high school of the dead gets animated

Kinda weird that the High School of the Dead manga went for hiatus for so long… and it’s returning… as an anime?

(Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it.)

My feelings are fixed. The manga went downhill after volume three or so, but it’s a great premise. I enjoyed it enough that I started writing Moe of the Dead, which was basically K-On! meets High School of the Dead. How can you not enjoy hopes and dreams being crushed by zombies? Except… well… when the story went away from zombies. Sigh. On the other hand, HSotD was once #1 on my “needs to be animated” list… now? It’s probably #6, behind the always awesome The World God Only Knows, the incredibly awesome GTO 11 Days, the crazy awesome Mirai Nikki, the disturbingly awesome FrankenFran, and endlessly awesome K-On!.

(I also once wanted Omamori Himari animated… and… sheesh… I’ll take the crab juice.)

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  1. Need a TWGOK adaptation more than a HSotD adaptation… Just sayin’…

  2. Holy crap.

    You’re not lying. I don’t know what to say. Fantastic news, although I doubt it will look anywhere near as good as the manga.

  3. Which studio?


  4. Skane: KyoAni, to provoke maximum fanboy rage.

    I’d take a proper Genshiken ending over that, especially with two volumes to adapt and that bonus chapter 56. Sue quoting Senjougahara and imitating Ogiue us not to be missed.

  5. In b4 Deen.

  6. Which studio?


    Zombie Gonzo.

  7. Who’s style does it fit? For a studio I mean?

  8. I’m hoping for Madhouse or Bones or maybe……..Shaft ?

  9. Madhouse team that did Black Lagoon should do this…then you’d do well on the action.
    Though if you’d pick Sunrise or Bones, you’d be set with the animation quality and action for that matter, but the story might go all weird.
    If you want moe and deformedness along with good production values AIC Asta would be great.
    KyoAni would be good as well, but I’d prefer them animating FMP, Haruhi the apology of season 2, and K-On instead…

  10. I discovered this manga with this blog and now there will be an anime I just want to say yahoo!

  11. I was going to say Madhouse, but those hopes and dreams could only be animated by Gainax

  12. Well if nothing else, it should be interesting to see this given more… let’s say “plausible” character designs?

  13. |Kinda weird that the High School of the Dead manga went for hiatus for so long… and it’s returning… as an anime?

    not just a anime but the manga is also returning as well.

  14. I never really finished the manga, Now I don’t have to!

  15. Jason, dammit, stop wishing on the monkey’s paw.

  16. I’m really, really hoping this doesn’t suck… but in a dark corner of my mind, I know it will. Zetsuboushita!

  17. I do hope you didn’t just jinx High School of the Dead and The World God Only Knows…

  18. I can’t wait to see this.

    So far the series can go in two directions:
    A) A Romero-esc romp through zombie tropes, venues, and scenes.
    B) We kick reason to the curb and fully embrace the infamous Bath Scene, and turn this whole series into an ecchi filled harem that leads into a Sunrise level train-wreck.

    Judging from the world-wide spread of [i]them[/i], and the limited nuclear launch by the US and China, it seems to strongly favor the direction of A. However, it is experimenting with B more then a freshman during his first college semester.

    (If a priest says “I kick ass for the Lord!”, I will fully embrace option B)

  19. OMG….. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Can’t wait *A* the manga just died when I wanted to read more. Must see cast list when it comes out.

  20. Hey Giant Humanoid Robot,

    You want Zombie Gonzo? Here you go.

    Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U593D22TxU

    Not dead yet…. Haha


  21. We got this manga animated… and one more season of Da Capo!!!!!

    What the fuck is wrong in Japan. KyoAni can’t give us more FMP, but Circus can make mroe Da Capo.

    Damn it!

  22. Madhouse, one thinks.

    Gainax doesn’t need to dirty their hands with this, Sunrise is (or should) be looking for their next mecha, and Bones… I’m not fully convinced after their FMA antics.

    SHAFT would be funny. I’d be sold on it if SHAFT did it, just to see how they do it. Same would apply for KyoAni – but they’ve got their hands full with the movie and K-On 2, and whatnot. (Never mind FMP’s been on hold for, what, 5 years?)

    As for the rest; if anyone else does this, it’d fair average to fail, and I doubt that fall (or winter) will be THAT bad.

  23. Need a TWGOK adaptation more than a HSotD adaptation… Just sayin’…

    Having just emerged — changed, as a butterfly from a chrysalis — from a TWGOK archive binge, I am inclined to agree. But hey, zombies are cool too. I’m down with that.

  24. @ waterfall: Want? No, no, no, no, no. I just thought a mention would be appropriate given their undead nature and HSotD being the kind of thing they like to work on.

  25. While the first sentence of this quote isn’t terribly relevant, I think the rest kind of sums up my feelings on the announcement. And appropriately, too!


  26. Looks like the answer to the first large question about this anime has been answered: Madhouse.

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