zomg! new decade!

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  1. Happy new year… and all that jazz?

  2. I could deal with a loaded Haruhi on New Years, that’d be just peachy :) Happy New Decade!

  3. Happy New Decade! I hope for many more blog posts chalk full of witty commentary in the future.

  4. and a happy new decade to you

  5. Now we just need to repeat this decade 15,531 more times until we hit the reality with three seasons of Code Geass.

  6. Happy New Decade to you Jason, and all your broken underlings… I mean, readers. Wait, No, I mean underlings.
    I hope to start contributing to blog post comments more in this year. Right after I finish playing Persona 3 FES…. and finally finish Persona 4… Finish watching all the anime the December period has brought me…. (Birthday is in December, but not late enough that I get screwed gift-wise) … Clean up my room so I can get to my PC quicker (and hence watch Anime quicker)….. I wonder what the Persona 2 combat system is like….
    Im never gonna be contributing blog comments again, am I?

  7. Happy new decade to you too, here’s a present for you, Jason.


  8. Let’s start off this decade with a gender bending bang, I’ll bring the Mako-cakes. Who gonna get the Natsuru sandwich full with SAUCE!!!???

  9. Technically the new decade doesn’t start until 2011, because the AD calendar started at AD 1 rather than 0. So you can do this again next year too!

  10. Now this is the new fashion- forget wasting time on fond reminiscence and just move on to the next big thing. By the way, why is Haruhi’s mouth drawn so oddly and what is she toasting? A toast to another decade of fleecing the beggared fans!

  11. Happy New Year, and without Yuki that picture is incomplete.

  12. @Jason: I would trade an alcoholic father out with drunk haruhi any day. Even if she brakes reality I’d be having a vastly superior night. Question what would drunken Mikuru be like? Would there be more or less epic crying and bullying?
    @NegativeZero: Yea the major networks did the same thing calling it a new millennium a year early.
    oh and happy new year to all.

  13. Drunk Mikuru….more submissive, less crying. (Seeinin Sigh episodes)

    Drunk Haruhi….roughly the same as normal….but unsure if she is in control of her powers or not…and seems to be aware of it. (seeing in novel version of Lonely Island Syndrome)

    Impressed that Haruhi and Mikuru made it for the 2010 Year Year’s post. Was sort of expecting Mio in a party hat warding off a drunk yuri-eyed Mugi.

  14. who’s marrying whom? :]

  15. @Haess: Agree.

    @ithekro: Or for a non-canon exploration of how the characters act when drunk see the ALDH Crisis doujin (non H – just).

  16. Hell yeah! Happy New Decade Jason.

    Hopefully we’ll here to celebrate this blog’s decade in a couple of years.

    I propose a toast, for all the train-wrecks this year will bring us.

  17. Happy new year! Decade too.

  18. I heard K-on! is getting a season 2.

  19. The last decade really ended, didn’t it…? I had this feeling of deja vu there for a second.

    who’s marrying whom? :]

    My guess, from the picture, it’s Kyon and Yuki. LOL. But wait, that only happened during the 11,054th reset of December 31st 2009.

    Anyway, Happy New Year’s y’all.

    Sick of the Teens already? I am!

  20. Happy New Year.

    2010.. the year where we get some Code Geass and some Haruhi or lack of. Well, whatever they plan on doing.

  21. Like any good otaku, Yuki spent New Year’s Eve at home playing eroges and watching anime while the rest of the group was out getting plastered.

    @Cyclops: At this point you might as well put off finishing Persona 3 until the new version with the gender-swapped MC.

    Happy new decade to you too, here’s a present for you, Jason.

    Or this:

  22. GHR: Is that a present as in the ‘here, have a gift’ sense, or in the ‘here’s your SOUVENIR!’ sense?

  23. An open-mouthed Haruhi is fine too.

  24. @ Haesslich: It’s one of those “Here, I saw this and immediately thought of you.” kind of things.

  25. @GHR: Then that’s NOT a compliment… not for Jason. :D

  26. Happy New Year, and without Yuki that picture is incomplete.


    Also, after the events of this year, I think the Bakemonogatari girls would have suited better.

  27. Not really, -rh-. Though I like Yuki, I find it revolting how large her fandom is; thus, why I’m glad that she is not in this picture. Because a Mikuru is fine too.

  28. @Giant Humanoid Robot : Thanks, I forgot about that. Well, Lucky for me, I dont own a PSP. So there is no way for me to play that one…. unless I borrow my friend’s PSP like I did with FF7 Crisis Core. Crap.

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