspiciously like Chizuru. Not sure what that means. Certainly doesn’t look like Ken.

    And for your enjoyment. The Rocky theme used in Gintama.

  9. rh: Um… the Mafuyu ending pretty much implies that ending too, since it’d basically be the Shiina sisters ending – or the Seitokai equivalent the much thought about but never enacted Kyou/Ryou end.

  10. uhhmmmm, may i ask fort the first pic :
    Why? xD

  11. Nakameguro is pretty damn cute. I was expecting the reverse-trap card to get played when he mentioned he heard Ken likes cute girls.

    Wait… how can two brunettes produce a blonde child?

    Recessive genes are recessive. What’s more interesting is how Ken and Minatsu produced a loli Chizuru.

    (Am I the only one who has a disturbing image of Chizuru as Samus Aran petting a baby metroid nicknamed “Aka-chan”?)

    There’s no question in my mind that the baby metroid has already explored every peak and valley of Samus’s body. None. They’ve gone farther than Tomoki and gender-swapping.


    The manga apparently does less bedsheet, more Mafuyu. Way, way better.

  13. this is a rare piece of comedy gold with all the laughing points come mostly from the character interaction. I can only say, bravo!!

  14. Ah screw it. At least it’s good well… I just could wish there will be a 2nd season…

    But seeing this: http://doujin-games88.blogspot.....-suru.html
    Change my mind… I will AID HIM get that HAREM he wanted.

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