k-on! filler post

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You must go read this K-On! chapter. It will keep you occupied. I cannot the describe the awesomesause of Mio sucking on… OH SHI-

(K-On! 14 in a few days… a certain post coming next. *hint hint*)

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  1. There’s a new episode of K-On!? OMG I need my Mugi fix!


  2. That was a lot of sucking on that chapter.

  3. Dance in a K-on Bund? or maybe Dance in a K-on Band :D

    PS Blood is not tasty

  4. Goes to read, bee arr bee.


    yes. lots of sucking.
    now to wait for 14.

  5. Is that a female Nekki Basara at the front of the group there?

    K-On Fire Bomber covers would be potentially the most awesome thing ever.

  6. Riiiiiight.
    Now, I’ll always think of K-on when looking at the Java logo… http://www.java.com/en/

  7. Oh great. Once the Mugi develops a taste for guro her bloodlust will never be satisfied. Soon the streets will be filled with corpses and cake.

  8. But, but, there will be cake.
    Mugi is still a mystery of sorts…though “Romeo and Juliet” may show us a thing or two about Mugi.

  9. I’d like to read it but I’ll be damned before I do something stupid like give my cellphone number to an IQ test. Let me know when it shows up on a usable site.

  10. Is that a female Nekki Basara at the front of the group there?

    Looks more like Monique from Sinfest, actually, hair color notwithstanding.

    I’m surprised KyoAni didn’t do an ENOZ cameo. Or used a fictional stand-in for Scandal.

  11. When you get to it be sure to look at stuff like the poster on Yui’s wall around 8 mins into the K-On OVA :-) Nodame meets bicycles?

  12. Ritsu total wants to spotlight Mio’s panties…and Mugi would approve.

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