angel beats 3

“I want to live forever.”

(K-On!? What K-On!? Girls Dead Monster 4 eva!)

Iwasawa is to Girls Dead Monster as what Kamina is to the Gurren Brigade. Indispensable… and was dispensed off. Gotta hand it to PA Works for besting Kyoto at their own game with the great music set– enjoyed the animation, the movement, the music, the solemn looks from Angel, everything. I’ll rank their Alchemy above Fuwa Fuwa Time but under God Knows. And way above Kotomi-chan’s violin concerto.

Iwasawa has a seiyuu for dialogue (Miyuki Sawashiro… Celty) and another for singing. Though if she’s gone now, is it the end of Girls Dead Monster? Or is someone going to take her place as lead vocals/frontwoman? I vote for Azu-nyan.

(Between Iwasawa/Kanbaru, Otonashi/Araragi, Angel/Nadeko, and Yui/Imouto, are they trying to reunite the cast of Bakemonogatari? And, if so, why not cast Chiwa Saito for a genderswapped version of TK? Or would that just be too awesome to fit into this space-time continuum?)

I’m having a lot of trouble watching Arararagi Under the Bridge. Kamiya just sounds the same in every anime when he goes hyper or starts complaining. I dunno. I think you need variety. Anime is turning into pr0n. There are many starlets, but all the choice male roles all seem to go to just a small group of woodsmen like John Holmes, Peter North, or Dirk Diggler.

(You’d think that the knife would have cut through the skin at that point.)

The drummer just goes bat shit crazy. She’s my second favorite character behind TK, who had exactly one line this episode, “Get chance and luck!” And if TK had an English seiyuu, why would he agree to say thse horrible Engrish lines? At least point out, “Hey, no English speaker would say this crap.” Why is it that my favorite characters in this show never say anything or contribute anything? Is this like rooting for Jawad Williams on the Cleveland Cavaliers? (If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. I’d worry if you knew who he is.)

“Our weakness is that we’re stupid.”

They have something in common with the cast of Mai Otome. More importantly, if you ever wanted to know what it would be like if Haruhi Suzumiya procreated with Gendo Ikari… this isn’t it. But Yurippe is damn close.

I can’t be the only one thinking, “Mmm… I wonder what this would look like if they were wearing the Sawa-chan Meido Mark II outfits.”

Kinda makes me wish that K-On! had more music and less delicious Mugi cakes. Though I think I’m going to dread when the plot goes back to focus on Otonashi… he’s the weakest link of the show. He’s an absolute party pooper. I’m also wondering how does a series with an 80% male cast get into G’s Magazine… isn’t there like a minimum four imouto and/or meido rule for stuff that goes into G’s?

Algebraic rape? What I want to know is if pi is correct. I mean, if I were directing this, I would purposefully have a wrong digit just to see if anything would find it and then mock it on image boards, thus proving that someone had an even less exciting life than I did.

There’s a lot in Angel Beats that remind me of Haruhi and K-On!, but when Iwasawa went for the old guitar, it reminded me of the first season of Lost (before they sold out and decided to stretch out the plot as much as they could) where everyone had the memorable flashback episodes. I think this flashback reminded me of it.

(Sad girl in rain… so close to sad girl in snow. I can feel it in my bones. Though knowing Jun Maeda, all the girls will be put through the ringer, and it won’t be pretty. I just hope none of them are here because they tore the wings off a defenseless, injured bird.)

I enjoyed all the Key brings it the background, but I’m disappointed that there’s no Pizza Hut sponsorship.

Iwasawa was replaced by Takeyama in the ED montage! I think this means she ain’t coming back… until, you know, Otonashi clears all the conditions and revives everyone at the end a la Tomoya.

When Yurippe butted her head in… that was totally a Haruhi move. Watching her do that is like watching Kobe do a MJ-patented 17 foot fall-away jumper.

My guess is that Angel is an actual human trapped in purgatory as well, thinking of obtaining a place closer to God in her own way. Or that the SSS Brigade is wrong about their assumptions of this world and that disappearing just means that one has made peace with their past life. Though I’m just wondering… where does the SSS Brigade live, sleep, and bathe? Aren’t they exposed to Angel whenever they leave that room? And why is that room special outside of deus ex machina reasons?

(Love the instrument playing. It makes JC Staff’s attempt in Nodame seem as dated as a Motorola StarTac phone.)

Her ballad was an awesome way to end the episode. So much better than the nonsensical fight scenes from the previous two episodes. Needless to say, I enjoyed this episode.

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  1. >And if TK had an English seiyuu, why would he agree to say thse horrible Engrish lines? At least point out, “Hey, no English speaker would say this crap.”

    For the same reason that Raising Heart’s seiyuu in Nanoha did in the original series; they wanted to get paid. Yes, it had an English seiyuu v

    Also, the dead girl anime having more music than the KyoAni one focused around music… how far Kyoto has fallen. But the Miyuki Sawashiro double seiyuu situation reminds me of Sheryl Nome from Macross F.

  2. >Algebraic rape?

    This scene reminded me of the “The Flight of Dragons”, where Peter blows up the sorcerer by quoting all the science laws/ken that he knows.

  3. Yeah this show is great, I could rant on about how great it is for a long time, but I’m sure it’s understood well enough already.
    My question is though, the NPCs act a little different than I would’ve imagined, I mean they’re programmed to act normal enough but their insane necessity to want to watch the concert seems off-track. If they had enough emotions and strong enough feeling towards a band like this, then wouldn’t they quickly question the strange world they’re in? Of course if you argue that they’re programmed to think of the world as normal, then where did they get such an attraction for live music programmed in? I know I’m thinking about it too much, but from the way the NPC’s were described to us in episode 1 and the way we see them act, they seem a little TOO human.
    Tenshi’s “It’s almost like I’m the bad guy” line killed me. Too good on so many levels.
    Lastly, we’ve only seen Iwasawa 2 times, but I’m already going to miss her. Damn you Key and your well designed characters.

  4. The ending when Iwasawa singed the ballad was really beautiful, and i would really like to learn to play the ballad on the guitar too! :D So i wonder if you know if the lyrics + guitar chords will come out anytime soon?

  5. TK is fcking lame I dont understand why ppl like him.
    I’m looking forward to those songs in this ep, sounds pretty nice.

    Also everyone is abusing words like awesome and epic, that sure degrade those words just like how “pretty”,”beautiful” are used in deviantart.

  6. I think Angel can’t do anything to them unless they’re doing something outside the rules at that moment. Refer to Ep.1 When Otonashi asked Yuri if it’s ok to eat in cafeteria and she said they didn’t do anything wrong.

    On the other note, I think the SSS might has completely wrong view of this world. I think this is purgatory where everyone who commit suicide is sent to (I think the cause of dead of Yuri and Iwasawa are due to suicide, seeing siblings murdered by those burglars and loss ability to sing – your only reason to live – is enough to make person commit suicide) and it somehow creates a hole in their heart. When they can fill that hole they got sent to heaven or just to be born again maybe?

    By the way, I think Angel is actually a good guy. Maybe trying to have everyone accomplish the same thing Iwasawa did, seeing how the SSS said whoever got ‘caught’ by Angel is disappeared.

  7. The other main band girl yui, the one who went for the sound board, has a seiyuu and a singer. Expect her to do a song as well at some point her singer is someone named LiSa. Iwasawa’s was named Marina.

  8. Anybody else think one of the GalDeMo girls kinda looks like Kyonko?

  9. @Cage yea that’s the first thought I had when I saw her.

  10. They did this double voice actor thing with the show for Nana. I was flabbergasted because the character’s speaking voice actor was Aya Hirano.

  11. This episode was prue win. The ballad was fine, but not memorable.

  12. Now, is there a Simon in Girls Dead Monster that will take up Iwasawa’s role?

    My Iwasawa replacement ;_;!!
    I loved this episode and am going to miss Iwasawa too much, dayumn you awesome character design and Miyuki Sawashiro voice! I much prefer her back-story to Yuri, but alas, we don’t know how Yuri died, so that in turn might prove to be more interesting.
    Now I know the ED symbolises them all disappearing one by one and then Yurippe will be left alone in the end ;_; or something since she holds the biggest grudge out of them all.
    But yes, Iwasawa was the Kamina to Angel Beats, and Yui will be to the Simon to her. That is your Simon *points to gif link* Nyan. And she’s Yui… o dear.
    I wish the ballad was a little bit more memorable. 8( ‘A ‘) 8

  14. It was a really good episode. I think the ballad might be the best part actually, what makes it you remember it more is it is the last time you see Iwasawa. Not to mention the vocals for the ballad were fantastic.

  15. Please don’t go looking for explanations, Jason; otherwise you’re going to have to look into explaining some ridiculous things: *** If they have to scavenge for food tickets, where the hell did the guns – much less, the ammunition – come from? *** How come none of the NPCs went, “Hey! My meal tickets!”? After all, SSS has done this before, and the NPCs are supposed to be able to react realistically to someone giving them a kancho. *** They do get injured, fatigued, and hungry, and since we haven’t seen anyone with any scars, their wounds heal. But they don’t age. Wait, what? ***

  16. Wow, I get at least a good *facepalm* opportunity every post, but this is good. @Ragingduck. First! They don’t HAVE to do anything, I think it was more of a “for the hell of it” sort of thing. They could have just gotten them the normal way, but she mentioned it was a bad idea even acting like a normal student. Or like she said, they are stupid. Second! They make guns and whatanot (I have no idea why ammo is “much less” as in harder to get than guns. Hell I could make bullets with just raw materials around town) out of dirt (The whole point of ep 2, if I remember correctly). I think she meant realistically sarcastically, they are quite literally the background characters in manga, it would seem. I think if you kancho-ed a chick in real life, she would probably call the cops, or have her guy friends break your arms. That last point made no sense. The whole “dying while dead thing” was pretty self-explanatory. I was watching this while playing a game, and I still caught all that.
    Feeling alright?

  17. “Why is it that my favorite characters in this show never say anything or contribute anything? Is this like rooting for Jawad Williams on the Cleveland Cavaliers? (If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. I’d worry if you knew who he is.)”

    One problem, I live in Cleveland :P

    For his limited PT, he’s done well for us. Plus he played with LBJ at St. Mary St. Vincent, so i’m sure he’ll get some time in the playoffs to contribute since LBJ is the defacto coach. I’m looking forward to Telfair next year, he looked great at the end of the season for us. Maybe the light finally came on.

    Also, “Get chance and luck!” has entered my daily vocabulary. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that for the first time.

  18. This show needs more Nanami Yasuri.

  19. This show needs more TWGOK characters.

  20. So many things that annoy me with this show… but mainly, boils down to this:

    Kamiya just sounds the same in every anime when he goes hyper or starts complaining. I dunno. I think you need variety.

    It doesn’t help that I hated SHAFT and their abominations.
    @Cage: Holy shit, Kyonko. I didn’t think of that. Too busy wondering how the PA system could broadcast an old acoustic guitar with no plugs could be heard by everyone (and the mic was pretty far, so unless the adults stopped breathing…) and it was a ballad, no less.

  21. Also:

    Pae: (I think the cause of dead of Yuri and Iwasawa are due to suicide, seeing siblings murdered by those burglars and loss ability to sing – your only reason to live – is enough to make person commit suicide)

    I think Yuri said herself that she didn’t die by suicide, in ep 2, I think.

  22. Suicides? purgatory? Haibane Renmei… Even the wings wouldn’t be out of place for Key.

  23. “I think Yuri said herself that she didn’t die by suicide, in ep 2, I think.”

    Yes, she said that but I think there’s a high possibility that she actually did commit suicide since she was quite defensive about it, she quickly said ‘I didn’t commit suicide’ even though Otonashi didn’t say anything about it.

  24. i hate how this anime keeps upscaling and down scaling everything

    in ep2, we see the underground Guild, which is, huge, like a whole city underground, and we’re given a feel that this world is a heap different from out normal reality
    but in ep3 we see that angel lives in a normal room, like a normal we girl, we see normal students going to a normal concert

  25. Bit offtopic, but reciting pi immediately reminded me of this:

  26. Naw, I don’t think they committed suicide. I think they all died while regretting something major in their lives and that world exists to allow them to come to peace with whatever lingering regrets they have. Thus, once Iwasawa was able to save someone with her music the way she’d wanted to do in life she was able to pass on.

    I imagine the rest of the show will be split between watching the gang disappear/resolve their regrets, figuring out what happened to no-memory guy, and finding out Angel’s back-story/regret. Since she was there before the others came I’m betting the whole school is built from her memories, and as long as the SSS keep disrupting things she won’t be able to move forward. And since Yurippe is stuck in “Rage against the Heavens” mode. . .

  27. I don’t know what you’re smoking, but Kotomi’s Violin recital is the best concert I’ve heard to date in any show I’ve ever seen!

  28. I dun really know where I read this, but apparently the seiyuu for TK is english 0.o

  29. @AnthTony

    There’s a contrast that fits the theme of the Angel vs SSS. The Angel wants everyone to be normal school students. As such, everything involving such will be..normal. Note that even the Angel for all of her power is rather subdued in her powers and actions (want a Haruhi comparison. Go rewatch Yuri’s battle). The SSS, though, is rebelling, and, to do that, they need to be the exact opposite: utterly crazy-go-nonsense with a nice dose of reality breaking. Thus why they have the RTS style battle room, the death trap ridden weapon room (and why they need that instead of just making their own weapons I imagine.. the crazier the better) and why they can amp up an guitar with no link to the system. It really is a reimagined Haruhi-unusual vs World-normal battle.

  30. Hey I just uploaded the full song of the ballad that was played in this episode. I don’t know why but I really like the song.

    The video is alright, hopefully the quality goes up after its finished processing

  31. Ok, this comes more than a year after the original entry so no one will read it, *sloooooooowpoke*, but TK’s line “Get chance and luck!” is an homage to City Hunter’s first ED. The music after he says that is reminescent of said song. Also, I feel terribly old being the only dude here that knows this.

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