getting the call up

Wow, no foolin’, Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward, and Desmond Jennings just got called up to the majors. And by Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward, and Desmond Jennings, I mean The World God Only Knows, Mirai Nikki, and High School of the Dead. High School of the Dead probably has the best situation, with a natural fit with Madhouse. That’s just a great, great fit, not even considering that Yousuke Kuroda is handling the script. Yes… that Kuroda from Hayate the Combat Butler. (And this Gundam 00 thingamagig, but that’s not important). The only problem… High School of the Dead had a great first volume and then got exponentially worse as it went on. Started as a Black Lagoon-class combination of action, fanservice, and comedy… and ended up a parody of itself.

Mirai Nikki… I rooted for Kyoto Animation and got Asread instead. I can’t think of a more compelling storyline than Kyoto working on Mirai Nikki, and it seemed plausible since Kagami enjoys it. But Asread? Ugh. Minami-ke was a lay-upMirai Nikki‘s going to be more like a three-pointer with a hand in the face. This might be like Umineko by Deen… compelling only because I’m slamming my head against the table wondering how much more wonderful it could have been. Seriously? Asread? And why an OVA?!

No clue who is animating The World God Only Knows yet, but my best case scenario is Kyoto. There’s lack a lack of fanservice (except the current arc), which plays into Kyoto’s hands. The characters are styled not much differently than K-On!, and Yuko Goto was meant to voice Elsea. Worst case scenario? Deen. Secret best case scenario? Sunrise, and they give Keima his own Capturing Gundam and a Geass-like “I can see the ending!” ability. Now that would be awesome.

I’ve been wondering most of last year (and this year) while suffering through the crud why these franchises haven’t been tapped sooner. But I’m glad we’ll see them instead of more Koihime Musou… oh wait…

One consequence, of course, is that the cupboard is pretty bare now with GTO 14 Days, Franken Fran, and Yandere Kanojo waiting for the call up to the majors. Actually, scratch that. There’s always new prospects. (At least I hope so.) The new hotness? Sword Art Online. And thanks to Thrashy for pointing out that Blizzard (of The Lost Vikings fame) is apparently a fan of SAO.

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  1. Hey, at least Asread can’t do any worse than Kyoto did with Haruhi S2, right? I mean, who’s dumb enough to screw up their own cash cow? If Gainax could avoid doing it, KtoAni couldake sure not to shit where it eats, right? Right?

  2. Mirai nikki is getting animated by Asread? Oh god, no. I think the best we can hope for on this is that they only do a single OVA and then another more competent studio picks it up.

    I’m going to go sit in the corner and hug my knees, while rocking slowly back and forth.

  3. Opening spread from chapter 94

    Pretty much just yelling “We’re getting animated!”

    First panel: We’re getting animated!

    Second Panel:

    Bug demon: Yay~Anime anime
    Ayumi: I’m the first to appear after all
    Kusonoki: Get over here Keima!
    Tenri: Would I appear…?
    Kanon: I’m feeling like singing~
    Chihiro: I’ll handle the vocals!
    Hakua: Let’s inform the chief!

    Third and fourth panel:

    Keima: When would I be freed from this…it would be better if they were announcing a game release.

    Btw, TWGOK is taking a break next week, to celebrate the announcement I guess.

  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    That is all.

  5. One out of three ain’t bad in baseball. Besides, last time I wished for highly touted manga to be made into anime, I got the somehow unsatisfying Dance in the Vampire Bund and Omamori Himari shows…

    I needs FrankenFran now! Last chapter’s finale had me doing a double take

  6. I can only hope Tamiki Wakaki read the post mentioning the TWGOKCOPAS before he signed on the dotted line…but I’m worried. The source material’s too good for most studios.

    Also I’ve said it before, but the only voice actor I can see doing Keima justice is Lulu’s.

    Thanks for the translation waffles!

  7. Keima has to be voiced by Lulu or Light. I personally prefer the latter, but would be happy with either. My personal favorite for Elsee is Kafuka from SZS (sorry, but Goto’s voice is annoying enough as it is, and Elsee would ramp it up to 12), but frankly, as long as she’s not too distracting from the Capturing God or the girl of the week, any good voice actress is fine for her. I’m currently leaning toward Biribiri for Hakua, but there are similar voices that would also work well. Any other major recurring character is probably farther along in the story than we’re going to see in an initial anime adaptation, but we might be surprised.

    @Haess: What is this, Sankaku Complex? Get over E8 and move along. TWGOK got an anime. This is a happy day. Find one of the Disappearance camrip streams and use it to kill the next 3 hours. You know you want to.

  8. There are many that are good to go for TWGOK… JC Staff and Gainax (their rendition of Potemayo wasn’t too bad), and hell, even SHAFT. There are, of course, studios that should not go anywhere near it, and god willing that these studios are too busy with shit or know they’ll completely ruin it and not bother.
    As far as endless eight goes, I still to this day believe it to be a publicity stunt called by the men up top to cause buzz about the show. Which worked, if RAGE was their goal. Might have not been the smartest of moves… but it worked, didn’t it? People are still talking about it, case in point.

  9. Keima has to be voiced by Lulu or Light.

    Hadn’t thought about that, but yes, Light-o could do well as Keima too.

    For Hakua, I guess I prefer a low tsundere type voice like Rin (F/SN), Ayume (Asu no Yoichi) or Kyou (Clannad), whereas for Elsee a genki girl type voice is good, like Tenma (School Rumble) or Minori (Toradora). The latter may be best just for the added bonus of Horie Yui.

  10. I love how you mentioned Blizzard being of Lost Vikings fame and not World of Warcraft. I wonder how many people looked over that comment.

  11. Looking at the video, here, I have two impressions abouth this anime,so far.

    1) Keima’s voice is not what I expected (not . Elsee’s voice is adequate.
    2)U-Urgh, the Chihiro at 2.22 seems a trap, more than a woman. Are they reading this blog, perhaps?

    Let’s hope for the better. I’m a little downhearted…

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