angel beats 2

“Fucking crazy!”

(TK is my favorite character. He has just three random lines each episode, and it’s strange hearing him speak Japanese.)

Jun Maeda might be better at composition than at scenario writing… My Heart Your Soul is fantastic. Loved Tenshi playing the world’s most mobile grand piano, love the John Tesh-quality rock piano beats, and loved how Tenshi shows more expression playing the piano here than Nodame. Just a tour de force OP. Lia even sings it. Makes me wish Jun Maeda composed something for K-On!… they don’t really have a piece that showcases Mugi’s considerable skills. A rock piano piece of Jun Maeda would have been excellent for Mugi.

(I’d suggest John Tesh, but I don’t think we can get him. Maybe Elton John… mmm… meanwhile, anime fans everywhere shudder at the thought of a K-On! piece composed by Elton John.)

(Highly disappointed GalDeMo didn’t do the ED. Kyoto wouldn’t have made that mistake. They would have given GalDeMo some girl power-ish song and decked them out in 80s clothes. It would have been great. But, alas.)

“Just grab anywhere!”

It’s a trap! You just knew there were places not to grab… but was it worth it? That’s what I want to know.

Her brothers and sisters were gunned down, and that might not be the saddest moment of Yuri’s life? Jun Maeda is to sad girls in snow what Tom Izzo is to college basketball. I will make this very clear: if Yuri’s death doesn’t involve sad girl in snow, it would be a greater upset than the Cavs not winning the NBA championship this year.

(Haruhi Lite, aka Yuri, is my second favorite character. She has 80% of the spunk and sass of Haruhi, 80% of the craziness, and 80% of the invincibility. Unfortunately, Otonashi isn’t 80% as awesome as Kyon. Otonashi is only a tier above Sunohara, which isn’t much of a compliment. Okay, maybe two tiers… but that’s still not very good. And definitely Otonashiko won’t be as trappy as Kyonko.)

Knife fight here… better than anything I’ve seen in either Canaan or in Kaichou wa Meido-sama. The fact that Potemayo is voicing Tenshi makes it all that much better.

Brewing bromance? Or is it something more? I’m not sure how I feel about the comedy of the SSS Brigade falling to trap after trap juxtaposed with Haruhi Lite’s sob story. I wouldn’t use “delighted,” that’s for sure.

(Though my favorite one was where the guys says, “You’re next!” and he turned out to be next. Predictable, but I chuckled nonetheless. And the chances that some cool yet hawt girl has some weak spot for cute animals? It never happens in a Jun Maeda story! Never!)

(Just realized that I’ve written “Jun Maeda” more times in this post than I have for all of Clannad. Mmm…)

They make stuff from dirt? Okaaaaay… I was more delighted to hear the people of Guild (who managed to build an impressive forge city on par with Lady Eboshi’s Iron Town in a very short time from dirt) call her “Yurripee!” Brings back memories of– yes!– the original Gatekeepers! Now that was a fun Gonzo anime. Unfortunately, it was also the last. Open the gate-o!

Such a Haruhi-like smile… why isn’t Kyoto doing this instead? So much better than Endless Eight.

(I’m looking at Seiji Kishi’s resumeGalaxy Angel RuneMagikanoSeto no Hanayome? We might not be in bad hands, if Angel Beats became a fanservice harem anime. Which, you know, it should.)

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  1. Well, now we know she isn’t Haruhi, not if she came to the afterlife like this.

    Also, I love how they focus on things like thebdead having perfume (commenting on scent) but build everything else out of dirt.

    Also, if Kyo was doing this, Yuri would look like Yui and we’d be subjected to the concert for eight episodes only to end with no conclusion or sequel to complete the story since it’s not Haruhi. See FMP for an example of a possible fate.

  2. I really do enjoy TK aswell.

    A fun fact, if you did not already know, the ANN has his VA cited as being a video engineer for FUNimation.

  3. Was similarly blown away with the music this week, I had high hopes but I definitely wasn’t expecting this. Man this was awesome.

    Yeah there were some random bits to this episode including Guild itself, the whole dirt business and the likes but I’ll give it a pass as long as it continues its significance later on. The traps segment was funny and also served to give us a little more about our minor characters.

    As you said I guess Yuri’s past could have been expected but that is just brutal I don’t really know how to react to that, it is one of the most terrible things I have ever seen depicted in anime, from a psychological standpoint. Still in shock for sure.

    But overall I am loving this anime and it is definitely the best of the season for me, look forward to seeing your thoughts each week.

    I’m new here btw so compliments on your site as well, I will be around.


  4. TK is everyone’s favourite. He’s the ensemble darkhorse of the show. Hell, I would even dare to say he’s the ED of 2010.

  5. I hate how I just know that the opening and ending is going to have me in tears by the end of the series.

  6. I’m not sure how I feel about the comedy of the SSS Brigade falling to trap after trap juxtaposed with Haruhi Lite’s sob story. I wouldn’t use “delighted,” that’s for sure.

    “Vertigo” seems about right.

    Also, I love how they focus on things like thebdead having perfume (commenting on scent)

    Maybe he just likes the scent of Yurripee au naturel.

  7. Did you notice the Resident Evil reference in the 2nd trap? That was awesome, even for a Kay visual novel.

    Yeah, the OP was good, superb animation and beautiful song.

  8. Such a Haruhi-like smile… why isn’t Kyoto doing this instead?

    They already did. Two seasons.

  9. You guys make me *facepalm*. This is to be expected from the crowd that likened Okazaki to Kyon though. People complain about a show not being similar to a particular show, and then complain that something with any similarities at all is a knockoff. There is really a finite amount of character archetypes to put in a story.

    It might be a viewpoint dependent on taste though. I though Haruhi was rather bland. Perhaps it rubs me that a series that actually seems interesting would be said the “same as.” And the crowd that watches this and yearns for more Haruhi is likening it to it because they do watch it. Or because Jason says so. As usual, I have no point.

    Oh yeah. I blame you Jason! I developed standards for anime thanks to you! I should have said this two years ago! Will you marry me?

  10. Sad to say Jason like Lolis and he is only interested in espers, aliens, time travelers, and out of this world girls.

  11. If you’re going to have a character talk like Haruhi and act like Haruhi then at the very least don’t make her look like Haruhi too! I can’t help but think it every time I see Yuri. Your first post on Angel Beats hit the nail on the head with all the similarities between the cast.

    But despite that…megalomaniac tsunderes are good right? I particularly enjoyed the climbing scene.

  12. how is it just now that it occurred to me that the laser room trap was taken out of the first and third Resident Evil movies?

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