oh drrr no!

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  1. That . . . isn’t right . . . at all

  2. Needs more Celty-kun and Anriko.

  3. Why is Izaya so tiny? And look the youngest? They are doing it rong.


  5. This is so wrong………….and so right at the same time…

  6. This is even more wrong than Oh GEASS NO!

  7. Can I get a “WHAT THE FUCK?”

  8. I must ask… Why is it that I can’t right click-save that image? Instead I have to go dig in the page source code for the direct url. So it’s not like it isn’t protected from anyone with basic computer skills.

  9. When Erika had her fujoshi moment 4 minutes into episode 16, I knew they had to be reading their own fandom. I doubt anything like this image will appear in-show but anything’s possible.

  10. Actually, genderswap pictures of the Durarara!! cast began popping up around ep 6. Look here: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post.....-bodysuit-

  11. Something about those heels make the picture.

  12. So Izaya-chan pretends to be a boy online?

  13. Izaya seems to have a fang-tan thing going on. Also, I need to go wash my eyes now…

  14. It’s the fishnet tights that make Shizuka-chan for me, although she needs to put back on those sunglasses

  15. … I agree with Haess. My God.

    Also, isn’t the school uniform on Mikado incorrect?

  16. Myssa: Kyonko did not help Jason at all. After the Kyonko and the moe:broken tag came into being, he’s gone steadily down the path of ruin. I’d blame you, but Jun and Mizuho only finished what you started.

    Also, heels and a parka are just WRONG.

  17. I disagree Haesslich, the Heels and Parka form a kind of subdued naughty appeal, like a sexually-charged chat log with a 16 year old page on a Republican Senator’s computer

  18. izaya lookin good

  19. Haess: I’m just a little bothered about the thigh-highs on Izaya at this point than the fishnets on Shizu at this point.

    Also, the sailor-style school uniform on Mikado isn’t accurate, is it.

  20. Myssa: no, it isn’t. The link remm posted has the right uniforms for everybody.

  21. Even the Team Rocket of brokenness agrees: Washingtonblogsuki is broken.

  22. Bah, screwed up the tags.

  23. Yomikoma: Also, this pretty much proves artists are more for moe factor that practicality — they seem to forget that, with the sheer amount of running and jumping around Izaya and Shizuo do, skirts are NOT advisable, especially short skirts.

  24. why so shy about showing panties? i think it’s fine if they jump around

  25. Ghostbanquo: Coming from someone who’s had to walk in snow, they’re wrong in the way that wearing polyester clothing instead of protective gear when going into a forest fire is wrong.

    I’d have expected tight jeans or maybe bicycle shorts for those two, given that they do a lot of moving around. The heels make the running around even worse. On top of them being transgendered.

  26. The heels are a much bigger problem than the skirt when it comes to running and jumping.

    Goddam, why am I even thinking about such practicalities??

  27. Hamster: Cognitive dissonance? The fact is, given what we know of the activities of both Shizuo and Izaya, the outfits selected for this gender transposition MAKE NO SENSE.

  28. This suggests a male artist or one catering to male tastes. A female artist working from a few moments’ thought might have used bicycle shorts as I’d suggested.

  29. Speaking of male artists catering to male tastes… the latest Mayoi Neko Overrun manga has the maids in meido bikini.

  30. here is the 1st gender bendered cast.


  31. Haess: Haruhi succurro nos ex artifex per super strenuus mens.

  32. Does this mean Sunohara-chan’s hopes and dreams get traded for Sunohara-kun’s second mind-raping katana?

  33. GHR: Gosh, thank you for that unpleasant thought. ^^; Kind of like Itsuki with Hopes and Dreams but no lower-body pipe work…

  34. Myssa: I’m going to have to order Exterminatus after those last two posts, especially after the Itsuki image.

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