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(We have a friend for Azu-nyan! Quick! Let’s arrange a play date for the two… maybe this can save the Light Music Club after the seniors graduate.)

How am I supposed to like Hinata after seeing him bully (and not in the Kotomi-chan way) Yui? Though Jun Maeda seems to be taking bromance farther and farther with each scenario he writes… with Sunohara and Tomoya already being uncomfortable, Hinata and Otonashi being even more uncomfortable… does this mean Jun Maeda is actively auditioning to be the next writer for Gundam? That must be it. That’s the only explanation.

(A Jun Maeda giant mecha series… that would be awesome, especially if he includes a baseball episode. Funny thing is there’s like a twenty percent chance this might happen, and five years from now someone will go back and leave a comment on this post calling me “Nostradamus.”)

I liked PA Works remixing the OP to go along with the passing of the torch from Iwasawa to Yui… though going from Iwasawa to Yui is like going from Nelly to Murphy Lee. Not that’s a bad thing, just Murphy Lee isn’t exactly Nelly.

The pink hair… the idiocy… the tail… was Yui To Love Ru‘s Lala in a past life?

As much as I enjoyed LiSA’s rendition of My Soul, Your Beats!… I think I enjoyed Yui’s fuck up at the end more. Made me spit out my iced tea. In any case, if I had to think of an exact opposite scenario of Mio exposing her ass, it’s Yui strangling herself.

(Don’t worry. They can’t die in this world, only suffer indescribable pain, so it’s okay to make fun of Yui’s mock hanging.)

TK gets not one but two lines this episode! CRAZY BABY! DON’T STOP DANCING!

Noblesse oblige, I pray you become a magnificent villain.

(Jun Maeda claims that Yurippe wears a headband because he was inspired by a Persona 4 character. Come on. Be honest. She even has the same proportions as Haruhi Suzumiya… Jun, we won’t think less of you if Yurippe shows up in episode nine wearing a bunny suit, in fact, we encourage it. Especially if she costume rapes Angel with a costume as well. In fact, I nominate that as a mission for the SSS Brigade.

(No, seriously, watching Jun go on about the headband was more transparent than listening to Roger Clemens denying that he ever injected HGH into his ass. Yeah… sure you didn’t.)

The animation style just went Rainbow 二舎六房の七人 on us… I was scared that senpai would come back and stick a glass rod up Hinata’s ass. Though that would explain things…

So disappointed that Angel didn’t do anything except sit there menacingly cute. I was hoping she’d either have an Ozzie Guillen-type breakdown or be chewing tobacco with shifty eyes a la Jim Leyland. Or at least wear Joe Maddon-class glasses. Sigh. Wasted opportunity.

They animated dust! Woohoo! I’ve never been so excited about something so stupid (today). A ha! So what if Kyoto is the master of animating snow? PA Works has dust! Beautiful dust. I think this qualifies Shiina as being a sad girl in dust. I am disappointed about what a dumbass Shiina was during this episode, but i was redeemed by seeing her turn a 6-4-3 double play while balancing a broom. I’m not sure if even Tomoyo could pull that off.

Needs more emo facial distortions. No seriously, needs more.

Does he live with Araragi under a bridge? Mmm… I do like Noda’s unique bat swing and his power numbers (much better slugging than Pujols) plus he plays catcher, a position where having power is a big plus, and you don’t need a lot of intelligence to play baseball. If I made an anime fantasy baseball team, he would definitely be my starting catcher. Mmm… my line up would be…

1. Haruhi Suzumiya (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), 2B. Marvelous OBP. Extremely high Value Over Replacement Bunny Girl (VORBG).
2. Suzaku (Code Geass), CF. Best pure athlete capable of Web Gems every night. I’m not even going to make a penetration joke here.
3. Tomoya (Clannad), 1B. Can’t hit for power, but crafty, get clutch hits, and has Ichiro-like OBP.
4. Noda (Angel Beats), Catcher. Hits for power, power, and more power.
5. Tomoyo (Clannad), SS. Can deliver power or girly-type hits, protects Noda, and plays great defense.
6. TK (Angel Beats), 3B. Projected high UZR and BABIP. Excellent REW for a 3B. GET CHILL AND GET REAL YO!
7. Nanami (Katanagatari), LF. She kills at the plate.
8. Yuki Nagato (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), RF. Homing mode 4tw!
9. Ko (Cross Game), Pitcher. A short Japanese pitcher hitting 100mph on the radar gun? Fucking crazy.

(Yes, I’m completely aware that my corner outfielders don’t look like they can move very fast. But I assure you, they can.)

Another new ED picture… I like how they inserted Yui. I can’t wait until they get to TK’s story. It better be epic… but I think we’re going to get trolled and get a story about TK’s older sister instead.

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  1. Yup. Bromance set up so we know this is a post-death SOS-Dan. Except Yurippe is less obnoxious and thIs is less fillertastic than your current KyoAni production. Hiven the choice between blowing animation budget on the surroundings or drawing the same episode eight times, PA Works made tge right choice.

    Also, Tenshi just has to be menacingly cute and occasionally disappear people; she need not do anything else.

  2. Don’t stop Dancing!

    Thats really all that needs to be said here.

  3. No, wait, someone called YUI wants to play guitar and front the band…?

    I’m increasingly convinced that KyoAni killed Jun Maeda’s dog and this is his way of getting back at them…

  4. I’m with you on this one. TK had better have an epic story. Someone who’s tied with Tenshi in terms of popularity deserves no less.

  5. OMG moar bromance !!! MOAR !! LOL

    [quote]I’m increasingly convinced that KyoAni killed Jun Maeda’s dog and this is his way of getting back at them…[/quote]
    Elfen Lied !

  6. Best part was that, in that shot, Araragi totally was under a bridge.

  7. Jun Maeda claims that Yurippe wears a headband because he was inspired by a Persona 4 character.

    Funny thing is, she looks and acts nothing like Yukiko (even the headband isn’t all that similar) while Angel’s vice president is a blatant ripoff homage to a different P4 character.

  8. Was anyone else expecting Yurippe to respond to Otonashi’s question about other team members with a “just pull any bored looking people off the street”?

    Loved the idiot gathering montage. Tenshi should definitely have taken part in the game, Nagato fashion. Yurippe should have taken a more active role too, rather than just signing everyone up then sitting back in the classroom ojou laughing.

    Finally I’m highly disappointed that after 4 episodes we’ve had no lines from the hot blonde thigh-highed bassist. I nominate her for Iwasawa’s replacement.

  9. There’s a lot of good things in this show, but it’s missing something, and something crucial, that prevents it from being a great show. I can’t put my finger on it.

    That being said, this show definitely needs more Tenshi.

  10. Funny thing is, she looks and acts nothing like Yukiko (even the headband isn’t all that similar) while Angel’s vice president is a blatant ripoff homage to a different P4 character.

    So I wasn’t the only one who thought of Naoto. They even act in a similar way too.

  11. Best part of this episode was Yui getting death locked after doing that stupid nya crap. If only I could get away with that at cons…

  12. Shiina’s redeeming 6-4-3?
    If it were to happen, I imagine it’d just be a flip pass. She’d rather die (and revive) than break her concentration.

    TK’s monstrous telescoping right arm must give him one hell of a throw to first.

    Despite the vibes, I doubt any Otonashi/Hinata bromance is in the cards, not with the amount of time Hinata had Yui’s head between his legs.

  13. hm… I would choose Goro from Major as my pitcher instead.

  14. Sabermetrics jokes FTW!

  15. Laughed out too when Yui hanged herself ,I love her she’s so stupid.
    Too bad Tenshi didn’t do anything else than keeping the bench warm.
    We need more of the two girls at the far left in the ED.
    This show doesn’t lack anything but I think this is the problem here ,I don’t know how to explain it but I feel like if they try to satisfy every anime fan out there,for exemple this episode had everything from some drama to a cute girl but she gets hit often so the cuties haters are satisfied, in general the show have a girls band,immortal-gun-wielding kids,and Ararararagi like character who keeps doing funny comments in his head.I don’t say I don’t like this show,or anything I stated, the monster of the week like progression of the story with each character getting his episode is interesting but if it continue like this it won’t stay long in my memory after it ends.Except the OP which rocks and rocked again this week with Yui singing.
    Or maybe we just need an onsen episode.

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