nanami is awesome

So what if she looks like Mutio from Blue Sub No. 6? (Actually, that’s a plus. Mutio was awesome too.) Nanami is awesome.


Her power is awesome. Just like Adam Blade, except she has the smarts, intelligence, and genius to use it properly. Watching her kick ass, it’s obvious Togame made the wrong choice for whom to bring along on the journey… on the other hand, Shichika is easily manipulatable whereas Nanami is not.


Her brotherly devotion is awesome. I don’t know what it’s called, but can’t be a coincidence that all of a sudden, we have Nanami and Durarara!!‘s Yuya who are both really, really, freakishly devoted to their little brothers.


Her callousness is awesome. Just absolutely heartless in how she butchered those poor ninja, even Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, and the bankers at Goldman Sachs were horrified by it. I gasped when she revealed how she punished Shichika by ripping off his fingernails one by one… needless to say, we know know who Mion’s and Shion’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother is. Even the hair color fits!


Her quotes are awesome. “People who have the advantage sure talk a lot.” This has been the best episode of Katanagatari thus far… and… it’s all about the Nanami.


Her smile is awesome. I don’t need to say anymore… except…


Her grin is more awesome. Like a Cheshire cat.

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  1. Even if we’re trolled by then, this episode sure was fucking awesome. Ahh the good times are back, and more if Mai Nakahara brings down the house with her performance as Nanami. Sure, we all know where she learned to act like that (I’m looking ta you HIgurashi… Rena…. batshit insane…)

    Bring her some real foes please.

  2. Being voiced by Mai Nakahara you can thrown in some Rena to that Sonozaki comparison and everything fits like glue.

  3. The funniest thing in all this is that they had already animated the fight between Shichika and Sabi Hakuhei (see: Next Episode preview from Episode 3) and it was an epic fight.

    Also, love how Butterfly-man went and raised as many death flags as he possibly could before going into the fight. Hilarious episode, even if it was a giant troll.

  4. Nanami as the final boss would be awesome! :)

  5. Is it possibly to called the creepy smiled Nanami, Moe? Because I couldn’t looked away as she quietly and casually talked of torture. As she explained how in ordered for her to stop her brother from biting his nails, she rips them off from his skin like peeling a banana. My spine will chilled when she smiles for now on …………..

  6. @KK: Surely they didn’t animate it ALL, they just animated enough to fill in the preview so that they could troll us hard in this episode. Of course, even though it is a troll episode, it was still so awesome that I couldn’t really care less.

    I just loved how they hyped up the match between Shichika and Sabi afterwards when they were eating just so we could decide whether or not it was worth missing for the awesome Nanami development/action

  7. This was the first time I actually felt sorry for the goofy cannon-fodder ninjas.

    All hail Nanami, new queen of psycho-moe!

  8. I have to say, hearing Nagisa talk about ripping fingernails out of people to Sunohara and his crew made me very pleased. Best yandere so far this year.

    … actually maybe yandere doesn’t apply. Best psychotic woman?

  9. Oh man, I so want more of Nanami now. But the preview doesn’t have her in sight…….
    I guess I’ll just have to wait for Denpa Teki na Kanojo 3 to fill my yandere needs. Best part of the episode was definitely when she says she was faking it. Second best was the cigarettes on the graves. Third best was the in your face “learned your move” moment. And then there’s the smile………………

  10. NisiOisiN is like the king of unexpected trolls.

    Best episode ever. Those poor, poor ninjas.

  11. This is how you’re SUPPOSED to troll your viewers. Pay attention Kyoani.

  12. LOL Nagisa the killer loli (not loli, but you know you love that.)

  13. Nanami is so awesome she made Jason forget about collarbones.

  14. I actually thought it was kinda hot, the way she pulled off the evil. That sweet smile… and that wicked grin. Very hot.

    Also, KyoAni needs to stop trolling by airing the same episode eight times (as the jobless losers who buy those can only mooch off their parents for so long) and tease their fans by making them into Naruto fans (expecting huge combat scenes), only to get the aftermath dialogue instead. Epic troll done right. That, and the Togame service. Collarbones.

  15. I came in expecting to see a shark sliced in half and instead got Nanami kicking copious amounts of ass. It was so awesome, I completly forgot I was trolled.

  16. What I loved about this episode is this: There are no wasted characters. They could have easily gone into a pattern where we get a Shichika fight every month and the anime would have been good. However, they say “we’ve got this character we’ve had since ep 1, she’s awesome, so lets not waste her for 12 episodes” Now, even though next month is probably going to be Shichika vs. random deviant blade holder, the one after that? Might be more very excellent character exposition.

  17. And I agree with everybody else – we still saw a great fight, so I don’t mind that Hakuhei’s big duel was simply skipped.

  18. It’s funny how she also uses the Maniwani term like her brother.

    Fucking scary man.

  19. BMW criteria, MET!

  20. dude i saw this ep and i said to my friend right before he watched it ‘nanami is hot. i mean this in several ways.’

  21. Well, after this ep, the “poor Nanami” thought of her from ep 1 went out the window…

  22. BMW criteria, MET!

    There is a fatal hole in your logic and this piece of evidence proves it:
    <Present: Family Tree>
    Shichika, being the younger sibling, is no (w)onii-chan, thus Nanami by definition cannot be a BMW!

  23. It appears that we can look forward to more Nanami in July.

  24. The bad guys were the good guys and the good guys were the bad guys. The Ninja were gentlemen and Nanami was a bitch. I simply don’t like it. At all.

  25. Important plot point mentioned in passing: Nanami thanks Mitsubachi for showing her how to use a sword. Normal Kyotouryuu practitioners are congenitally unable to use a sword, which means they cannot be “poisoned” by Shikizaki’s swords. If Nanami can use a sword, she can be poisoned by one.

    Series in which collarbones are a sexual focal point: Katanagatari, Today in Class 5-2 (the OAV), … any others?

  26. You’ve only caught the half of it there. How’s this scan for you.

    Shikikazi Kiki was seeking the creation of the perfect sword. He made 1000 swords for the deviant 12, and the deviant 12 in search of something higher yet.

    Kyotoryuu was another creation of Skikikazi, and may well be of his bloodline as well.

    Shichika frequently refers to himself as a sword.

    Therefore, Nanami is the 13th deviant blade, the ultimate product of Shikikazi’s work, and the Final Boss of the series.

  27. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what does BMW stand for in those previous comments?

  28. Shichika, being the younger sibling, is no (w)onii-chan, thus Nanami by definition cannot be a BMW

    Ah, you’re right, even though the brotherly devotion is all there, I was thwarted by a technicality of definition. There’s no way Keima would accept the substitution of (w)outouto-chan.

    Grief, BMW is the acronym Keima from The World God Only Knows uses to define (as Giant Humanoid Robot quite correctly pointed out) a younger sister. See the image halfway down this post.

  29. Just watch the 4th episode after reading this post and… Oh my God, Nanami is really f*cking scary, I nearly wet myself watching this episode even though I knew what was to expect.

    Beware the nice one indeed.

    Needless to say, this episode bump Katanagatari onto my must-watch list. Hopefully we’ll see Nanami kick more ass in the future.

  30. I didn’t like the episode. I hate overpowered abilities like Nanami’s, they just make the fights too one-sided and unexciting. And I still want my shark-slicing action.

  31. For the past 3 episodes, they keep building Sabi as ‘That one Boss’, and then there’s the trailer. Imagine my surprise when I do not see the Sabi fight and instead, we have Nanami curb-stomping the Insect Corp. That’s some trolling over there.

  32. I just re-watch the first episode again and… They planned this out from the beginning! The hints are all there! Especially about the part where Nanami push others out of the way of the incoming shurikens and at the end of the episode in which Nanami said “…that child is so weak, I wonder if they’ll be ok.”

    Man, if that’s not foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

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