k-on!! 3

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“Hey, it’s all sticky around your mouth.”

(“Can you help me wipe it off?”)


HTT is trying to be environmentally conscious on Earth Day by using only air guitars.


I feel like we’re watching some weird remix of K-On!… wait, what as the manga about again? Mio doesn’t seem traumatized enough by what happened during the original concert. Where’s my Mio stalker? I demand Mio stalking! Just not by Ben Roethlisberger. That would just be freaky creepy bad.


I’m enjoying all the different wipe effects. I wonder if there was someone at Kyoto who decided, “You know what K-On!! needs? Fancy wipe effects! The fans will eat it up! They won’t even notice that we skipped over the lesbian stalker arc!”

(That person might even continue on, “You know, if we had these fancy wipe effects, no one would have complained about the eight times that we ran Endless Eight.”)


Sawa-chan 4tw! I liked the scenes that focused on Sawa-chan’s legs… though I think I still enjoy the death metal Sawa-chan scenes more than the kirakira Sawa-chan scenes.


Kyoto Animation knows crying like TNT knows drama. Though I miss the days of the massive teardrops that were a staple of Clannad and K-On!… not a big of a fan of the white waterfalls of woe.

(I would love to see a love triangle between Yui, Ritsu, and Gitah. That would be the greatest episode of Cheaters ever… well, maybe fifth greatest behind Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Lil Kim, and Andre Rison. I think people just completely forgot that Left Eye burned down Andre Rison’s house after she found out that she was cheating on him. Completely underrated considering how much attention Woods got… Andre was a top ten receiver in the league.)


Pfft, I think Kyoto should have stuck the Hiiragi sisters in there somehow. Andohbytheway, Raki Suta was three years and one president ago. You know what really makes it seem old and historic? The iPhone was first announced around the beginning of that anime. Gosh, time flies. Just yesterday, it felt like I was writing posts clamoring for more Lucky Channel.

Also… better location for Ritsu’s hand?

A. Mio’s melonpan.
B. Bunny ears for Mio.
C. Bunny ears for Yui.
D. Picking her nose.
E. Facepalm.

(The photographer is using a film camera? Hun? What year is this?)


Someone just went fucking wild with the wipe effects. I’m beginning to think they hired the JumboTron operator from the Hiroshima Toyo Carp to make the effects. Instead of seeing Asahi beer bottles race around, he’s now doing wipe effects for a sisterly love comedy slice-of-life anime. Step up or step down? I dunno. On the other hand, Sawa-chan looks like the Bride of Eikichi Onizuka.


Most awesome sumo wrestling match ever.

(Seeing anyone other than Mio play the bass is like seeing anyone other than Mikuru serving tea, Haruka being amazing, Horo~n being nakkid, and Lulu being penetrated [by Suzaku]. Let’s keep it the way it is. There’s no reason to change.)


I was hoping that Ritsu would start playing the first dramatic bars from Phantom of the Opera.

(“Honey Sweet Tea Time”… I knew K-On! would give me cavities. Dammit. Dammit all to hell.)


“I use up a lot of energy!”

“On what?”

Mugi is awesome. I just want to know why. In 3D high definition. Hint, hint.


A scary Mio is always fine… where’s our Mio-centric episode? We’re three episodes in, and Mio hasn’t edged the moe meter one bit. I’m highly disappointed. This is like watching LeBron start off a game shooting 2 out of 8… you just know he’s going to heat up, but when? And how awesome would it be when he does?

ithekro: Or they can give us “Mio being stalked by a lesbian” for eight episodes…with different clothes, angles, and different pictures of Mio in different clothes….all with the same (mostly) script. Would that suck or be the most awesome things possible?

I’d settle for Kyoto trolling us by showing a preview of the lesbian stalker episode (maybe even a scene of the stalker pushing Mio down on a bed) and then giving us an episode about… a hot springs episode featuring Mikuru, LOL FANG-TAN, Kagami, Tsukasa, Tess, Chidori, Kyou, Tomoyo, Nayuki, Akiko, and Kyonko. They’d have to top both Seikon no Qwaser 13 and Katanagatari 4 combined.


Niles: I think by this point Azusa would accept soma if it were only presented in the proper manner (juice box).

Yep, these are my readers.

12 Responses to “k-on!! 3”

  1. No jokes about the budget here being wasted on wipe effects and not on Mio Lesbian Stalker? It’s like an astronaut not mentioning the Obama NASA plan. I am disappointed. Almost as much as Klaus will be when he finds out who the ‘hot schoolgirl’ in Hayate no Gotoku chapter 269 is.

  2. Sawa-chan’s group photo: I’ll take Mio, and the first row, second from the left, and third row, second from the right. To go, please.
    Damn, the previous group had some nice ones too…

  3. Keith Moon is her inspiration! Who would have guessed that when Daltrey and Entwistle started in the 70’s that they eventually would be mentioned in some Japanese show. Wouldn’t mind to see a K-ON reenactment of a concert of the Who (with the usual destruction – Sawa-chan label of approval).
    Also surprising after years of fighting against the establishment and being shunned by record labels and mainstream radio they eventually get to play at the Superbowl.

  4. The “usual destruction” of course including blowing up toilets with dynamite and driving a car into a pool. Ok, they’re too young to get a license I think, so a bicycle will do instead. Afternoon Tea Time – banned from Sheraton and Hilton for life.

  5. Somehow this episode felt a little _too_ heartwarming to me. I mean, I know it’s iyashikei but it’s also comedy and this was too far on the iyashikei side. Hopefully next week we’ll be back to the usual silliness.

  6. This week your first 1/2 liners disqualify everything in the blog post. Good luck next week.

  7. Hmmm. They all seem to switch tea sets each week, but Azusa always has the pink cat cup.
    One wonders about KyoAni and fanservice these days. Or they just don’t want to get into the possible yuri relationships in K-On….despite Full Metal Panic going full on with fanservice and lesbian incest.

  8. One wonders about KyoAni and fanservice these days.

    Maybe after all the lesbian twincest, Mikuru costume raping, Konata x Kagami sexual tension, putting middle schoolers in see-through dresses, and repeated playing research of Key games, the usual stuff just doesn’t do it for them anymore. Now the poor jaded souls at KyoAni need things like synchronized cake omnomming, home improvement role play, and instrument NTR to get their jollies, and the rest of us are not yet far enough beyond the veil to realize the true genius of their perversion.

  9. No mention of Himeko Tachibana (AKA Girl who sits next to Yui)? Jason, I am disappoint.

  10. Sawa-chan’s group photo: I’ll take Mio, and the first row, second from the left

    Knee-sock girl.

    Or, okay, Himeko Tachibana, I guess.

  11. This episode was fucking win!! The hardcore fans are fidning every detail they can about the series, even the BG Charcaters are taking big shots.

  12. Oh hey, Mioclone is in that group picture. Wouldn’t be surpriced if one day they made an episode about Mio wearing glasses and being confused with Mioclone with loads of moe.

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