love is in the air






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  1. Oh my God!

    Who are you going to give those chocolates Saten-san? These couples are fine… even Luluko and Susako.

  2. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh..!

    *Where’s my tissue?*

  3. My first reaction upon seeing Ed and Winry was, “Damn, those are some tall elevator shoes he’s got on.” I’m not very romantic.

  4. Actually, Ed grows taller than Winry over the course of the manga.

    He’s still short as hell, though.

  5. One of these things is not like the other…

  6. I’m utterly shocked. I don’t see any traps.

    I don’t count genderbent as “traps”. Still, no Mako-cakes? No Jun? Hideyoshi?


    Here’s some trap, Dynaknight. Or rather, reverse-trap.

  8. That reminds me that we never did get that last Minami-ke post….

  9. ithekro: Mako-chan derailed it. Now he’s afraid of it because of Hideyoshi, who is the next step along the road. ;)

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