moar sora no otoshimono!

ZOMG! I asked… and received! Another season of Sora no Otoshimono is being produced. Andohbytheway, the mystical “Project Pink” episode 14 has reached mystical status, much like The Noodle Incident from Calvin and Hobbes (or Bakemonogatari episode 15… grrr).

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  1. “Project Pink” will probably be recut as re-serviced as an episode (pilot) for season 2.

    But yeah, yet another proof that anime companies read this blog.

  2. YES!!! Can’t wait for the more Awesome of Tomoki lol

  3. I get to see the Tomoki Train and the Purity Test in living color?!

  4. “I get to see the Tomoki Train and the Purity T”est in living color?!

    I don’t think so, the second season will probably cover only Astrea’s arc (FUCK YEAH ASTREA =D), Tomoki Train and purity Test are too recent…

  5. yay

  6. Sora no otoshimono fan club in the USA is working on an English version of the official fan club website for English speaking viewers.

    Not completely done but it has KPs blessing.

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