may is the month of mio (again!)

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  1. GOOD
    Is this beyond Budokan? If so, they better animate it. IN 3-D!

  2. Right. As if they’d animate this. Think about it.

    Image looks good though.

  3. Sultry. Is this after Mio graduates and accepts her role as the ‘Cool Beauty’? I always thought she could pull off something absolutely amazing with a bit less embarrassment and a bit more self confidence. I mean watch her when she is preforming!

    This does beg the question, which Mio is the better Mio? Is it the lovable yet abusable Mikuru-with-a-backbone archetype? Or is she like fine wine in that she will ripen with age into a woman who isn’t even afraid of johnnys?

    I…I’m afraid of the amount of memes I’ve just shoved into the above lines. I think I just leveled up in my Jason skill set.

  4. She better looks this good when she get to college.

  5. Hmmm, if only I could get this in 1920×1080 with something to fill in the rest of the space. Actually it’d be fine with just her in the middle.

  6. Mio reminded me of Yuko from xxxholic for some reason

  7. Actually, reminds me more of Lichi Faye Ling

  8. That’s just the haircut, Evolve. But yes, this might be Mio in a few years. Such a pity she’s 2D.

  9. This is relevant to my interests.

  10. Holy shit, I can die now….

  11. Where does he find these amazing pictures?

  12. We will never meet Mio in real life… ;_;

  13. I wish it were may every month, then I could always indulge in my Mio loving without having to worry about the repercussions from my Mugi or Mikuru loving friends…

    will there ever be anything more moe than Mio?

  14. @bluestreak2:Danbooru, What else?

  15. @cyruz
    I know, just messing around.
    Always someone to pop the the bubble…

  16. @Chumara

    I’ve been looking for the same thing and ended up trying to do it myself. The results are not to my liking, and I honestly played around mostly, but I’ll link it anyways in case someone else may find some use for it.

  17. MOAR! I need moar.

  18. Nice pic, only the left elbow… is sooo wrong.

  19. Mio-Azunyan bass makes a great compliment to meido guitar (see Anthology v1 in-cover comic)

  20. I am thankful for being born in May.

  21. And we are back. Back on track with Mio.

  22. oh holy hell.

  23. Of course, college K-ON! will never be complete without tabloid drama, paparazzi woes, drugs, and sex scandals. Now THAT I would religiously watch.

  24. With proper….filtering….you can have most of that now. There are the rumors about Ritsu quitting playing the drums and the fall out from Mio spending more time with Nodaka to fill in the tabloid dram. There is the Mio Fanclub (a yuri fanclub maybe since it is an all girls school) for the paparazzi woes. Mugi brings “cake” to fill in the drugs, and MugiVision, Yui’s acts on Azusa’s person and Ui’s siscon towards Yui can be the sex scandles.
    It is all just a matter of “Point of View”

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