angel beats 5

Clash of the titans.

Dop: No, wait, someone called YUI wants to play guitar and front the band…? I’m increasingly convinced that KyoAni killed Jun Maeda’s dog and this is his way of getting back at them…

Come on, it’s just a huge coincidence that Jun Maeda decided to make this rambling thirty minute special about Angel Beats! where he goes on about how awesome of a study PA Works is and how absolutely they fit his needs for an animation studio and how Little Busters is his crowning work. With absolutely no mention of his other crowning achievement with that other animation studio. It’s just a big coincidence that the main heroine of this show is a rambunctious hell-raiser with short hair and a hairband. It’s just a big coincidence that she named her do-nothing club, “The SSS Brigade”. It’s just a big coincidence that the vocals and guitar of the girl band is a dopey sap named, “Yui.” It’s just a big coincidence that the aloof magical girl is a loner who likes to read and keep to herself. It’s just a big coincidence that the new student council president will whip out an Arm Slave to battle the SSS Brigade in episode nine.

Just a big fucking coincidence.

And I’m the Easter Bunny. Kyoto not only ran over his dog but raped the corpse and stuck the video on niconico.

(I’m not complaining. In fact, if you really want to stick it to Kyoto, do a lesbian stalker arc with the bassist from GalDeMo. Sadly, it’s come to this… I need to watch an anime that’s not about a girl band to get my girl band fix this season. This is also the third concert and third new song from Girls Dead Monster while Houkago Tea Time is stuck at zero and zero. Warrants mentioning.)

More plausible theory? Jun Maeda is a big Haruhi Suzumiya fan who went into despair after Endless Eight. I’m not counting this one out. Though… is it just strange that we don’t have a Mikuru analogue yet? Where’s my gratuitous fanservice? Or has Jun adapted Kyoto’s “no fanservice no fun” mantra of late?

The gags kept repeating in the same way… classic Jun Maeda scriptwriting. He loves the series gag (where the same actions are repeated with similar consequences despite the best efforts of those involved) as much as I love meido. Probably his best is the start of Tomoyo After where Tomoyo keeps trying not to be seen by Takafumi while she, uh, enjoys time with Tomoya and fails time and time again. I found it hilarious. Other anime bloggers complained about all the Tomoyo ecchi-ness. They’re all dead to me now. Complaining about Tomoyo fanservice is like complaining about apple pie, cute kittens, meido, Plants vs. Zombies, George Washington, and freedom while burning an American flag. Bad idea.

Even though it kept happening, I never got tired of Yurippe’s rocket chair. I just want to know… how’d she got the rockets on the chairs if no one knew beforehand where their chairs were. I also want to know how did she rig Hinata’s chair for multiple take-offs… wouldn’t he switch chairs with someone else at this point?

(I hope that the BD special for Angel Beats! is either just a continuous montage of people getting launched into the roof or a VH1-type Behind the Music special about Girls Dead Monster.)

Worst part of this episode? TK not having any lines? Nooooooooo! Though I liked how he swayed and clapped to the beat while Yurippe was doing her briefing. Um, TK wasn’t wearing headphones… he really does groove to his own beat. DON’T STOP DANCING!

(At one point… like two weeks ago… I thought we were going to get an episode per cast member going through their histories. Nah. Looks like we’re getting into the whole crux of the matter immediately. Damn this thirteen episode schedule– we might never get that TK episode.)

Another episode, another ED image… highly disappointed we didn’t get Hinata spiraling to the moon and instead got Hans (sans Frans). You just know at some point, Angel is going replace Yurippe in the middle…

Can you ever take Naoi seriously when he (she!) says something in the Shinji Ikari voice? Um, no. Angel Beats! might just be the greatest anime mash-up ever, even surpassing Mio bouncing a basketball. Mmm… nah.

(Greatest mash-up ever? Probably if Mio as Kyou is inserted into those kick-ass TNT/NBA promos back in 2006 featuring Ali G. That would be world-breaking fun.)

They made Angel (Kanade Tachibana) a sympathetic character this episode. I felt sorry for her, and this episode definitely made you want to learn more about her. #1 fan of Angel? Working!!‘s Takanashi. Angel is definitely cuter and more compact than Poplar Taneshima.

Sad girl in snow becomes sad girl eating mapo tofu. So sad. Arararagi sums it up nicely, “The thought of her going to buy a meal ticket by herself, then eating her mapo tofu along in the corner of the cafeteria… the image of her like that is too sad.”

3 volts? 20 ohms? I know! I know! 0.15 amps. Come on… that question was an easy lob. I’m not asking for a Joel Zumaya-like 100 mph fastball, but at least hit 75 mph on the radar gun. How about, what is the noise spectral density of the 20 ohm resistor at room temperature? Or what is the efficiency if 20 ohms is used the drive a 50 ohm load?

Girls Dead Monster 4 eva!

But, this may shock you, I have ideas on how to improve them… one, more focus on the cute bassist, Sawa-chan in charge of costumes, and some sort of lesbian sex scandal involving a band member and the blonde manager.

Yet… they’re not making a dent into Houkago Tea Time… Go! Go! Maniac and Listen! are #1 and #2 on the singles charts. I guess more impressively, I like both songs less than the Cagayake! Girls and Don’t say “lazy” combo as well as the Hare Hare Yukai and God Knows combo. But really, this is yet another reason why anime won’t die… just too much money involved. Each single is about $13, so at 150,000 copies in the first week, that’s over a million and half on the music alone.

(Another difference between anime and Hollywood… Hollywood has all but made the OP/ED extinct in favor of an extra minute of commercials. Anime keeps having OP/ED to sell CDs as additional income. But, you know, if Bang Zoom ain’t making money, it doesn’t count, does it?)

Why does this scene remind me so much of Die Hard when the bad guys are with their automatic rifles inside the building watching outside? If only Kamiya could do an evil German accent.

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  1. You forgot to mention how awesome TK’s entry in the first picture was.

  2. I agree. Need more super cute bassist. I would say “Need more Mio” but putting Mio in this series would remove her from K-On!! And we just can’t have that………

  3. omg persona 4’s Naoto became the new student council prez!

  4. I was more thinking Otanashi and Kanade have some shared past together, and that perhaps her death was the result of some action of his.

    I was initially going for the brother/sister angle, but since we already know his family name, it must be childhood friends or something. That or Otanashi is somehow his first name…

    Maybe I’m stuck on the brother/sister thing since I actually correctly guessed Kira and Cagalli’s relationship in the early days of Gundam Seed…

  5. I am now wondering who the bad guy now, they thought the tenshi was the big bad but turn up to be the dragon and now we see the vice president maybe the one pulling the string in the world as he/she puts martial law on the school now……

  6. Yurippe doesn’t need to know which chair Hinata would be sitting in, if you set up every chair with rockets. And once you have the time to do that, it’s should be fairly trivial to set them up to go multiple times. I do wonder if Otonashi was ever subjected to the rocket chair (My guess is no.)

    I don’t think there is an ultimate big bad in this world, even Yurippe’s hunt for the unfair god to rebel against. Just as Yurippe spent a lot of time trying to understand the nature of the world through rebellious actions, Kanade figured out a certain degree of it as well creating the conflict of the episodes that we’ve seen to date.

    There was nothing more depressing to me than to realize that Angel Beats! only had 13 episodes.

  7. bloody heck, now you’ve got me trying to figure out that efficiency problem..
    umm, maximum efficiency at 20 ohm load… umm… <40%?

  8. I hope I wasn’t the only one who saw that first image and thought “Terran Marines VS Protoss Zealots”

  9. I thought about Persona 3 more for the first picture though…

    And Naoi kinda reminds me of Naoto in P4…

    PS. I will be more than happy to trade 26 episodes of Durarara for 26 episodes of Angel Beats instead 13 episodes is simply too short. (And I really REALLY love Durarara).. Unless of course Angel Beats After!

  10. seeker4life: I am now wondering who the bad guy now,

    I think there might not be an actual Big Bad. Certainly doesn’t need one since it would surely do the standard Key redemption story better than a straight up Shin Megami Tesnei -ish fight against(/for) divine power. Although at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Jun Maeda puts one in as KyoAni in the guise of Eva’s Seele Monoliths or a MegaTen final boss.

    jason: You just know at some point, Angel is going replace Yurippe in the middle…

    Don’t know about replacing Yurippe. With Yui hugging Hinata there’s a big Angel shaped chunk of negative space to to the right of Yurippe (our right, her left).

    jason: Angel is definitely cuter and more compact than Poplar Taneshima.

    More compact in the chest, maybe. One’s cool-cute, the other’s genki-cute. Together they fight crime form a mini moe overload odd couple.

  11. In fact, if you really want to stick it to Kyoto, do a lesbian stalker arc with the bassist from GalDeMo


    Can you ever take Naoi seriously when he (she!) says something in the Shinji Ikari voice?

    Speaking of which, looking at ANN Angel Beats seems to have reunited half the voice cast from Bakemonogatari. Including Mayoi as aforementioned cute blonde bassist Sekine even though she hasn’t said a word yet.

    I’m really enjoying Yurippe as a character, probably because of her Haruhi-ness. But most deserving of sympathy this episode was poor Tenshi.

  12. Great post. Thanks for reminding me about the Tomoyo After series gag – definitely see the parallel now.

  13. poor Kanade I feel so bad for her she just wanted to eat her tofu.The funnier flight scene was the last one when Hinata totally didn’t expected it.
    In the next episode I hope the girls from GalDeMo will save them all from the detention center,considering the amount of screentime they have we can assume they weren’t in the cafeteria when yurippe&action squad were captured by that Naoi bastard.

  14. It disappoints me that so far we’ve had three concerts in Angel Beats and only Jaka Jan time in K-On!

    Perhaps Jun Maeda’s goal with this series is not to make fun of KyoAni, just simply to own them in everything they’ve tried to do this past year…if we got a hot tub episode sometime this series even I’d be saying Kyoto who?

  15. I don’t watch this show, but all this Persona talk is right up my alley. Lemme know if they start hanging bodies from high places.

  16. I have to say I laughed really hard at the seat launching gag, especially the last one. Slow motion replays rock.
    This show reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots. When they came out, they seemed like a rip-off of all the Seattle grunge artists, just copying their sound. But they did it so well that when all those Seattle grunge bands started taking themselves too seriously, I started to like STP because at least it seemed like they were having fun, instead of surfing on the merit of their name or origin. I was a little ashamed to say I liked them, but I did.
    I kind of feel the same way now about Angel Beats. But if that makes them STP, does that make Haruhi Pearl Jam and Clannad Soundgarden? Or maybe Alice In Chains? Or have I just completely lost control of this analogy?

  17. This picture reinforces my idea that in some way shape or form, this show is borrowing the Matrix plot.

    All the Angels remind me of all the Smiths.

    Theory 1

    Angel = Agent Smith. She can manipulate her environment like the SSS but better but still within the rules of the realm.
    Yuri = Neo

    Yuri freed Angel from the system aka Matrix aka Student Council.
    Angel is either going to become really bad in her own way and take over like Smith did or…

    Theory 2

    Angel = Neo
    Yuri = Morpheus

    Angel can do things that the SSS aka Team Morpheus can not do.
    Yuri freed Angel and will soon join the SSS after she takes the red pill and sees how deep the rabbit hole goes……

    It is the Matrix. =o[l]

  18. 5.75E-10V/Hz^0.5.
    Honestly, I don’t think your average layman would know that most sub-systems are voltage driven. 71%.
    But if Japan can make even Go exciting, EE should be possible too!

  19. I for one couldn’t believe the complete shift in opinions I’d had of Tachibana’s character since the beginning. Sure, I thought it was odd that a whole bunch of people were going up against her one, but I wrote it off as the masses against one overpowered oppressor, but man, that scene where she loses her meal ticket completely killed it for me. Very good buildup for that character. I felt so bad for her at that point, I really couldn’t believe that I was looking at the same girl.

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